Still stuck with an Epic 4G Touch (or stuck a relative with your old one)? If you've been holding off on flashing some of the previously leaked Jelly Bean builds for fear of stability or finality, Sextape has released what is rumored to be the final build that will go out as an over the air update some time in the near future.


Build FK23 can be downloaded here, and is relatively easy to flash. Here are the instructions

1. Download stock TAR.MD5 file (link)
2. Download Odin (see thread)
3. Download appropriate drivers (see thread)
4. Install drivers, Odin
5. Unpack the TAR.MD5 file using 7zip (see thread for 7zip download)
6. Start Odin, run as administrator
7. Set the phone to "Download Mode" (Power off -> press and hold volume down + power, then hit volume up when it powers on)
7. Plug the phone in via USB - it should be recognized in Odin
9. Click the "PDA" button, select the TAR.MD5 file
10. Click "Start"

Again, all the resources required are in the forum thread. This will likely be the final major OTA update for the Epic 4G Touch, so if you want to get past Android 4.1.2, you'll have to look to the custom ROM community in the future.

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  • Tommy Thompson

    The Epic Touch is going to be more up to date than the SIII!

    • ConCal

      The Sprint GS3 is running JB for some time now.

      • Tommy Thompson

        I know. It's running 4.1.1. This leak is 4.1.2. :) Not a BIG update. But it is rumored that the 4.1.2 update will include multi-window for the S3..

        • ConCal

          My bad, Good catch. I wonder if the gs3 will get the 0.0.1 update or go strait to 4.2

          • http://www.facebook.com/Linkedblade Joseph Harris

            4.2.1 !

  • http://twitter.com/GitMuny Ciroc Obama

    This runs pretty good. Much better than any of the terrible ics updates this phone received I've been running mine on gb the ics updates are so bad. I personally haven't had any bugs but if you do experience any bugs its likely fixable with another wipe and flash.

    • Simon Belmont

      Agreed. The battery drain on my friend's E4GT on ICS is HORRIBLE compared to what GB was.

      Also, there's that pesky GPS issue that never has really been solved. Hopefully this remedies both.

      • needa

        i am pretty much instalocking to 16 feet on the international leak. i know the att version of ics also had gps issues. so maybe they did.

      • http://twitter.com/GitMuny Ciroc Obama

        I can't speak on the gps problem because to be honest, I never had a problem with it on ics or even running some alpha jelly bean builds a couple months ago. I just tried picking up a gps lock for the first time on this phone sitting in my back room next to a door wall, and it went to 6 meters accuracy in about 5 seconds with wifi turned off.

        Battery life seems just as good as gingerbread if not better. I conveniently enough have a pair of screen shots that are really quite close, one from blazer rom gingerbread, and one from this rom.

        • Simon Belmont

          I talked to my friend and mentioned this build and he flashed it. He still has slow GPS lock, so I guess it must be a hardware issue for him after all.

          He says his battery life seems improved compared to ICS. Thanks for the information above.

  • ConCal

    +1 for Samsung and Sprint for this one.

  • rob

    That is a slap in the nuts to at&t shit and Verizon crap these big companies are a joke good job Sprint for the customers that is how it should be.

    • needa

      it seems like sprint was first on the ics update also.

      • Google_is_the_Higgs_Boson

        T-Mobile had ICS 1 and half months, At&t a week before I got it on my GS2 Epic... Same week the Galaxy Note 1 got ICS...

        • Patrick Hermey

          How do you remember that? thats rhetorical, but still... great memory

          • Google_is_the_Higgs_Boson

            Cuz I remember being pissed that the skyrocket, and the GNote got it before I did... Being that both of them came out after the 3 original GS2's...

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=6706714 Ofir Fatal

    While the HTC EVO 4G LTE remains untouched... I was really hoping that this was Sprint's next flagship when I bought it, but it looks like I bet on the wrong horse. I will certainly grab a Nexus device next time if not the Galaxy S4 (SIV?)

    • Tommy Thompson

      I think HTC is to blame for that one.

      • a22matic

        Yep, I'm an EVO LTE owner also, and we all made the wrong bet. My next phone will not be a HTC, and my carrier probably won't be Sprint. I've just about had it with both of them. The lack of communication and acknowledgment is the deciding factor to me. I think both are to blame. At least roll out fixes for the bugs that have been plaguing this phone for months, but we've had to suffer with malfunctioning phones. 2013 will be a year of change on my end.

        • Tommy Thompson

          Considering that Sprints other phones, specifically the Samsung ones are getting updated quite nicely, I would still put the blame on HTC

          • a22matic

            Some blame still goes to Sprint. There has been miscommunication on their end to customers regarding this phone for months. I think this could have been handled better.

