Last Updated: January 8th, 2013

We all love Android, and we also love when Google releases a new iteration of our favorite mobile OS. Sometimes, though, even Google screws up a bit, and Android 4.2 is looking to be one of the most bug-ridden releases since Honeycomb. And, let's be honest: 4.2 isn't exactly the leap that 2.3 to 3.0 was, either. Chances are, if you're on Android 4.2, you've experienced at least one of the issues here. Some aren't that bad, but some can just ruin your day, and we're a little shocked Google missed them.

We'd love it if you could confirm whether these bugs happen on a device not listed as "known affected," or of any other serious issues you've been experiencing since the bump to 4.2 on your Nexus.

Auto-Brightness Bugs

Known affected devices: Nexus 7, Nexus 10.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2] [3], XDA, Google+.

This bug isn't one I've experienced personally, but many, many others -including Artem - have. After the Android 4.2 update (or just on the Nexus 10, in general), auto-brightness behavior has been less than reliable, particularly on the Nexus 7 - though that device's problems aren't strictly limited to Android 4.2.

The issue specific to the Nexus 7 causes the screen to noticeably flicker when set to auto-brightness, and has been present on all Android builds, especially at low levels. With the Android 4.2 update, that behavior has apparently gotten worse. Yikes. Which leads us to the generic auto-brightness bug.

Auto-brightness in Android 4.2 seems to randomly adjust with no changes in ambient lighting, as though the sensitivity is too high, or some sort of other software glitch is causing the brightness setting to suddenly drop, then come back up to the appropriate level. Basically, auto-brightness is borked. While I never found auto-brightness on the Nexus 7 was good in the first place, many are now complaining it is much worse, and on the Nexus 10, as well.

Bluetooth Is Basically Broken

Known affected devices: Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2], XDA [1] [2], Google+.

We've already received numerous emails about this issue, and I've confirmed it myself: Bluetooth on everything but the Nexus 4 (apparently) is in an absolutely sorry state right now. Audio streams extremely choppily, sounds mediocre, and often loses connectivity entirely. 3rd party Bluetooth apps that create compatibility with devices like the Sixaxis or Wii controllers no longer function at all, and throw an error instead.

This is bad. This is the kind of thing that makes someone return a phone or tablet, because A.) people have no patience for stuff like this, and B.) there's zero reason something as simple as Bluetooth should be broken so badly out of the box. Google needs to mark this one "critical" and fix it ASAP.

Random Reboots / Major Instability

Known affected devices: Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7], XDA [1] [2] [3], Google+.

File this one under "critical," as well. I myself have experienced this bug - my Nexus 7 rebooted no less than 4 times this weekend, several when it was just sitting idle with the display off. That's... bad. I've since done a factory reset, and in the last hour, so far so good. You'd think a problem this serious would be limited to a pretty specific subset of hardware, but no - everything but the Nexus 4 is affected (which seems to be the case for every one some of these bugs, oddly) all Nexus devices appear to be affected (thanks for the input about the Nexus 4, guys). The reboots occur when opening webpages in Chrome, using Play Magazines, and a variety of other circumstances (like doing nothing at all).

Nexus 10 users are apparently the most-irked when it comes to the reboot issues, with them often occurring multiple times a day. The behavior described sounds a lot like a kernel panic - total system lockup while in the middle of a task, followed by a soft reset. Video playback seems to be one suspect for these lock-ups across all affected devices, with the YouTube app having been cited several times in various postings.

The reboots aren't the only problem, though. On Galaxy Nexuses and Nexus 7's (eg, devices upgraded from Android 4.1.2), performance has taken a complete nosedive. Opening apps, Google Now, or navigating through the UI has become much slower in some cases. I noticed this when I upgraded, too - all that butteryness suddenly got a little less smooth. However, after a factory reset, I noticed marked speed improvements in the UI generally. Personally, this is where I immediately go if I'm having performance problems (and haven't recently installed a new app). There's no use in complaining about it if you haven't tried it already, because that's just what Google's going to tell everyone to do eventually.

