Roughly 20 hours ago, Verizon and Samsung finally announced that the Big Red variant of the Note II would be available today. And, well, now it's available.


You can get this monstrous not-quite-a-tablet-but-more-than-a-phone for $300 with a two-year agreement, but it seems to me that Verizon should've knocked at least $50 more off that price for the obtrusiveness of the branding which they so graciously slapped on the home button.

Still, if constantly being reminded of your carrier ball and chain isn't an issue, you can head over to any Verizon retail store, Best Buy Mobile (white), or Verizon's site to fulfill your dreams of having a phone that's almost as big as your head.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Bojan Gutic

    I can't wait until my contract with Verizon expires... I was pretty pissed with how they handled the Galaxy Nexus, but the home button branding is just absolutely insane. I can't believe the kind of shit they're pulling.

    • shojus

      The REAL pathetic part is that Samsung allows this!! If I designed a powerhouse flagship phone than I would just tell Verizon to kiss my ass if they wanted me to manufacture phones with that pathetic button on it... Just buy a sticker on Ebay as they are already available to purchase to cover that god awful button... Does anybody know if the bootloader is locked? I am sure it is but I am just curious to know...?

      • Mark

        If it is, it's incredibly easy to bypass. The International Galaxy Note 2 has lots of ROM's, so does the T-Mobile version, Sprint version and so does the AT&T version. CWM and TWRP are already out and working perfectly on these devices. I doubt Verizon's Note 2 will pose much of a problem.

        • shojus

          Yes, but all of the other models have unlocked bootloaders and Verizon is notorious for locking their phones down so it might not be as easy as the other carriers...

      • Mark

        What's really slick is the AT&T Note 2 doesn't have multiview, they haven't released an update to add it yet like Sprint did. So I put the international ROM on the AT&T Note 2, MultiView works awesome but it also got my Dropbox account a free upgrade to 50gb for 2 years. AT&T didn't include the 'Dropbox upgrade' option (that Samsung worked out with Dropbox) in their Samsung device's because they instead have some kind of AT&T free 5gb cloud storage option. Their own competing product to Dropbox.

    • Mark

      It can be rubbed off with a pencil eraser. Don't let Verizon's offensiveness distract you from what is otherwise an awesome, incredible, phone.

      • Bojan Gutic

        How sure are you about this? I've heard the opposite.

    • yarrellray

      Yes I was glad to kick Verizon to the curb for tmobile. It has been a wonderful experience on tmobile. My Galaxy Note 2 rules all devices in the tech game. Especially in the battery life department it shits on all devices on the market today.

  • Quryous


    ATT for $175 on Amazon Wireless,
    Verizon for $300. That sounds about right.

  • xweb

    Alright, finally went and compared the Note 2 and the Droid DNA side by side. It's the DNA for me--the Note is just too big and heavy. It fits in my pocket but it feels like I'm carrying a brick around. And, in the hand, it feels like a tablet, not a phone. The DNA is a tremendous device, very thin for the quality of the screen and build. Plus it's only a buck-fifty at Wirefly.

    • http://twitter.com/fins71 daniel j. williams

      Check the specs out. The Note 2 is thinner than your "very thin" DNA.

      • xweb

        Technically true, but hold the two devices in your hand. The DNA is thinner at the edge, where you feel it. If you love the Note 2, more power to ya. But it's definitely a different class of device, a phablet rather than a phone. I want an awesome phone, not a tiny tablet.

      • pocketwhale

        Droid DNA: 141mm x 70.5mm x 9.73mm 142g
        G Note II: 151mm x 80.5mm x 9.40mm 180g

        While the Note II is slightly thinner, it is MUCH wider, taller and heavier, not to mention harder to grip with the slippery plastic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/boe.dillard Boe Dillard

    While initially I had interest in this phone - after the radio/reception failures with both the S3 and the Samsung Nexus, I doubt I'll buy another Samsung phone on Verizon unless they admit there is a problem and they've come up with a fix.

  • Ricardo Herrera

    but if you go into Best Buy and tell them about Walmart Wireless $199 plus $100 gift card...they will just sell you the phone for $199 plus taxes

  • yarrellray

    Pretty comical to say the least. No infinite scrolling in the application tray, constant wifi notification in the pull down menu, as well as cosmetic changes to the outside of the device can't get any more sad can it. You tamper with the internals fuck up the external part of the device then to add insult to injury you steal the ear buds that Samsung shipped to every carrier all for what purpose. And people on Verizon pay for this dog and pony show. Thank God I kicked Verizon to the curb in June for the Galaxy Nexus debacle on tmobile we don't have to worry about an inferiority complex by the carrier we get to use our devices intended by the Manufacturer. Verizon has forgotten it's place that's why GOOGLE KICKED THEM TO THE CURB on the Nexus brand. And you can rest assured that Verizon has gotten the last GALAXY NOTE EVER.