Last Updated: January 8th, 2013

We all love Android, and we also love when Google releases a new iteration of our favorite mobile OS. Sometimes, though, even Google screws up a bit, and Android 4.2 is looking to be one of the most bug-ridden releases since Honeycomb. And, let's be honest: 4.2 isn't exactly the leap that 2.3 to 3.0 was, either. Chances are, if you're on Android 4.2, you've experienced at least one of the issues here. Some aren't that bad, but some can just ruin your day, and we're a little shocked Google missed them.

We'd love it if you could confirm whether these bugs happen on a device not listed as "known affected," or of any other serious issues you've been experiencing since the bump to 4.2 on your Nexus.

Auto-Brightness Bugs

Known affected devices: Nexus 7, Nexus 10.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2] [3], XDA, Google+.

This bug isn't one I've experienced personally, but many, many others -including Artem - have. After the Android 4.2 update (or just on the Nexus 10, in general), auto-brightness behavior has been less than reliable, particularly on the Nexus 7 - though that device's problems aren't strictly limited to Android 4.2.

The issue specific to the Nexus 7 causes the screen to noticeably flicker when set to auto-brightness, and has been present on all Android builds, especially at low levels. With the Android 4.2 update, that behavior has apparently gotten worse. Yikes. Which leads us to the generic auto-brightness bug.

Auto-brightness in Android 4.2 seems to randomly adjust with no changes in ambient lighting, as though the sensitivity is too high, or some sort of other software glitch is causing the brightness setting to suddenly drop, then come back up to the appropriate level. Basically, auto-brightness is borked. While I never found auto-brightness on the Nexus 7 was good in the first place, many are now complaining it is much worse, and on the Nexus 10, as well.

Bluetooth Is Basically Broken

Known affected devices: Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2], XDA [1] [2], Google+.

We've already received numerous emails about this issue, and I've confirmed it myself: Bluetooth on everything but the Nexus 4 (apparently) is in an absolutely sorry state right now. Audio streams extremely choppily, sounds mediocre, and often loses connectivity entirely. 3rd party Bluetooth apps that create compatibility with devices like the Sixaxis or Wii controllers no longer function at all, and throw an error instead.

This is bad. This is the kind of thing that makes someone return a phone or tablet, because A.) people have no patience for stuff like this, and B.) there's zero reason something as simple as Bluetooth should be broken so badly out of the box. Google needs to mark this one "critical" and fix it ASAP.

Random Reboots / Major Instability

Known affected devices: Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7], XDA [1] [2] [3], Google+.

File this one under "critical," as well. I myself have experienced this bug - my Nexus 7 rebooted no less than 4 times this weekend, several when it was just sitting idle with the display off. That's... bad. I've since done a factory reset, and in the last hour, so far so good. You'd think a problem this serious would be limited to a pretty specific subset of hardware, but no - everything but the Nexus 4 is affected (which seems to be the case for every one some of these bugs, oddly) all Nexus devices appear to be affected (thanks for the input about the Nexus 4, guys). The reboots occur when opening webpages in Chrome, using Play Magazines, and a variety of other circumstances (like doing nothing at all).

Nexus 10 users are apparently the most-irked when it comes to the reboot issues, with them often occurring multiple times a day. The behavior described sounds a lot like a kernel panic - total system lockup while in the middle of a task, followed by a soft reset. Video playback seems to be one suspect for these lock-ups across all affected devices, with the YouTube app having been cited several times in various postings.

The reboots aren't the only problem, though. On Galaxy Nexuses and Nexus 7's (eg, devices upgraded from Android 4.1.2), performance has taken a complete nosedive. Opening apps, Google Now, or navigating through the UI has become much slower in some cases. I noticed this when I upgraded, too - all that butteryness suddenly got a little less smooth. However, after a factory reset, I noticed marked speed improvements in the UI generally. Personally, this is where I immediately go if I'm having performance problems (and haven't recently installed a new app). There's no use in complaining about it if you haven't tried it already, because that's just what Google's going to tell everyone to do eventually.

However, many posters in various Android bug threads are reporting that factory resets don't alleviate any of these issues - which is highly concerning.

The stability problems don't end there. Galaxy Nexus owners are saying that their phones' displays are randomly turning on without any interaction. The system clock's time is off by anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes when set to "Network Time" for some. Apps are force closing for no apparent reason. For an incremental update, Android 4.2 sure seems to be causing all the problems associated with a much more significant OS release.

Extreme Battery Drain / Slow Charging

Known affected devices: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus 4.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2] [3], XDA [1]

This is really two separate issues, but they both fall under the "my battery makes me hate my life" umbrella, so I'm lumping them together.

The first one is battery drain. I (and others) have noticed Google Play Services has absolutely eaten into my Nexus 7's battery life post-Android 4.2. Usually, I get a solid 3-5 days of standby time if my Nexus 7 is sitting mostly idle, but after leaving it alone this weekend for under 48 hours, I returned to it at about 8% remaining. Not good. Similar issues have been brought up by Galaxy Nexus owners. In addition to that, exchange accounts are apparently causing massive loss in battery longevity. The exchange issue can be alleviated by removing and re-adding your accounts, according to some of the bug threads.

The Google Play Services problem, though, doesn't seem to have a solution presently, and reportedly is affecting all Nexuses. I'm also hearing from numerous people that NFC is causing extreme battery drain in some cases across all Nexus devices, a problem I, too, have experienced.

The second issue - slow charging - is specific to the Nexus 7. For now, there seems only to be an XDA thread acknowledging its existence, but both Artem and Cameron have been able to replicate it on their own devices since the update. The issue is quite simple: the Nexus 7 charges really, really slowly. It happens intermittently - sometimes it will charge quickly, sometimes not. Which to me suggests some kind of issue with the operating system recognizing the amperage of the charger, and going into "slow charge" mode (eg, over USB) at 0.5A when it should be at 2A (standard USB wall charger).

Lockscreen Widgets / Camera App

Known affected devices: All Nexuses.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2], Reddit.

The newly-implemented lockscreen widgets have gotten off to a bumpy start, with numerous bugs and glitches affecting them across all devices. Lockscreen music controls for Google Music are randomly disappearing if a 3rd party music app is started, stopped, and then Google Music is started again, not reappearing until the device is rebooted. And the widget, if the system decides to kill the music app the widget is linked to, causes very strange behavior to start occurring on the lockscreen.

The camera app also has a minor problem when rotating from portrait to landscape mode, taking up to 3 seconds to rotate depending on the device. Instead of simply rotating the button arrangement, the entire display rotates, causing substantial lag in the app.

These last ones are quite minor, but they're generating quite a lot of complaints at the moment.

December Is Missing!

Known affected devices: All Nexuses

Documented? Android bugs [1], AP

It looks like in its haste to finalize 4.2, Google forgot something pretty major in the People/Contacts app: December. Yes, they omitted an entire month. Oops.

Anything Else?

Any other weird happenings in Android 4.2 that you've found? We've intentionally skipped over some of the smaller ones, but feel free to chime in about anything you've discovered - particularly if one of the issues above is affecting a device not listed (stock Nexus devices only - custom ROMs just add too many variables).


