On Monday of this week, Apollo - the default music player in Cyanogenmod - was released to the Play Store in both free and paid variants. As of yesterday, just four days after its release, both versions of the app have been pulled due to alleged copyright infringement.

Andrew Neal, the app's creator, took to his Google+ page to let users know what happened:

Hey, just to let those of you who noticed that Apollo and Apollo+ are no longer in the Play Store know, MusixMatch filed a complaint and had them removed for alleged copyright infringement due to the way that Apollo fetches lyrics. I'm looking into the best way to handle this, and will be trying to get Apollo back into the store ASAP. That's all I know for now.

Unfortunately, that's all the information we have at this time. As stated above, Andrew is trying to find a quick and efficient way to correct this issue - but Google doesn't normally take accusations of copyright infringement in the Play Store very lightly, so it could be a few weeks before we actually see Apollo and Apollo+ become available again.

We'll keep you posted of any new information as it arises.

[via Reddit]

Cameron Summerson
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  • olala

    F..ck musixmatch - i will never ever buy anything from them!!!

    • NO

      Are they owned by Apple or something?

    • http://twitter.com/Darkmyth_pt Darkmyth PT

      ijust want to say this once again... F..ck musixmatch - i will never ever buy anything from them!!!

    • olala

      Hey. Why don't we MASS INSTALL and DOWNVOTE the musixmatch software on the Play Store? Huh?

      • ercliou

        Done.. but I need a new lyrics app lol.. Anyone suggests another lyrics app that automatically notifies when using gMusic and Spotify?

        • imartificial

          Try ttpod music player. The way it displays lyrics is awesome

        • Román Rodríguez

          My favorite player is PlayerPro. You can search for lyrics and SAVE them. With Apollo you couldn't do that. You can only fetch lyrics but you have to be online. Is not that I don't like the player, is only that I don't know why I always come back with PlayerPro. Is the best player out there. But I have to say I really liked the new "Holo" interface of Apollo.

      • olala

        Oh my god! You are actually doing that! THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Let us show them that they can't f..ck with us! Real competition - YES, patent trollism - NO!

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

          You replied to yourself to pretend to give yourself a compliment? Lame...
          You call it 'patent trollism' when this has nothing to do with patents? Lame x 2...

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/7FWOW4DWOTKI2SPBNBUXWWJGVQ Jane

            Nice attitude. I'm pretty sure he replied to remark about how other people are doing what he suggested and thank them.

          • mobilemann

            You can't say the culture here doesn't completely encourage this kind of posting.

      • Erni Papakroni

        I saw latest comments in MusixMatch App in PlayStore .Only 4 persons down voted it . I think this will not affect the overall rating . :P

    • merryjane

      OK... I installed their application just to DOWNVOTE them. They got one star and "patent troll opinion".

    • NathanDrago

      Just downvoted it. Now I feel much better. For once that I can actually do something against this patent crazyness.

  • Dragod

    Shit. I literally just bought Apollo+ last night.

    • Juan Rodriguez

      It means you get to keep it :-)

      • http://twitter.com/Spitefulrain Joshua Milburn

        I wasn't so lucky, I bought it too, but I formatted my phone while moving to a 4.2 ROM :( oh well, at least I can still pull the old version from CM till this gets worked out. Hope we get a refund if it doesn't come back.

        • http://twitter.com/marbtwitt marb

          No nandroid backup?

        • http://pandu.poluan.info pepoluan

          There's this wonder app called Titanium Backup, you know...

        • crane476

          Rule #1 - ALWAYS make a backup. *Titanium Backup Recommended

  • QwietStorm

    How exactly would they know the exact process in the way that someone else's app pulls lyrics? Download it and pull apart the code?

  • http://twitter.com/BoB1673 BoB1673

    thought that company died a looong time ago lol

    • skynet11

      Same here - talk about a relic from the '90s...

