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If you're looking for yet another song-matching app (really, a SoundHound / Shazam alternative), Rhapsody's got something you might be interested in - a new app called Songmatch.

Songmatch, thankfully, does not require a Rhapsody subscription, and is completely free. You can match songs against Rhapsody's library of 16 million tracks, get artist info, track listings, and more.

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That may sound pretty basic at first glance, but it gets better if you're a Rhapsody subscriber. You can immediately launch playback of the song or the album it's on when a match is found, and Rhapsody creates a special Songmatch playlist in your account where every track you match is then saved. Now that's pretty cool.

Head to the Play Store to download it now.

David Ruddock
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  • Jamie

    Shazam, Google Now, Songmatch and soundhound.

    Not all available to all but basically the same!

    Now if Google could get agreement for voice commands like Shazam it Songmatch TM

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Not really all the same at all though. I mean, the functionality is the same, but the algorithms and all the behind-the-scenes stuff is different. Some services are better, some worse, but it's great to have this competition.

  • chad

    As a rhapsody subscriber all I have to say is a big thank you. This adds a great ton a utility and creates more of an ecosystem. Yes I know this is just like the other guys stuff (which I have used to this point) but to a somebody that has a subscription it's an amazing feature.