Last Updated: January 8th, 2013

We all love Android, and we also love when Google releases a new iteration of our favorite mobile OS. Sometimes, though, even Google screws up a bit, and Android 4.2 is looking to be one of the most bug-ridden releases since Honeycomb. And, let's be honest: 4.2 isn't exactly the leap that 2.3 to 3.0 was, either. Chances are, if you're on Android 4.2, you've experienced at least one of the issues here. Some aren't that bad, but some can just ruin your day, and we're a little shocked Google missed them.

We'd love it if you could confirm whether these bugs happen on a device not listed as "known affected," or of any other serious issues you've been experiencing since the bump to 4.2 on your Nexus.

Auto-Brightness Bugs

Known affected devices: Nexus 7, Nexus 10.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2] [3], XDA, Google+.

This bug isn't one I've experienced personally, but many, many others -including Artem - have. After the Android 4.2 update (or just on the Nexus 10, in general), auto-brightness behavior has been less than reliable, particularly on the Nexus 7 - though that device's problems aren't strictly limited to Android 4.2.

The issue specific to the Nexus 7 causes the screen to noticeably flicker when set to auto-brightness, and has been present on all Android builds, especially at low levels. With the Android 4.2 update, that behavior has apparently gotten worse. Yikes. Which leads us to the generic auto-brightness bug.

Auto-brightness in Android 4.2 seems to randomly adjust with no changes in ambient lighting, as though the sensitivity is too high, or some sort of other software glitch is causing the brightness setting to suddenly drop, then come back up to the appropriate level. Basically, auto-brightness is borked. While I never found auto-brightness on the Nexus 7 was good in the first place, many are now complaining it is much worse, and on the Nexus 10, as well.

Bluetooth Is Basically Broken

Known affected devices: Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2], XDA [1] [2], Google+.

We've already received numerous emails about this issue, and I've confirmed it myself: Bluetooth on everything but the Nexus 4 (apparently) is in an absolutely sorry state right now. Audio streams extremely choppily, sounds mediocre, and often loses connectivity entirely. 3rd party Bluetooth apps that create compatibility with devices like the Sixaxis or Wii controllers no longer function at all, and throw an error instead.

This is bad. This is the kind of thing that makes someone return a phone or tablet, because A.) people have no patience for stuff like this, and B.) there's zero reason something as simple as Bluetooth should be broken so badly out of the box. Google needs to mark this one "critical" and fix it ASAP.

Random Reboots / Major Instability

Known affected devices: Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7], XDA [1] [2] [3], Google+.

File this one under "critical," as well. I myself have experienced this bug - my Nexus 7 rebooted no less than 4 times this weekend, several when it was just sitting idle with the display off. That's... bad. I've since done a factory reset, and in the last hour, so far so good. You'd think a problem this serious would be limited to a pretty specific subset of hardware, but no - everything but the Nexus 4 is affected (which seems to be the case for every one some of these bugs, oddly) all Nexus devices appear to be affected (thanks for the input about the Nexus 4, guys). The reboots occur when opening webpages in Chrome, using Play Magazines, and a variety of other circumstances (like doing nothing at all).

Nexus 10 users are apparently the most-irked when it comes to the reboot issues, with them often occurring multiple times a day. The behavior described sounds a lot like a kernel panic - total system lockup while in the middle of a task, followed by a soft reset. Video playback seems to be one suspect for these lock-ups across all affected devices, with the YouTube app having been cited several times in various postings.

The reboots aren't the only problem, though. On Galaxy Nexuses and Nexus 7's (eg, devices upgraded from Android 4.1.2), performance has taken a complete nosedive. Opening apps, Google Now, or navigating through the UI has become much slower in some cases. I noticed this when I upgraded, too - all that butteryness suddenly got a little less smooth. However, after a factory reset, I noticed marked speed improvements in the UI generally. Personally, this is where I immediately go if I'm having performance problems (and haven't recently installed a new app). There's no use in complaining about it if you haven't tried it already, because that's just what Google's going to tell everyone to do eventually.

However, many posters in various Android bug threads are reporting that factory resets don't alleviate any of these issues - which is highly concerning.

The stability problems don't end there. Galaxy Nexus owners are saying that their phones' displays are randomly turning on without any interaction. The system clock's time is off by anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes when set to "Network Time" for some. Apps are force closing for no apparent reason. For an incremental update, Android 4.2 sure seems to be causing all the problems associated with a much more significant OS release.

Extreme Battery Drain / Slow Charging

Known affected devices: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus 4.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2] [3], XDA [1]

This is really two separate issues, but they both fall under the "my battery makes me hate my life" umbrella, so I'm lumping them together.

The first one is battery drain. I (and others) have noticed Google Play Services has absolutely eaten into my Nexus 7's battery life post-Android 4.2. Usually, I get a solid 3-5 days of standby time if my Nexus 7 is sitting mostly idle, but after leaving it alone this weekend for under 48 hours, I returned to it at about 8% remaining. Not good. Similar issues have been brought up by Galaxy Nexus owners. In addition to that, exchange accounts are apparently causing massive loss in battery longevity. The exchange issue can be alleviated by removing and re-adding your accounts, according to some of the bug threads.

The Google Play Services problem, though, doesn't seem to have a solution presently, and reportedly is affecting all Nexuses. I'm also hearing from numerous people that NFC is causing extreme battery drain in some cases across all Nexus devices, a problem I, too, have experienced.

The second issue - slow charging - is specific to the Nexus 7. For now, there seems only to be an XDA thread acknowledging its existence, but both Artem and Cameron have been able to replicate it on their own devices since the update. The issue is quite simple: the Nexus 7 charges really, really slowly. It happens intermittently - sometimes it will charge quickly, sometimes not. Which to me suggests some kind of issue with the operating system recognizing the amperage of the charger, and going into "slow charge" mode (eg, over USB) at 0.5A when it should be at 2A (standard USB wall charger).

Lockscreen Widgets / Camera App

Known affected devices: All Nexuses.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2], Reddit.

