Forget ye old days of knights and nobility when you had to stick a dragon with a sword to slay the beast and win yonder fair lady. These days, medieval mythological warfare can be done via the comfort of your own phone. Dragon Slayer fulfills your fantasy by allowing you to engage in magical combat with a host of dragons, and dragon-like creatures.

As with most fantasy-based games, you can collect and upgrade equipment to become more efficient at ending the lives of rare, gargantuan reptiles. Each dragon has its own set of skills, magical abilities, and weaknesses to challenge you. It doesn't hurt that the graphics on this game are actually pretty slick-looking, too.

dragonsslay1 dragonslay2 dragonslay3

Dragon Slayer is free to play on the Play Store right now. There are in-app purchases to acquire items, though. Hopefully, they'll stay out of your way if you don't want them.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    I know this is Glu and probably a rip of a similar game, but I'll say this - it looks pretty epic for a mobile game.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jonbethea Jonathan Bethea

    downloading right now lets see how good this runs on the N10

    • EightRooks

      Not well, unfortunately. Shadow errors and framerate issues all over, especially on the bigger dragons. Shame: it's still a Glu game, chock full of IAPs, and it is just Blood & Glory with dragons and pew pew pew magic spells, but the monster designs are awesome and it's oddly fun to play - still, it's not optimised for the N10 at all.

      • Sean Lumly

        That's too bad. Is it running at full resolution? Is it a frame rate problem? I've ordered my Nexus 10 today and am curious to see the general performance -- especially after optimization.

        • EightRooks

          I wouldn't know if it's at the full resolution, but it looks fairly crisp: the motion comic cutscenes are awful but the dragons themselves look pretty great (really big ones have obvious joint clipping and less polys, but they're still good). It may just be either developers haven't had a chance to work towards the N10's resolution or the GPU just can't push it properly. Avengers Initiative visibly struggles too. Not the end of the world for me if so: I needed a new tablet for a portable word processor among other things, a 7" was too small for that and I couldn't afford a Transformer or whatever. But it's definitely been something of a disappointment realising the N10 isn't THAT hot. AP were all "Ahmahgawd! It never slows down!" - I guess they can't have been trying that hard. :)

  • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

    Always with the slaying and the stabbing and the plundering.... Has anyone stopped to think that dragons just want to be left alone and live peaceful lives?

  • Sqube

    Ah, it's Glu Mobile. Downloading now, but I expect to see things in IAP that will never be accessible, no matter how much I grind.

    Always irritating.

  • http://twitter.com/Sp1tfirestarter Marius Oprisan

    Actually, if you played Blood & Glory, Blood & Glory Legend and Death Dome,this game will seem the most boring ever. Finished it in less than an hour, only has 20 missions x 4 dragons each. Typically Glu, buying ultimate weapon and armor and game is done in no time. Unfortunately items are way overpriced, just like the rest of Glu games.

    • http://www.facebook.com/roman3d Román Rodríguez

      I find a way to hack glu credits. Bought the ultimate weapon + armor and the game is very boring. Even with the basic weapons and armor this games are getting very annoying. Glu always wants to find the way to empty your pocket. Yeah, the graphics may look good, but they aren't the best. It's kinda tedious this gameplay, will never reach the quality of an Infinity Blade game.

  • Nicholas Loomans

    I uninstalled as soon as it asked to slash for attack. The video wasn't very obvious on the control scheme but I was hoping for turn based spells.

  • EightRooks

    Holy Christ, there's the paywall - "Your armour is too weak for this dragon. Upgrade". What, is it sitting there going "Oh, you head down to the blacksmith. Don't worry, I'll be right here when you get back"? Next level of armour that's available through regular currency costs five times what I currently have, and the next tier past that is seven times more - yeah, no thanks, Glu, uninstalled. I do not mind the idea of IAPs, seriously, I don't, but when they're rubbed in my face like that? Real shame - even if it is just a basic Infinity Blade knockoff, those dragons looked fantastic. Oh welp - such is life.

  • yoss

    has anyone played this game on a TF700 ??? is it good ? or has similar issues than the nexus 10??