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1569417452 Tyler Watthanaphand

      MusicMatch Jukebox is not MusixMatch

  • http://twitter.com/oguzbilgener Oğuz Bilgener

    My Android app was once removed from the Play Store because of MusixMatch too. They are a bunch of idiots attacking every other Music app on the store.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasonconort Jason Conort

    Once again proving that patents hurt everyone, save for a very small group.

    • Shmoopty

      Patents were never mentioned in this article.

      • skynet11

        The copyright system is just as broken.

  • bigmanoapollo

    Damn any one have an apk for apollo?

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

    If the issue is copyright infringement (as opposed to trademark or patent infringement), the most likely explanation is that Apollo sources lyrics from a database MusixMatch owns. The licensing for content probably wasn't clear, and it's unfortunate, but this might be a legitimate complaint.

    • olala

      They could have asked nicely not to use their databaes. Instead they wanted A WAR! So let them have it! Why not?

      • ReasonableBloke

        War? Seriously? They file a formal complaint, the app got pulled as simple as that.

  • skynet11

    Glad I grabbed it before this happened ;)

    • Eye4Detail

      Any chance you'd be willing to upload it for those of us who weren't so lucky? If you have the free version, that is.If you have the paid version, please don't share. Developers work hard for very little money and don't deserve to have their apps pirated.

    • http://pandu.poluan.info pepoluan

      I'm using CM9 so I still have it :-P

  • JG

    I'm assuming it was just pulled from the play store & the kill switch wasn't activated - removing it from any Android device with it installed, right.... When/if they manage to get it back in the Store, will those who purchased it still get credit for the purchase? Or will it show up as a new app that they'll have to purchase (again) to get updates, etc

  • master94

    Quick Google Search for anyone who might want the Apollo Music app.

  • Robert Oliveira

    Instead of folks immediately posting nonsense every time another company limits the reach of the Android OS or a developer app, try learning more about the issue and understanding it first before commenting. In this case, as I understand it, there was an alleged copyright infringement and the app was pulled as per Google Play policy on the matter. As Cody Toombs posts, "the most likely explanation is that Apollo sources lyrics from a database MusixMatch owns..." Understand that every copyright or patent infringement allegation isn't necessarily wrong or incorrect. Don't let your unyielding hatred of Apple taint your understanding of how these systems of protection operate or their value in protecting intellectual property - including that of CyanogenMod and Google.

    • olala

      They could have asked nicely not to use their databaes. Instead they wanted A WAR! So let them have it!

  • http://twitter.com/dewadg Dewa DeeGee


  • Mike

    Lyrics are copyrighted content just like music itself. For one to distribute lyrics in any way must have an agreement with the copyright holder (eg. record companies) and the artists must be payed for their work. The app got pulled because it doesn't have the rights to distribute lyrics and not for some patent infringement. It's as simple as that. If you want to judge someone, judge the record labels and the artists you are a fan of.

    • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

      That might be so, but it's still incredibly annoying one of the best music apps got pulled.

    • Elvis Senthil

      " payed " - epic Fail . It's as simple as that ;P

    • http://twitter.com/nastybutler77 JJ

      If you think musicians, or more specifically song writters, see any of the money collected for these lyrics, you don't know how these collections societies opperate.

  • kane

    This is not a smart move from mm. Its like what happened on the cddb they became dicks wanting money so freedb just came along and killed its business and a free one from the community instead. Don't quote me on that I don't feel like looking it up.

  • http://profiles.google.com/kwillsrepsbk Kevin Williams

    I just installed musicxmatch and unfortunately I gotta say that besides the color, it and apollo's layout is about the same, guess I can see why they would complain.

  • Elias

    This is why we can't have nice things. Kill these patent trolls before they become apple.

  • C M

    Terrible player anyway. Stock android player from froyo is better than the Apollo player that cam on Cyanogenmod 10

  • Yuh

    Apollo is a fart player. Delete it.

  • John Shue

    Musicmatch blows. I only used their service one time before quickly uninstall ing it back in the dark ages of the internet. In fact the company only still exists to sue other more popular services. Sad. About the only thing worse than music match is real player.