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If you're looking for a Twitter client on Android, you won't be pressed for a lack of choices (just look at the poll options below). But what you may be pressed for is equivalent functionality, speed, and features across those various options. Everyone has specific needs when it comes to social media, and this has led to a rather large 3rd party Twitter client ecosystem. Many people, for example, can't live without a Twitter client that doesn't also do Facebook - like Seesmic, TweetDeck, or HootSuite. Some, though, want the simplest, fastest experience possible, a demand that clients like Falcon Pro attempt to cater to.

Me? I'm still pretty happy with the official Twitter app. No, it doesn't follow Holo guidelines. No, it doesn't support Facebook. But it's fast (I still say faster than Falcon Pro), well laid-out, and does what I need it to do.

That said, many Android users also seem to love hating the official Twitter app, and Twitter's draconian API policy certainly isn't doing anything to win it any new fans. So, what's your Twitter consumption client of choice?

What Twitter client do you use most often?

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David Ruddock
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  • http://trevorsullivan.net/ Trevor Sullivan

    The official Twitter client is pretty good. I occasionally Plume, when sharing content from other apps. Plume handles intents better, I've found.

  • atlouiedog

    I only want one client installed and Plume is both feature rich and loads quicker than most that I've tried.

    • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

      Really ugly (IMO) though.

      • http://twitter.com/k0t_leta Просто космос

        That's the only reason to not to use Plume for me too. Features are awesome, but it looks awful to me.

      • atlouiedog

        It's certainly not beautiful. I mostly use mobile twitter for notifications and replying to them so the quick startup for the app is much more useful to me since I'm not staring at it that much.

  • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

    was using Official for the longest time, now its Falcon Pro all the way. Completely obliterates the competion, even if its not quite perfect. for me its close

  • http://ridukkokun.wordpress.com/ Dukkokun

    Twidere for me!

  • Ender Ceylan

    Falcon Pro has amassed quite the following in such a short time..
    Rightfully so, it's amazing.

  • Yoshinatsu

    When I had Gingerbread, I used to have twicca. For ICS, I've been using Plume, because I appreciate the complete Holo interface.

    I've been thinking about switching to Falcon, but it doesn't yet have all the feature Plume has, and the interace is not as nice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000066985121 Francis Benavente

      What features does Plume have that Falcon Pro doesnt? I used to use plume but now falcon.. am i missing something?

  • Andrei

    After TweetLanes stopped being updated, I've found Plume to be the best alternative. I don't really like the Official Client, though it is better now than it used to be.

  • brainimpact

    Falcon Pro I'm currently using b/c i purchased it but I do not think all the hype its getting is fully justified it is quite average on phones but great on tablets, Thinking of getting Plume for my Phones but sticking with Falcon on Tabs.

  • ScottColbert

    Tweetcaster does all I need. Falcon Pro looks great but its lack of multiple accounts makes it useless to me.

  • Angelo Allegra

    Falcon Pro. But I've used Plume in the past.
    The official app is horrible.

    I only hope Falcon is going to get more Holo-ish and gets a light theme.

  • nathanatos


  • CJ Walker

    TweetLanes for life!

  • http://www.facebook.com/marshall.ladd Marshall Ladd

    Where is the "I don't tweet" option?

    • QwietStorm

      In the article that has nothing to do with this topic.

  • aghnaar

    I started using Twidere when Tweet Lanes developpement stopped, basically the same clean UI with the few missing things (notifications and tablet mode)

  • Kellus Hill

    My primary app is Tweet Lanes in spite of updates ceasing. I do use Tweetings for push notifications for now.

  • http://twitter.com/oOBlueOo Haunter

    I like TweetLanes for my GNex and Plume for my N10.

  • http://twitter.com/nastybutler77 JJ

    I voted "other" as I'm still using TweetLanes primarily, but I am experimenting with Falcon Pro. May make the switch since Chris Lacy isn't supporting TL and more.

  • Jerry Gooch

    Boid, even with its quirks its my daily Twitter client. Now that it's open source I expect lots of great things.

  • Justin W

    Gotta say, Falcon Pro is a pro app. I won't use Echofon or the twitter app again, and Hoot suite is pretty much useless now too since I don't really use Facebook anymore.

  • johnythefox

    Don't use Twitter at all.

    • http://twitter.com/Dave_BG Dave Bg

      I wonder why there is no answer like that. I really have my opinion that twitter is for losers.

      • Sqube

        There's probably no answer for that because, in a question asking what Twitter client you use, the response "I don't tweet" is completely irrelevant.

  • Paul Cuellar


  • http://www.binarytuberculosis.com BinaryTB

    Unfortunately for me, Plume is the only Twitter client on Android I have found that supports Tweet Marker for Lists, a few programs support them for the timeline, but apparently list support is always left out.

    I wish there was TweetBot for Android devices, that's the only non-game app I really miss from my iPad, always worked without hitches (can't say that about Plume).

    • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

      Does Falcon not have Tweetmarker yet?

      • http://www.binarytuberculosis.com BinaryTB

        It does, but only for the timeline, not lists.

        • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

          Ah right.

  • hollyhock

    TweakDeck (Not TweetDeck)

  • QwietStorm

    Plume. Not looking anywhere else.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/thedeusexmakina [J. B. cyruz]

    I used to use the official client after trying out all the other ones and hating them, except for TweetDeck until Twitter bought it and left it to ROT. I've jumped to Falcon Pro now.