The newly-implemented lockscreen widgets have gotten off to a bumpy start, with numerous bugs and glitches affecting them across all devices. Lockscreen music controls for Google Music are randomly disappearing if a 3rd party music app is started, stopped, and then Google Music is started again, not reappearing until the device is rebooted. And the widget, if the system decides to kill the music app the widget is linked to, causes very strange behavior to start occurring on the lockscreen.

The camera app also has a minor problem when rotating from portrait to landscape mode, taking up to 3 seconds to rotate depending on the device. Instead of simply rotating the button arrangement, the entire display rotates, causing substantial lag in the app.

These last ones are quite minor, but they're generating quite a lot of complaints at the moment.

December Is Missing!

Known affected devices: All Nexuses

Documented? Android bugs [1], AP

It looks like in its haste to finalize 4.2, Google forgot something pretty major in the People/Contacts app: December. Yes, they omitted an entire month. Oops.

Anything Else?

Any other weird happenings in Android 4.2 that you've found? We've intentionally skipped over some of the smaller ones, but feel free to chime in about anything you've discovered - particularly if one of the issues above is affecting a device not listed (stock Nexus devices only - custom ROMs just add too many variables).


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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Mike M.

    I find the clock to be very annoying with the bold hour number. What is up with that!!

  • Ric

    I've nor noticed anybody else complain of this one, but my galaxy nexus seems to have developed a severe difficulty in understanding whether it is or isn't charging. Most of the time, while unplugged, it thinks it's on charge. Even if I pull the battery out and wait a few seconds, then re-insert, the charge icon appears before I even hit the power button. The rest of the time I have to really fight to get it to recognise that I've plugged the cable in and actually do want to start charging. It sounds like a hardware issue but this has been a problem since the moment I updated.

  • Daniel Prado

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Country: Costa Rica

    Not only it reboots itself while just standing there looking pretty, it randomly changes to "charging mode" without being even near a cable..... And one of the times it got rebooted, I caught it with a pretty weird black screen with the Android logo and a giant legend at the top that said "Start" and pointed out to the locking button.... something exactly like this...


    So... there... I was actually awesomely happy with my 4.1 performing even better than any bitten apple device... but....... now I'm just ashamed and I feel a little ripped off...

    At least I have the Calendar with December on it, that should count for something right??? :(

  • Guest

    I disabled Google books before updating to android 4.2 because I wasn't using it , now that I found a really interesting book I enabled the app, but if the device restarts the app goes disable again. This also happens with Google wallet, when I was on vacations in the US 3 month ago I used Google wallet and disable it because I was going back to Venezuela and here is not supported yet, but now that I'm going back to the US I want to use it but it happens the same as Google books.

  • Josue Mavarez

    I disabled Google books before updating to android 4.2 because I wasn't using it , now that I found a really interesting book I enabled the app, but if the device restarts the app goes disable again. This also happens with Google wallet, when I was on vacations in the US 3 month ago I used Google wallet and disable it because I was going back to Venezuela and here is not supported yet, but now that I'm going back to the US I want to use it but it happens the same as Google books. Device: Galaxy Nexus GSM with Google Wallet

  • tighfistedbastard

    I do not find it at all easy to highlight text on my Nex7. Often it does not hl at all. I think the screen lacks sensitivity when I am typing as well.

    • tighfistedbastard

      Oh! This has been reported but is very, very annoying. Ee use publis wifi of sorts, log in at http:// - wifi is constantly crapping out. I won't buy another Droid or Google anyghing till its fixed. Buggy is one thing, wasting my life another.

  • Dr. Gasmo

    The screen flicker is fixed by turning off your wifi on the Nexus 7. I thought we figured this one out on launch?
    My N7 is sluggish now when switching apps, or using the Android interface. It's extremely apparent when listening to music.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gugaamarques Gustavo Marques

    I had a bug in Lockscreen Widget Music. Him Works Bad sometimes, when I try to pass to next song. The widget blinks madly..

  • Dave

    "Cannot connect to server" message when trying to use exchange e-mail client. Android 4.2 on Galaxy Nexus.

  • bomber

    Does anyone's Nexus 7 run hotter in 4.2 than it did before? Mine heats up noticeably after ten to fifteen minutes of Pocket Planes. Didn't do that before, even when I played for over an hour at a time. Weird.

  • bomber

    Does anyone's Nexus 7 run hotter in 4.2 than it did before? Mine heats up noticeably after ten to fifteen minutes of Pocket Planes. Didn't do that before, even when I played for over an hour at a time. Weird.

    • bomber

      Whoops, sorry for the double post. Internet hiccup and all that.

  • zhuangzi

    When opening a word document which was left open on another window, it prompt an error saying UI error and reset my wallpaper to the default.
    Only email address from Exchange is visible on People/ Contact. The rest of the details like phone number is not showing. Also, need to have internet data access before I can retrieve contacts (email address) from Exchange. I don't have this problem in previous version of android.

  • abu

    hi, really want to add..WIFI TETHERING hv bug too. before its ok to play online games with tethering. After update repeatedly disconnected.

  • Charles

    I upgraded my Galaxy Nexus to 4.2 a week ago and till now, it has been very stable. The battery lasts around 30% longer than 4.1.2. Bluetooth and lockscreen widgets work well. There are no random reboots. The new features like Photo Sphere and DayDream work as advertised.

    The only issues are that LEAP is not working and iMediaShareLite to AppleTV is not reliable (it may drop.

  • Surinder

    I have a Google Nexus 7 16GB Tablet

    Any kind of audio/speaker boost does not work with Android 4.2
    I was quite happy with Android 4.1 as my earphones have a very low output.
    I am waiting for a service pack that will fix this issue.
    Can anybody help?

  • http://twitter.com/RedMaxi_J Max Jamwal-Girdler

    I don't know if anyone else had this issue, but I've lost my "What's that song" widget. I can't find it anywhere. Pretty annoying as I used it a bit.

  • Darren Hilton

    well I've just had to do a full reset again because of random reboots screen goes black and I have to pop the battery I hope a fix comes soon (galaxy Nexus)

  • http://profiles.google.com/lailoken Marius Piedallu van Wyk

    My Nexus does not automatically connect to WiFi anymore since 4.2.

