Square Enix have released their latest Android offering to the Play Store, in the form of the sequel to the mobile RPG Chaos Rings (which came out on Android last month): Chaos Rings Omega.

Chaos Rings was designed from the ground up to be a "mobile RPG," similar to - but carefully avoiding the name of - the Final Fantasy franchise. It seems very likely that Chaos Rings is Square's way of testing the waters of mobile before going all-in on a made-for-touch original Final Fantasy title. Chaos Rings Omega, visually, appears little different from the first Chaos Rings title. Obviously, it's filled with new content, but the 3D graphics appear largely similar, as does the combat system.

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Given that, it does seem a little... disingenuous to charge the same amount for this "sequel" as the original, at $13 here in the US. I could see $8, but without some kind of evolution to the underlying mechanics or visuals, this reeks of "glorified expansion pack." Don't get me wrong, Chaos Rings Omega is likely an awesome game - Square Enix does mobile surprisingly well. I certainly don't regret the $16 I spent on Final Fantasy III for Android.

Anyway, if you're dying for a first-grade RPG on Android, you'll do no better than Square's growing library, and Chaos Rings Omega looks to be another notch in the Japanese developer's highly-rated, highly-priced Android belt.

David Ruddock
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  • defred34

    Is this a brand new game? On iOS already?

    • Cheeseball

      Been on iOS for more than a year.

      • Jewish Girl :)

        Is it as expensive on iOS?

        I am not going to buy games that are so expensive. Just to show the developers that they can earn money with quantity :)

        • Cheeseball

          $12 on the Apple App Store. Mind you that Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Ω are high quality JRPGs, comparable to FF7 itself.

  • EightRooks

    This is very much Chaos Rings v1.2, by all accounts - new story, new characters etc., but a lot of the same game underneath. Might still pick it up - I have no problem with paying premium prices, and Chaos Rings II is one of my favourite games this year - but Chaos Rings doesn't support the N10's resolution yet (it runs fine, but graphics are all squashed or distorted) so I'm not holding my breath this will. :(

  • Erik Vasquez

    $13? just buy balders gate ee for android when it comes out way better and cheaper