In a sight all too familiar to would-be Nexus owners this morning, the Nexus 4 8GB model has once again been listed as "out of stock" on the Play Store. This comes after Google opened up a second round of Nexus sales, which were basically glorified pre-orders, particularly when it came to the 8GB model, which quickly hit a 5-6 week shipping estimate.


Earlier this week, that estimate stretched all the way to 9-10 weeks, and presumably anything past 10 was the tipping point. While it's unclear if Google's shipping estimate actually means buyers won't be getting there for phones for 2 months, or if it's a conservative "worst case scenario," apparently they've taken enough orders that any more would be too speculative (you also have a high risk of order cancellations on such a long wait).

The 16GB model is still available for order ... if you want it in 6-7 weeks.

Oh, Google, it's not really your fault (in some respects), but it's hard not to look at this fiasco and be a little disappointed.

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David Ruddock
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  • chris125

    This had been such an epic fail on Google's part. Definitely need to figure this or for next year's nexus

    • http://www.facebook.com/amar.a.singh.7 NoIdentity Necessary

      I wouldn't put the whole blame on google. I mean yes, they could have done this a lot better and they should know better (regarding the demand of a 299$ high end budget phone) BUT if LG would have produced more / would be capable of producing more we would not have this problem.

      • chris125

        Except Google would be the one who says we need this many units, I highly doubt they requested enough which is why its taking so long. They can't keep any of their nexus devices in stock really so you can't blame the manufacturers Google should have done a little better with estimating stock. Most people aren't going to wait 2+ months for a phone, they will just get something else.

        • Imparus


          Why wouldn't Google order as many nexus that LG is capable to produce? heck you are even saying people won't wait so why exactly would Google order so much under than the huge the demand? You can't even say it is because they didn't know the demand would be so big, because they still can't keep up with the demands for the second wave. There even been an article that mention they can't manage to produce enough, since there aren't enough factories that can produce the s4 pro at the moment.

          • chris125

            Because google didn't want excess stock building up and laying around? I mean it's not hard to see they completely dropped the ball on this. They have people out there who have 1 job and that is estimating demand for a product. Clearly Google needs a few lessons in selling devices on their site.

          • Imparus

            Do you actually believe that even thought that they only sold it in USA for the second wave? If you do then you are a lost cause, and I regret the time I wasted using logic on someone who know shit about the industry.

          • chris125

            Maybe if you used half decent grammar I could understand what you were trying to say...

          • Stryker

            Seeing as one of the main functions of Google as a business is data collection, they should be entirely capable of collecting data and then forecasting demand on said data. If at that time the manufacturers will not be able to keep up you either a) start pre-orders or b) delay launch until such time as there is enough stock on hand to cover a month or two or c) a combination of both a&b.

          • Jingles

            And I regret the time I wasted using logic on someone who know shit about the engrish language and grammar ... Douche bag.

            At this rate the Nexus 5 will be here by the time, or before, anyone can actually order a Nexus 4.

            Sure Google could have done a better job of estimating and meeting the demand for the Nexus 4 but on the flip side it's a good sign for Android that the Nexus 4 is so popular and keeps selling out and that people keep pissing and moaning about it, any publicity is good publicity isn't it?

          • chris125

            But with no numbers it doesnt really mean anything. They could have only had a few thousand on hand hence the such fast selling out. If Google came out and said how many they sold or "preordered" then people could see if it really is in that high of demand or they just completely dropped the ball.

          • James Deng

            the shortage right now is from qualcomm

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            That's what pre-orders are for. That's what Google should have done.

            I mean, it's pretty much what they are doing now with all the multiple weeks ahead availability.

          • David

            Exactly. This has been a complete and HUGE (as in epic proportions, as in end of world catastrophe lol) disaster of a launch. There just isn't enough devices for everyone, and Google basically is letting the opportunity pass: these amazing devices will be backordered until the Nexus 4 becomes irrelevant and most people won't care anymore.

            Too bad. The Nexus 4 at this price had potential to cause a rift in the industry.

  • http://twitter.com/samuel_hawes Sam Hawes

    The UK has yet to have its first restock, its been sold out since release. The only places to get them from here is Carphone Warehouse or 02, both of whom want £120 more for the handset.

    • Martim Cortez de Lobão

      If you don't want to get your phone in March or later, I'd say go with that. There are many other people in other countries that don't even have that option...

      • http://twitter.com/samuel_hawes Sam Hawes

        Im gonna give it a few weeks to see what happens, im not in a massive rush for the phone yet but im starting to get a bit fed up of my sensation, the ICS update brought more bugs than fixes and HTC are so slow at updating. Also in that time 02 will have lost their first months exclusivity and other companys may offer a better deal.

