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I have to say, Samsung is on a roll with the updates lately. First, they started pushing 4.1.2 to the international variant of the GSIII in Poland, and now 4.1.2 is on its way to the unlocked international Note II (GT-7100) and Note II LTE (GT-7105). According to SamMobile, this update brings quite a few new features to the Note II, including:

  • New notification toggles
  • Customizable notification toggles
  • Brightness slider can now be disabled
  • The ability to disable Multi-View
  • Browser improvements
  • Status bar is now black
  • Continuous input keyboard
  • New ink effect on lockscreen
  • New Group Cast app

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Like the SIII's update, this one is starting in Poland for the GT-7100, and it looks like users in Sweden will be the first to get it on the GT-7105. You should be able to pull it via OTA, but it's also available through Kies if you prefer to take your updates that way.


Cameron Summerson
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  • NotBruno

    So far I like my note 2 very much, but coming from a galaxy nexus I must say although touchwiz brings some useful things it's just plain ugly, my JB experience with the nexus was awesome, and I truly think it's UI is nearly perfect, and I may understand of Samsung to add some functionality but I don't understand why they have to mess with the UI, this colourfull cartoonish icons make the SO ugly.

    • Derek Duncan

      i agree. the call screen is so clean and simple on stock android, but not in TouchWiz

    • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

      Couldn't agree more. In fact, Samsung should offer a way to turn of their theme, I don't mean their features, just the theme (is trivial to implement).

    • LifesGreat

      thn root the phone and put paranoid android rom. i just got my note 2 delivered like 10 mins ago. love the phone befor i even put the battery in lol.

      • dsass600

        There are no stable AOSP ROMs available...

      • Magnus100

        Please stop already with the root and rom nonsense! Firstly, there are no stable roms available, Secondly not every one wants to put a custom rom on their phone

    • Lte_Addict

      or better yet, samsung should or google should make android to where u can choose a skin (touchwiz for ex) on your phone or stock android, and you'll be able to switch whenever you want..that would be total customization

  • deltatux

    Great to see Samsung actually updating their devices in a timely manner. I know my friends with the Note II are very happy about this.

    • Harley

      Actually I would like to see 4.2. instead of 4.1.2 and I am still waiting for jelly bean on my note 1.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dean.francisco Dean Francisco

    They only concentrate on their new devices while Note I users are still waiting. They seem to want to force you to upgrade your device or die waiting. Think it may be time to stop buying Samsung phones.

    • MiXoLoGiSt

      Hate to tell you this but any android phone manufacturer won't get timely updates on older devices.

      If you want timely updates to older phones you will have to go with an iPhone.

      For those who will comment on my reply saying "Screw the iCrap" or stuff like that, this is not an Apple vs Android debate. I was just stating the fact that Apples phones all get the latest version of the OS on the same day and don't have to wait for carriers to approve the update.

      • theentropic

        Sure they all get the same version number - but in reality key features are stripped out of older models (i.e Panaroma shots in iOS 6 for iPhone 4 and older). So they really don't get the true updates either... and they never will. At least when/if Android manufacturers get around to updating their older phones, they include all the features with the new OS.

        • Lte_Addict

          basically, older phones may get new updates, but if u want the full features of a new software...get the new hardware. if u think about it that's a method companies use to get u to buy a new hardware but for good reason. if everyone kept the same old hardware then how will we innovate? deep..

      • Lte_Addict

        not all the way true, older nexus phones get updated before even the newest android phones, nexus is the way to go for updates

      • PAPINYC

        Yes, lest we forget the million iOS updates each year along with the constant updates to iToones. And, no SiRi on iPhone 2G, 3G or 3GS. Or, outdated iMaps on these aforementioned iterations. Yes, "iCrap" is the way to go.

    • Google_is_the_Higgs_Boson

      I have a GS2, started on ginger, got a update to ICS, I'm using a leaked fk23 4.1.2 Jelly bean update on it now... Samsung is most definitely working on the updates for the older flagships...


    Ironically, I already have these on my Verizon Galaxy Note II; thank you Big Red!!

    And, before someone attempts a moronic cheap shot: all those haters hating Verizon because of the branded Home button, the screen is so big on this damn thing and Multi Windows allows me to Multi Focus in a way that leaves me mesmerized that, the Home button is something I never look at.

    Posted from my Verizon Galaxy Note II 4G LTE with Multi Windows (and, the other features above) ☆

    • Blake Ourso

      in actuality, you have 4.1.1.

      • PAPINYC

        I know I have 4.1.1 but, I also have the features/options above. ☆

        • spydie

          You don't have multi-tasking in 4.1.1, moron

          • Blake Ourso

            Way to be that guy who starts name calling on the internet >.>

            @PAPINYC:disqus It looks like we have one of those features, but the rest....no.

            New notification toggles
            Customisable notification toggles
            Brightness slider can now be disabled
            Browser improvements(? I use chrome so this is moot to me)
            Status bar is now black (currently a ghetto grey)
            Continuous input keyboard (??)
            New ink effect on lockscreen
            New Group Cast app

          • PAPINYC

            Did you mean Ghetto grey or Sprint (Ghettto) grey...lol

            Love my Note II. Okay, my status bar is black..wtf

            Multi Windows I know I have, along with 4G and LTE.

            I can MultiTask:
            Power Amp + surf web; email + pop-up browser; etc.. what am I missing??

          • Blake Ourso

            the bar is a very dark shade of gray. It is not black if you have the Verizon Note 2 (unless you hacked it already like me..)

            Who said anything about not being able to multitask? The phone has 2GB of ram. It multitasks all day long. So does the S3, though, and the N4...any phone with 2GB of ram running android will multitask this well.

            Yes, we have the enable/disable multi window. that's the only thing we have out of that list.

            I was pointing out what we don't have on this list that you fictitiously admitted to having already. Go remove the brightness slider...you can't. Nor that g'damn ongoing WiFi notification.

          • PAPINYC

            P.S. Don't have any issues with the stock browser (I use Chrome for certain things)

  • Stark

    Lame I thought the S2 was supposed to be next.

  • yankeesusa

    my sprint note has most of these. Able to disable Multi view, black bar, group cast, ink effect unless they updated it to look different. I may even have continuous scroll on mine. Either way its good to see sammy updating so much this fast. Looking forward to the next update. I feel bad for tmobile note 2 who are still missing multiview.

  • Michael

    4.1.2 has been out for a little while on N7105 (South African Voda 4.1.2)

  • Magnus100

    And yet on Tmobile USA, we're still waiting on the update to enable multi view. Darned Tmobile!