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Since its launch, we've had bittersweet feelings about the Amazon Mobile app for Tablets. The app shows promise as a tablet-friendly shopping solution, but until now has suffered an extremely limited compatibility, only working with tablets running 4.1 and up and carrying a 1280x800 resolution.

An update to the app today, however, has changed all that. Along with a few bug fixes, the update (to version 5.50.1010 for those keeping count at home) brings support for devices in 7" or 10" form factors, with a variety of resolutions, and loosened OS requirements. Here's the full change log:

What's in this version:

* Now available for Android tablets that are 7" to 10" with resolutions from 600x1024 to 1200x1920 with Android OS 4.0.3 and up.
* Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

So, still no compatibility for the likes of the Nexus 10, but it sounds like just about every other tablet (running 4.0.3 or up) made the cut for this update. If you haven't already, check out Amazon's tablet-friendly mobile app by hitting the widget below.

Liam Spradlin
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  • Justin W

    Sooo... It still doesn't support my Nexus 10. Got it.

    • http://katzmatt.com/ Matt Katzenberger

      The previous version worked fine on the n10, I'm sure this one would too.

      I hope someone is nice enough to pull the apk for us...

  • Rob Parker

    Worth mentioning that it's still US-only.

    By contrast the general (phone-oriented) Amazon shopping app is available internationally, with support for Amazon's local sites (e.g. Amazon.co.uk). It took a long time though between when that phone app was released for the US before it was available internationally.

  • http://katzmatt.com/ Matt Katzenberger

    Could someone pull the apk so I can install then update on my nexus 10

  • Jon Bradley

    Nexus 7 UK users completely screwed. The phone app is not compatible (bit side loads fine) and this new tablet app is US only. Nice one Amazon.co.uk!

  • Jon Bradley

    So neither the UK mobile app is compatible with the nexus 7 and the tablet app is US only. UK nexus 7 owners not allowed to shop on Amazon or seems! Stupid.

    • thommcg

      Two different publishers :( If you can get the Apk though I imagine it'll work just fine and let you switch between the different regions (Same as the Amazon Mobile App did until "Amazon Eurasia Holdings Sarl" finally released a region compatible version).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=530181060 Mike Rotatori

    to bad it does not support nexus 10 yet

  • Matthew Fry

    Amazon must have just "forgot" about the N10. And by "forgot" I mean, "intentionally did not support it."

  • saltyzip

    Still not available to download on my UK Nexus 7