  • mreastwood

    Thank goodness I got mine this week after getting my order in on the first day. #LuckyGuy

  • Nick Bieter

    Look this unlocked 300 dollar flagship phone is a completely new concept and I'm sure they just underestimated the demand for it. I think it's better to underestimate the demand then overestimate like the touch pad or the play book. Google simply played it safe so as not to lose lots of money on thier hardware ventures.

    • N2fw

      Have to remember that none of the previous Nexus phones sold particularly well, this is also the first time that Google has had a simultaneous release on the Nexus phone. I know people think this is some sort of fail for el Goog but it seems more like an epic win as people have finally realized that a pure android experience on a device updated directly is where its at

      • FrillArtist

        "it seems more like an epic win as people have finally realized that a pure android experience on a device updated directly is where its at"

        You couldn't be anymore wrong. What people have realize is that a CHEAP pure android...blah...blah...is where it's at. Had this phone been priced at $600 or $700, it would be a tough sell.

  • Lucky Bastard

    I ordered mine last week and it was apparently shipped yesterday.

    • Raphaël Briand


  • Mike

    It most certainly is the fault of whomever at Google or LG was tasked with forecasting the demand for this phone. They failed miserably and it's costing their company a lot of money.

    • mreastwood

      Truth be told, it probably isn't...

      • Bobomo

        Considering most estimates have them selling the phone at cost.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcindloza Marcin Dawid Łoza

    They are still not available in the UK and I am not willing to pay £389.95 or getting it on 2 years contract (minimum £36 a month)

  • Julio M

    That is why you put up a preorder site: so people can show their interest and reserve the device. To make all that possible, it needs to be up weeks before the device goes on sale, not on the day itself. Hopefully this is not fake scarcity.

    • http://twitter.com/physicalist09 Physicalist

      Such devices start go into production long before preorders make sense. You can't simply produce a device based on preorders.

      • chris125

        but with preorders you can give priority to people who preordered and eliminate some of the demand for the device by those who preorder and see if you have a ton of preorders that well we are going to need more devices than we thought so ramp up production rather than just going in blind

  • http://twitter.com/LV2355 Laurentiu

    There is no Nexus love in Europe... :((
    There was no second round of Nexus sales in Europe. None!

    GOOGLE, did you forgot about the rest of the World*?
    *You know, other than USA...

    • http://www.facebook.com/amar.a.singh.7 NoIdentity Necessary

      Actually google customer support said it will be available from dec 6 onwards in Germany. And you can order it from Media Markt and get it on dec 12th...

      But yea, I feel that pain living in spain...

      • http://www.facebook.com/marcindloza Marcin Dawid Łoza

        Did they mention any other country? UK maybe?

        • http://twitter.com/LV2355 Laurentiu

          I think is the same for all Europe as there is only one warehouse - I ordered the Nexus 7 in Germany and I get it from Dublin warehouse.

          • Ian Kavanagh

            The funny thing is you can't order any devices from Ireland unless you go through the UK play store. So when people from Dublin order a device it has to first be shipped to the UK and then a parcel forwarding service is needed to ship it back to Dublin. Quite laughable.

          • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh Tripathy

            If true, that must improve efficiency so much! /s
            It brings to mind the mile and a half detour you have to take every time you want to get to the other side of the motorway!

          • adi19956

            Tax reasons unfortunately

      • http://twitter.com/LV2355 Laurentiu

        Is it fair?
        They should bring Nexus 4 in all stores at the same time... not after 2 weeks.

        Also, on Media Markt the Nexus 4 will be priced at 395 euro instead of 359 (349 + 10 euro delivery).

  • http://tech9.it/ Luca “ludalex” D.

    The bumper went out of stock too: http://www.n4checker.com/?type=n4_black_bumper

  • http://twitter.com/Vizualize a.d.AM

    Basically what they are saying is if you didn't order it yet you're probably not getting one from Google. Maybe in Q2 2013 but by that point the new hotness will be around and the N4 will be old hat. I'm excited for a Nexus 7 refresh!

  • xhqu

    You guys should stop reporting about every bit and byte they change on their webpage. Yes, people want to know, yes, the delivery changed but no, no need to report that it changed from 5 weeks to 6 weeks and vice versa. Your part of the reason people are so frustrated. You could write about changes that actually matter, e.g. when the phone is prepurchasable or available in a very short time period.

  • selonmoi

    They're still taking orders for the 16 MB version? From the tone I'd seen on several sites, I figured they had quickly gone to sold-out status again. Meanwhile, nothing at all available here in Canada.

    Now I'm actually disappointed, for the first time in this whole saga.

    • Dalbir_Singh

      There's a 16MB version? :D

      • Dazzza

        He means 16 bit :)

  • cy_n_ic

    So when you guys do get your new nexii, what are you going to trade it in for since it will be obsolete in the 3 months it takes to ship.