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David Ruddock
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  • http://twitter.com/CrayzeeJoe Joe Wright

    Personally, I flashed a 4.2 ROM onto my Verizon GNex and haven't noticed any issues. In Fact, battery life is MUCH better for me.

    • Leandros99

      Agree. Same here. My phone batter is much better on the GNexus with 4.2. (German provider)

      • Cherokee4Life

        my 4.2 ROM made my phone 3 times better than what it was. I know this because I lasted 3 times as many days as I do for a normal ROM... :)

        • http://twitter.com/trlovejoy trlovejoy

          What ROMs are you guys using? I'm trying to hold out for BB but I'm getting antsy...

          • James

            Paranoid Android 2.99 for me. Smooth as hell so far. It was just released today, they're AOSP based now rather than CM.

          • jathak

            Oh. That's great, because I loved Paranoid on my Nexus 7, but the instability of CM led me to switch to something more stable.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745689461 Hal Motley

            Paranoid had cosmetically annoying looking toggles on the notification menu when I last used it. Aside from that it is a great ROM though with Google's unification of UIs I wonder how practical it will be in the future.

        • Chickpea

          It spent most of the 3 days rebooting, while you didn't notice, to conserve battery and give you the impression your battery life got a S**t ton better with 4.2 :-)

    • http://twitter.com/havens1515 Randroid

      What ROM are you running? Can we get a link to the site where you go it? I haven't tried any 4.2 ROMs yet, and was going to wait a while after seeing this post.

  • marcusmaximus04

    The clock app keeps crashing constantly on my Nexus 10, with a force close message. I haven't even had it open.

  • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

    I guess 4.2.1 will come out soon and fix these issues.

    • http://twitter.com/Alucard291 Alexey

      It better to be honest... I'm tempted to reflash 4.1.2 as this is so dire :D

      • Goldenpins

        I did this and a reset and it just rebooted. it did last longer than the rest for a reboot but everything else seams fine to me.. EXCEPT the random reboot. Its been less than 24 hours so id say reboot is an issue still

    • Tee

      This has become a rule. Remember the bug pile also called as 4.0.3?

    • a reader

      unfortunately the 4.2.1 did not fix the LEAP wifi bug... my tablet is still a paper-weight at work.

      • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

        Aww :( is it an official issue on the bugtracker; do Google know about it?

  • Sean

    These issues all sound fine, if they would send me the ***** phone..

  • mark Perkins

    unbelievable now I'm glad Verizon has not updated the gs3 yet!!!

    • https://twitter.com/#!/thedeusexmakina [J. B. cyruz]

      Verizon hasn't even updated your phone to 4.1 yet, right? 4.2 shouldn't concern you anyway.

      • banjoonmyknee

        Looks like I'll be staying with the Jellywiz ROM for a while. Nice, buttery Jellybean without all the 4.2 freakouts.

    • http://twitter.com/Defenestratus Defenestratus

      mark, yes, thank VZW for not allowing bullcrap buggy software like 4.2 on your phone - especially if you rely on it to get work done.

  • Rub-1N

    Ever since updating my GN, every few minutes, all my widgets would freeze. Can't get Google+ to refresh, BeWeather doesn't update, Calendar doesn't update. Reset device, but still the same. WTF...

    Only way to fix is to clear cache of launcher or restart phone.

  • Mark Ryan

    Hopefully it's all fixed by the time my daughter unwraps her 32gb Nexus 7 on Christmas day.

    • mrsbelpit

      That's if Christmas actually comes!

    • GazaIan

      How is that going to work when, according to Google, December doesn't exist?

      • http://www.omreddy.com/ Mahesh

        lol true that!

      • vady00

        i can almost see it in the goog headquarters one of the project managers asking:
        -hey witch one of you "dushbags" forgot the month of December?
        - me sir, yo sorry
        - don't be you just saved us your's and your colleagues Christmas bonus since we will not have a Christmas

    • http://twitter.com/Vizualize a.d.AM

      According to the Mayans the world is ending on 12/21 soooooooo I wouldn't sweat it too much.

      • Mithrandir

        That's why they removed December this year, to avoid the end of the world altogether!

  • Michael Plastina

    Wifi latency on the Galaxy Nexus - seems to be alleviated by unchecking the wifi optimization option under advanced settings.

    • Liviu Sas

      Thanks for that! I was struggling with it for the last 2 days! Saved my bacon:)

      Looks like it causes issues only in area with lots of networks, lots of interference :)

  • infogulch

    Flickering auto brightness... sortof sounds like the display backlight is leaking into the light sensor.

    If it's dim, it turns up the backlight, which leaks into the light sensor, which now thinks it's very very bright, so it turns down the backlight, so it's back to being dim. Repeat. == Flicker

    • Tomi Golob

      Good thinking!

    • Don H.

      Except that would be a hardware issue and it wasn't present on the nexus 7 with 4.1.

      • infogulch

        Ah, nevermind then. And good thing considering I just bought one!

    • Max Sveshnikov

      But why not add some type of hysteresis to it??

      • infogulch

        As Don pointed out, this is probably not the problem since it would be a hardware problem, and since it worked in 4.1 it must be software.

        But something like hyster esis could be the problem instead. Maybe some dev doing something "clever“.

  • Scha

    i'm on galaxy nexus yaku, now with takju android 4.2 factory image and the stock music apps quit sometimes without reason when it runs in background
    is that only me or a general problem?

    • daguy

      I've had this issues with all music/audio players, including pocketcasts and tunein radio. The app will just die, stopping playback, and the lockscreen will be flickering rapidly between the music controls, camera, and basic lock screen.

  • John

    Shit, I just recommended the N7 to quite a few people this holiday season, too. The random reboots haven't been a big issue since < GB. Hope it all gets ironed out soon.

    • Benjamin Sicard

      I wouldn't worry about it. Yeah, they released 4.2 in poor working condition, likely due to the release of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 and the need to push out a new Android version with them, but the framework from 4.1 still exists. 4.1 was extremely well received by just about everyone, and it stands to reason that after they iron out 4.2 it'll be just as good. No reason to regret the recommendation of a great long-term device like the Nexus 7 just because of a sour short-term problem like this.

  • http://profiles.google.com/kehnin Kehnin Dyer

    You didn't mention the complete lack of december :p

    • legend618

      they did

    • Fellwalker

      Yes he did. It's only for setting new contact's birthdays.

  • Sven Enterlein

    Ouch! Nexus owners shouldn't be the guinea pigs. Didn't Microsoft also release unfinished software to let the end user "beta test"?

    • ocdtrekkie

      A Nexus device IS a beta device, basically.

    • http://them3blog.wordpress.com/ Abel

      Nexus devices are all beta devices, and Google and MS aren't the only ones doing the beta thing, apple maps, flickering keyboard and other bugs where known to plague ios6 users

    • mrsbelpit

      Nexus users have always been guinea pigs.

  • V

    Only fofgot to mention that some people (like myself) can't turn their bluetooth on at all.

