Google Currents is not the only Android app the company updated today as many first-party apps saw relatively minor updates through the Play Store this afternoon. Basically, the next time you check your app list be prepared to wait on those updates to download.


If you are one of the few still using a Google TV device, the PrimeTime and TV Search apps have been updated. PrimeTime comes with bugfixes and faster access to the channel guide. TV Search should be faster and less prone to crashes. On the phone side of things, Shopper has a shiny new UI and performance enhancements. Meanwhile the very similar Google Offers app gets some bugfixes and a better purchase process.

You might not use the above apps all that much, but Google Drive is a fairly big one. The changes, however, are not very big. Just general bugfixes and speed improvements for Drive. Google Earth is in a similar position with minor bugfixes arriving in this round of updates. The new version of Field Trip is actually a more substantial change. Version 1.07 of this app adds saving of cards, reduced battery usage, reporting wrong locations, and some bugfixes.

Update: Google Search got an update too, but the team didn't even bother with a changelog. Play Magazines, on the other hand, touted mysterious "support for future interactivity." What this interactivity might be remains unknown for the time being.

Even minor updates are appreciated if they improve the experience, right?