It's pretty disheartening to get an awesome new phone only to realize the bootloader's locked down tight. That's means no custom recovery, no ROMs, no custom kernels, no... anything fun. Until, of course, some dedicated developers get ahold of the device in question and bend it to their will. That's exactly what Project FreeGee has done for both the Sprint and AT&T variants of the LG Optimus G.

The tool essentially unlocks the bootloader of both devices, allowing a custom recovery - and eventually, custom ROMs - to be flashed. Of course, it's still in its early stages of development, so a few quirks are to be expected - like invisible text on the bootloader menu (as seen in the above video). That aside, though, this is definitely a good starting point for everyone looking to mod their Optimus G.

It's worth noting that the exploit which allows Project FreeGee to work could be patched at any time, so if you're waiting for a more stable version to come along, don't accept any OTAs that come your way. Because once it's patched, it's hard to say when - or even if - it will ever be exploitable again.

For more information and to follow along with development, hit up the respective threads below.

[Sprint, AT&T]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Paul_Werner

    I really hope Sprint eventually gets another Nexus phone. I can't see myself upgrading my Epic 4G to anything but a Nexus and the current Sprint Nexus device isn't much of an improvement. I'm not willing to go to a more expensive carrier

    • Agam720

      I currently have the Evo 4g, and I am ready to jump ship. Sprint really isn't that cheap anymore. I pay 180/month for my wife and I.

      By getting the Nexus 4 and switching to T-mobile's $30 plan (100 min, Unlimited Text, 5Gb data) I will save over $100 each month. I am buying the phones with a new chase freedom card (15 month 0% intro APR, $100 cash back after first $500 in purchases aka the cost of the phones). I will pay back the card each month with the savings I earn from switching from sprint, easily recuperating the upfront cost of the phones within the first few months.

      A nice cherry on top is the fact that T-mobile's HSPA+ network is much faster on average than sprint's abysmal speeds in the Phoenix area. The only caveat is I will lose "unlimited" data, which was so slow I barely used it anyways. I was surprised though, when I checked my data usage on Sprint's site I consistently fell way beneath the 5Gb limit I will have on T-mobile (my usage varied 1-3 Gb on average).

      So, the argument that sprint is the cheapest just isn't valid anymore. Unless you use an ungodly amount of minutes and data each month - you might want to consider looking at your options. :)

    • Simon Belmont

      This. I was really banking on Sprint getting the Nexus 4, but that dream was shattered.

      I don't even care if it has LTE, CDMA would have been fine. 32GB of space would be nice though.

  • http://jordanhotmann.com/ Jordan Hotmann

    hmmm...this makes this phone slightly tempting, especially at $99 on Amazon.

  • Bakaouji

    Hmmm quite a tempting phone now with 16gb micro-sd + LTE, along side the usual N4 goodies.