  • http://twitter.com/fzammetti Frank W. Zammetti

    FWIW, my Nexus 7 doesn't to seem to be suffering from any of these problems. The only one that I *MAY* have experienced *ONCE* was a Bluetooth connectivity problem trying to transfer files from my GS3 to my N7, but a reboot cured that. Also FWIW, my N7 was one of the ones having the bad slowdown issues a few months back, but that hasn't happened since the prior update that seemingly fixed that.

    In other words, count me a happy N7 customer with no complaints about 4.2 (aside from the horrible UX choices like the double-notification shade crap, but that's design, not bugs).

  • jeremy

    I had the random reboot issue when I first got my Nexus 10. I figured out it was HD Widgets causing the reboots. After uninstalling I haven't experience a single reboot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mFrankx Matteo Franco

    None of these problems happened on my GNex... Am I a lucky man?

    • Dalbir_Singh

      Maybe you didn't update to 4.2.

      • rstat1

        Yea I'm not having any issues with my gnex either, and I'm definitely running 4.2.

        • Garrett

          Are your notifications still vibrating when vibrate is set to Never?

          • rstat1

            Never used that setting...so no idea. I did see the missing "December" one though...but I never use the People app so it doesn't bother me.

          • Sunsofbeeches

            I was sitting in a final exam when this convenience was identified. And everything I tried (while still taking said exam) did not work. For the first time in my life, I almost threw a phone out of a window. Google, please, for the love of all that is evil, get it together.

    • mrsbelpit

      The only thing that's happened to my Gnex is that one morning, I tried to wake my phone, and the screen was black but it was definitely on. I did a battery pull and then everything was fine. I have not tested Bluetooth yet, though.
      Otherwise I'm not having a problem with 4.2, other than I don't really like the lockscreen widget implementation.

      • http://cashd00d.co.cc/ WHAT?

        People still pull the battery out of their phone? Android's built-in force reset is the way to go.

        • Goldenpins

          That sometimes doesn't kick in.. but ill be honest, I haven't pulled any batteries on my GNexus in a year. So I guess it varies per freeze.Theres also a force reset volume down and power. That seams to turn it on..

        • mrsbelpit

          Vol up + down + power? Did not work.

          • Tomi Golob

            No, you just have to press and hold the power button alone and it will reset

    • Nucleo

      Maybe you have not enabled location services ?

  • Matthew DeVries

    *Google Now* is basically dead on my Nexus 7. It takes a full minute for the cards to come up and the search box to become accessible after clicking on the icon.

    • Saint_David

      I had that problem, turns out it was the Gmail 4.2 apk I'd sideloaded (from here) before it was officially released.

      • Tomi Golob

        I didn't side load anything

    • Tomi Golob

      Same here! Also YouTube app has amnesia and doesn't remember I signed in to YouTube...

  • Ben Baggley

    Isn't the Nexus 7 flickering something to do with the tegra smart dimmer? I've had kernels which switch it off and fix the problem. Only other one of these bugs I've experienced is the slow rotation of the camera.

  • Shane

    I've started experiencing the screen coming on all by itself since the update.

  • DaveTea

    I set a timer on my Nexus 7 to cook a pizza the other night and it never went off (caught the pizza before it burnt) and on closer examination the tablet had rebooted during the 15 minutes I had put on the timer. Not cool Google. Not cool.

    • http://twitter.com/billynomates Speed

      Glad to hear your pizza was ok

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745689461 Hal Motley

      That's annoying because the timer looks awesome, but buggy it seems.

      • blah&blah corp.

        your nexus 7 is too intelligent. Why would it come off when you already saved it. Better save the battery by not ringing. :D

        • Efendulov

          Yeah I guess you haven't noticed that a reboot can drain up to 30% of your battery :D

    • http://www.techmansworld.com/ Michael Hazell

      Wow that's sad. Glad to hear your Pizza was ok though.

  • http://www.androidradar.de/ Leif

    The new buggy bluetooth stack is the most annoying one. Because of this I'm glad that my european Galaxy Nexus still hast 4.1.2. and I won't update it until they fixed it. It's already enough that I can't longer stream from my Nexus 7 to the bluetooth speaker system.

    • gnex

      That delayed yakju update doesnt look so bad now.

  • Mick Wall

    Screen goes (and stays blank) when making or receiving calls on my N4 regardless of whether phone is sat on desk or upto my ear. It only comes back on after person on other end of phone disconnects.

  • http://twitter.com/GitMuny Ciroc Obama

    I'm not trying to just blow this out of proportion, but these bugs are a huge deal. In my opinion, since the release of project butter, stability is now something I expect at all times on my n7. Project butter made android so much better and to lose that trust in updates is a big problem for el goog. For example, my gf never wants me to touch the n7 any more because I just make it worse.

    • Matti

      Agreed. It's gone bact to "beta quality" again now.

      As for my issues, mainly auto-brightness in very dim lighting (was perfect before 4.2) and bluetooth instability. I haven't had crashes or random reboots, but once, a couple of days ago, I had a weird issue where any app I opened would just launch into a blank/black screen. Went away after a reboot and hasn't repeated itself since. Still strange, though.

      I think the Nexus 7 will be my last Android device. I'm a Linux and BSD user on the desktop and server side, and having a Linux device that simply can't give Linux-like uptime is painful. Even when I was on 4.1.2, I had to do a reboot every 3 or 4 days just to regain back stability. The Debian install on my desktop has been up for 13 days now, and the last reboot was only because of a kernel update. My OpenBSD home server has been up for 324 days and counting, last reboot was also only because of an update.

      • http://twitter.com/GitMuny Ciroc Obama

        Yea I feel ya I used to run random distros on an old crappy dell laptop and even then those ran flawlessly. I just don't see how google can't turn this stuff out properly. If my n7 had fruit on the back this update would be on the six o clock news...

  • Michael Lee

    Wonder if it's an issue with upgrading to 4.2. Maybe something got corrupted? I mean, the Nexus 4 has had 4.2 all this time, or at least most of 4.2, which is probably why it has had no problems. It hasn't had a major upgrade.

  • http://twitter.com/WarDraker Hary Ayala

    So, Nexus 4 doesn't have most of this, and bear with me, because it's the only one using an interface designed for it... Yes, i'm blaming the gigantic phone interface for tablets as the culprit for all of this... it's a stupid UI ~_~

    • Tomi Golob

      Wtf...i dont even... doesnt make sense man :)

      • http://twitter.com/WarDraker Hary Ayala

        that's why i said bear with me, i know it's a stretch, but we don't always have to be logical, do we?
        and issues aren't always logical either.

    • http://twitter.com/davidecassenti Davide Cassenti

      I guess it's because they still have to send most of them :P

  • manleyaudio

    I just downloaded the takju factory image, rooted it and flashed it to my galaxy nexus, awesome so far! Battery is really good, bluetooth in my car works like a charm, and no random reboots.

  • Mick Wall

    I also get the screen coming on and the lock screen appearing for no reason on my N4.

  • Magneira

    I really liked this post putting all bugs together, maybe this Will help Google see and fix theses bugs quicker... I'm experiencing various of theses bugs and most of them were fixed by a hard reset and by clearing the cache in fast boot, both on my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 running complete stock 4.2.

