Transformer Prime owners, you should see something extra in your digital stocking today. The update is now rolling out (at least in the United States) ready to download and apply for stock users. Unfortunately it's not Android 4.2, but there are a number of small yet useful tweaks to the software. Most notably, errors with the Spanish and Dutch keyboards have been patched, and the Transformer Prime can now connect to Wi-Fi access points with Chinese characters in the SSID.

wm_Screenshot_2012-12-18-11-46-43 wm_Screenshot_2012-12-18-11-54-54

A quoted text display bug in Gmail, issues with the screen saver function, and improved browser rendering are also on the list, as well as an update to the Polaris Office app included in the stock Transformer Prime 4.1 build. Check the "About Tablet>System update" section of your Settings app if you don't see the over-the-air alert. The download is small, and takes less than ten minutes to apply. The Asus changelog is below.


Bug Fix

- Fix the issue that in ASUS Spanish(US) and ASUS Dutch(Holland) IME, some characters cannot be typed or cannot be typed correctly.
2. Gmail
- Fix the issue that "Show quoted text” in Gmail does not work in a mail thread that is with 2+ messages.

3. 3d party app
- Upgrade Polaris Office to 3.5-build 5r16148FV06.
4. Wi-Fi
- Fix the issue that TF201 cannot connect with Wi-Fi AP that has Chinese character AP name.(SSiD)
5. Screen Saver
- Fix the issue that the screen cannot resume to video playback but only audio playback after pressing power button when “Quick Launch” in Screen Saver settings is enabled.
6. Browser
- Improve web page compatibility.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • COPC

    Come on Asus lets see 4.2, I have faith!

  • Mapplegate

    I'm still waiting for 4.2, but I love that Asus continues to support this great tablet! :D

    • http://www.facebook.com/humberto.hernandez.39501 Humberto Hernandez

      Not that great, I/O sucks A LOT in this tablet... im selling it, and hopefully i'll buy a Nexus 10

      • Mapplegate

        I'm too spoiled by the TF201 to consider a Nexus 10. I don't want to use a tablet that doesn't have a ridiculous battery life and keyboard dock now. My main gripe with the TF201 is actually the touch resolution, not the I/O issues.

    • troph

      Yeah Asus support is great. I love my tf-prime.

  • Dan r. Maor

    And an updated kernel.

  • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

    So I unlocked my bootloader awhile back and flashed CM9 on it. When the 4.1 update from ASUS came out, I downloaded that and flashed it instead (I prefer it over CM9 honestly, it just runs better).

    Is this worth the effort to flash this over? Or should I just wait if there is a 4.2 update? I don't want to have to back up apps or reinstall them later...

  • Sqube

    Is anybody updating better than Asus these days?

  • Andrew

    4.2 isn't going to happen, but I'm appreciative of ASUS's efforts to continue to update this ageing machine. I too couldn't cope with a tablet sans keyboard dock now. My keyboard is attached to my tablet 90%of the time, I just can't imagine using it without being able to type. Whenever I have to touch type on it I can't help but feel sorry for everyone with a straight tablet.

    • selonmoi

      Aging? A $600 device (over $700 when you include the marquee accessory) that's nominally a year old (in reality, I wasn't able to get my hands on one until just 9 months ago) is aging? What do you think is the reasonable support life for such a device? Six months? Six weeks?

      If Asus abandons the Prime already, they'll be hearing from me, and never getting my business again.

      • Andrew

        Maybe it's because so many devices are released these days, and products only seem to last at most 6 months before they're surpassed, but I'm pleasantly surprised when a company continues to update a device that's a year old.

    • Mapplegate

      I pretty much only remove my keyboard when I'm showing something to someone, like a website or an image or a video.

  • PalmerAdam

    What no GPS fix...I had to...sorry guys!

  • http://rxsiu.wordpress.com/ rxsiu

    I unlocked my prime a couple weeks back, running the official 4.1 prior to this update. Anyone know if I can just directly update without worrying?

  • TF 201 owner

    Anyone else experiencing issues with the camera post update?

  • John

    I received the off the air updates on my TF201 on Tuesday but when I select to install the firmware updates, the updates installation stalled at 20% progress for the last 24 hours with the Android icon on the background. Is there anyway to backup or roll back the installation so i can go back to my home screen? I cannot use my tablet now.

  • FixTheGallery

    Why can't ASUS fix the Gallery already? That is the only fix I want. The Gallery app shows every single one of my Google + Image Posts as an album.