There's no doubt that the breakout feature of Samsung's Note II is multi-window, which allows users to run two apps side-by-side on the device's massive 5.5" display. The thing is, this isn't yet available on all versions of the Note II, though Samsung has been doing a pretty good job of getting updates ready and rolling out to all the different variants.


Beginning on Wednesday, December 19th, T-Mo's Note II is next in line to receive multi-window in an OTA update. This will bump the device up to build T889UVALK8 - which is still Android 4.1.1 - and also brings a solution for an Exchange calendar sync issue, as well as an issue that prevented users from being able to swipe through emails in Gmail.

The update will likely be available both OTA and via Kies - we'll let you know as soon as it's officially available.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Brian Menius


    I ain't even mad that it's not 4.2. I'm not even looking for 4.2 due to all of the bug reports coming out of it.

  • http://twitter.com/The_cuzz Chris M

    SWEET !! Have the note 10.1 and love the multi window feature. Will be so happy to have it on my note 2 also . Way to go T-MO


    Cool, so satisfied with this phone. I actually choose it over the N4 and I have no regrets.

  • Note2GPS

    Happy to hear about an update. Does anyone else have trouble getting the GPS to lock as fast as the T-Mobiles GS3 does?


    Well, it's about time T-Mo!!! My brother had to return his Note II because T-Mo's Customer Service (in India) couldn't tell him when the feature would be available via an "update"; they didn't even know what Multi Windows was.

    • yarrellray

      Bad move on your brothers part.

      • PAPINYC

        Not really, he's buying again once all the stock features for the T-Mo' G-Note II are up to par. Returning it was just a precaution in case, T-Mo' left everyone hanging.

      • squiddy20

        "Bad move" on your part for telling him his brothers choice was basically wrong. It's *his choice*, idiot.

        • PAPINYC

          Oh well, I guess you told him .... lol

  • yarrellray

    This will be another great addition to an already industry leading device. Nothing beats this device on the market today...

  • Oliver Petruzel

    I'm sad that my original GNote i717 is still stuck on ICS... seriously, wtf Samsung? :(