However, many posters in various Android bug threads are reporting that factory resets don't alleviate any of these issues - which is highly concerning.

The stability problems don't end there. Galaxy Nexus owners are saying that their phones' displays are randomly turning on without any interaction. The system clock's time is off by anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes when set to "Network Time" for some. Apps are force closing for no apparent reason. For an incremental update, Android 4.2 sure seems to be causing all the problems associated with a much more significant OS release.

Extreme Battery Drain / Slow Charging

Known affected devices: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus 4.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2] [3], XDA [1]

This is really two separate issues, but they both fall under the "my battery makes me hate my life" umbrella, so I'm lumping them together.

The first one is battery drain. I (and others) have noticed Google Play Services has absolutely eaten into my Nexus 7's battery life post-Android 4.2. Usually, I get a solid 3-5 days of standby time if my Nexus 7 is sitting mostly idle, but after leaving it alone this weekend for under 48 hours, I returned to it at about 8% remaining. Not good. Similar issues have been brought up by Galaxy Nexus owners. In addition to that, exchange accounts are apparently causing massive loss in battery longevity. The exchange issue can be alleviated by removing and re-adding your accounts, according to some of the bug threads.

The Google Play Services problem, though, doesn't seem to have a solution presently, and reportedly is affecting all Nexuses. I'm also hearing from numerous people that NFC is causing extreme battery drain in some cases across all Nexus devices, a problem I, too, have experienced.

The second issue - slow charging - is specific to the Nexus 7. For now, there seems only to be an XDA thread acknowledging its existence, but both Artem and Cameron have been able to replicate it on their own devices since the update. The issue is quite simple: the Nexus 7 charges really, really slowly. It happens intermittently - sometimes it will charge quickly, sometimes not. Which to me suggests some kind of issue with the operating system recognizing the amperage of the charger, and going into "slow charge" mode (eg, over USB) at 0.5A when it should be at 2A (standard USB wall charger).

Lockscreen Widgets / Camera App

Known affected devices: All Nexuses.

Documented? Android bugs [1] [2], Reddit.

The newly-implemented lockscreen widgets have gotten off to a bumpy start, with numerous bugs and glitches affecting them across all devices. Lockscreen music controls for Google Music are randomly disappearing if a 3rd party music app is started, stopped, and then Google Music is started again, not reappearing until the device is rebooted. And the widget, if the system decides to kill the music app the widget is linked to, causes very strange behavior to start occurring on the lockscreen.

The camera app also has a minor problem when rotating from portrait to landscape mode, taking up to 3 seconds to rotate depending on the device. Instead of simply rotating the button arrangement, the entire display rotates, causing substantial lag in the app.

These last ones are quite minor, but they're generating quite a lot of complaints at the moment.

December Is Missing!

Known affected devices: All Nexuses

Documented? Android bugs [1], AP

It looks like in its haste to finalize 4.2, Google forgot something pretty major in the People/Contacts app: December. Yes, they omitted an entire month. Oops.

Anything Else?

Any other weird happenings in Android 4.2 that you've found? We've intentionally skipped over some of the smaller ones, but feel free to chime in about anything you've discovered - particularly if one of the issues above is affecting a device not listed (stock Nexus devices only - custom ROMs just add too many variables).


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  • http://www.facebook.com/earl.bauer.73 Earl Bauer

    hey, i recently got my nexus 7. after installing skype, tango and oovoo, i realized tht there was loud noise interference doing video calls. the video works great but i cannot hear the person on the other end as interference is so loud, almost deafening. please help!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rafael.nevarez Rafael Nevarez

    earphone volume is low at its highest setting on nexus 7 with android jellybean 4.2. All android apps that used to boost volume on android 4.1 now cease to work.

  • Jstett

    On a new (January delivery) Nexus 7 the above issues are still present. And often one has to chase an on-screen folder to add an app...the folder can be pretty good at escaping!

  • http://www.facebook.com/djgentry1 Danny J Gentry

    Lagging when swiping home screen and on games that require swiping the screen..