  • http://profiles.google.com/lailoken Marius Piedallu van Wyk

    Not a bug, but rather a senseless API limitation... one can no longer set airplane mode using apps... this breaks my phone basically.

  • dissapointed in google

    Less then a week of 4.2 on my Galaxy Nexus (How did Google miss all of this?! Seriously!):

    *When using the flash my gnex would turn off and need my battery removed until it would turn on again (4 times so far)

    *Bluetooth is horrible now, doesn't work and sometimes my gnex will now freeze when I turn off my bluetooth. I had to go into airplane mode to get out of this problem. (Bluetooth always works poorly, crash has happened about 20% of the time)

    *Camera app is no much slower

    *Camera app has crashed while taking photos quickly, needed to remove battery.

    *Swiping away from the camera to the gallery sometimes automatically returns to the camera again.

    *Gallery app responds quite oddly to commands to zoom or pan or go to next photo.

    *I can't say battery drain has become worse, but that's probably because it was already horrible. 100% drain within ten hours of 'normal' use. My Galaxy S lasted for around 18 hours with same work load.

  • perilun

    My WiFi seems to lose connection now - meter shows much weaker than a iPhone next to it.

  • Dragon06

    My unit has just started randomly freezing and it won't come usually unless I hard boot it, which is, very annoying. Yesterday I deleted a apps I thought may be the issues only to find these bug threads today! The battery drain and allow charge is ridiculous too, everything is so unstable. To think that Google did this to us with 4.2 is extremely maddening! If your stuff is bugged, DON'T RELEASE IT! I only have this tablet. No smartphone, no computer, just the Nexus 7, which I have just loved! Google you need to fix this blunder fast !!

  • patruns

    The new lock screen clock app has the ability to add other cities and change to analog. While you can change the settings for these, they do not appear in the lock screen widget. If you go into the app you will see the changes, but they do not show up on the lock screen.

  • Dagmar Sporck

    In some Apps the keyboard is responding incredibly slow.
    Galaxy Nexus (yakju now takju)

  • Herb

    My Nexus 4 is exhibiting exactly zero of the issues discussed in this article. It runs flawlessly (knock on wood!) and I love it. Maybe I just got lucky?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamille-Browne/1184321457 Jamille Browne

      You have Decmber on your google calendar?

      • Herb

        In my Google Calendar? Yes.

        But you're right, I don't have it in People but that's not exactly a bug or malfunction, just an omission. Everything functions perfectly well, but Google left a hole in the People birthday function, which I don't think I've ever used until trying it right now.

  • http://somoodee.com GargantulaKon

    I had issues with the camera as well where it would not take pictures after playing with a photo to add effects. I had to restart the phone to fix it.

  • Leandros99

    Random ANRs on my Nexus 4 with Android 4.2. Annoying as hell!

  • Kryks

    Major batterydrain, and some issues when 3G/wifi jumping on and off.

  • http://somoodee.com GargantulaKon

    Daydream does not always work when set to either meaning that during charging, it should run.

  • robschii

    reboots when i start a call or when i canceld a call the screen stays black and then reboot

  • jon

    Huh this is good to hear that it is not just me. Reboots, YouTube, battery life, charge time, multiple users (broken), and auto brightness.....the whole thing seems sluggish..... YES...I want my 4.1 back!?!

  • disqus_ckr7qVZNP0

    4.2.1 is released just now!!!

  • disqus_ckr7qVZNP0

    go and try it! most bugs are solved and if your bugs are not solved yet please do a backup a hard reset and all bugs will be sorted out!

  • disqus_ckr7qVZNP0

    go and try it! most bugs are solved and if your bugs are not solved yet please do a backup a hard reset and all bugs will be sorted out!

  • Marat Levit

    Current issue that I'm seeing is that Android isn't matching up my contacts with SMS's. The numbers are coming through in the SMS app with a +61 country code. All my mobile numbers are without the +61. This was working fine on my SGII running CM10.


  • Alper

    I updated today my nexus to android 4.2,and there are exact changes on my phone.First,I think theres a performance loss,when writing texts or picking apps theres feelable loss of performance,it is slower than android 4.1.And also battery drain and slow charging.I think this update was a mistake for me

  • Alper

    I updated today my nexus to android 4.2,and there are exact changes on my phone.First,I think theres a performance loss,when writing texts or picking apps theres feelable loss of performance,it is slower than android 4.1.And also battery drain and slow charging.I think this update was a mistake for me

  • Chris

    Connection drops in 4.2 similar to when I was on 4.0.1. Very annoying and frustrating. I now have to reboot my phone to get the connection back.

  • deanomalino

    The APNs on my Galaxy Nexus keep disappearing and I have to restart my phone to get them back. -_-

  • Wezyr

    Now volume rocker can't wake up phone... I hate it.

  • http://amrud.tumblr.com amrud

    my nexus 7 seems to be very laggy after the update..
    and I've fully formatted it before updating...

  • interlard

    I *just* got the update and I see wi-fi connectivity dropping all the time. Makes a Skype call impossible. Documented here: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=40065. Please star it to vote for a fix.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dhisecurities Joseph Hightowerhilton

    I agree about the kernel panic. This I think is a form of kernel hacking and can only be carried out by the phone carrier or a honeypot type of device intercepting cellular traffic. Also it could be a system bug in the x11 interface which reboots the x11 terminal everytim that unresolved bug presents itself to the kernel. I like to think of it also as a memory leak that created a bottleneck in the x11 subsystem to cause a kernel panic or system crash which is common among unstable kernels and operating system platforms with low or unspecified memory.

  • http://somoodee.com GargantulaKon

    Another bug, add a bookmark and try to select a folder to move it to. The more you scroll through the folders the more the display messes up. I have thousands of bookmarks.

  • Lyn Scott

    Please try this: 1) Open a bunch of apps first.. 2) push the 3th button to see all open apps (task switch). 3) close some apps (wiping out). 4) without quiting that UI rotate your device. Results: all the closed apps appear again..