          • Daniel Golightly

            Evo LTE has Jelly bean.... has for months.

  • Simon Belmont

    Ha. I wonder where this leaves my HTC EVO 3D in terms of a Jelly Bean update.

    It took them forever to roll out ICS, and a few weeks ago HTC said they really haven't decided on 2011 handsets yet. I know my phone is perfectly capable of EASILY running Jelly Bean, but I wouldn't be surprised if Sprint and HTC just wrote it off.

    • http://twitter.com/GitMuny Ciroc Obama

      Don't hold your breath. I jumped off that ship a long time ago to this phone and haven't looked back. Too bad too it was decent hardware that was always gimped by software.

      • Simon Belmont

        Yeah, it's actually very good hardware. The build quality and specifications are good, even today, over a year later.

        Even the EVO 4G LTE doesn't have Jelly Bean yet. So, I doubt Sprint and HTC are paying much attention to the EVO 3D, sadly.

  • needa

    the international gs2 leak has a record function on the call screen. i guess american carriers dont care for that aspect of it.

    • ProductFRED

      No, it's for legal reasons. Certain States don't allow it call recording unless both parties know, or at all, so it's easier to strip the feature out. It's actually IN the ROMs, but you need to enable it manually use flash a custom ROM that has it enabled already.

      • needa

        yah that was my assumption. i personally dont like it and it scares the hell out of me. if people think of that option all by themselves and decide to hunt down an apk for it then by all means... do so. there are times when i think it is necessary. but dont make it easy for people.

  • Joaquin Perez

    how can i do it from a mac!

    • Derail Doax

      You could buy a real computer. Jk LOL

    • http://twitter.com/GitMuny Ciroc Obama

      Hemidall. Look it up.

  • Rob

    Will this work on a Boost Mobile S2?

    • Google_is_the_Higgs_Boson

      I'm not for sure... But I think it would be like trying to get a Sprint phone to work on Virgin... I want to say the proxy settings, and what ever else is need to get a phone to work on virgin are different then Sprints... But I'm no expert... And I do understand Sprint and Virgin or on the same network, and are in business with each other...

    • wolfs2424

      Hey, did you find out it works on boost S2?

  • Google_is_the_Higgs_Boson

    Downloaded and installed... Works great so far!!! Here's a video, for anyone needing help, on how to... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9XEll85CEk

  • Fifth313ment

    I vow to never buy another HTC phone as long as I live as hell has just frozen over, “Jelly Bean OTA Update For Epic 4G Touch (Build FK23)”! I mean Samsung now has all four lines of their phones (SGS2, SGS3, Note 1. Note 2) and two generations on Jelly Bean but HTC doesn’t have their flagship or first!? I’m so done!

    If I could get someone to buy my EVO LTE so I could get a Note 2 or GS3 for no money out of pocket I would say goodbye to HTC in the morning! That is really sad for me to say as I love Sense and their build quality. I’m amazed by how far and fast HTC has fallen in under two years, R.I.P. HTC 2013! Mark it!

    • Cherokee4Life

      " I’m amazed by how far and fast HTC has fallen in under two years, R.I.P. HTC 2013! Mark it!"
      you heard it first here on Android Police! :)

  • wolfs2424

    Hey, did you find out if it works for boost s2?

  • raindog469

    "Stuck with an Epic 4G Touch"? WTF? It's only been out for 15 months. Do you guys have an enormous early termination fee budget or something? I still have 2 months left on my Epic 4G slider contract, never mind my girl's E4GT.

    • http://twitter.com/BobbyVandMe Khadijah Pace

      I hear ya. I was greatly offended when I read that part, LOL. And I JUST got my Epic 4G Touch a week ago. : )

      • http://www.beaupedia.org Beaupedia

        I got mine in February. These guys don't live in the real world of contracts and not being able to buy phones at full price every few months

  • ackthbbft

    I've been having all sorts of problems with my E4GT ever since ICS, so here's hoping JB fixes it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004342212688 Adam Merritt

    You people complaining about contracts are idiots. I bought my E4GT full price, and I use it as much as I want with no data plan, no charge per call, just one flat rate. And the service is through Sprint. You look really cool paying for the phone over and over again on your bill every month. Good job. Way to save. Anyways, very happy with Samsung, and Im greatly looking forward to the next update. It looks almost good enough to unroot my phone.

  • rmusic4life

    This officially works on Samsung SII on boost mobile!!!!! I'm super happy!!! xD

  • Phillip

    will this work for Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket