We touched lightly on Orgarhythm THD back in June, but it's finally hit the Play Store, at least for those of you rocking Nvidia Tegra-based phones and tablets. Formerly a PlayStation Vita exclusive, it's a strange mix of strategy and rhythm games that looks a lot like a more serious, groovy version of Nintendo's Pikmin. The music game comes from Acquire, the same Japanese developer that brought us the visually interesting but ultimately disappointing Sumioni. Screenshots really don't do Orgarhythm justice, so check the video below (PS Vita version).

Sumioni's high price was a hard pill to swallow, so Acquire has gone a different route with Orgarhythm. The base game is free, and includes the first three levels. But after that, you'll need to shell out just under $9 each for the next three stage packs, each of which contains three levels each. That's nearly $30 for the full game that's sold on the PlayStation Vita, and about $3 a level after the first three. There's no reason not to try out the base game, but I've got a feeling there won't be many takers after that.

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Again, we're not against paid games by any means here at Android Police - in fact we prefer them to the free-to-play, pay-to-win variety that seems so popular - but I think console developers need a bit more realistic pricing expectations when they make the switch to mobile. At least you can try Orgarhythm for free.