When it comes to Android tablets, Toshiba hasn't really been the "brand to buy," so to speak. It's not that they put out bad hardware, because that's simply not the case - the Excite 7.7 is one of the best Android tablets I've ever used. It's that they don't promote - or more importantly, support - devices after release.

Case in point: today, the company has announced a new member to its Excite line, the 10" Excite SE. This makes the third 10" tablet in its Excite line, with the Excite 10 and Excite 10 LE coming before. While the latter of those is powered by a dual-core Qualcomm chip, the former is using the quad-core Tegra 3. Similarly, the SE is also using the Tegra 3, and it features a 10.1" "AutoBrite HD" display, 3MP rear shooter, "Fusion Lattice" finish, microSD card slot, microUSB port, and - most notably - Android 4.1. I can't help but draw the similarities to the original Excite, which features nearly identical specs.

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Unlike the original, though, the Excite SE will intro with a $350 price tag for the 16GB model, which is $100 less than the Excite when it debuted. Still, why not just update the OG and drop the price? There's no need to further fragment the market with an incremental (at best) update, which will likely do more to muck up the Toshiba/Excite name that it will to help it flourish.

Alas, the Excite SE will go on sale in just two days time - on December 6th - at select retailers and directly from Toshiba online.

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Toshiba's Digital Products Division (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced the availability of the Excite™ 10 SE tablet, a multimedia-rich tablet with a 10.1-inch touchscreen, powered by Android™ 4.1, Jelly Bean. The Excite 10 SE offers an affordable option for people looking for a powerful and versatile tablet for the home, starting at only $349.99 MSRP1.

"Our Excite family of tablets continues to grow with options to suit a wide range of consumer needs, from portability and gaming to versatility and power," said Carl Pinto, vice president of marketing of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Digital Products Division. "We designed the Excite 10 SE to be a full featured tablet that offers a pure Android, Jelly Bean experience, while maintaining an attractive price point."

The Excite 10 SE features Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, which improves on the simplicity and usability of Android 4.0. Moving between customizable home screens and switching between apps is effortless, while the Chrome™ browser and new Google Now intelligent personal assistant and Voice Search apps makes surfing the web fast and fluid.

Slim and light at only 0.4 inches thick and weighing 22.6 ounces2, the Excite 10 SE is encased with a textured Fusion Lattice finish, making it comfortable to hold and easy to carry. The tablet offers a vibrant 10.1-inch diagonal AutoBrite™ HD touchscreen display3 plus the NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 Super 4-PLUS-1™ quad-core processor4 that delivers smooth web browsing and outstanding performance for games, HD movies and more.

Stereo speakers with SRS® Premium Voice Pro create an optimized audio experience for music, video and games, while providing greater clarity for video chatting via the tablet's HD front-facing camera. The Excite 10 SE also includes a 3 megapixel rear-facing camera with auto-focus and digital zoom for capturing HD video and photos. Featuring a wide range of connectivity, the tablet includes 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® 3.0, as well as Micro SD and Micro USB ports for expandability. The tablet also charges conveniently via the Micro USB port.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Rafał Pierchała

    "The tablet offers a vibrant 10.1-inch diagonal AutoBrite™ HD touchscreen display3." So it's 1280x768 resolution? Why would you buy this instead of Nexus 10 which is only $50 more and better at everything I can think of?

    • http://twitter.com/TurboNegro7791 Tyler Hills

      haha why would you even buy this over a Nexus 7? The micro SD is the only advantage I see

      • Alex Luckett

        Screen size?

      • PE

        And Tyler, it's easy to connect USB flash drives to a Nexus 7 with a USB OTG adapter. External storage is no problem.

        My wife and I love her Thrive. It was a good purchase *at the time*, but Toshiba's tablets since...yawn. This new thing had better be 1920x1200, otherwise even the new Nook HD is a better value.

        • http://twitter.com/TurboNegro7791 Tyler Hills

          Even better! And wow it's pretty shameful if you're being beat out by a Nook in anything

  • http://www.facebook.com/YAYSAVERGN Eric James Salcido

    That back is begging for scratches and dents.. Such awful design choice.

