Yes, the Play Store has been plagued by issues. Not the least of which, if you don't live in the U.S. or Canada, you've probably had an even harder time than most getting your hands on Google's newest flagship phone. If you want to get in on the furiously refreshing action, and you happen to live in the UK or Germany, today is your lucky day! Starting at 5PM local time (GMT for UK, CET for Germany... so pretty soon), you can order the device directly from that search engine all your American friends keep saying has a horrible ordering system.


One thing to keep in mind, if you do order though: if you try to place a phone order and the system encounters an error, don't keep resubmitting your request over and over or refreshing the page a bunch of times unless you are prepared to deal with possible problems with your cart and perhaps even lengthy phone calls to Google support later on. The first time the Nexus 4 was released, the most problems for users came within the first half hour, so keep that in mind.


Thanks Luke, Robert, Ersen, and Mr.Areti!

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • smeddy

    Ooohh.... Price? :)

    • silaslenz

      299€, 349€. I think in the UK its something like £240 and £280

      • smeddy

        Thanks for the info. I've decided that my Samsung Note will stay as my cherished phone, until Google sorts out an SD Card!

        • Steve Williamson

          not going to happen they already said that its confusing for users (non techies) and I understand that. fair enough they could have put out a 32/64gb versions but this phone amazing price either way and they might bump it shortly like the nexus 7 ( tho that was really only done due to the kindle fire my guess would be)

    • http://twitter.com/LV2355 Laurentiu

      309 euro for N4 8GB / 359 euro for N4 16GB
      (10 euro for shipping)

  • James Bryant

    still no second round in australia...

  • http://twitter.com/VChan13 Vangelis

    They better get it right this time..

    • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

      it actually went pretty smoothly yesterday for Canadians, so I bet they have figured out their problems.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1312291338 Tim Miller

        That or there's only like 3 Canadians total that have internet access in their igloos to try to order it.

        • selonmoi

          Back off, eh!

  • I wanna Nexus 4!

    Please remove this. the less people that know the more chance i have of getting one :)

  • Razormike


  • chokkan

    Hopefully they are working their way round to Japan and they'll finally release the N10 they promised us last month. Believe.

  • David S. de Lis

    What about Spain???

  • http://twitter.com/LV2355 Laurentiu

    I finally got a preorder for N4 16GB: 1-2 weeks to arrive at my doors :)) Party!

  • fewesttwo

    So this totally sucks. Not only have I not got my email from Google letting me know this is happening, I also have an hour long meeting from 4.30.

    • Chris Hutchinson

      id say you still got it it was after 6 when i got mine

  • jackennils

    Got one! (GER)

  • Davide

    Official: Nexus 4 won't be sold in Italy.

  • http://twitter.com/vinceklein Vince Klein

    Order went through in Germany after a couple of stalls. Order receipt says 4-5 weeks order lead time. Seriously, WTF? The storefront claimed 1-2 weeks. I would have thought Google had cleaned up this mess by now.

  • jd

    I'd just like to have mine delivered that I ordered on the 13th (UK)

  • Christian Eckhardt

    My order here in germany went through with very little problems. 1-2 weeks delivery time. The phones are still there for ordering, delivery in 4-5 weeks. In several blogs i read that the people had far less problems with the ordering process. I hope they can deliver the phones in the estimated time.

  • hugobosslives

    "Oops, we had a problem with your request. Please try again"

    Y U MAKE ME SO MAD GOOGLE?????!!!!!

  • ChainsawCharlie

    Managed to place an order in the UK. Got email confirmation and all. Got the feared something went wrong error only once.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leo.davidson Leo Davidson

    After a lot of refreshing, and a website, inventory and shopping-cart system that appears to have been designed by Shroedinger... I GOT ONE! At least, in theory.

  • Iky

    Just got the 16gb version. The enter button trick still works. Tab down to proceed and hit enter repeatedly as if your life depends onit. Done and done.

  • http://twitter.com/TheGingerDog David Goodwin

    Order accepted... after about 10 attempts.

  • Russell Waterson

    Ordered my 16gb after the second attempt. Went fairly smoothly. Delivery in 1-2 weeks. Thanks for the heads up, I managed to get in as soon as it became available.

  • Coleburns

    Ships When Available!!!!!! Priceless

  • http://twitter.com/Kanpai888 Gen-Nam

    Managed to get ahold of one. Made my day :D

  • Philip Leaper

    Got 2 (maybe 3)... one for me, one for the missus. UK - Very happy

  • DaveS

    How about that... My order went through :-)
    Just waiting for the follow up email that tells me it will be 13 weeks!

    • Steve Williamson

      i didnt see my delivery time when placing the order. is the one in your email the accurate one?

  • GlennStile

    Went very smooth for me too, brothers christmas prezzie... he will be happy :D

  • selonmoi

    It seems like they've worked things out. This rolling availability by country is a clever way of dealing with the demand. Orders went pretty smoothly yesterday here in Canada, and now in Germany and the UK. Most people seem to have successfully placed their order pretty quickly, and they've allowed ship dates to push out to 10 weeks, so at least it's possible to get on a queue. I'm sure LG will be seriously ramping up manufacturing over the coming weeks and months.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcindloza Marcin Dawid Łoza

    Wow, that was easy this time ;)

  • Mark Bentley

    Oh yeah!! I didn't read this but I had the page on constant refresh on my tablet so when I saw it was available to order I dropped my dinner and bought...both!!

  • Steve Williamson

    Got my order but didnt see the delivery time when I placed it (was to busy getting it done), Does anyone know if the time mentioned in the confirmation email the correct estimate????

    • needa

      i am sure you already got the email... but yes.. the estimated time is there.

      • Steve Williamson

        Thanks. Awesome 3-5 days!

  • hasan

    Ordered. The waiting begins.

  • http://twitter.com/samuel_hawes Sam Hawes

    Woo! Thanks for the post AP, as usual I didn't get an e-mail from google so luckily I chanced across the post at work. However the play store is blocked from work and then my phone wouldn't connect to the internet, slight panic as I reset my HTC and finally got an order in. Didn't get any error messages luckily and hopefully the 1-2 weeks estimate is accurate for me.

  • Richard Tan

    I got mine ;) And it only took me 1 attempt. AWESOME!!!

  • Adam Miah

    This is ludicrous! Open more orders without fulfilling your first orders!!!!!