It was bound to happen. Really, it was inevitable at this point, however today we've gotten official word that Samsung is requesting to add the newest iPad, the iPad Mini, and the latest iPod Touch to its lawsuit against the Cupertino company. This isn't shocking so much as it is entirely expected. Still, while HTC and Apple are busy settling their differences and the patent wars seemingly cooling off—if only a bit—this is a solid reminder that the two manufacturers with the most to gain (and lose!) from this fight aren't backing away from each other.


No new patents are being added to the case, so it's simply a matter of including as much ammunition as possible to lob in Apple's general direction. It's still up to the judge to determine whether or not the devices will be allowed in, but after Samsung successfully added the iPhone 5 to the case, this wouldn't be too surprising.

In fact, the only thing that would be surprising at this point is if the Samsung and Apple managed to come to some kind of agreement like the one HTC has. Samsung succeeded in its bid to view a heavily-redacted version of that licensing agreement. The company is likely interested in this for leverage purposes (if it can prove that a set of patents isn't worth as much to Apple as it claims, for example, that information could be used to reduce damages). However, one can't help but hope that Sammy is also thinking, in the back of its mind, how nice it would be to find a number they both can agree on and put this silly mess behind them.

Why do all my legal posts end in wishful thinking? Sigh.

Source: Samsung via The Verge

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Logan Davis

    Apple sowed the wind when they started this whole lawsuit mess, I hope they end up drowning in it.

  • Duncan Booth

    "Samsung succeeded in its bid to view a heavily-redacted version of that licensing agreement." Nope. According to Groklaw, Samsung succeeded in its bid to view an unredacted version of that licensing agreement.

    From Groklaw: "So the media articles that referenced FOSSPatents and wrote that the Samsung motion was mooted because Samsung had agreed to accept a redacted version were flat out wrong on the facts. The motion was not only not mooted, it went to oral argument today, and Samsung won."

  • Jimmy

    Go for blood Sammy!

  • MethodDon

    yeah...go for blood...bloodbath...

  • Ralph1001

    Did someone at the top at Apple forget they use Samsung chips in their I products when they started this lawsuit fiasco?

  • yarrellray

    In the End I hope Apple rots in hell with all the other useless iphone users. They atarted this battle and Samsung will end it. It's pitiful when people or companies forget what side their bread is buttered on. Samsung is what made Apple what they have become today not the other way around. It has been all Samsung parts in every iphone ever made from day one rather it be processors, camera parts, batteries and so on. Apple reminds me of Verizon they have gotten to big for their britches and will be brought down some notches. You see what Google has done to Verizon with the NEXUS 4. They didn't appreciate what Verizon did to the NEXUS LINE in general they sullied the nexus and don't deserve another ever...Piss on Apple and Piss on Verizon too....

  • GoSamsung

    Why so many Samsung comments? It's not even a Samsung lawsuit...