    • needa

      you buy a nexus for the immediate updates. geeks like me relish the fact that they are stuck waiting on the oem and carrier to release the update. therefore... a nexus phone isnt out of date until the next nexus is released.

      one could also say that any phone released that is not a nexus is out of date. simply because it is not running the current version of android.

      • cy_n_ic

        Your exactly right in that respect. My view is more from a hardware standpoint. Three months from now your not going to put dual cores and 2x2gb of ram or whatever is happening by that time. I still want one for each hand though

        • needa

          i agree. but at some point things are just faster then they need to be. look at the dna with all of those wasted pixels the hardware is powering, and its still a blazing fast phone. in my mind, until something new comes along to slow the phones down... what more do you really need?

          i use my phone for browsing... not gaming. can you tell? my att gs2 is just about the last phone i will ever need. i suspect the n4 will be. that is at least until the next phone comes along that has me 'nursing a semi'.

  • crankyd00d

    It is completely their fault and they suck for it

  • IDontCareAboutTheNexus4

    Allow me to whine about something different:

    "While it's unclear if Google's shipping estimate actually means buyers won't be getting there for phones for 2 months,"

    "Their", mate.

  • skeezmoe

    I have been checking the Australian site several time every day. Google has forgotten us down under :(

  • legend618

    how long does it take to manufacture a cell phone?anybody?

    • needa

      2.5 mil gs3 a month at launch. somehting like 4 million iphones a month. but apple has their own 'buildings' per say within the foxconn borders.

  • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh Tripathy

    LG have a massive production line. I don't understand what's causing these lenghty delays. Its not like the demand is in the tens of millions! This is putting more people off by the day..

    • http://twitter.com/SportsAndTV Brian Pearcy

      I'm guessing they are producing the optimus phones on the same line as the Nexus. Profit margins would be larger on the optimus phones so they don't want to slow down production on those phones to produce extra Nexus phones.

  • Jay

    Perplexed at how this Nexus saga has been handled.
    What would be good though, specially from AP, as they have done this in the past..
    Is reach out to Google and put the simple questions down..
    - Do you agree that the launch was a blunder?
    - How many units have been sold already?
    - How many units did you estimate would be ordered?
    - Do you agree that the many bugs in 4.2.X are a sign that you rushed this whole thing?
    - Why do you even go into device sales if history proves that you aren't getting any better at it?
    But of course, AP don' have the balls to ask such questions.
    Because in their minds, when a company like Google messes up "it's actually a good thing".

    • needa

      i am pretty sure that every tech blog out there has submitted those questions to google and more. considering there isnt a single blog out there with answers to those questions... except for the ups dude that said they had 17k units for launch.... not a word has come from the google camp.

  • NotBruno

    well this is ridiculous, this nexus launch is a disaster

  • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

    Hopefully it all settles down by the end of Jan when my Sprint contract is up. Then it will be the end of contracts for me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

    As for blame, yeah is on Google. But they are going off of previous Nexus phones with were "developer phones" and weren't that cheap. Demand was considerably lower. They did underestimate the demand of a phone that is basically a subsidized price but contract free and top-shelf hardware.

  • needa

    who is building these things? lg or foxconn? for that is where most of the blame should lie. with the obvious backlog... someone should be stepping up the amount of time the factory is able to spend on assembly. either that or they should have designed the thing to be able to be built with less 'steps'. kinda like volkswagen did with the golf.

  • James

    I wouldn't directly place the blame on Google. There is plenty of blame to go around. Here is my list of finger pointing:

    Google - I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I will club a baby seal. Pre-orders. Google, you failed. A simple pre-order system would have saved you a lot of heartache and embarrassment Limiting orders would have curbed a majority of the scalpers on eBay. Customers worldwide now have a bitter aftertaste from the Google Play Store. Google Play, will I get an error message when I add a new book to my cart? Do I need to use the keyboard "enter" trick to order a movie? Or will my music ship in 9-10 weeks?

    LG - Although LG is a formidable electronics manufacturer, I highly doubt LG has the same manufacturing capability compared to Foxconn (Hong Hai). Foxconn's manufacturing "Campus" is 1.16 square miles, housing an estimated 250,000 employees. Employees work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week churning out hundreds of shiny new iPhones a day. Extreme pressure is placed on the workers to produce as many units as possible. With that kind of manufacturing capability there are still iPhone shortages.

    Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) - Qualcomm designed the S4 Pro Snapdragon processor used in our shiny new Nexus 4's. The Verge reported TSMC, the contract company that manufacturers the S4 Pro chip for Qualcomm will not meet supply demands until 2013. I'm going to take a wild guess that one of the companies demanding those chips is LG. In short, TMSC can't make enough chips, which makes LG sad, which makes Google sad, which makes Nexus nerds angry.

  • Guest

    The 4 and the 5 are great phones, let's hope 6 is the same.