AT&T has already launched its version of the Galaxy Camera, so now it's Verizon's turn. Arriving in both white and black options, the nation's largest carrier will be offering the high tech point and shoot for $550 without a contract. This is a little bit steeper than AT&T's $500, but to make up for it, the carrier is allowing customers to add this device to their existing shared data plans for $5/month. Not a bad deal.

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When Liam reviewed it a while back, he decided it was a good camera, but didn't live up to the price. The even higher tag here might dissuade some customers, however, it's worth noting that if you're the target market for this kind of device and you land this promotional plan (that's only available for an unspecified limited time), you'll make up the extra $50 within the first year. Also, AT&T's model doesn't come in black.

If you want to get your hands on this phone, you can do it as soon as December 13th online. No word yet on when it will land in stores, though we'd wager it wouldn't be too much longer after the online release.

4G LTE Connectivity: Beyond Smartphones and Tablets

Connected devices are a new way to think about wireless beyond smartphones and tablets. 

Having your smartphone or tablet connected to 4G LTE means you’re constantly ready and one step ahead. When a great idea comes to you, there’s no need to wait, you can save it as a note on your smartphone, e-mail it to a friend or share with the world if you’d like.

Now, innovative technology is bringing 4G LTE connectivity to other kinds of personal devices you use, such as the camera. Available online starting Dec. 13, Verizon Wireless will offer the Samsung Galaxy Camera™, the first 4G LTE camera in the world. With Android™ 4.1 Jelly Bean, high performance photography, and Verizon’s 4G LTE network, the Galaxy Camera allows users to shoot, enjoy, edit and share high quality images and video.

Social media enthusiasts will be able to connect to their accounts through their camera and upload pictures and videos of outings, concerts and parties as they happen. Shutterbugs and bloggers who post images on their sites will be able to upload photos over 4G LTE instead of waiting to use their computers at home.

The Galaxy Camera features a 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD touch screen and runs Android Jelly Bean, so users have full access to Android apps from the Google Play store like Instagram.

This is all combined with other high quality features such as a 16-megapixel lens, 21x optical zoom lens and optical image stabilization for clearer pictures even while moving.

The Galaxy Camera will be available for $549.99 and come in two colors, Cobalt Black, exclusive to Verizon Wireless, and White. Innovative technology needs an innovative plan. Users will be able to add the Samsung Galaxy Camera to their Share Everything account for the promotional price of $5 per month.

Samsung and Galaxy Camera are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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  • xsirxx

    Put a camera on a monthly plan? hahahahaahhaahahah

  • Brian Menius

    It doesn't surprise me in the least that some suit at Verizon saw value in this "offering." These are the same circus clowns that would like to see your vehicle's odometer put on a tiered data plan.

  • yankeesusa

    Who in their right mind will pay $550 for a point and shoot on top of that pay $5 a month for something you'll rarely use when they can get a canon slr digital camera for under $500? Really verizon? But I'm sure there will be some that will go ahead and pay verizons private jets by purchasing this.

  • JG

    I'm assuming the $5/month data plan only adds it to your "Shared Everything" account, and will eat away at your 2GBs along with any other phones, tablets, etc you may have on the account, and obviously also, FUBAR'ing anyone's grandfathered unlimited accounts.... Personally if I were to get the camera I'd skip the data plan & rely on the wifi functionality (I'm assuming it has wifi, haven't really paid much attention to its specs). Either just an occasional tethering to my phone's data account, or stopping off at Starbucks to enjoy a coffee while the pictures upload to the cloud.

    Of course, personally I'd prefer they improved the quality of the smart phone camera rather than having to carry two separate (yet nearly identical) devices... I'm personally fine having a slightly thicker phone if it means I get all of the nice, full featured bells & whistles... I really get annoyed at OEMs who say "Sorry, there's no way we could do an SD card, it'd take us from 0.8mm to 0.82mm thickness..." I want a phone I can use, not one that's going to give me paper cuts when I take it out of my pocket...