Update: It appears this RUU may be improperly labeled, as we're hearing it fails to flash on a number of CIDs which it should be compatible with.

If you're the owner of a European model HTC One X, you're probably chomping at the bit to get your update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. While that update has begun rolling out in parts of Asia, it has yet to show up anywhere else. Today, though, HTCRUU published an official RUU file (a full, flashable ROM) for the One X in its unlocked European flavor - software version 3.14.401.27, based on Android 4.1 with Sense 4+.

First off, this is only for specific variants of the One X - this won't work on an AT&T model in the US, for example. Your device needs to have the proper CID number (a hardware identifier code) in order to flash the update. Luckily, there are quite a few CIDs this particular RUU is compatible with:


Figuring out your CID is pretty easy. Just load your One X into fastboot mode, hook it up to USB, and run "fastboot getvar cid" to find it. Once you download the firmware, boot your phone up again with USB debugging enabled in fastboot mode (make sure you have the right USB drivers), run the exe file, and follow the instructions. This post guides you through the basic process.

HTCRUU [direct download link]

David Ruddock
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  • Jay Logan

    I live in Hungary and the CID_032 one x phones officially got the 4.1.1 with the same software version as above last monday.

    • http://twitter.com/IamPeePay Tomáš Petrík

      The same for Slovakia.

      • Srle

        Samo for Telenor, Serbia, month ago, others didn't recieved yet :D

  • lirox

    It doesn't work with cid 102.. Error 159.. wrong RUU

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Weird. Based on the V#, it should. Though maybe I'm missing something.

      • Thedan55

        as said by adam meredith "if you haven't manually updated your hboot to a leaked jb hboot (1.23/1.28/1.31/1.36, which allowed you to use a sense jb rom) then the ruu wont work, you will have to wait for the ota."

    • jelly

      You have to update your hboot for the ruu to be able to write to your device correctly

  • Daniel Wiggins

    now for the EVOLTE to follow suit... hopefully... stares at sprint....

  • Antima

    Doesn't work with HTC__001. Wrong RUU

    • JELLY

      The ruu will work on your device you have to update your base firmware first so you have hboot 1.31 before the ruu will write to the phone - LOVING JB ON MY ONE X :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/dadtomlinson Jonathan Raymond Tomlinson

    usa please???

  • Adam Meredith

    if you haven't manually updated your hboot to a leaked jb hboot (1.23/1.28/1.31/1.36, which allowed you to use a sense jb rom) then the ruu wont work, you will have to wait for the ota.

  • guy

    Belgium as well

  • Yash Bhatia

    Will this make me lose root and re-lock my bootloaer?

  • Shawn Crowell

    Question is, when will the US get the Jellybean version for HTC One X??

  • http://www.facebook.com/jose.miguel.779857 José Miguel

    can´t download the file. Any idea why?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tad.zaleski Tad Zaleski

    when will USA get update

  • Anton Bouwer

    Tried it with HTC__016 but it didn't work. Reported that the image was wrong.

    • JELLY


  • Lazieye

    If you're CID is correct you still need to have a JB HBOOT, as already pointed out. Meaning you have to unlock your bootloader and upgrade your HBOOT. It will not work even with the correct CID without the updated HBOOT.
    OTA JB updates have 2 files, the first small file (HBOOT) and then the larger file JB ROM.

    • Pollob

      How to update HBOOT? AND how to install This RUU? My one x CID is VODAP001.is my one x support this RUU?...

      • Jelly

        you wont beable to install ruu due to your device being a carrier device ie (vodaphone) you will have to wait untill vodaphone release a update

        • Pollob

          But I am already using ARHD custom ROM. my bootloader also unlocked but not rooted. CID no VODAP001 is similar to HTC 001. Are those same CID?

          • http://twitter.com/787 1911

            Unfortunately, it has to be HTC 001. So you it won't work for you.

          • Pollob

            I read some where that the code number is main like my case my CID 001so it can be operator name or HTC nothing matter. R u sure VODAP 001 & HTC 001 is not same....

    • Jelly

      upgrading hboot does not require you to unlock your bootloader

  • jboy

    Still waitin for the uk update should be any time now.

  • Rick Jagger

    UK has started apparently so htc-uk said on twitter

  • Pollob

    My one x CID is VODAP001. Is my CID same to HTC001....Plz help me...is my one x support this jelly bean ruu......

  • Mathias

    All this time still waiting for jb, it's unfair

  • http://twitter.com/beck_is_back Peter Radtka

    So how to do it on a mac?

  • saeed

    cid 415 please????

  • http://www.facebook.com/servulostefancapistrano.souza Sérvulo Stefan Capistrano Souz

    Do I need to root my one X first? Mine is CID_001.

    ps: I am almost rooting my ONe X.

  • 199

    I would like to know if I update my hboot to 1.31 for jb will it unlock my bootloader and will I lose my warranty?

  • wang

    How to unlock my HTC one x .I have been to http://www.htcdev.com try to unlock.but write 401fault

  • alexxx

    Screw this, it is too complicated. It isn't practical, it is dangerous and it won't solve HTC's lazy ass. This is not a solution for 99% of users, since no one has organized properly any guidelines. Thank you but no thank you XDA. I am not a developer to be able to read your matrix code. Sigh....

  • Andtew

    Any idea of when Jelly Bean is coming to South Africa for HTC One X

  • Ched

    Okok so how about me? Can anyone teach me how to flash this? im on supCid 111111111 and of course s-off. We got it like this, as in they, HTC gave it to my sister as a price in one of their conventions. please help (yep i know, s-off wasted on a nooob like me)

  • Gabriel

    I bought used HTC one X and it doesn't show any CID? Does that mean that I can use this update?



  • Jayendra

    download links are down????

  • Thiyagu Kovai

    i whant droid eris ruu rom update plese