Nike's highly popular Training Club app has arrived on Android, allowing you to get your fit on with your phone or tablet. Training Club is an audio-visual, quasi-interactive workout app that allows you to select a workout, guides you through the motions, and shows you what kind of progress you should be making. Like pretty much everything Nike digital, there are rewards that can be earned, and progress can be shared with your friends.

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You can use your own workout music (presumably, using an in-app music player), and there are over 100 workouts to choose from in the app by default. You can unlock even more workouts through the rewards system. There's also something called "NTC Training Essentials" that I can only assume will try to sell you Nike stuff. Hit up the link below to get the app.

David Ruddock
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  • Jonathan

    This is for women only...

    • http://twitter.com/HellionOfTroy Jessie

      They show women in the pictures but anybody can do the exercises, they're real workouts not just Kegels. And I think there's a version with male examples called something slightly different.

  • Paul_Werner

    I think I'll stick with my Nike+ Kinect game. Some of those workouts are touch but it feels nice to be working out at a steady pace again

  • http://twitter.com/yasiralani Yasir Alani

    Can someone share the apk please? The SG3 and N7 are listed as incompatible.

  • Manish Farande

    This app is amazing!!
    I've been using it fairly regularly on my Android tab connected to a sound system for about 2 months
    along with cardio and a low refined sugar diet..
    Nothing much just about an hour a day, eating 5 moderately portioned meals a day the last one three hours before sleeping.. I have lost 10.8kgs in 2 months..
    And it's all free!! You just have to workout more to unlock more..
    You get amazing healthy recipes among other things which are difficult to find.. Really inspiring app..
    Thank You NTC
    - Maniche