  • Mike

    My nexus 10 charges very slowly, and freezes and needs to be reset 4-5 times a day, everything else about it is fantastic

  • cyn

    While talking to someone the volume is fine but as far as the ringer or listening to music or videos I can barely hear it. And yes I have gone into settings and adjusted all of the volume settings to max.

  • Shawn Hirman

    My Nexus 7 acts weird. I have encrypted files and screen lock password both enabled. A lot of times the Nexus will go to the lock screen, and when I put the password in it flashes the screen for a second and then goes back to the password. I see this most on the Kindle app but have seen it elsewhere. Usually have to reboot it to get it take.

  • Hayli

    It has a headphone shortage!! Headphones work with all other devices...but with nexus 7 I loose sound in right ear

  • Mattis Gärtner Nilsson

    Bluetooth keyboards produce double/triple letters every now and then

  • Ozone

    2 Extra issues to note. The power on delay when you try to wake units from standby mode and also the battery counter is broken. I had 72 % charge remaining after 24 hours use, which i knew was wrong. I reset the unit and it dropped to 14%.

  • Muntdrop

    Nexus 7: WiFi drops, mainly while in sleep and especially when a VPN is activated. WiFi symbol at top right hand corner turns grey.

  • ThEGr33k

    My major issue is that sometimes the screen wont wake (happened 3 times now) meaning I have to force a reboot.

  • Speedracer70

    My main problem is with the wifi dropping all the time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.printy David Printy

    I am having a hell of a time setting up my corporate exchange account. Everything seems to work EXCEPT e-mail. I cannot see any of my inbox emails...but it downloads my sent emails... Is there a fix for this? Several third party email apps don't work at all.

  • Nexus lover

    when my nexus 7 goes to sleep I can't wake it up unless I reboot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/example.classified Example Classified

    some of the stock apps need to be refined, such as messaging and contacts, it is hard to message more than one person and you can only use default alarms on the stock clock app. If there was a landscape mode for the lock screen then that would be awesome too. The Roboto theme hasn't been applied to all the apps such as navigation which still uses gingerbread and the ability to select multiple items at once such as music is still unavailable. With android being the most customisable OS, some applications such as Google Music should offer options such as deleting albums or changing the names or pictures for a track. The ability to set some of your music as your alarm would be good too- a feature avaliable on android handsets with custom UI's.

  • Bob12Duzn

    WiFi signal would frequently drop out. Reading several forums lead me to clear the cache partition, which seems to have solved the issue over the past week.

  • sarah

    i keep getting static with my sound and it crackles and vibrates as well as bleed thru with pixcles and edges.

  • Sundragon

    This is my second Android device (I'm usually an Apple person) - I review these products, the first was a Viewsonic G tablet and it felt under baked. I was much happier with the Nexus 7 when I bought it in October last year but the issues with the most recent update are rediculous. This is about as bad as it gets. My friends with Android phones were jealous about Jelly Bean, now they are glad it hasn't been pushed out to their devices. I will be hard pressed to tell people this is an acceptable piece of hardware when the software that runs has so many major issues. Telling people to root it is an unacceptable fix as it is not feasible for 95% of the general population. Finally, It's been weeks since 4.2.2 which fixed December, all of which makes it seem like Google doesn't have enough developers or, better, beta testers working to ensure their software is acceptable for the masses. I hope that pressure from Windows devices forces Google to do a better job at this process.

  • Nexus Smasher

    When I first got my Nexus 7 I fell in love with Android OS. It was smooth, did everything it was designed to. And even a stock installation you could customize it to work for you, and not be stuck in the Apple group think.

    Then they shoved that turd 4.2 down my awesome tablets throat. Even after their weak attempt to fix the fecal matter they call a system up date (4.2.1), I still had this hunk of junk tablet that was now slow (yes, I did all the gurgle currents crap and even did a system restore) flickering screen, battery that just wouldn't charge at all if plugged in to a usb port on a pc. Locked up several times a day. I finally had it and I smashed the piece of crap and tossed it in the trash. I won't go back to apple, not sure if I will bother with another Nexus device. Very disappointed in Google. Never a single bit of feed back on my reports. And why no fix for this crappy update? I can't believe people still bought these things through the holidays. What started out as "Butter" curdled with one stupid update.