    • Patrik T

      Same here :D HEY GOOGLE! WE WANT 4.1 BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tlaci007

    Hey I discovered a new bug today: when I set bass and treble to +6 dB in Google play music, it makes it more quiet instead of making it louder. I downloaded 3 different EQ apps and same issue with those too. Any1 having this issue?? I installed 4.2.1 but this bug is still there along with random reboots, slow charging and the music widget on lock screen acting very strange when pressing the play next/previous button.

    Sorry for bad English! It's my 3rd language

  • http://www.facebook.com/moath.altalhi Moath AL-Talhi

    When i creat new google account .. message appears (UI system Stopped) .. Then, I can't do anything ... How can i fix this???

  • Adam

    I noticed that my phone gets frozen sometimes, i get a black screen and i cant do anythin...then i have to take off my battery, put it into the phone again and it works... :S

    • tlaci007

      Same here :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/toth.laszlo.98284 Tóth László

    When is 4.2.2 coming? Seems there's no bugs fixed in 4.2.1...

  • gjp

    in the lock screen, the volume control buttons now work. I do not want to be able to change the volume by mistake in the lock screen. This was just introduced with 4.2. Is this deliberate or a bug?

  • Jer p

    The speaker sound on my galaxy nexus on play music is half what it used to be. 4.2 not rooted.

  • gjp

    another problem I found tonight. I received a phone call and the usual screen where you swipe to answer disappeared. I think maybe I pressed the lock button. But the phone kept ringing. I unlocked the screen, went into the phone app but there was no way to see who was ringing or to answer the phone call! I tried all I could but there was no answer button or swipe action. The phone just rang out. This 4.2 release is terrible!

  • http://www.facebook.com/midnightwolf76 Tracy Gossett

    My only issue is that when WiFi is connected I am unable to Check-In. If I disable WiFi it instantly shows me a list of nearby places. Stock Google Galaxy Nexus GSM running 4.2.

    As for the other issues you've posted, I haven't seen them. Bluetooth works great (except the voice commands are different). Never had an error, no reboots. Only minor thing that I miss is I can no longer zoom when using the camera.

  • Dino

    I cannot get Bluetooth to work in my car with my Nexus 4. Was working fine with my Samsung GS2 (running ICS). Pretty pissed off to be honest. I hope this is addressed in the next OS update.

  • Drinking dish water

    But Android is still more stable and lag-free than Windows Phone right?

  • Less of a Google fan each day

    Voice recognition is broken in 4.2.1 (!) on my new Nexus 7 - Evernote speech to text seems to work ok, so looks like the hardware is working, but voice search and Google Now just sit timing out after a minute, asking me to "Retry". Tried going to English (UK) both web and local - no joy. Turning off WiFi to use local recog app does not seem to work either. Any suggestions? This is one of the better features (and highlighted as part of JB with voice commands) and voice recognition certainly works on my old Android 2x phone...

  • GNEX User

    4.2 issues observed with barely one week of use..
    1) Very slow charging using mains. USB charging takes an eternity. Battery drain.
    2) Wi-fi range considerably diminished from earlier
    3) The phone doesn't hook onto service provider internet (2g/3g/HSPA) if I wander into a no service area in between, Had to reboot for the phone to recognize mobile network. This is not an issue for calls just, internet.
    4) UI noticeably slower in in most areas (landscape / portrait orientation, some apllication launches, etc), although some aspects like scrolling is smooth.
    5) Sometimes takes a couple of seconds to wake up from locked state..
    Of these battery drain is the worst.. phone barely lasts 5-6 hours and USB charging is not working properly either! :(
    Eagerly awaiting 4.2.1...

  • William

    Auto rotation is slower, my nexus7 seems slower coming out of sleep, and in general everything is slower than jelly bean.

  • a reader

    LEAP wifi connection on business/company connectivity is also broken. Which renders the Android wifi only tablets to paper-weights in enterprise environment.



  • Yasir Al-Musawi

    Sometimes when I use Google Reader the screen rotates to landscape mode and goes back to normal immediately. It happened on both my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7

  • BlueCheetah

    Anyone have a solution to the nex4 bad sensitivity?

  • Mihir

    Hi guys! I have a GNex and after the 4.2 update, I have observed that the Auto Brightness bug and the random display off bug are related. When i turned auto brightness off and set my brightness to about 20%, the random black screens (which forced me to take the battery out) have stopped. Now I have the latest 4.2.1 update and I could reproduce the same problem with auto-brightness turned on!

  • Frankbel

    GNex, GPS not working anymore.

  • rakesh Nadendla

    The battery charging icon never goes away even when not plugged in. Also, the pop-up which gives low battery warning keeps coming back every 5 secs. I use Samsung galaxy nexus

  • Ethan

    Slightly sluggish even when over clocked, and running leankernel :( very disappointed in the camera, no focus settings or live effects :(

  • Joe

    Here's a bug: Open messenger. Touch the text box at the bottom to bring up the keyboard. Click the standby button to put your phone to sleep. Turn it back on. You'll notice the keyboard dismiss button (on screen down arrow) is displayed but does nothing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.hillard.94 Brian Hillard

    When using the Share button. Wifi direct is missing.

  • Josh

    I have experienced the auto-brightness bug and annoying slowdowns. I have returned the device. Even a crappy chinese tablet works better than that.

  • http://twitter.com/tadejkolino Tadej Rudec

    Think you forgot to mention this commit : https://github.com/android/platform_frameworks_base/commit/4c0fc03b

    It means that ALL notifications will vibrate when on Vibrate setting, unless you've put notification sound to Silent. No, setting Vibrate to "Never" won't help, hence the "AND" clause.

    It's just retarded. Why would I put the notification sound to silent meaning it wont ring when it's not in Normal mode, but will bug me each time it's in Vibrate mode instead ? Were they high on something for 4.2 ?

    • zarphlob

      This one has been driving me nuts... I'm glad I'm not actually going crazy! But it doesn't look like a lot of other people have been noticing it. Maybe we're the only ones who are annoyed by an incessantly vibrating phone?

      • http://twitter.com/tadejkolino Tadej Rudec

        No idea, maybe people got used to it. I've seen many apps where vibrating wasn't even an option to disable, so I guess no one cares.

