Ho there, adventurers! Are you tired of running through the jungle, and ready to do some actual exploring? Then Hamilton's Great Adventure might just be for you. It's the latest in Nvidia's stable of ported games exclusive to Tegra hardware. Don't let the title fool you: Hamilton's Great Adventure is in fact a puzzle gam through and through, with some light twitching and platforming elements for some extra spice. The game is available now, at a pricy $3.99 split up into two chapters.

Aside from the lush atmosphere and tricky puzzles, the biggest draw for the game is its unique structure. Players control both the title character and hit pet bird Sasha, who flies around the level opening paths and collecting treasure. While there are hazards and enemies, the pacing is pretty chill, so those looking to relax with a challenging  brain teaser or two will feel right at home. While stages are timed, you aren't required to finish within a time limit - quick completion with extra treasure is entirely optional.

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If you're on the fence, we'll have a review of Hamilton's Great Adventure up soon.