  • Daniel

    Mobile data connection brokes from time to time. So no mobile data are available. Only restart helps to recover the connection. Android 4.2.1; Galaxy Nexus

  • Hayli

    The headphone jack is screwed up! Headphones work...until put into Nexus 7

  • Darien

    I got a gnex n everything is working quite fine,my previous nexus s overheated and random restarted but this phone,well at least mine is perfect
    Excellent battery life

  • ranndino

    I'm a relatively recent convert to Android and am doing my damnest trying to love it. However, my Galaxy Nexus is making me start to regret not getting an iPhone more and more.

    Pros: Getting a really nice, unlocked smartphone for $350 which I can take abroad with me without any problem and use it with local SIM cards. Overall, a real sense of ownership stemming from not being limited what I can do with it by the Apple Gestapo.

    Cons: Battery life is atrocious to the point that I'm plugging it into every hole I can find (making it the Gigolo of smartphones). Project Butter was sweet after the initial upgrade to JellyBean, but now it's more like Project Super Glue which is driving me nuts. Screen simply refuses to unlock sometimes - the only thing missing is a message "Fuck off. I'm busy doing nothing". GPS connection issues that seem to time themselves perfectly with when I need it most.

    I'd love the two most annoying issues to get fixed. It'd be nice to have a phone that can actually get through the day without dying on me, even with light use. I've installed Battery Doctor to check which apps are sapping the unit the most and to my dismay it's not something I can uninstall - it's Android OS, Maps and Google Services. I don't even understand why Maps has to be constantly running when not in use. Same with Google Play Magazines. I would also love, love, love it to go back to Project Butter smoothness instead of the current Project Super Glue infuriating lagging when doing even the most simple tasks.

    I'm sticking by Android for now, but I suspect many customers will not be so patient. Google picked a bad time to release a very buggy version of the OS. Just when Samsung has outsold iPhones for 4 straight quarters meaning that for many customers it's their first experience with Android. If their phones work like mine I suspect they may switch to an iPhone and never come back.

  • allastair

    For some reason the notifications bar and user management bar options are dropping letters... e.g. "airplane mode" reads "a rp n mo " and "bluetooth" reads " u oo ".

  • Danny_Hax

    Droid 4. Mine WAS fine up untill a few days ago. Now it constantly force reboots, slow charging, and over heats. I noticed that i have no signal whenever it starts to reboot, as if its struggling to get a signal. I am a highschooler, so when i go to school, i put it in airplane mode to conserve the battery. It still force reboots. Even when i turn off airplane mode, it has a hard time doing so.

  • Brandon

    whenever I plug my Nexus 4 in it charges from 70% to 100% in under 2 seconds ... If I remove the cable again it does not drop to 70% again it continues to stay at 100% and then finally discharges slowly ... very weird

  • Eric Roudabush

    in addition to fast battery drain and slow charging, the system seems to think the charger is connected when it isn't since the update and on rare occasion doesn;t see the charger when it is connected.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bob.heggie Bob Heggie

    A bug I am getting that was not mentioned is my Nexus S will simply drop network connection at random (any network, my wireless router, my wireless carrier, etc) and not reconnect UNLESS I reboot the device. Sometimes in the middle of the night I hear the phone reconnect as it starts to download my messages and I get the audible alerts. Annoying due to the number of message alerts that all go off at once!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ennanh Ennan Hamill

    My nexus has stopped recognising the charger when the device is turned on and won't connect to a computer via USB. The device will only charge if switched off.

  • jiggly puff

    when i install apps sometimes they dont show up in the app draw and when i uninstall shortcut s are sometimes left on the desktop... its making me nuts!!!


