Apparently it's the Day of the Deal, because the savings just keep rolling in. We've already highlighted a couple of good deals on GSIIIs today, but if that's just not your cup of tea, Amazon Wireless just knocked quite a bit off the price of Sprint's Note II and Optimus G for new customers.

We've actually seen Amazon Wireless do some real damage to the Note II's price over the last few weeks: on November 20, it was $229; just three days later, on November 23, AW brought it down to $199. Then, on December 8th, the price was down to $150. Now, it's $99. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.


And if you're into humongo-phones, then the Note II is definitely the best option you can buy right now. If you have been considering a jump to Sprint, this is the best time to grab this nephilim of the smartphone world, as this is the best price we've seen yet. Of course, that does require a two-year agreement, so make sure you're ready to commit to The Now Network.

If you'd rather have something a bit smaller, LG's flagship Optimus G is going for $50 for new customers. This phone has the same hardware guys as the Nexus 4, so you can rest assured that you're getting a beast when you pick this one up.


These are both solid deals - pick your poison below.

Galaxy Note II: White | Blue

Optimus G

Cameron Summerson
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  • Norman Farmer

    Can T-Mobile get a good deal? I'm literally waiting for a deal on the T-Mobile Note II to switch over!

  • Quryous


    Man, I wish I'd waited just a few weeks for this NOTE deal.

    Still, I LOVE my Note 2. Don't know how I ever got along without it. Wish I had the 64GB version, though. 16 is more than a bit cramping. Never again for 16.


    • Nick LaVeaux

      You don't want to simply upgrade your micro-SD card? I mean, at least that part goes up to 64 Gigs.

      • Quryous


        I'm on my second 64GB card, already, in only 3 weeks.

        Yes, I'd like to update the sd card to 128GB and the main ram to 4GB and the internal storage to at least 64GB.