Tis the season, Android shoppers. Today there's a cavalcade of games from a variety of developers on sale in the Google Play Store, as well as some of Loud Crow's interactive books for children. We haven't seen any word of when this sale will end, so if you want any of the games or apps listed above, get 'em while they're hot. First, to the game shelf!


Most of Rovio's premium games, usually $3, are now just 99 cents. (Please note: the widgets below may not reflect current prices.)

Likewise, HandyGames has put all of their paid and premium games on sale for a dollar each.

ZeptoLab's HD expansion on their perennial favorite, Cut the Rope, is one dollar.

And finally, Vivid Games' no-holds barred Speedway GP 2012 is one dollar.

For the parents in our readership, a handful of interactive children's books from developer Loud Crow are also on sale. Most of these are $4-5 titles, on sale for $2 or $3 today.

The games sale comes from a helpful poster at Slickdeals, but I've already found at least one that they missed - if you see more titles on sale, drop us a line in the comments section.


Commenter NoBullet spotted Vector Unit's modern classic Riptide GP on sale for a dollar as well.

Slickdeals - Big collection of Android Games On Sale $0.99