In its constant effort to catch up with Verizon's ever-expanding 4G LTE network, AT&T has just announced a handful of new LTE markets, as well as expansion in two:

And earlier this week:

All these markets should be live as of today, bringing all the low-latency, super-fast LTE you can eat. Within the limits of your data package, of course.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Dazrin

    That would be "Moscow, ID" not "IA" - and since it is so close to Pullman, WA, it is basically the same market (~5-7 miles is all that separates them). So 5 new markets, 1 expansion, but I guess they need to put a better spin on it.

  • randyfromreno

    Yahoo! Reno finally gets LTE!

  • Zimeron

    FYI it's Moscow, ID (Idaho) not Iowa. You got me all excited when I saw IA :(

  • http://profiles.google.com/andrewc513 Andrew Chandler

    Stark*s*ville. That's cringe worthy as a native...

    • Brian Menius

      Wow... Starkville natives exist?

      Go Bulldogs!