        • zarphlob

          So the page you linked to... is that a bug report? Does it go anywhere? Any chance anyone with the Android development team will see it?

          • http://twitter.com/tadejkolino Tadej Rudec

            Nah, that's an actual commit from the Android team into the source code. I'm not sure if there is an issue raised on the Android bug tracker about this, it isn't actually a bug per se, more of a dumb re-implementation. But posting bugs on the Android bug tracker is more or less hit or miss, they don't raise their asses if the bug doesn't go viral, like the December issue. I guess we just have to stick up with it or hope they'll get their shit together in the future.

      • http://twitter.com/tadejkolino Tadej Rudec


        Here, we're not alone.

        @OP: hope you'll add this to the list.

        • zarphlob

          Awesome, thanks!

      • http://twitter.com/tadejkolino Tadej Rudec


        I posted this as a possible workaround, another app to control notifications.

  • Herman Nielens

    Cisco Leap WiFi connection does not work anymore...

  • Patrik


  • Ant R

    I am having a problem with the sound. I go to raise the volume and the volume is muted, but nothing I do can un-mute it I have to reboot. Happening on nexus 7 and 10

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaakko.lehtinen Jaakko Lehtinen

    1. Bluetooth is not working at all: I cannot even switch it on.
    2. Even if I set the Vibrate setting to "never" in Exchange E-mail application and Gmail, the phone just keeps vibrating ~100 times a day whenever I receive a new email :(

  • Giants

    The Android 4.2 (and even 4.2.1) on Nexus 7 has much more problems that the listed.

    1) built-in Clock on Nexus 7 keeps reporting "Unfortunately Clock stops working.."
    2) the Gmail on Nexus 7 reported the similar problem
    3) A lot of apps running well on Android 4.1 fail to run on this new 4.2 (or 4.2.1).

    Google OS team is doing terrible job on the release of this Android 4.2 without any quality control. The OS team manager should resign!

  • tdsN7

    Is anyone else annoyed by the bold hour numbers and the not bold minutes numbers. This appeared on my N7 after 4.2 / 4.21 update. I also notice that there is part of a square outline on the left hand side of the screen when I unlock my device. It appears like something is having trouble loading. Goes away after a while. Also only appeared after updates.

    • Patrik T

      :D :D are you serious? Its new lock screen widget

  • Rob Watkins

    I have wifi drops at home. If I'm downloading a page, sometimes it hangs up and I have to toggle off wifi and it finishes loading the page in 4G. Annoying. It happens 2 - 3 times a day at home.

  • http://twitter.com/david_barreda David Barreda

    The bluetooth bug sucks, and more when you have the car stereo with bluetooth paired to the nexus

  • markt9002

    I haven't had a random reboot on any of my devices running 4.2 (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and Nexus 7) I have also never had any issues with bluetooth. I use bluetooth with my Nexus 4, or Galaxy Nexus on a daily basis in my car with Spotify, or Poweramp. The only issues I have with my N4 is poor screen sensitivity, and head set speaker noise, which is caused by interference -- when airplane mode is on, the problem disappears. I'm hoping the community will provide a fix, because I don't want to send it back to LG.

  • S_Deemer

    December 8: My Nexus 7 still randomly reboots, and Bluetooth is unusable. GOOGLE: Fix the damned thing!

  • Zamix

    I was having a ton of problems including slow charging, extensive battery drain, intermittently losing wifi connection, intermittent inability to transfer files to and from my device....... Google stated that they thought I had a faulty chip set, so device #2 is on the way. I hope I have better luck with this one!

    • Zamix

      Sorry! This is a 32gb Nexus 10.

  • BrandonNolet

    My Bluetooth problem is that if I turn off my bluetooth speaker, it never "disconnects" from my GNexus. Not only that, if I turn on my bluetooth speaker, it "reconnects" but won't play until I disconnect bluetooth from GNexus and reconnect manually.

  • Dsran

    After fully charging my Galaxy Nexus the "charging xx%" doesn't dissapear, it doesn't happen all the time and it seems to be linked to it discharging rapidly (lost 43% in 2hrs with moderate use). Never had any problems until this update. Really dissapointed.

  • Pacifico

    several folders ... emulated /0 /obb etc. you dont know where you are in ASTRO file manager, repeated folders

  • http://www.facebook.com/jayakrishna.adusupalli Jay Krsna A

    exchange sync issues

  • Chrisc

    Tapping the power button to wake the screen sometimes doesn't work. I have to press and hold the power button to wake it (not reboot)

  • http://www.anilkumar.info/ J. Anil Kumar

    1. When trying to install some apps, another app installed or uninstalled app pops up and keeps on vibrating. Have to do several several return/back button to go back to normal.
    2. As soon as the screen unlocks, there is an info saying clock stopped.
    3. Google talk doesn't work for extra users other than the main user.

  • Peter Oliver

    Problems with UDP broadcast/multicast causing peer- discovery difficulties, e.g. in LAN lobbies.

  • blarelli

    I'm dealing with some pretty spectacular lag during normal usage. I'll type out complete sentences before it catches up with the first letter. I exited the browser today to a home screen with no icons or widgets on it. I scrolled through them all and they were all gone. 30 seconds later, they started reappearing one by one.

  • Ryan Lampkin

    I had a weird bug today. I was driving home from work and my phone stopped making any sound. when I dial out I wouldn't hear a ringing, just the person's voice on the other end. Also, YouTube had no audio nor did my notifications. My phones speaker just died. A reboot fixed it but still a huge problem.

  • Jea

    I got 4.2(.1) fast. But I am very unhappy with the really slow and unreliable phone now. There are some apps (or their widghets, like GTasks) that do not function properly anymore.
    Right now I would go for 4.1 if it wasnt such a drag to install it..

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacob.knappett Jacob S. Knappett

    The camera app wont even give me an image, it wont flip, and when I press one of the icons, it turns blue, no lag, no freeze, it just goes blue, and thats it

  • Kevin Carbonaro

    I have been experiencing issues which are happening randomly. The display just switches off and no response from the phone - not even any of the buttons. I would have to remove the battery to get it back up and running. I tried rebooting it regularly but it does not reduce or avoid the issue. I did not notice any particular application that might be creating the problem. Once I also experienced the opposite - lockup with display full bright on.

