Start with a base of Google+'s Instant Upload, mix with about three cups of Instagram (sans filters, of course), add a dash of personal Pinterest and what you'll get is a photo sharing app from Nero that serves 3-5 platforms. The company that you best know for including a free trial of something DVD-related on any computer you bought in the last decade has released a free Android app that automatically uploads any picture you take on your phone to its central servers and makes it available on any device you have the app installed on. It actually sounds pretty nifty.

kwik1 kwik2 kwik3

The way the app works is, much like with Instant Upload (or Facebook's new PhotoSync), once you take a picture, it's automatically uploaded to Nero's servers and then made available to any device you own. You can either share individual photos or create what are called "tapestries" that look like digital collages of a bunch of pictures (like the one in the screenshots above).

The theme for this app seems like a blend of the new unified Android UI and Windows Phone, which is kind of fitting since it's designed to be cross-platform. Currently you can install NeroKwik on Android, iOS and Windows RT, with PC/Mac support coming later. The UI actually hits that nice blend where you can't quite tell if it's designed for Holo or Metro, but it looks at home on either. This is also somewhat of a commentary on how versatile Android's interface is, but that's a discussion for another post.

The app is free right now on the Play Store.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • thisphuckinguy

    What would be better? This or Jottacloud?

  • PLL

    Seems like you won't get PC support unless you get the premium version. From their FAQ:

    What more can I do with the premium version of NeroKwik?

    Premium accounts let you connect an unlimited number of devices, including a PC. It also gives you access to all your video clips, in addition to photos.

    But maybe that's badly worded.

    It also interesting that it's not storing/backing up your files in the cloud, just creating a link to your files on your connected device. Again from this FAQ:

    Is NeroKwik another cloud storage service?

    No. While NeroKwik stores a catalog containing the metadata and thumbnails of your content in the cloud, the original photos remain on whatever device you have them stored.

    I guess this is good for privacy and security but bad for data redundancy. Also, I wonder what happens when a device is off or unconnected. I guess a plus is that it cuts down on the data costs of uploading an image but I wonder if it will have to request the image each time it's asked for on another device.

    • pbreton

      Hi PLL, I work for Nero and want to address some of the points you raised here.

      Yes, you're correct that NeroKwik is not a cloud storage service in itself. We aim to connect all the devices and services you already use instead and offer a truly cross-platform and efficient way to access and share all your photos.

      You're correct that the free version of NeroKwik allows you to connect two mobile devices and any online services we support. Right now that's Facebook, but more will be coming very soon. For more than two devices, including connecting your PC, you'll need a premium account. Those will be available early next year along with more details about the pricing and how it will work.

      For now, we hope you enjoy this free version on Android and we welcome any feedback you have that would help us make it even better.

      Best regards,

      • PLL

        Thanks so much for the prompt reply! I figured it would be beneficial to point out some of the unique points about the service. Does NeroKwik serve images from your phone then? If you share a photo with someone, will you need your phone online for them to see it? In any case, congratulations on the good work. Good luck with the new app!

        • pbreton

          Hi PLL, Thanks for the kudos. You don't need your phone online when you share photos with someone. It keeps the original images wherever they already are, but maintains a catalog of high-res thumbnails and metadata in the cloud. That way you're not uploading, syncing or moving photos to another location and taking up duplicate space. You can share Tapestries with others and they can see them even if your devices are turned off. Hope that helps.


  • David

    Dropbox can do this easily for a long time.

    • pbreton

      Hi David, I work for Nero and appreciate your comment. We love Dropbox and don't intend for NeroKwik to replace it. Quite the contrary. NeroKwik will make Dropbox even better very soon.

      • hyperbolic

        "This app is incompatible with your Samsung GT-I9100."

        • pbreton

          Hi hyperbolic, for now NeroKwik requires Android v4 or higher. It looks like your device could go back to v2.3. That would be the first thing to check. If you have v4 or higher please let me know so I can have the team look into it more. -Paul

          • hyperbolic

            I do have 4.0.4 stock Samsung.

          • http://www.nero.com/ Paul Breton

            Hmm.... we'll check this out.

      • David

        Ij you say so.. No offense, your app is really nice, and i know you have put a lot of work into it, i'm just saying i don't see why i should use it, if dropbox automatically uploads my photos, and i can acces them from everywhere?

  • http://twitter.com/sabincruz Sabin Cruz

    Not Available in my Country!! O_x
    Screenshots looks cool btw... really wanted to try!