Today, the streaming service best known for completing the Netflix/YouTube trifecta, Hulu Plus, got an update to its mobile Android app. Among the new features are a special Hulu Kids section that showcases a bunch of ad-free content for the youngsters. Parents can even lock the app so that only child-friendly content can be viewed without a password (though this doesn't prevent them from accessing other apps on the device).


In addition to the kids section, Hulu has also added new features for discovering more content. This largely seems to consist of additional sections on the main page of the app that you can slide through, so nothing unfamiliar, just more of it. There are also the requisite bug fixes, including one correction for a playback issue on the Droid RAZR HD.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://www.whatupgoingon.com Greg Macek

    If they could only work on that all important task of opening up access to all devices like Netflix did a while back. If they could do it, why can't Hulu? Device specific app support is so passe in the world of Android...

  • Andrew Wilson

    Did a quick check, still works like garbage on the Nexus 10. Hopefully the kids won't mind.