Listen up, Pantech Breakout owners – Verizon has just announced an update to build S8995VWCA55F.BB that brings with it a laundry list of tweaks and enhancements. While it's not a bump to the next version of Android, the update is still refreshing, given the Breakout's debut on Verizon is now more than a year behind us.

The update, which should be rolling out to Breakout owners any time now, comes with improved SMS delivery, memory management fixes, enhancements for data connectivity, and improvements made "to reduce SD Card issues" among other things. Here's a full look at update S8995VWCA55F.BB from Verizon's own support document.


If you're still toting a Pantech Breakout and have been waiting for some software support, head here for instructions on checking for the update, or just sit back and wait for S8995VWCA55F.BB to roll in.

Source: Verizon Support

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://twitter.com/whatisajimmy ok

    I swear this is like the only phone Verizon actually updates regularly

  • BigDee

    more updates than Galaxy Nexus.. Way to go Verizon.. Update a phone no one is using!

    • Tony

      Ignorance doesn't make you funny.

    • http://twitter.com/yumtacos yumtacos

      It's their 6th best selling phone, and the cheapest smartphone they sell. What do you mean, nobody's using it?

  • tdarling7

    So, a friend of mine posted a comment about
    her Verizon phone on Facebook. Her, her husband, my wife, and I all have
    the same piece of crap Pantech Breakout. Now let me tell you a story
    about this breakout and I am looking for comments to see if Verizon
    knows what "World Class Customer Service" really is. Nikki and I know
    what it is and a lot of our friends know what it is because we perform
    it everyday, one call at a time.

    Here is the story... The Pantech Breakout when we purchased it brand new
    was not the best phone on the market but it would perform the tasks
    that we needed to be done, that is why we purchased the Breakout. Now,
    not too many months ago Pantech decided to change the programing on the
    Breakout, this change caused the phone to stop functioning one it hit a
    total memory capacity of 70%. This capacity used to be 90%. We called
    Verizon and complained and the shifted the buck to Pantech, Verizon
    wanted nothing to do with it, nothing to make there consumers happy. Ok,
    I can accept that, they are not the manufacturer of the phone. So we
    give Pantech a call (a special number just for Verizon customers, hmm).
    Pantech advises us that they did an update to the software on the phone
    and now realize that the update was a big mistake. Pantech also advised
    me that the engineers are frantically working to write some new
    programming to get the problem resolved. Ok, I can accept that answer
    also. Now here is the kicker, the one that is gonna make you say WHAT?!!

    The Verizon Pantech Breakout phones like most cell phones are loaded
    with a bunch of bull crap apps that make no sense and will never be
    used, BUT!! According to Verizon and Pantech these apps can not be
    removed. Really!! My phone is not working as expected when I purchased
    it and you can not remove the apps that I don't and never will use from
    my phone.
    Lets move on... Yesterday my friend made a way smaller
    post about the Verizon Pantech Breakout and got a bull crap response
    from Verizon on that. Verizon told her to do everything to her phone
    that many others have told us to do, bla, bla, bla at you Verizon!!
    am calling on Verizon Pantech Owners to make a stand and tell Verizon
    that they are not the only carrier on this planet, tell them when your
    contract expires, tell your friends through every source of social
    networking about your "World Class Customer Service" experience that you
    have had with Verizon, SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE!!! Because the solutions
    are easy Mr. Verizon.
    1. Take the bull crap apps that are per-installed on the Verizon Pantech Breakout off of the phones.
    2.Perform that "World Class Customer Service" and replace the phones for all Verizon Pantech Breakout owners

    3.I will fight this fight to the end. Spreading the word far and wide
    about the class of customer service received from Verizon Wireless

    • http://www.facebook.com/cathy.b.gilmore Cathy Blosser Gilmore

      I am fighting Verizon again about my Phone ( Pantech Breakout ) I am on my 2nd replacement one now and have I am sure more than 7 Teck support tickets on it right now that I am waiting to hear back on to see what there answer is. Of course they wanted to give me a 3rd replacement and I told them to throw it away they are not worth it. Ive only had my phone since 9/2012. I will be so glad when my contract is up so I can go some where else. I have been with Alltell for 15 years. Time to say GOOD BY !!!!!