Do you want a QWERTY slider phone on Verizon? Then your options are pretty limited at this point. And by "limited," I mean this is basically your only one: Samsung's Stratosphere II. It's WVGA-tacular! It's also free if you use your existing Verizon customer upgrade over at Amazon Wireless, which is a good deal. I guess. New customers looking to get in on this not-exactly-bleeding-edge slider will have to fork over a Benjamin, though $100 is still thirty bucks less than what Verizon will charge you.


The Stratosphere II has things, as well. Things like a dual-core S4 Snapdragon processor, 4" WVGA display, and an 1800mAh battery. Of course, the now-standard Verizon LTE is also in tow. Hit up the source link to take advantage of this deal now.

Amazon Wireless

David Ruddock
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