Is rooting phones a hassle for you? Do you want to root somebody else's phone (whether they're willing or not), but don't want to deal with that whole pesky "getting permission" part? (Or dealing with teaching them how to go about doing it?)

A new app over at XDA by wchill may have you covered. I say "may" because it's still in a very early beta stage, but the response so far from the community has been pretty positive.

Root Transmission requires three things: 1.) a rooted Android device with USB hosting capability, 2.) a USB OTG cable, 3.) a one-click rooting script for the device you're trying to root. There's still a bit of DIY going on with that last part, but if you're reading this article, that's probably a pretty minor hurdle for you. Once you have the script, you dump it into the Root Transmission folder, connect the device you want to root, fire up the app, and press "Root!" You can also unroot.

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The app was up on the Play Store at one point, but was taken down for being "dangerous" - so we aren't expecting it to return. You can just download it from XDA instead, though. Head to the XDA thread to get it, along with two ready-made one-click root scripts for the Verizon Galaxy S III and ASUS Transformer tablets.

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  • jim

    O MEH GAWD FARST!!!!111

    • Gabiden Buashev

      Ermehgard sercernd!

  • dsass600

    Atta boy Eric.

  • Josh

    This requires ADB debugging on the target device, correct? This is why I leave ADB turned off.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745689461 Hal Motley

      Definitely would require ADB debugging. Though I already have root, CyanogenMod and SuperUser so I don't feel to worried.

      This will be fun!

  • Matthew Fry

    Wowzers. Pretty soon we'll have hackers rooting our phones remotely. I for one welcome our hacker overlords.

  • rockstar323

    I think it's a bad idea to root a device if you can't do it yourself through ADB. You need to understand what you're doing, how to fix it and the dangers of rooting before you attempt it. Android forums are full of people who just download a one click root and then down the line screw something up and come back crying because they can't follow directions. I had a friend who would try to talk everyone he knew into rooting their phones and when he was asked why they should root it he always answered, "It makes your phone so much better". He couldn't explain how it made it better just that it did. He quit after he tried to root his girlfriends phone, got impatient because a radio flash was taking too long and pulled the battery and bricked it. You can seriously screw up your phone if you don't know what you're doing.

  • John O’Connor

    well this would could certainly help a few friends and family members to root/unroot on the fly when OTA fixes come around but won't download

  • Dan

    This is so full of win.