As any aficionado of fine martial arts movies knows, Ong-Bak is a pretty sick film. It has won praise for its snappy visuals and beautiful cinematography, which makes the news that it's becoming a game all the more exciting. According to developer Studio HIVE, Ong-Bak Tri is coming to PC and smartphones very soon. That more than likely means Android.


ongbaktri_screenrelease03_24038 ongbaktri_screenrelease04_24038

Ong-Bak Tri is going to be built on the Unity3D engine, which means it will have great lighting and animations. Because Unity is cross-platform, it should be easy to get the game on Android and iOS without reworking the whole thing. This title is going to be a 2.5D side-scroller, and the early screens are looking extremely nice.

The game will have a lot of combat as well as some free-running sequences. Studio HIVE is working with Ong-Bak's choreographer and director to get the cinematics right. Ong-Bak Tri is in the final stages of development and should launch on several platforms this winter. Fingers crossed that Android is one of them.

[Droid Gamers, Shack News]

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  • Falconator

    Graphic wise this looks absolutely amazing. Cant wait to see this in action.

  • Matti

    I never realized Westerners (outside aficionados of "foreign" film) knew about Ong Bak. Yeah, first film was pretty decent, though the sequels were just rehashes of the same idea.

    These screenshots look great. Let's hope it does indeed make its way to Android.

    • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

      I like a good Chinese made Kung Fu flick every now and then - that's how I discovered Ong-Bak. I can't remember but the movie was a trailer for some other movie I watched. Then I just followed Tony Jaa's movies after that.

      • Jan Badertscher

        องค์บาก has so much in common with a Chinese Movie like a British Movie with a French one. But yes, both are close to a specific part of the world :)

  • defred34

    This game coming to Android is an educated guess at best. You agree as much: "Fingers crossed that Android is one of them.".

    And yet your title implies IT IS coming to Android.

    I have been following you for a while Ryan, and your journalistic credibility is totally zero in my opinion. Artem should have a good talk with you someday real soon.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Shack News listed it as Android in addition to us saying "maybe" and the game using Unity 3D. None of it is 100%, which is why Ryan said "May Be." I guess you realized that and that's what prompted you to delete your uncalled for comment.

      • defred34

        Yes my bad. Didn't see the "maybe" in the title first time round. Anyway, I deleted that as soon as I realized it.

  • QwietStorm

    I'm just waiting to see "This app is not compatible with your device." My Nexus 4 and 10 need to make moves like yesterday.