Offering a point-and-click adventure that asks players how far they will go to find out who John Yesterday is, Bulkypix has brought the aptly-titled Yesterday to the Play Store.

The game, which relies on "an innovative interface based on innumerable blow-ups," follows the story of three playable characters including Henry, a "young NGO volunteer," his friend Cooper, and John Yesterday himself as they try to solve a mystery surrounding a chain of murders in New York. Aimed at adult players looking for a thrilling noir gameplay experience, Yesterday has a unique art style that resembles a mix between reality and comic-book exaggeration.

The game also touts that it's perfect for tablets, due not only to its control scheme, but also hotspot markers and text hints for players who find themselves stuck.

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If you're a fan of point-and-click, or like the idea of a storyline that keeps you guessing with the revelation of ghastly clues, helpful hints, and "discrete references and tributes to movies, series, games, music, and novels," Yesterday is a mystery you'll want to solve. Players can grab a trial version of the game for free, or fork over $4.99 for the full version. Just hit the widget below.

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Liam Spradlin
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  • http://www.binarytuberculosis.com BinaryTB

    This looks... really good. Glad Android is getting more slow-paced, high quality games.

    • http://www.binarytuberculosis.com BinaryTB

      Oh wow, 981MB download. No biggie, just need to wait it out, N10 should have enough space available.

  • squiddy20

    While this is a step in the right direction, I'm still looking for a Myst/Riven Android equivalent. So. Epic.

  • defred34

    Guys, that is the free trial version. The paid version runs for ~ $6.50.


  • http://pandu.poluan.info pepoluan

    Bulkypix + Point-and-click = Sold!

    Wait... it's free?! Oh Wow! Must find a good, fast, free Wifi spot a.s.a.p...

  • sixty-four

    What's the difference between the free and $4.99 versions?

  • defred34

    I can't believe I just wasted $6.50 on this POS that runs on a 4:3 resolution and is a direct iPad port. Lazy devs, and I hope people just steal their game like crazy for this injustice!!!

    • http://www.ellianth.com Ellianth

      I like your style :).

  • http://www.facebook.com/imhays91 Syahmi Turner

    Can anyone describe whats the different between the free and paid version?

    • http://www.binarytuberculosis.com BinaryTB

      The free version has ads at the bottom of the screen, I'm assuming the paid doesn't.

  • ChainsawCharlie

    Nice! Been meaning to try this out on the PC. Sad to hear that it is a cheap iOS port though.

  • John Yesterday

    Best game I played on my galaxy s3 so far. I got the free version with ads and they didn't bother me at all. Animations are fluid, sound is great, overall production level is very high. The story is amazing, best I've seen on a long time on any format. Worth downloading.

  • http://twitter.com/StoneLord2012 Dustin Stone

    The difference between free and paid is ads... you can finish free version..

  • waqar ahmed

    when next part of yesterday is coming.......?