    • casinrm

      I posted this article to the known issues page.

      • Magneira

        Nice, tks !

    • MrJigolo

      Agree. This should be post on Google+ so Google can see it.

  • Keith0606

    So far I've definitely noticed the random reboots on my Nexus 7. I never had a single one pre-4.2 and after 4.2 probably twice a day. I've always had a little screen flicker on low light levels here and there, but i don't think it's any better or worse, most of the time i have auto-brightness off so I imagine that may be why I'm not noticing any change with that.

    I haven't tried bluetooth at all since the upgrade but will definitely give that a try.

    Haven't noticed any battery issues so far.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonfenstermaker Jon Fenstermaker

    I have had all of these issues on my galaxy note

  • Mohammed Al Hakimy

    the bluetooth audio works fine with me in normal cases.I have an LG HPS-700 and I use it to listen to my music which is stored in my Nexus 7.but when you connect to the net (whether it's wifi or 3G) just to surf the net,whatsapp,anything then the audio starts to stutter.and when the connection is bad it stutters bad..
    random reboots could be related to compatibility with apps.for example,everytime an update comes to Beautiful Clock widgets,it always force the device to reboot.
    as for slow charging,I think it has to do with daydream feature cus it forces the screen to be on all the time.

    • Tomi Golob

      What the fuck lol ...

  • http://profiles.google.com/jonbethea Jonathan Bethea

    ive got the 16gb Nexus 10 since saturday, rebooted once in chrome. haven't tested blue-tooth. slow charging over USB is normal with the N10. ive also noticed the auto britness is a little sensitive but it doesn't bug me too much.

    over all very happy with the N10 so far almost all of my apps are working, i do wish the battery life was a bit better but im sure it will be with a patch. PLus its impossibly thin so i cant complain.

  • Jay B

    I had slow charging on Nexus7...then I realised I was plugging in my phone charger (1A) instead of the 2A charger for the Nexus7...Since then no issues with charging.
    Screen flicker plagues my device. Been like that since day 1.

  • GN7

    i had the play store service "bug" already, once in JB 4.1.2, it has eaten my battery in about 16 houres...
    so it´s not a new bug, in 4.2 i hadn´t have it until now, in fact the standby time seems better till now, but it´s still young.
    i also didn´t have any reboots it´s running good since i installed it.

  • Will Tisdale

    No reboots, no battery drain, no issue with auto brightness. Are you holding it right?

    I don't use bluetooth and I severely dislike lockscreen widgets.

    That's on a Nexus 7 and a Galaxy Nexus by the way.

    They both have always been a bit laggy specially with the animations and app drawer, but 4.2 isn't any worse that 4.1. Project butter my ass, it's never been anything to shout about.

  • ranova

    glad my phone will never be updated to this. Already flashed the 4.2 conversion pack to 4.1.1, so Im ok with leaving these bugs out of it!

  • Cédric Tremblay

    A general feel lof lagness and slugginess.

    Slight annoying delay when closing the screen.

    Lag when starting Google Now from the lock screen.
    Occasionnal lag when unlocking (swipe).

  • adi19956

    The flicker has got worse! Good grief, haven't installed it yet

  • RichA

    I just purchased Sixaxis right before the 4.20 update. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, I will see if I have an issue with Sixaxis when I get home, haven't used it since the 4.2 update.
    I am having other bluetooth issues, it will disconnect from a pair of bluetooth headphones I am using, and the service freezes, it can't stop or start and needs a reboot to resolve.

  • http://www.nonsensebb.com/ Dextro

    I can confirm the random turned on screen on a Nexus 7. It happened to me exactly 2 times on the same night a couple of days ago while charging.

  • Eric Raymond

    The PDF reader is failing in an odd way on my wife's Nexus 7. It coughs and dies on PDFs downloaded before the 4.2 update, though it reads PDFs downloaded afterwards.

  • Craig

    Downloading a photosphere pic from picasa using Gallery on the N7 doesn't download a jpg that can be viewed in the interactive viewer. Google is aware of this issue.

  • Steve Jobs

    There's nothing wrong with 4.2 your just using the device wrong.

    • Federico E. Gómez

      Steve Jobs should say: "using the wrong device"

      • Robert Oliveira

        And "you're" instead of "your". :P

    • get a job Steve

      Oh this comment is really stupid ...how does it mater how I use it ?

    • patruns

      You are just holding it wrong.

  • Andrew Loiacono

    My friend's Nexus 4 won't connect to certain wireless networks, where her old phone and my phone work just fine.

  • Chris Bigg

    Hopefully this is fixed by 2014 when the Verizon Galaxy Nexus get it.

    • ReasonableBloke

      2014? You're setting the bar too high, 2016 sounds like a good number.

    • Moonkae

      I don't understand. I've been running 4.2 on my Verizon GNexus for a few days now.

      • tyguy829

        not officially via an ota from verizon

        • Moonkae

          True, but as Chris Bigg stated "...by 2014 when the Verizon Galaxy Nexus get it." I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and yet I have 4.2. He should have said something about only the non-rooted phones not getting it. It's just funny when people tell me I have a "fake galaxy nexus". If having 4.2 was such a major concern for people on Verizon Wireless they would do what I did and take the 30 minutes to root the phone and put it on there. I'm sure there are people on Verizon who really, really want the latest updates. These are the people that get them one way or another in a timely matter, myself included. Then there are those that don't particularly mind not being on the bleeding edge of Android OS updates. These are the people who do not root there phones and probably don't particularly care about what version they are running.

          • perfectlyreasonabletoo


          • tyguy829

            Oh my gosh you're ridiculous. You know what he meant. Thanks for ruining the joke with your novel

          • Moonkae


          • duplissi

            u mad bro?

          • josh

            U dizzy fam?

          • Joe Generic

            DO U EVEN LIFT BRUH?

          • Neil

            The Internet - serious Bizness.

          • Tomi Golob

            WTF...what is your point?

          • Moonkae

            Haha this post is 3 months old. I upset sooo many people lol

          • Tomi Golob

            Hahah, indeed! :D

    • TK

      It better be, since Verizon won't release the next OS update until 2016.

  • http://twitter.com/HELIO5ai HELIO5ai

    I've actually had amazing battery life

  • http://www.facebook.com/amishcrusader Shane Capuano

    I installed 4.2 on the Sprint Gnex, and the one problem that really bothers me is sometimes I hit the power button absentmindedly, and hit it again to wake it up, and it dies outright. So if I hit the power button twice between 1 ~ 1.5 seconds, the screen dies and you cannot wake it up without removing the battery. This is not kernel related as I have tried 3 different ones.

  • Adam

    I have an issue (when I was using Android 4.2 on my Nexus 7) where I saw a weird square in the top right of the lock screen that disappeared after a few seconds. Weird

    • Adam

      Top left***

  • KingRando

    Haven't noticed any issues other than the lock screen not feeling polished.

  • Daniel L

    Not had any trouble with my N7. Missing that option in the vote.

  • PhineasJW

    The Nexus 7 auto-brightness bug has been there since Day 1. It's not specific to 4.2. Mine has always, randomly adjusted it's brightness.