  • Tarek El-Eter

    my wifi conncects and is extremely slow then loses connection

  • ML

    Lost ability to connect to wifi
    See only secured with WEP. Returned Nexus 7 and did not do update to 4.2 and OK so far.

  • Alphaloba

    On My EVO 4G LTE I Am Having Issues W Auto-rotate Does It Whenever It Santander Won't Go Back Unless I Go Back To Home Screen...Also No Microphone On Swype Keyboard For Voice To Text...

  • http://evildevnull.com/thinktank/index.php?action=collapse;c=14;sa=collapse;d227fb2388ec=9e8bb86861f0686e54bcbaae99929bbd#c14 George Leon

    Boy am I feeling lucky. Nexus 10 & Nexus 7 with absolutely 0 issues. Battery charge & life is great & brightness causes no flickering. I also have no light bleed & neither device has randomly rebooted. Bluetooth works great on vehicle, connecting to my One X, GS3 & to my Tablets including the N7, N10 & Note 10.1. I've never been so happy to be in the minority.

  • Mike Grimes

    Sleep of death. Display does not wake up. Have to pull battery nearly every morning. Lots of others with issue on xda.

  • Long Nguyen

    I Found a critical issue on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

    User hard to launch an application when turn on Talkback in accessbility
    1. Go to setting/accessibility
    2. Turn on Talkback
    3. Go to home screen
    4. Touch any application

    Actual: hard to launch an application

    5. Roll down status bar

    actual: user can not roll down/up

    6. When user want to turn off talkback
    Actual: there is no way to turn off talkback

    this is very important bug.
    when you fixed it. please notify to me follow email
    [email protected]

  • Long Nguyen

    I'm using Nexus 7 android 4.2

  • http://www.facebook.com/milquetoast Brooks Glass

    After the 4.2 / 4.2.1 update(s), my Nexus 7 sound volume now sucks... way too low to hear dialog in movies. Boo! Hiss! Bad Google!

  • kieths

    Aside from Several different problems with BT (incompatibility, instability, and now total death), I completely HATE the clock and Lock screen, both due to font and functionality (or rather, the lack thereof vs its predecessor).

  • gibby

    4.2 ota (plugged in on 90%) update failed, now the nexus is refusing to do pretty much anything, 3 factory resets, still as laggy as a laggy guy from lagville.. I dont think the factory reset is releasing ram memory or wiping it....

  • sam-adam213

    My nexus 4 restarting it self in the middle of something. Google is sending me new replacement.

  • ovie888

    I cannot seem to be able to find the function to turn off the vibration feedback from the keyboard

  • joe

    just upgraded to 4.2 on the nexus 7 and when the screen lock enables, I cannot swype to unlock. Instead I have to reboot to use. i have since disabled screen lock and have no issues.

  • Honda Hater

    I thought it was an app doing all this be going on with my nexus 7. But apparently not. Performance sucks now. My galaxy s 3 is way faster than my nexus!!!! That shouldn't be the case at all. Also, it randomly restarts....especially when using Chrome. Just did it 10 mins ago!!!

  • Harold

    New Nexus 7 for Christmas - Out of the box could access webmail accounts on GoDaddy for both myself and my wife. Then device said there was an OS update, which I allowed it to install. Now I can't access email. I get the browser and the GoDaddy login screen but it won't accept username and password - just resets and clears whatever I type in in these fields. Any suggestions?

  • Raphael Roberts

    have light bleed on nexus 7

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W2HZMWPIHCEHCIJIOCKKHDVNQM blank

    My Nexus 7 has 'developed' the HIGHLY ANNOYING habit of dropping the volume -- which is already so low that I can't watch a lot of existing media without outside amplification -- not even my loudest, most efficient headphones are loud enough for a number of older films that don't have their soundtracks jacked to current through-the-roof standards.

    Ditto for music that isn't Skrillex-loud.

    But then that just brings me around to the rather disappointing sound quality -- yes, it's no worse than my 'free' Android phone -- but it's a long -- and very noticeable -- way from the Nexus 7 to the hi fi converters I normally use with my desktop.

    The Nexus 7 would be a pretty nice little streaming media controller if it wasn't for the middling fi converters.

    Oh, yeah, and that pesky volume problem. At least THAT one they should be able to fix.

  • Yharooer

    Slow charging on galaxy nexus. :(

  • http://twitter.com/El_Duderinoh The Dude

    So I'm a heavy desktop user with no real need for a tablet, I've got 2 phones on android 2.whatever which work great. I figured as I have no real use for a tablet in my life I'll wait for Google to get it right. Along came honeycomb, which was shit, so I waited for ICS. So Asus stepped there game up with the first ICS tabs and I was about to drop the cash on a device and I heard a rumour about a nexus device. So I waited. Along came the nexus 7. So there I was with the cash in the hand on way to the store and I read about a possible Note 10.1. So I waited.
    Along came the Note 10.1 and I read a rumour about a Nexus 10, so I waited. I thought this is it, the Android tablet I've been waiting 3 years for since the release of the ipad.

    I'm so disappointed! My nexus 10 is so buggy. It freezes at least 5 times a day! Chrome seems to be the problem. Also app updates, so I've turned off automatic updates on all apps and I update them all manually each week. Now I'm down to about 2-3 per day and 1 if I stay away from Chrome. Its been on charge for 5 hours today and has only risen 35% in charge. If I use it while its on charge the battery still drains! You have to literally put it on charge and not look at it for hours. Its become a burden on my life. I should have just had a baby!

    • AnjunaSpeak

      My first tablet was the original Nexus tablet, "Motorola Xoom!" I can honestly say that this has been the BEST device I have EVER used. No matter what I did to this thing, it continued to run and still outshine every other tablet I came across and it even charged from dead to a full battery in about 2 hours! Yeah, disappointed was my first reaction to the Nexus 10. But I'm still pretty optimistic.