  • Alex

    This SE edition it's a cutdown version of the normal AT300.
    Don't have the hdmi port, no flash on the camera, lower mp on the cameras, more weight, etc...
    Realy don't get why they making this. Why not lower the price on the AT300 and update it to 4.1.

  • TylerChappell

    Toshiba clearly doesn't understand the tablet market and should do everyone a favor by opting out of it. Sorry Toshiba, but your devices really aren't so much better than the competition to justify the ridiculous price premium, and are in many cases worse. This is an absolutely pointless release, not surprised those coming from the coming that was determined HD DVD would be the winning format. They failed back then and their failing now.

  • TheRealCBONE

    It's too bad that Toshiba brass are so stupid. The Excite 7.7 was (still is) an awesome piece of kit. Noticeably faster than the Nexus 7 (in my hands on testing with both tablets at the same time, YMMV) with much better battery life and screen, exceptional build quality, microSD, etc. The only thing holding it back was the price (which is silly now, but competitive with the only other 7 to 7.7 tablets in it's class at release) and the locked bootloader.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Nexus 10 for $400 is a better buy, even if you need to attach a USB stick for more storage.

  • Rodd

    never owned a Toshiba Tab but i hear they have a history of locking down their devices & poor support after release.. Anything changed??

    • TheRealCBONE

      Nope. Good luck getting any sort of response or adjustment out of them once they have your money.

    • PE

      I wrote above, my wife and I love her Thrive. But yes, Toshiba support is terrible! After our experience, we can't trust another Toshiba tablet again.

      It was no wonder the battery never seemed to last as it should. Kaspersky Labs paid Toshiba enough to pre-install an anti-virus app, which you can't simply uninstall. The app sits there, eating up your battery. Toshiba will refuse to help you here, assuming they even deign to reply.

      We had to root the Thrive to uninstall Kaspersky, but because we got the OTA Android 4.0 update, an expert at thriveforums.org had to help us revert to 3.2 first. Toshiba's 4.0 update prevents rooting it. After reverting to 3.2, then we could root, uninstall Kaspersky and other pre-installed junk, and upgrade to 4.0 again. It was worth it. Battery life has gone from 4-5 hours (on an aging battery) to over 6.

  • Lance Sundrich

    Here's another new 10 inch Android tablet released last week -- The Novo 10 Hero by Ainol Electronics - priced at only $225 -- Easily the best "price-performance" 10" tablet available; and features a High Resolution 1280x800 IPS screen, 16GB Memory, a strong Dual Core processor with Quad Core GPU, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System, Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and an option for 3G/4G connection. If you're not familar with the manufacturer, Ainol Electronics, they received a "Best Tablet of the Year" award at CNET Consumer Electronics Show 2012 and have hit the ball out of the park with this new model. The Novo 10 Hero offers a MicroUSB port for connection to printers and other electronic devices, a MicroSD Memory Card slot for unlimited storage (up to 32GB Memory Cards), includes both front and back cameras with a 2 Megapixel rear camera; and has HDMI output, which is a nice feature to download movies and watch in Full 1080p (HD) on to a large screen TV. It also makes a great gaming device with its high resolution screen, motion sensor, and a processor strong enough to handle 3D games.

    One of the first resellers to offer the new Novo 10 Hero is a site called TabletSprint -- which also adds in $25 in Bonus Apps and hardware accessories. TabletSprint also features a free monthly 3G/4G data plan for the Novo 10 Hero, with no charge for 500MB Data every month... with full internet access and VoIP voice calling over a nationwide network. A free 4G USB adapter is included and the carrier only requires a small refundable deposit for wireless network USB adapter. TabletSprint certainly makes this a great deal and the Novo 10 Hero is worth comparing to other 10" tablets available this holiday season.

  • andy_o

    Uh-oh. Apparently the stereo speakers are in the back of these things. (Courtesy of The Verge's hands-on.)