    Home screen swipe-bounce-back is another issue that's been present since Day 1 on the Nexus 7. Bug: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=39892

    There are a *ton* of small issues. One would expect better from Google, with it's thousands of software engineers, but if you look through the bug tracker, many have been outstanding for upwards of a YEAR. Reminds me of this fantastic post: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/EverythingsBrokenAndNobodysUpset.aspx

  • mesmorino

    Apple Infiltrator 001 reporting in. Status; mission complete. Result; total success. Request immediate extraction.

    001 out.

    • QwietStorm

      Comm intercept...Green alert...Repeat: Green alert...Initiate Op Rotten Apple...Lock down all hatches

    • alex13809

      On our way. Our maps seem to have taken us off course. ETA Soon. Over and out

    • http://www.facebook.com/tim.olson.5477 Tim Olson

      Me thinks the rot goes clear to the core. OH NO... Spit the seeds man, spit the seeds

    • http://www.facebook.com/james.mirrion James Larsen

      Package was not delivered. I repeat, package was NOT delivered. Abort mission. Will advise for next infultration.

  • Daniel Wiggins

    As i pulled up this article on my Nexus 10, i actually did the reboot, just so i couldn't read about why it might be bad... lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1503310639 Kree Terry

    been running stock on my n7 and noticed som performance and battery issues. My gnex is experiencing the same issues, been running jelly belly 10 on it. Thinking of dropping back to 4.1 for a while but dont know if i can do now that i got used to 4.2 lol

  • http://twitter.com/IamPeePay Tomáš Petrík

    Nexuses? I would say Nexii.

    • Tomi Golob

      SHUT UP!!!!

      • http://twitter.com/IamPeePay Tomáš Petrík

        Whoah, dude, calm down... what is your problem?

  • http://www.facebook.com/djmomar Moses Dill

    I've had issues on nu N4 where the NFC option doesn't turn off so it's eating my battery. I noticed the one time i tried beaming a photo the bluetooth didnt turn off after completing. I also can't get into Google wallet either. It's stuck on the initial load screen, and clearing the data doesn't fix it.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      I also had this issue, re: NFC. :

  • Donncha

    That explains why my Nexus 7 can't connect to my Jawbone speaker. Good thing all my podcasts are on my SGS2.

  • Sysko

    I had issues with the Google Play. I had to remove my account and add it back.

  • TomK2

    Swipes on the homescreen an app drawer often miss!


  • http://twitter.com/robertmoreno Robert Moreno

    Llike the article said, my G'Nex screen will randomly turn on. Thanks for putting this article together.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=290601972 Justin Crowley

    so i am not the only one noticing the bluetooth issue..good :)

  • brutalpanther

    I too have noticed problems with 4.2 update.Although update isn't the appropiate name.I have had problems with bluetooth.It will recognize all of my bluetooth accessories and pair with them,But won't connect to them.It has shut down my gaming with my nyko playpad pro.Also disconnects randomly with my bluetooth speakers.Haven't noticed other issues YET.Will update if i do.

  • Mack Sullivan

    I actually am getting random reboots on my Nexus 4. Happened at least 5 times over the weekend.

  • grellanl

    Uh... the form says "maximum choices allowed: 1" but I have three of these issues.

    * Spontaneous reboots (yay, it's back like when my GNex was new)

    * Battery drain issues (mind you, any OTA upgrades I've done recently have led to the "media services using CPU" bug, needing a factory wipe to fix)

    * WiFi sometimes dies, and needs a reboot to fix (that's "other")

    (oh yeah, and the December thing too, I verified that just for a laugh and it's missing alright)

  • DannyBiker


  • guest

    Got performance Problems on my N7

  • coversnails

    Select all that apply - maximum number of choices: 1

  • driver

    Firefox force crashes, as well as a host of apps/games. hoping its just apps that haven't added support to 4.2 yet. N7 is not smooth anymore when swiping but it was never perfectly smooth even b4 4.2. Unrelated to 4.2, Tegra 3 is painfully slow already. I'm afraid this thing won't age well.

  • Sizzzmo

    Dunno if it's a bug, but the Face effects in the camera app are all gone.. no explanation nothing.. it seems weird that Google would just remove a feature that was implemented only 2 revisions ago.

  • d

    i have a nexus 4 and there are 2 major issues to report with 4.2.

    1. there is a kernel wakelock that is causing the phone to not stay in deep sleep, so battery drain during idle is high.

    2. the touchscreen becomes less responsive when the nexus 4 is plugged into a usb port (not a/c).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1559995258 Alec Smith

    Android 4.2 has MAJOR problems and I'm sure if the iPhone 5 had this many issues this whole site would be like "eww look how stupid the iPhone is, its the worst phone ever." Android experiences these instead and "its still a great phone, I love it!"

    • PhilNelwyn

      "Android 4.2 has MAJOR problems"
      That's exactly what the article and most of the comments say, so you should quit smoking crack...

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1559995258 Alec Smith

        That's literally the reason I used the word "major", I read the entire article.

        • Tomi Golob

          ??? Seek help :(

          • Nevi_me

            I'm a shrink, here's my number, calk me maybe *singing *

        • PhilNelwyn

          The word "major" is in the title of the article... your comment doesn't add anything about Android 4.2 issues.

          The author even calls it the "Android 4.2-gate" and says these issues "plague" the last update...

          Some people (like me) don't experience it, but none of those who do are happy with it.

    • Tomi Golob

      LoL your own rant disproves your rant LoL. Are you a masochist?

    • http://twitter.com/davidecassenti Davide Cassenti

      If it was the iPhone, it would have been already on a local newspaper in the smallest village of the World.

    • Al McDowall

      I haven't seen anyone reporting a simultaneous experience of the issues and love of their phone. All the comments I have read thus far have been critical of the issues they have found. While you are right that were this situation found on the iPhone, typical Android Zealots (and I would have to include myself in that group) would be all over it with glee, I don't see any evidence of the hypocritical behaviour you mention in your post.

  • thiagomast3r

    Had one freeze with GNex that needed to pull out the battery (but I was messing with some kernel parameters so should be that), and of course the infamous December bug. But the battery life is ok and didn't had any problems with lockscreen widgets (yet). I'll test my crappy Bluetooth headphone, but after all I had a pretty good experience with Android 4.2.

  • mizofizo

    I have 2 Galaxy Nexuses(Nexii) and a Nexus 7. All are running 4.2 and none of them have any problems, aside from the December issue. Even the bluetooth is working properly. I'm not sure why I would be immune to these bugs. Maybe it's an app issue?

  • flight13

    Both mine and my wife's Galaxy Nexus phones are experiencing an issue of the Network signal on T-mobile changing from H to E or G and staying there. To fix it I put it in Airplane mode and then off Airplane mode. Turning off the network/wifi, etc does not fix it. Only rebooting or the Airplane mode trick work. Eventually it will switch to E or G again though. This is in addition to the Bluetooth, reboots, etc issues we are having. Stock 4.2 from OTA.

  • jayray78

    My only complaint is the bounce-back on the notifications and quick settings on the N7. Too bouncy.