    After upgrading my Note 10.1 to jellybean the video player randomly starts up on its own, causes the device to seriously lag

  • DrSmallJoy

    appalling update, so many issues compared to 4.1. I constantly get the icon 'pop in' going back to the homescreen, kind of similar to booting to a windows desktop. had nothing of the sort before. Google really need to acknowledge that they have properly f'd this up. Can't recommend any nexus products like I have before until this is fixed!

  • John

    Don't have time to read through 600+ comments but definitely have been severely affected by the Wi-Fi issue. Essentially went from full bars pretty much anywhere in my house/office to 1 bar often dropping to grey.


    The Worst thing in NEXUS 4 is camera. GNEX 5MP camera got excellent video/image quality. Whenever i shoot videos, i feel sad about the quality of the video. Any body facing the same ISSUE?

  • skivich

    Anyone having an issue with the device not powering on or accepting a charge at all? I was using it just fine last night for school and then BAM this morning no response. Neither Google or Asus aknowledge this problem as known or existing and only offer the option to send it in for repair.

  • Martin

    Connecting with Wifi and after going to standby it looses the connection and I can't get it back until I reboot phone and router. This is since 4.2-update. This issue in combination with the same behaviour with bluetooth makes the phone almost useless. And there seems to be no hope that they fix it... :(

  • http://twitter.com/lovebyallmeans zi mon

    My camera app sometimes doesn't respond at all when I try to take a picture. Everything else like turning on or of the flash works just fine. Also it looks to me like the quality of the pictures is really bad. Not like 8MP. It might be a hardware defect but I will wait for the bugfix to see if it gets better then

  • ezzy

    Problems with Skype and WiFi disconnects all the time..

  • greyfoxrun

    Touch screen sensitivity is non-existent when on line. Google sent a new one but problem is in that one too. Google unable to repair and their assistance is dwindling

  • johan

    The most frustrating for me is the keyboard. Some time the keyboard show on and off when you at trying to text some buddy.that's mean you can't type a word . for example if I want to type love this take me like 5 minute to type it because the keyboard show off and rapidly

  • Owallen

    Crack in the back glass by no known reason....

    • Owallen

      Oh, device is off course Nexus 4...

  • malli252

    My sd card keeps re-initializing. Resets my custom ring tones and makes it hard to watch videos or play music. Only started after the last update. And can't turn haptic feedback off when typing.

    • malli252

      I'm running on a Galaxy Note 2 btw.

  • sarakate

    I am having a problem when making calls. Once I call someone my screen blacks out and I am unable to hang up on the call. I have to restart my phone to hang up. Any ideas?

  • shyandilya

    I got mynexus 4 yesterday updated it to 4.2 it took 4 hours to charge from 4 percent to 96 i got it as a gift now i hate it, what is the solution

  • Jay Patel

    Having a problem with earphones volume. They are so less compared to my old galaxy nexus ! Seems to be nexus 1.2 issue !! - Have a nexus 4

  • dominatorishere

    I've just noticed some touchscreen issues lately when using chrome on certain websites. Screen doesn't respond or very sluggish. Sometimes it happens sometimes not.

  • Frank

    My nexus 7 chimes every 5 minutes.

  • AdamWill

    I'm having major issues with using the phone while on a call. The screen will go to black, and attempts to turn it back on will result in either nothing, or the screen flashing on for a second or two and crashing again. Rarely, the phone will not come on when I push the power button, bringing back nightmares of the horrible power button issues on the Nexus S.

  • fairwinds4linda

    My on device music stops playing after an hour or so-before the album or playlist has finished. Also my on device album covers - ones I added from my laptop are now in gray...

  • Michael

    Android 4.2 bugs

    when running the Google Play app, the volume of incoming and outgoing calls is not adjusted leading to extremely loud ring tone and speaker volume, which cannot be lowered with the volume buttons.

    with best regards

    • Michael

      this post in concerning the LG Nexus 4

  • joris

    4.2.2 on Galaxy Nexus:
    - UI still sluggish like hell
    - apps randomly crash
    - issues with touchscreen sensitivity
    - somehow the display can't always keep up with my typing speed
    - with apps in portrait mode text entry field are not visible when typing
    - sometimes when exiting app it takes a full 2 sec before the icons in the star screen appear

    For a bugfix it sure has a lot of bugs.

