It's becoming increasingly common for users to share files over mobile devices instead of more traditional methods. The biggest problem here is that there isn't really a "standard" form of sharing - unlike with emails, SMS messages can't handle file attachments, and MMS isn't the most practical way of sending most files (not to mention that not all phones can receive MMS messages). There are, of course, things like Dropbox and Google Drive that store files in the cloud and make them easy for users to share, but that can be a cumbersome process on a mobile device.

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Enter SendIt, a new, simple way to share content from your mobile device. The idea behind send it is easy: give the app permission to access your Drive account, and when you need to share a file, simply select "SendIt" from the native share menu, select the user you wish to send the file to, and poof - it's done. SendIt automatically uploads the file to Drive, pulls a short URL, and sends it via SMS to the desired recipient. It couldn't be easier.

I spent some time testing the app out this morning, and only had one issue: I couldn't get it to work on my Nexus 4 for some reason. It worked flawlessly on my Galaxy Nexus (with 4.1.2), but on the N4 (with 4.2.1) it said the file was successfully sent, but the GN never received it. This is probably an issue specific to Android 4.2, but since most handsets are still on 4.1 or below, I wouldn't sweat it too much.

Other than my issues on 4.2, this app is going to come in extremely handy for sharing files back and forth. There are two versions available in the store: a free one, which is limited to files 10MB or smaller and will only send them to one recipient at a time; and a pro version for around $3, which is completely unlimited.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Adam

    Looks pretty solid - though I already have CloudSend for this purpose which uses my DropBox account.

    • http://twitter.com/iam_robj Rob Joseph

      Yeah CloudSend is great if you have drop box, really slick app

  • http://twitter.com/RealDaryl ♫†╠╣£ ß¡∩஥ ßáñÐí╦♫

    I'd guess the 4.2 issues are due to the remapping of the sdcard for multi-user support. The added "0" folder!

    • http://twitter.com/iam_robj Rob Joseph

      Nah mate doesn't touch the sd card at all, I'm still looking into this, picked a great time to re install windows lol.. still.. it shall be fixed (I'm the dev btw)

  • whargharbl

    So basically CloudSend for Drive.

  • Ed Chavez

    Not compatible with 4.0.4 on Pantech Element. Pretty much makes it useless to me. Realistically this is more of a tablet app since people don't usually send anything on thir phones but texts/pics and maybe apks. One might argue that "you can send apks with this", but um yeah, there's already apps to do this. 1 star for not being 4.0+ comparable, perhaps the gingerbread users might enjoy this though. It's a good idea, but only being compatable with older versions of android is absurd.

    • http://twitter.com/iam_robj Rob Joseph

      Thank you for your extremely ignorant review:
      'If the coders decide to pull their "you know whats" out of their "you know where's" this might be a keeper.'

      The 'coders' is me, the app works on every Android version up to 4.2 (which has just been fixed) which means your issue of not compatible (what does that even mean?? won't install? force close? doesn't send? doesn't open? what?) is specific to your device.

      But if you would like to drop me an email explaining your issue I would be happy to fix it :-)

      • Ed Chavez

        I would take the time to do that except for the fact of what 'one app will do, others will too'. True in over 90% of case I found. If I wanted to take the time to talk to the developers or anyone else of every app i tried that didn't work for me, would take a SUBSTANTIAL amount of time, and would be extremely stupid but I can see as to where YOU might think this way because, well, you're stupid. Feel free to alter my post like you did with my review. Perhaps your rules should state to only review the app if its positive. Anti American if you ask me, so you're probably not American. Also,I am a programmer so I know what I am talking about. My first program written was at age 9 at a time when there were no GUI's and THAT was 29 years ago (basically way above your level). You can try to talk your way out of it any way you like BUT IT WAS NOT compatible with a device running 4.0.4 and it wasn't a ME issue. PERIOD. It opened fine, but wouldn't send among other thins. Don't get all mad at me just cause your app flopped like a point guard in the paint. You may commence deflecting in 3 2 1..... NOW.

        • Ed Chavez

          HaHa, burnt.