    • http://twitter.com/TheIowaKid TheIowaKid

      Agreed. Its annoying as all get out!

  • Christopher Di Biase

    Funny about that reboot bug, because it sounds a lot like what's been happening to my Nexus S since I loaded ICS on it. I've had nothing but problems with my device rebooting randomly since then, and that with moving from 4.0.4, to 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 to CM10 (nightly and stable).

    In my case most of the problem seem to revolve around audio, especially having Google Music or Podkicker running while doing anything else. That said I've seen random reboots while doing nothing, including while idle. Almost seems like the device runs out of RAM and the davlik garbage collection terminates a system process instead of something less important. I chaulked it up to my device's low RAM reletive to the software I was running on it. Now I wonder if the problem isn't more severe and systemic. Perhaps the trusty old Nexus S was just a harbinger of problems for newer devies.

  • Ray

    None of the Above. December is missing but apart from that, all good here on all three devices.

  • billracine

    Ever since the update to 4.2, I've been experiencing the random reboots. Sometimes I just sitting on a page reading an article in Google Reader and the device reboots, I've been reading GMail, Chrome, Kindle - doesn't seem to matter what, it will just reboot. I've seen the odd sensitivity to brightness since day one with the device, it doesn't seem any more pronounced now than it did at product release. I'm still trying to come to terms with the lock screen. I'm not entirely certain it's all that much help. Maybe when someone comes up with a really outstanding widget, it will make more sense/be of more use.

    I saw a few tongue in cheek posts about how Google was trying to do away with Christmas and this was a sign. :)

  • Jason r

    Dialing is spelled wrong when calling someone. Anyone else notice this ?

    • mgamerz

      That's... sad.

    • legend618

      mine is fine, i guess

  • mldi

    Can't believe you forgot to mention how busted multiuser is. Enabling a second user made my Nexus 7 slow to a crawl.

  • moose

    screen comes out of standby randomly with no user interaction

  • http://www.facebook.com/vanhouse David VanHouse

    my bluetooth and charging speed are perfect on my GSM Galaxy Nexus

  • http://www.facebook.com/vanhouse David VanHouse

    my bluetooth and charging speed has been perfect on my GSM Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2

  • iandouglas

    I hit a bug with 4.2 on my Nexus 7 from GoogleIO where I couldn't install any apps. It threw an error every time, and I had to remove the Google Account entirely and re-add it, before I could install anything else. HUGE hassle, considering it wiped all related content (music/movies I had pinned from Google Play, etc).

    I havne't noticed any battery drain or bluetooth issues on my GSM Galaxy Nexus though. The Gamera app completely hung my phone once, but since then it's been fine.

  • http://twitter.com/aeliasnet Alberto Elías

    I had a lot of problems after updating my Galaxy Nexus, but I did a Wipe and know most of the problems have gone. Still, needing to wipe everything after an update is very dissapointing.

  • mgamerz

    I flashed 4.2 on my GSM Gnex, hated the new lockscreen (it sucks!), and went back to CM10. Much happier.

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/MetalMessiah78 José Gómez

    I don't want to say that my Bluetooth is broken, because it works, but the sound quality is atrocious. I use it all the time to stream my Google Music, and the sound quality is so bad now, I want to poke my eyes out with a blunt object. The highs clip and there are many noticeable artifacts. I initially thought it was the Google Music update, but uninstalling the update makes no difference.

    Another problems I've experienced is that if my Galaxy Nexus goes down to EDGE, it stays on EDGE until I reboot. Same if it's on UMTS, even if I'm in an HSPA area. Rebooting is the only solution. This is very frustrating!

  • PeCaTB

    Street View is not working anymore on my Nexus7 :-(

  • http://www.facebook.com/jp.overholser Jay Paul Overholser

    I have had a couple troubles with in app purchases made through the Play Store. I have to log into Amazon App store almost every time I start it, or an app dependent on checking license through the App Store.

  • http://twitter.com/UnPerroDeSuerte Lester Walters

    The kb on my N7 hangs as I'm swiping. It can take 1-2 minutes for it to catch up and then resume as normal. wtf Like it is thinking about the entry or busy doing something else. I haven't tried a hard reboot yet. I'll try that tonight when I get home.

    • Tomi Golob

      Oh come on...i refuse to believe it took 1-2minutes...even my SGS1 on Android 4.1.2 never hangs for so long in any app,let alone a keyboard

  • http://www.facebook.com/jp.overholser Jay Paul Overholser

    Also had some troubles with update I think because of my root. Both Nex7 and GeNex needed to have 4.1 reflashed and updated without root.

  • NoUsernamesFree

    I have definitely noticed the random slow charging on my Nexus 4 too. Yesterday it didn't even make it to 100% after 10 hours overnight. It was about 85% when I had to leave for work.

  • Ivan

    When my Galaxy Nexus is connected to a TV screen with an MHL/HDMI cable, if I press the power off button, and then switch it on again, the display remains almost completely black. The image on the TV screen is restored to normal brightness as usual, but the display on my phone is really dark until I unplug the MHL cable.

    Apart from this one (and the missing December of course), I haven't experienced any other issues *at all*. Maybe some transitions are slightly slower, but this is perfectly configurable in "Developer options".

    Please note that I performed a 100% clean install using the takju factory image.

  • http://twitter.com/WoodroweBones Woodrowe Bones

    Hmmm I actually havent had any of those bugs that wasnt something I had done. Also how many of those bug reports are completely stock ROM users? I personally am using the Cataclysm ROM. I had bad battery drain but it was due to the Maps app. I have had no stability issues at all and I stream video content very often. I do have a Wi-Fi bug which seems to be a result of the kernel that comes with the ROM.

  • Rob H.

    I have not noticed any issues aside from the missing month. Both my gsm gnex and my N7 have been solid. I guess YMMV.

  • haris

    i have 32gb nexus 7. I have an issue with wifi. Wifi is working fine but when i start the tab from standby it is showing that wifi is connected but i couldn't access the internet. when i open browser is is showing no network connection. then i have to turn off wifi and turn it on,after it works fine again.

  • anonymous

    Seriously the Camera issue is not "minor" by any means :(

    • cheapskate88

      What would you define as a minor issue?

      • Tomi Golob

        Exploding batteries

  • Tobias Diedrich

    After a two tweaks my Nexus7 battery life is much improved:
    a) Go from keeping WiFi on during standby to WiFi off during standy
    b) Disallowing GPS-access for maps (I only use it at home and this was the biggest battery user)
    Only problem I see with these settings is that if I wake it up after a day of sleep, it's really sluggish for a few seconds. But I'm on day 6 of standby now, and it's still at 50% battery.

  • hitlr

    I don't have any of this. Not even missing December. Everything is fine except they have changed the task switcher slightly.

    • cheapskate88

      You have to go into the People's app. Then add a birthday. You'll notice you can't add a birthday in December. The month in the calendar app is still there.

  • Alesia Matson

    Who thought up those egregiously stupid lock screen widgets, anyway? Why bother to lock the device of 3 of the 4 lock screen widgets put your personal info out there where anyone can get at it? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    Just in general, 4.2 is a crazy update.

