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Amazon Wireless has been on a roll lately. Yesterday, they dropped the price of the Optimus G and a slew of Verizon phones, and today they've taken a bite out of the titanium variant of Sprint's Galaxy Note II for new customers. Originally $299, you can now score this powerhouse not-quite-a-tablet-but-more-than-a-phone handset for just $229 when you sign a new contract with The Now Network. Sorry current Sprint subscribers - you'll have to shell out $280 for this device.


Strangely, this deal is only for the titanium gray version and doesn't apply to the white one. The price may very well drop later to match that of the gray variant, but at the time of writing, it's still listed for $280.

If you can handle gray, though, hit the link to buy it.

[Amazon Wireless]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Derail Doax

    So I brought my buddy into Best Buy for him to buy a white GS3. We were talking to the sales girl and I mentioned I had a blue GS3. She said "Awww. That's too bad. The blue one isn't worth as much as the white one. On our trade in system it's worth like $40 less." I thought to myself, no way color matters much... sure enough white ones were actually selling at higher prices than blue ones on Craigslist. And I mean sold listings, user deleted listings. Of course that's not an accurate barometer of sales price, but its the best I have.

    So maybe white is more popular than gray, if they're selling twice many white vs gray it would make sense for them to only put gray on special.

  • yankeesusa

    I like the titanium gray color. I just got mine at best buy. The gray has a cool shine to it. My question is, will best buy match amazon price for the $280? They have that 30 day price guarantee I think.

  • http://emoutrocastelo.com/ Maximus Decimus

    I just bought my note2, and I have to say (and I believe I am not the only one) the white ones are kinda ugly. I went out my way to buy a gray one (like, fourth store). But maybe women find the white one more attractive (have been reading all over that the note/note2 are very popular among the ladies)