Of course sharing this tidbit is going to make me that guy*, but if the word "meme" to you means "a picture with text written on it" then chances are you owe at least some thanks to the Cheezburger Network. This site (and later, series of sites)has been built around the business of collecting viral internet images for the lulz. Now, several realms from this digital domain—including but not limited to Memebase, FAILblog, and ROFLRazzi and a couple dozen others—are available via the new Cheezburger mobile app.

cheez1 cheez2 cheez3

The app features just about every sub-section to the Cheezburger network (including one of my favorites, So Much Pun). It's pretty zippy, and the feeds are easy on the eyes. Of course, there are also plenty of sharing features for you to pass the pics on to your friends. Which, of course, you will. You say you won't. You say that this is commoditized humor and that most of the images lack originality and you don't stoop to lowest common denominator laughs, but at the end of the day, you'll all find something here you want to show to another person.

* Yes, it still quietly irks me that 'meme' has lost the much more significant and useful meaning of 'repeated internet joke.' I've given up the fight, though.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Horrie

    Ghee aren't I lucky...


    hahahahaha i love the chainsaw on the bike. I love also how the chainsaw spins the front wheel to so you don't have to peddle ^^ I bet that bike goes faster than a bat out of hell. Also a circular saw would be better....chainsaws don't cut worth crap

    • Paul

      Wouldn't be very effective against zombies though. First you have to cut off their head, second, you'd get stuck the very first zombie you ram. Now the axe-rake is the perfect zombie 'land mine' put a few dozen around the home and you're good.

  • woj_tek

    so... TIL that icanhazchesebureger still exists... uhm

  • NexusKoolaid

    Best. App. Evar.

  • http://profiles.google.com/ondrej.vagner Ondřej Vágner

    Well, the word "meme" usually means "a thought, idea, or an information capable of self-propagation". Just because something is a "repeated internet joke" doesn't make it a meme. It needs to be repeated independently by various people before it counts.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

      This kinda demonstrates my point (which I didn't really dive into that much, because it wasn't really the point of the article), but "meme" is such a hard thing to define because the concept itself is so difficult. What do Colin Mochrie's head floating through the background of an animutation video, references to an old Japanese anime, and a poorly translated intro to a video game have in common? Only the manner in which they resonate with people and the way they take on an identity of themselves. This is not an easy idea to put into words. Hence why the word "meme" was created (I forget the researcher person who first posited the term as the smallest unit of human culture or something like that).

      Now that it's being used first and foremost to describe a picture with text on it, it loses that gravitas which, you know, isn't that big of a deal, except we don't have a way to refer to that very difficult-to-describe concept anymore.

  • Lis Riba

    Hm. I have an older app which showed Cheezburger content - com.sevenspider.cheezburger. I see it's been removed from the market. I wonder why, and how this new app differs...

    • Lis Riba

      The new app supports more Cheezburger content (such as the Daily What) and has a more graphical sitenav vs. the list in the old app.

      On the other hand, the old app let me select favorite site(s), so I could go directly to that content without having to wade thru the whole network every time.

      Right now, I've got both installed, but I may stick with the old one...