    • Alesia Matson

      Should have read "crappy* not crazy. Typing this on my N7 and it won't even display text entry windows correctly in the browser - typing blind, right! :-(

      • Tomi Golob

        Did you enable text correction and did you set the suggestions to "aggressive" ?

  • Yianni Galiatsatos

    I was having the issue with the Gnexus where the screen would randomly turn on, after a hard reset the problem went away. Ill do the same to my Nexus 7 later about the random reboots.

  • Mason Gup

    I haven't noticed most of these on my Galaxy Nexus. I've had Auto-Brightness off for a long time on every phone I've owned because it always seems to be awful. I have a Bluetooth headset, but I haven't used it in a while. Definitely no stability problems - the phone has been running since I updated to 4.2, with no crashes or resets yet, though I haven't used Youtube.

    No excessive battery drain for me, though I have wondered if I'm using the same phone as whichever one of you AP guys said that the GNex has terrible battery life - I haven't had many Android phones, but this has the best battery life of all of them, and I don't think I've ever had to charge it before the end of the day.

    I do see the Camera slowdown on rotate, but it also seems to be present on launch, which is pretty annoying. December is indeed missing in my Contacts app, though I can't remember the last time I actually entered a date there.

    The one I thought was really annoying is the Daydream behavior. It's really cool when it works, but it seems to be so inconsistent. Sometimes it shows it, sometimes it doesn't, and I have no idea why. It seems strange to get annoyed at it, because the feature was never there before. It's kinda like a tease or something.

  • Fellwalker

    It's more that programs no longer work such as Norton security! Otherwise no issues on N7. I have not ever tried bluetooth so I don't know if it works. I use Lux by Vito Cassisi instead of auto brightness - no issues with this.

  • casinrm

    Where is the Google known issues page?

  • cfh

    I am finding that the email notification always vibrates, even if I specifically disable that notification. Happens in the default non-Gmail email client and in K9 mail also.

    • Tomi Golob

      Try setting the option in the email client to "never use vibrate" or "only if silent" and see if it works now

  • J. Bauer

    And of course, after a mere two hours I would like to change my vote from 'none of the above' to 'random reboots'.

    • http://www.techmansworld.com/ Michael Hazell

      Did you change your vote?

  • Justin Swanson

    My N7 has had the auto-brightness bug since i received it. It's similar to what you described but it can basically be summed up as: it (sometimes) doesn't wake when sleeping and/or the brightness setting is so low that nothing can be seen on the screen. Setting a manual brightness fixes the issue, so I won't cry too much about.

    Regarding performance, I am experiencing the exact opposite. Everything is nice and speedy, much faster than AOKP M1 was for me. (Although I suspect it might have to do with Navbar mods; it always *seemed* to me that whenever I did any sort of navbar mods it would slow the phone down)

  • RealityCheck2013

    "December Is Missing?" Turkeys will be HAPPY then!!! :D :D :D

    • Tomi Golob

      :)))))) cluck cluck cluck

  • johnmiroki

    My major problem with Android 4.2 on Gnex is it's laggier than 4.1.2. And in many cases, it waits 2 second after click on an icon to start an app or to switch between apps.

  • Goldenpins

    I voted for random reboot on my Galaxy Nexus.. BUT Nexus 7 had no issues since the update. I decided to factory reset everything on the GNexus and so far my reboot was fixed. It no longer reboots after a few hours. I have not tried my bluetooth and audio stream seams to work fine.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Sick_or_Wuut Chris

    Have any of you experienced the annoying notification bug on the gsm galaxy nexus? Basically every app follows the whole android system notification setting. So if you have your phone set to vibrate, your emails and texts will vibrate even though you have email set to never vibrate for example. This one is way worse than any of the other bugs in my opinion and many other users have this problem as well..

  • K

    Android 4.2 is not as smooth as 4.1.2 was on my galaxy nexus

  • chris125

    No problems on my nexus 7

  • http://twitter.com/davidecassenti Davide Cassenti

    Thanks for linking to my post :) I did not notice the camera issue before, and is not as bad as it is stated on my Galaxy Nexus (takes ~1 or 1.5s to rotate). However, I noticed that if I disable the screen rotation, the camera app does not rotate as well: I am pretty sure it was before. I like to keep that option disabled, but the camera should not consider it imho...

  • Josh Legoza

    I have the general lack of butter, gallery constantly force closing on me, lock-ups when I turn on the screen sometimes, open the keyboard most of the time (worse on my N7 than my GN), and every time I open Google Now. Having wifi drop out like some have said. And one I haven't seen anyone else mention: Non-stock alarm clock apps don't consistently show that an alarm is set in the notification bar or the lock screen. Makes me really nervous that its not going to go off! Anyone else noticed that one? In general, lots of apps were broken by 4.2 (seem like multi-user is the issue in a lot of cases).

  • Jon Garrett

    even when I was an iPhone user I NEVER updated to the latest firmware immediately. I like to wait to hear what problems users are having first before I update.

  • Ryan Jackson

    On Telus for the first 2 days, SEVERE connectivity issues. Internet/Telephone/SMS would only work for 1-2 minutes from reboot / airplane mode toggle.

    • Ryan Jackson

      Seems to have stabilized (non official upgrade).

  • ewqaewqa

    On Nexus 7 the most annoying are problems with efficiency. Working on 3-4 apps is impossible...

  • Matthew Fry

    Thank you so much guys for aggregating the most common serious problems. I'm glad that the N10 isn't the only N device plagued by the random reboots. I was really considering returning the device, but it all seemed very software related and this confirms it.

  • Matthew Fry

    I've had problems with the NFC chip giving the audio queue of connecting, but never moving beyond that point. I also have seen the bluetooth bug, though I didn't realize it. I tried to send a file across bluetooth from my S3 and it ran at about 10KB/s.

  • JDHokie

    Amazon App Store isn't playing right with 4.2. Have to continually login when using apps from Amazon.

    • morjoie

      The same happens for me. Very annoying - so many of my games come from Amazon. I had to uninstall a card game I use all of the time because of the need to login. Of course, not exactly possible to do when you're offline in the first place. Fortunately, I got the same (free) app from the Play Store, so that is my temporary workaround. I thought Google had pushed a fix, but apparently not.

  • http://blog.cocchiararo.com.ar/ Roberto

    My bluetooth headset and car stereo work just fine on my Galaxy Nexus. (i installed the factory image, rooted it and installed a custom recovery, then restored user apps, no system data). I have no random reboots. I did notice more battery drain, but have since changed some settings back to how i had them before (sync facebook/twitter less often, for instance)

  • http://twitter.com/falbhan Al Werner

    Always-On VPN not functional and major bugginess throughout. Almost like they let the "butter" go rancid. Really wish I hadn't updated on my N7. Luckily my G Nexus hasn't been offered the update yet

  • http://www.facebook.com/max.dinan Max Dinan

    I have issues with my Nexus 7 Launcher constantly crashing for no reason whatsoever. Nothing triggers this and I can't find a solution. I haven't had the crashing issues, but my auto-brightness is more finicky than normal, and while its not a bug, I have some major issues with the lock screen widgets. For example, why can't I put any widget i can put on the home screen onto my lock screen? And why does the white edge always show up.

