As of late, it's been apparent that Motorola has been trying to make good on its promises of offering more timely updates. The RAZR M was the first to get its bump to Jelly Bean, and was followed by the RAZR/MAXX HD. Now, it's the Atrix HD's turn.

Beginning today, AT&T and Motorola are pushing the Android 4.1 OTA to the device, which brings a handful of improvements over ICS, including Google Now, Project Butter for speed improvements, and enhanced notifications. Of course, Motorola has thrown some tweaks of its own into the mix, as well - like Drive Smart, Quick Settings, and more.

The update should be live now, so head into Settings > About phone > Software updates to see if it's available on your device. Enjoy!

[AT&T Blog]

Cameron Summerson
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  • lbrfabio

    So, now Motorola has four devices with jelly bean. I guess is on top for updates. Not bad
    (or five? Did the Xoom receive jelly bean?)

    • needa

      the xoom is a devving tablet. it always gets the updates. hmm. but now there is the nexus 'family'. do they need to update the xoom anymore.

  • http://profiles.google.com/tdrussell1 Trent Russell

    Uhg. the Razr feels awfully forgotten...

  • ranova

    I actually went from the Galaxy Nexus to Galaxy S3 to the Atrix HD.

    Why would I ever even think about this? Because you can put the razr maxx battery (eb40) into it and get 2+ days of battery. I easily get 5-6 hours of screen time, 3-4 hours of music streaming, over a two day period.


  • ranova

    FYI, it is 4.1.2

  • chris125

    Well being owned by google you would hope that has some influence on the quicker updates. Cant wait to see the phones they unveil this year since these most likely will be the first "google influenced" phones

  • scammed again

    they didn't mention the features taken away with jellybean like mass storage mode now did they. I used this on a daily basis for work. Imagine my surprise when I tried to send a picture of an accident to the safety manager via internal E-mail from my office computer. Bottom line is I purchased the phone with this feature and it was taken away or stolen from me. If you don't want to include features on future products fine But taking away something that was already bought and payed for is thievery. Sony did something similar with the PlayStation 3 by not allowing it to run on Linux even though is was advertised right on the box the system came in. well I have never bought another sony product and do not plan to. will android products meet the same fate?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=683126229 William R. Ashley

      I still use my Atrix HD for mass storage mode.. it's just found under a different spot

      go into settings > storage > tap the options icon (upper right) > USB Computer Connection, and pick either Media device (MTP) or Camera (PTP)

      I used MTP last night to copy over a backup of a tricorder APK to my phone to install it, also used it to pull over 1gb of video/pictures off my phone to make room.