Photoshop Touch may not be completely comparable to Adobe's desktop counterpart, but when you compare it to other photo editors on the Android platform, it's still the most powerful piece of software out there. At $10, it better be, too. Today, the best just got a bit better, especially if you own a Nexus 7. The app has improved support for 7" tablets. Though, there's a catch: the resolution on said tabs have to be 1024x768 or higher. Sorry, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

2012-11-28 12.59.59 2012-11-28 12.52.19

In addition, there are a few other performance tweaks added to this version. For starters, brush strokes have been made smoother (great news for anyone using this with a stylus), and a couple new effects have been added, including Lens Flare (pictured above) and Stamp Pattern. There is also better integration for sharing with Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps one of the nicest features is the ability to quickly access the last five colors you've used with an easy shortcut.

2012-11-28 13.06.48 2012-11-28 13.07.16 2012-11-28 13.08.09

Left: The optional "pointer" allows you to see what you're brushing/selecting without your finger getting in the way (old feature) Center: Quick access to last five colors used by dragging down on the color option Right: You can choose what type of file to save as while sharing.

If you haven't given Photoshop Touch a look, then you should take the opportunity. Adobe has actually put a sincere effort into making this app a usable editor in a pinch. The various gestures and other tools (like the pointer seen above) make it clear that this was designed from the ground up for fingers. This was already worth the $10 price tag. The update makes it all the better.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Jim

    I feel sad. I love my Tab 2 7.0 and photoshop. But that is why I have a computer with a 24" monitor.

    • vettedude95

      portable devices should just stick to instagram lol

    • Angelo Allegra

      Tab 2.0 7" is actually compatible :)

  • Trevor Edwards

    One word: Finally!

  • Angelo Allegra

    Goddamn. Well, old Photoshop Touch already *works* on my Galaxy Tab 2.0.

    • Angelo Allegra

      On my Galaxy Tab 2.0 7", that is.

  • aintwrite

    I bought an Asus TP a year ago and got the app. Sold the tablet and my phone and bought the Samsung Note 2. It has the best styles/digitizer ever on a phone/tablet. The app originally doesn't work with the phablet. So I found modded apk online. Works perfectly. It works better than the Asus TP without a styles.

  • Angelo Allegra

    Actually: false info.
    The app is compatible with 1024x600 res tablets.
    And as 30 seconds ago I checked it on the Play Store: My Galaxy Tab 2.0 7" is notified as compatible (it wasn't before this update).

  • Alphonse Bourdierd

    wish that they would make it compatible with the note 2

  • Sebastian Görick

    The Nexus 10 resolution Bug is also away :D