  • Jbliv63


  • dmuhamma

    No love for Slices?

  • BatterOnIt

    I use TweekDeck. Paul O'Brien's reworked version of TweetDeck.

  • http://twitter.com/VesNL Vilmar

    Have both Falcon Pro and Tweedle as Falcon is missing a few features

  • http://twitter.com/2LadyDi Lady Di

    I use TweetDeck on the lappy and cell (TweetDark to be exact). Until I find something else I like better.

  • http://twitter.com/ThePhillipBee Phillip Bee

    I use a mix .. Plume because the app is awesome and customizable and Falcon as my widget because the Plume widget is reliable w/ updates and quick access to sharing, RT'ing etc ..

    Haven't taken that leap to Falcon Pro yet .. but Im sure its inevitable as they continue to rise and add new features.

  • Guilherme

    Tweedle! It have beauty holo theme and good performance!

  • wolfkabal

    Where's the "I don't use Twitter" option?

  • Maff Mace

    I use 2
    I use official on my phone and Tweetcaster on my tablet

  • bill


  • Stuart Anderson

    Tweetdark(customized Tweetdeck) Been my fav for a while.

  • Mario

    Falcon Pro & Tweetings for push notifications.

  • http://resaberz.blogspot.com/ Rebornyama

    I need real time and push notification, so yeah, i'm pretty embarrassed to say that i use the official app

  • housry23

    I use Boid for now, but this poll has me interested in falcon pro.

  • Lindsey


  • Kelvino

    I use Tweetings and Falcon Widget.

  • IronBlood

    Ive tried all the twitter apps in that list and I've found that Plume suits all my needs and wants from a Twitter application.

    I can color code users that i want to pay more attention to, for example @CNNBRK (CNN breaking news) I color coded them red to stand out so i can catch all the headlines.

  • http://twitter.com/lexdepraxis Lex dePraxis

    Tweetings proud user!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperElvisfreshlyATT Freshly_Snipes

    I don't understand why anyone would want to use Falcon PRO and it has NO PUSH notifications..timed notifications are so Gingerbread/2009. I'll stick to Echofon and The Official Twitter app.

    • Rob Jones

      Neither of those apps have push notifications. Oh dear.

      Only Twitter app with push notifications is Tweetings.

      • http://twitter.com/JayCreations JayCreations

        The official twitter app has push notifications. That's the main reason why I use it over the other clients.

    • Sqube

      I guess I'm just not important enough to care about push notifications. I don't need to know as soon as somebody @s me.

  • Luis Manuel Sandoval

    Boid Beta :-D

  • http://twitter.com/lenasverige Lena Sh

    Scope because it allows you to read all your social networks (twitter among them) updates in one newsfeed.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Currently split into two... Official and Falcon.
    Falcon will replace official when it gets a white theme.

  • http://lifebeyondwalls.tumblr.com/ Patrick Toy

    I use a combination of the official app and flipboard.

    • Magnus Dahl Hegge


  • PezLee

    Twitter? What is twitter?

    Seriously though, I don't even have an account but there was no none option available.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dewadg.tk Dewa DeeGee

    I am not comfortable with others' UI. The UI and font sizes of Twitter for Android is perfect for me ~

  • http://www.androidgeek.in/ Serra Stone

    Using the Falcon Widget, don't even need to use Pro.

  • http://twitter.com/modibimal Bimal મોદી


  • GazaIan

    I switch between the official client, Plume, and Falcon Pro. Falcon Pro is freaking awesome.

  • http://twitter.com/NoBullet NoBullet

    All I need are notifications. Official is fine.

  • Pallav

    Clean interface, no ads, easy to use, image previews, minimal, quick.
    Plus, it's beautiful to look at.
    This is my default app and I've tried them all.

  • Choc

    Tweetings FTW .... solid app and developer is always working on making it better

  • http://twitter.com/joonsunn Joon Sunn


  • Jessica


  • Ian

    Tweetcaster is the only one that scrolls smoothly for me, on my Xperia U with ICS, all other Twitter apps stutter a bit as you scroll up and down.

  • Mikey_H

    Has to be TweakDeck all the way. To this day it is the only app that allows me to customise the columns and the order they are in. Combined with the ability to post to Facebook and that it has had an official nod from Twitter makes it great. Yes the interface looks a bit dated but I can live with that due to the app working the way I want.

  • Nick V

    I started with the Twitter app, and then went to Tweetcaster (thanks to Amazon's free app of the day), and now I found Falcon Pro. This is the best app for Twitter I have seen yet. I have Tried Plume, Boid, and EchoPhon, but nothing else compares.

  • http://twitter.com/_rikisan riki

    using Twicca for multiupload pic host and preview, using Shootingstar for stream api option same of tweetdeck and the oficial for expanded interative tab

  • Mohamed Haamdi

    Tweetings is a pretty solid app

  • http://www.facebook.com/taylor.labrier Taylor LaBrier


  • http://www.facebook.com/casouzaj Carlos Roberto Souza Junior

    I concentrate Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ with Flipboard.

  • http://twitter.com/SihanZhu Bleaker

    I use tweedle and I think it's even better than falcon pro and it's totally free.