  • Adnan

    Basically my phone is completely lagging for whatever reason im not sure whats going on with it. But google is sending me a replacement. Its funny but I didnt even download any major apps on this phone just battery saver and the task killer app.

  • jaimem

    With my galaxy nexus i have a lot of inestability, all apps crash for some reason i can't explain. It is like if the phone could not handle everything. It is almost a new phone! Why would it fail so early?...
    Anyways, i have another bug, i don't know if anybody else had it: when in an app which has sounds (youtube, music player or game) if i change the volume, the bar indicating the volume won't move from the initial value of volume, even though the volume is actually changing.

  • JILL

    After downloading 1000 photos the gallery app deletes them now at will each time you open what a piece of crap this tablet has turned out to be ...so disappointed

  • Nexus_4Life

    My Nexus 10 froze today while I was viewing the gallery and after I pressed the lock button it just didn't come back on, it's been three hours since the last time my nexus has shown signs of life please help!!!

  • kiriti

    I've updated my galaxy nexus to 4.2 and I've found 3 major problems. The WiFi gets disconnected sometimes when it is in sleep mode even the advanced wifi settings showing "never". And NFC, I'm able to send the files but when my friend is sending from galaxy note2 it is showing item not found in play store. And battery life has fallen down drastically....
    Can someone suggest me how can I get rid of these issues...??

  • http://twitter.com/daveowen31 David Jones

    Really poor wifi range from my sons nexus 7 32gb. Drops to one bar when walking across the same room as the router and no signal at all upstairs.

  • Stephen Tilley

    I've got a problem where my nexus 7 randomly goes back to the lock screen and when i try to unlock it, it briefly flashes the home screen then goes straight back to the lock screen. Takes several attempts to unlock it, tried a reset but still does it .

  • Niki Nicole

    Okay, so I have experienced all of these issues since receiving my Nexus 7 this Christmas. I'm glad to know I haven't been witnessing some paranormal activity in my home, but what do I do to fix this? Should I return it or wait for Google to provide an update? Someone help!

  • d.m.

    I have the galaxy nexus. I do not have any of the issues listed above other then slow charging. But I do however have issues w/calls.....the speaker phone option has disappeared. And the call end button does not work. To hang up on a call I had to switch to the default of having the power button end calls. And the keypad while talking on the phone also does not work so when calling some numbers (ie a charge card) and your asked to enter info to verify who you are you can not do that. I have also noticed that I have an extreme lag when texting/typing. I do not have music on this phone nor do I have a lot of apps.
    I am rather sick of getting updates that make me feel like i am totally relearning my phonem it annoying.

  • nchorayuk

    Please somebody help me....After Installing Jelly Bean 4.2.1 on my Samsung Gt P3100 my phone app. Has dissapeared. I cant make calls anymore. There are no mobile networks displayed anywhere. What should i do to bring them back? . help me please

  • Raf Cole

    I've been using my Nexus 10 for solid week now. I'm pretty satisfied with the device, but I can also confirm a lot of the issues that are mentioned in this article.
    Most annoying are the reboots and auto brightness adjustments. Haven't tried out the bluetooth yet, as I don't really need it on my tablet until I buy a bluetooth logitech keyboard or something. The slow charging/battery drain is troublesome, but would be more of an issue to Nexus 7 owners I guess who use their tablet more on the go without any recharging possbilities. My Nexus 10 mostly stays at home so.

    Other issues are sometime loss of wifi connection for no reason. Incompatible apps, who are compatible according to Google Play, but simply crash upon opening.

    Hopefully Google will come out with Android 4.3 or 5 pretty fast.

  • Fredrol

    My nexus 4 has bluetooth trouble.
    When connected to my cars handsfree it disconnects, connect, disconnect, connect all the time, every 4-5 second. I also had problem sending file over BT from my S3 to the Nexus4.

    My screen brightness never goes to the lowest setting even when in a complete dark room, i have to set to manual and drag to minimum.

    The color on the screen when taking a picture changes often in special lightning, you can see the phone tries different modes for the light setting several times. Its also slow and not working good. Camera Zoom worked much better.

    Had a few resets only. Battery isnt that good, right now after 16 houres and 45 minutes i have 8% left. Deep sleep 10h 43m, awake 6h 27m, Screen on 2h 35m.

    Really hope they fix all the problem as i LOVE the Nexus 4!

  • lauren2404

    My nexus won't let me watch videos or films, it says I have no internet connection when the WiFi signal is full, and apps I have downloaded won't work! Seriously considering taking it back.

  • Majd al khany

    My only issue is when I press the powerbutton, there is a delay between the button being pressed and the screen turning on/off. Oh, and the lock screen looks tacky as hell.

  • Prince

    I'm experiencing lags when I'm going through my apps and widgets.

  • Dennis

    i want to turn off the SMS preview on my notification bar but still here the sound without third party software

  • jurysout

    Alarm sounds off but the controls don't appear so you can't shut it off. When commenting on FB the text box is hidden under the keyboard. When scrolling thru the menus the swipes are sticky and require multiple swipes. Sizing issues on many mobile websites

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelli.s.conner Kelli Cxnner

    My nexus 7 acts like someone is playing with it when no one is touching it! I'm not sure if this is the OS or the tablet but it will open applications and search Google for "gggggg_gggg-gg". Makes no sense.

  • Kevin O’Reilly

    phantom touches, realy hard to type and zooms in and out while scrolling, close/es keyboard too. Only updated to 4.2.1 today was on 4.2 earlier. Keyboard closed like 4 times writing this, 6 times now

  • Megan J

    My nexus 7 suffers from a random performance issue in which programs open without me touching and sometimes when I touch a button it thinks I touched a different button (not user error). It also is very slow at times, normally while it's in its " open whatever I want on my own" phase. Just now, I was unable to kill programs because it couldn't register the swiping motion fast enough, so it opened the program I was trying to close, instead. Oh, and the new Swype sucks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ScottLamon Scott Lamon

    I have tried several video chat apps and none of them are displaying my video to friends. (Skype, fring and ooVoo). I can see them just fine and when I use the built in camera app I can see myself just fine but for some reason the video chat apps don't display properly.

