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The Google Play Books update received an update this afternoon to version 2.7.25, expanding support for several features, as well implementing new functionality for others. Here's the changelog:

What's in this version:

You can now listen to most flowing text books using the "Read aloud" feature.
You can now pinch-zoom or double-tap-zoom in all books.
All text editing features are available for notes.
Personalized recommendations are shown at the end of your library and at the end of the books.
Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements are included.

While this isn't exactly a massive overhaul, expanded support for things like pinch-to-zoom / double-tap zoom, read aloud mode, and note editing are objective improvements to the app. Personalized recommendations at the end of your library and books, well, let's call that one a "neutral." The requisite bug fixes and performance tweaks are packed in to this update as well, which you can grab on the Play Store now.

David Ruddock
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  • Wayne Randall

    Zomg! IAP in Books! /s

    Glad to see another update to Google's *ahem* library.

  • Christopher Theofilaktos

    The interface is awesome, if only it had EPUB support.

  • Alex

    How about add freaking local library support. There literally is not one smooth nice epub reader on android, its embarrassing, and google has the power to fix it, but they dont!

    • Asphyx

      So True Alex!
      The one thing I want from a Book Reader is the abilty to read ALL the books I have on my unit, not just books I copied into the folder or bought through the play store.
      When will Android get an E-Book app that recognizes and supports everything from play store to Kindle to Nook and consolidate all my books into one all encompassing App....
      This I only show what you paid me for crap is just rediculous from all of them.
      It's easy to make one setting that says Look Here Here and Here as well for any books.

    • Tony

      Totally agreed, it's actually funny and sad if you look at their ratings chart and see that 1-star ratings is huge due to that 1 feature, you will give it to me google...oh you will!

  • Magnus100

    This update had removes the highlighting feature. I also agree with others that one should be able to read books from other sources.

    • http://twitter.com/ao9news andy o

      highlighting is fine for me, I'm on a Nexus 7.

  • Jonathan Wong

    PDF and EPUB support would be all I need. I have so many textbooks in PDF form that could use a well designed and attractive looking reader app. I really like teh page flipping animation. It's nicer than just sliding pages to the.

  • Spinx Inc.

    I think this feature attracts more readers and also raises downloading
    ratio of books from Google play store will also increase.