  • Simon Belmont

    I rooted and went back to CM10 for now. The Bluetooth issue, in particular, was annoying.

    I use my tablet to stream audio to a Bluetooth speaker and I play some games via a PS3 controller tethered with Bluetooth. Hello, CM10. I will be back when Android 4.2.1 arrives.

  • http://twitter.com/RobbieFunTime Rob

    I flashed an AOSP 4.2 "stock" rom on my VZW Galaxy Nexus and have seen a tremendous loss in battery life over a mostly stock 4.1.2 rom. Now, this may be in part due to the specific rom, but I was able to get ~20 hours of standby and a screen on time of around 3 hours before going underneath 10% and spending a lot of time on wifi. With the same usage pattern in 4.2 I'm already under 50% with only 9 hr 3 min standby time with a screen on time of only 31 minutes. It's hard to quantify but I'd say my battery life has decreased by about 35%-50% since upgrading to 4.2. I've had a ton of problems getting the bluetooth to connect but once it gets connected I haven't heard any choppiness. I got my Nexus 10 on Friday and the auto-brightness bug is very noticeable, the bluetooth seems to have the same problems as my GNex, and I even had it lock up over the weekend while installing some apps. I haven't tried noticed any lockscreen widget bugs on either device, but the performance and implementation of the feature seems to be poor, especially on the GNex. These bugs are annoying on the Nexus 10, but the battery life and bluetooth bugs are showstoppers for the GNex, and I'm rolling back to 4.1.2.

  • DatTroll

    I recently been having touchscreen issues with the nexus 4.. I'm thinking it could be a hardware problem (hopefully not)

  • http://twitter.com/toxmarz ToxMarz

    Notice definite instability, lags and short freezes switching between some apps, apps crashing. Launcher has crashed several times and restarted. And today the entire phone froze! First time ever and only a battery pull would fix it. Many times when waking the phone up to the lock screen, the image it is shaking rapidly until I unlock it. And homescreen app icons keep randomly disappearing and I have to reset them from the app drawer. Galaxy Nexus. Loved Jelly Bean before, but I have no doubt they will fix all. It's not that big of an upgrade, or is it?!

  • http://twitter.com/phonecount StalkyTheFish

    N7. I had 2 or 3 random reboots over the weekend. Once while it was sleeping. I just glanced over at it and it was rebooting. Not sure about the charge/discharge problem, but maybe.

  • mundus

    Google voice is raping my battery and force closing even after the update. Less important apps like Starbucks and in instagram can't even open without FC. Although I wound up fixing in instagram with an old data restore. Keyboard freezes up only on Google voice. I'll also get 10 messages in my notification for GV when I only have one. Its as if GV keeps looping.

  • Malik

    I'm not actually experiencing any issues on my N7 but the 4.2 build for my GN that I got from xda was horrible...slow, buggy, reboots....all of the above...went back to 4.1.1

  • Eric

    Personally, my biggest problem with Android 4.2 is the vibration problem documented as Android Bug # 39592: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=39592

  • ba_hamilton

    The December bug has been fixed

  • Chee Wee Chua

    "Show quoted text" doesn't work in Gmail 4.1.2. Android 4.1.1, Transformer Infinity.

  • Siddharth Motwani

    Can't update apps on Nexus 7

    • smithj33

      You have to delete your google account and readd it.

      • Siddharth Motwani

        poop, thank though.

  • Tony Allen

    I haven't had any of these problems on my N7

    • Sootie

      Neither, been running it since it came out and havent noticed any issues at all. I did do a factory reset a while before the update (3 weeks maybe) but the update was just an ota

  • Dan-O

    Another is that you have to keep logging into Amazon app store. My guess is that it's not compatible with multi-user. Can't blame Google, but it's an issue.

  • matt

    thanks for the heads up, was just about to update my N7 until i read this. will be sticking too 4.1.2 roms for now

  • Guest

    I wonder if there's a way of disabling the update notification telling me to update to 4.2 on nexus 7? It's popping up all the time and keeps disrupting me. I won't update the device before all major bugs like these are sorted out, it's working like a dream on 4.1.2 currently.

  • http://twitter.com/ksensoskrosl N/A

    I wonder if there's a way of disabling the update notification telling me to update to 4.2 on nexus 7..? It's popping up all the time and keeps disrupting me. I won't update the device before all major bugs like these are sorted out, it's working like a dream on 4.1.2 currently.

  • nexus7

    Has anyone else had an issue where you download a file, verify its there through a file explorer app, then connect to computer for data transfer and everything prior to 4.2 is visible but nothing post 4.2? The other issues I have had all been mentioned minus how laggy it is and A LOT OF APPS don't like to run on it at all.

  • QDOG8

    After all this, I still wonder why everyone raves about stock Android? Any Nexus that gets updates directly from Google is basically a big "beta tester". I'd much rather have my updates be tweaked by HTC (Samsung, LG, etc), tested by T-Mobile (Verizon, Sprint, etc) and finally pushed out to me when it's ready.

  • antwonmarco14

    I think Daydream lag is the worst! Put photo table on and let it load nine or ten photos on this mode. Now drag or click open a couple of the photos on the table in this screensaver. Now you have android 1.5 lag all over again and most times it doesn't correct itself til a reboot.

  • http://twitter.com/jomaKern /var

    I wonder if this is affecting people who updated via OTA? I did a clean install, by flashing the 4.2 factory image and have not experienced any stability issues, just the Bluetooth and missing December bugs.

  • smithj33

    The keyboard is overly sensitive now on my N7. It types letters multiple times which is frustrating.

  • msatlas

    My girlfriend has a Nexus 7. After the update, the calendar wouldn't show any of her appointments, prompted her to re-login, but then when she entered her credentials it said she was already logged in. I showed her Google Calendar in Chrome and then magically logging into Calendar there fixed the app syncing.

    Auto brightness was all over the place, constantly changing when there was no change in ambient light. I just disabled it for her.

    The biggest issue is that now ALL OF HER APPS ARE GONE. She told me this over the phone so I haven't had a chance to mess with it and see if I can restore them. But seriously, this release is buggy as hell.

  • kun li
  • ohshaith55

    On my verizon galaxy nexus running mRom, every time I get a text, the screen turns on in my pocket. Its been a huge pain. Idk if this is a rom specific issue, hopefully someone else can verify. To illuminate the auto brightness issues a bit, auto brightness is supposed to modestly increase the backlight as needed but not dim until you turn the display off and on. Its been this way since froyo at least. It seems like in 4.2 the setting to not dim has been disabled. Its been super annoying on my nexus 7 especially while playing games. Also lockscreen widgets should be toggle-able. And speaking of toggles, almost none of them are toggles. Wtf. Also I need auto rotate toggles on my phone the most.

  • skeeterfood

    Don't know if this is 4.2 related or not, but my N7 can no longer locate using GPS. It's also been extremely laggy since adding multiple users for my kids. It's starting to remind me of my LG Optimus V at times...