  • i mark i

    This is extremely weird. I have noticed NONE of the issues described here. Well, I hate auto brightness period, so I have no idea if it is borked. Even stranger is that I DO have December in the "people" app when you create an event. This is a Nexus 4 running 4.2.1 via OTA. Other people seem to still have trouble with 4.2.1. Also, no reboots and the camera app is extremely snappy when rotating.

    How can there be this much difference in phones running the same software?

    Only thing I have done is rooted it...

    Only complaint is that quick settings isn't customizable and no "go to top" button/gesture in chrome...

  • http://twitter.com/hqqh Name

    I have a rooted HTC One S and the WiFi is now incredibly slow, the battery drinks juice like a alcoholic, the gallery and update apps are very laggy and i cannot take a picture as it says it cannot connect to the camera. I hope these issues are fixed soon.

  • j

    Can't even download 4.2.1 as i get a dead android man with a ! above him half way though????

  • Jake

    Speaker won't work on media playback and mic only works if headphones are plugged in

  • Joachim Tröster

    WLAN on Nexus 4 wit Android 4.2 is a mess. For me it works at 2.3GHz, but no chance on 5 GHz. It connects, has a superb download rate for some seconds and then goes to ~2kb/sec (!).

  • Ben

    Email App - can't add a new email account, specifically a virgin.net account. When going through the process I keep getting the error message "Couldn't open connection to server".
    Any help with this please????

  • Devon

    I have a Nexus 4 and the camera just freezes sometimes. You are ready to take a picture and when you click, the flash comes on and that's it! The camera is frozen...with the flash ON! The only way to recover is to click the home button, and when you reenter the camera app, it freezes again until a reboot!

  • tshark

    My nexus 10 forgets things when it reboots, meaning I lose data. Sometimes I can't save a file until I reboot. The email app only allowing 25 emails at a time is ridiculous! I need 3 weeks! Sometimes I can get more emails to load, other times not. Usually, it just freezes on loading emails. When I do finally get more emails, they show briefly, then start vanishing. Sometimes, I can see the most current things in Inbox and Sent; other times, they are missing. They just come and go, such that I can reply to an email, but a few minutes later both the reply and the email are missing, then back, then missing again. The same setup works on my 4.1 cell phone, which also has the browser that works. Don't stick us with Dung--I mean Chrome. Most recently, I found that I can't open anything but small emails, amazon and any other apps are unavailable, and my ebook readers won't work. Many web sites aren't compatible. Overall, nexus 10=paperweight, for me. Android 4.2 sucks. Ready to ditch it. Google just going backwards. Bought for remote desktop, ebooks, remote D management, presentations, and web portal. It can't do any of those things. Can't shop, even. Netflix crashes. My bank's interface crashes. This website is hard to use, because the boxes don't line up, and I can't see the line I'm typing. If I use an 'f', then an 'i', the 'i' will be to the right, under the next letter. Accessories are not available. They are, at best, repackaged from ithings and other tablets. To recap, apps, OS, accessories, web sites, browser, UI, features, compatibility, usability, crashing, email not working, ebooks readers crash, bank interfaces crash, games crash, netflix crashes, nascar app crashes... Is there anything on this piece of junk that works?

    To recap,

  • Bomber4

    We have two Nexus 7's they are now failing a different times to resume an app from the locked screen mode, we have to reboot each time, how can we go back to an earlier version currently on 4.2.1??

  • Bothered.

    Fucking thing's wifi brings my entire house wifi to a hault every single time I connect. It's so bloody bothersome. There are a plethora of bugs, glitches and such that come with this thing, why one of the richest companies on the planet cannot invest some dime into fixing them is beyond me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.goldpenny Nick Goldpenny

    I've experienced both the auto brightness ( no screen flicker) bug, and the random reboot. Funny thing is, I'm running jb 4.1 on my asus infinity tf700. The auto brightness will just get really really dark or bright for no reason, no change in ambient lighting. And the random reboots I thought were my own fault. I have a generic case for my infinity, but I've been using it sans case for a week now and it continues to happen, 3 times in the past week. So there's that. Also, my biggest fear was that typing and swyping on a tablet would be as bad as on a phone. It's much much worse. Why is there so much lag from when I press a key onscreen to when the text appears. Its obscene

  • ksz

    Nexus7 been dropping WiFi connection. Reconnects and drops again. Might explain the battery drain?? Thanks.

  • AdamW

    My problem is the Nexus 7 will sometimes refuse to turn on unless the button is pressed for about 30 seconds. This is annoying enough that I am thinking about returning it.

  • lx

    Nexus 4 here. Flaky, unstable, cell signal...even in areas of what should be superb reception.

  • fabiola

    I updated my S3 to 4.2. and now my gallery app is gone. Is there a fix for that?

  • Ethan Cottier

    I suffer none of these problems as I'm running cyanogenmod 10.1 on my Galaxy Nexus :) faster, smoother, more stable. And I'm running the nightlies!!

  • Annie

    Whenever my Google Nexus 7 is set to mute, it suddenly won't let me adjust the volume anymore. I've tried every other volume control, but the only way to unmute it again is to restart the tablet. Very annoying.

  • zzNexus7

    I have 2 new problems with my Google Nexus 7 tablet (Asus).

    The most annoying: wifi-related reboots. OK - if I am somewhere with no wifi, let's say sitting in the park, it reboots - over and over again at intervals of about 2 - 5 minutes.
    Weird part - If I turn off the wifi receiver in Settings, it no longer reboots.
    I am not running any apps that need the internet when it happens - I am just doing
    off-line stiff like reading. No watching of videos, no playing games...

    (Although I did see it reboot once, while it was just sitting on my couch, 5 feet away from the router.)

    - it never goes to sleep anymore. Screen is always on. I had changed the sleep time to 2 minutes - then a day later, changed it to 30 seconds. It now NEVER goes to sleep unless I hit the power button.

    - what will I lose if I do a factory reset? Do I need to copy stuff off to my PC first? Will all my apps automatically re-iinstall, because Google is all-knowing?

    Note – I have no problems using wifi when it IS available. The problem is when wifi receiver is turned on, (which it always had been), but there is no wifi available.