Do you have 13 minutes to kill? Is the Galaxy Camera something that might interest you? Then you may as well watch this 13-minute long video Samsung posted about it. It'll tell you stuff. Stuff about the Galaxy Camera. Personally, I like it with a glass of warm milk before bed, but we thought we'd share it, as the Galaxy Camera's features are laid out quite completely and thoroughly. If you can survive the narration.

As a reminder, the 3G-enabled Galaxy Camera is currently available on AT&T in the US, for $500.


David Ruddock
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  • Drayon

    I didn't watch the video, but if someone has.
    Did they play angry birds on a camera?

    • GeForceFX

      Nope. Was some game with coins : D

    • kindrudekid


  • Danny Holyoake

    I would be all over this if it was £200 less.

    • hot_spare

      How much does a unlocked GS3 + Samsung WB850F camera cost?

  • Mārtiņš Belte

    I was toying around with this camera at the Riga Photo Show 2012. It feels like an Android phone without call function. And I played games on it. Surfed the web. Pretty much it's an android phone. I with an Samsung employee, installed Skype on these cameras and called each other to check out how well that would work and it worked pretty good.

  • FrillArtist

    So it does almost everything my phone can do except make calls. Okay.

  • cy_n_ic

    So while im at home this camera is just as good at making calls as my cell phone. Amazing!

  • http://twitter.com/ao9news andy o

    I was wondering how accurate were the simulated processing features in the video cause I thought some of them were cool, then I saw the shallow depth of field example, and it's pretty big BS.

  • fixxmyhead

    nah. i just bought a sony cyber shot wx50 for much less and takes good pixs.