    Oh .... And yes I did a reset to factory but it didn't solve anything. Well, actually the UI might have been a tad less sluggish but still far from acceptable.

    For comparison, it is now about as fast as my old Galaxy Tab which runs 4.1 (cyanogen) with less than half the hardware power!

    Needless to say I'm not amused.

  • prawnybucket

    My Nexus 7 is not only suffering with the battery issue, but the latest update has now stopped the keyboard working! I've just about had enough! Called Asus and am awaiting a service call back from them!

  • Dissenter29

    Ringtones cease to work after an unknown period of time. At first it would start to vibrate instead of ring. Turning it off and turning it back on would fix it for a while. When that stopped working, I reset to factory default settings, which seemed to fix it, but now turning the phone off and turning it back on makes no difference. The phone won't ring.

  • robyn

    After update my screen in portrait mode can't type the m, k and o letters anymore. I have to go into landscape mode to type anything.

  • Guest

    I have a nexus 7. Since I updated to 4.2.1, the (only) problem I seem to have is extremely slow WiFi exclusive to the nexus 7. But that kinda ruins the whole experience. Even my gmail inbox takes forever to load.
    Thankfully, I haven't experienced the problems mentioned in the post. My battery charges at a good rate of about 40% an hour.

  • J Pletcher

    Love my Nexus 7. Better than I had hoped for. Android 4.2.2 OTA rollout went great. But, nothing but problems with WiFi since.

  • vivalaflav

    The Keyboard keeps crashing. I can't type anything when I report it, ironic?
    How do I get my keyboard to work again? I tried rebooting, disabling, force stop, clearing its memory...idk what else to do...

  • matthewcruce

    I have the sprint galaxy nexus and in my gallery I'm getting duplicate folders on everything done a hard reset nothing seems to work can't figure it out 4.2.1

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffreykm Jeff Kurian

    My Nexus 4 just died on me 2 days ago. After hours of charging it and waiting nothing happened. After searching the web I found a post about pressing the volume button and power button simultaneously to turn it off and back on, which worked. After which today I noticed a bunch of my contacts are missing especially the new people I added (over the past 2 months). I noticed the same when a lot of the recent messages didn't have contact names listed. Now I can't definitively say if it was this sudden dying of the phone led to the same but something happened.

  • Karen

    Tried charging my phone last night with the original usb & wall charger. The phone got really hot and it wouldn't charge so I reboot the phone and it shows the phone is being charged but a couple hours later I realized the phone got EXTREMELY HOT and didn't charge at all... I immediately turned it off and let it cool down. Just plugged it into my laptop and it's SLOWLY charging right now.

  • neverending email

    Email still syncs even when set to never (used to be called manual)

  • http://www.facebook.com/rbrian.lindahl R Brian Lindahl

    Can confirm the slow charging. It was at 2% yesterday when I plugged it in... now, 16 hours later, is only at 90%. Also had a loose battery connector that made it almost impossible to reboot at low charge until I opened it up and pushed the connector in tight.

  • JeffL

    The only bug I've had (so far) is when I try to manage my apps. If I want to uninstall an app I go into the app manager and 5 seconds later the tablet reboots. I haven't been able to uninstall anything for the last two months.

  • Haige

    Unable to enable my Bluetooth after a period of time (2/3 days without rebooting) Sliding the Bluetooth toggle to ON will just make it bounce back to OFF, thus unable to activate bluetooth. A reboot will fix this issue temporarily though

  • Tomi Golob

    My N7 has an annoying bug where YouTube app would always ask me to sing in to YouTube even though I already signed in... YouTube also doesn't seem to remember paired TVs. That is so annoying!!!! There is a long and huge thread on Google support and they haven't replied to the issue since last year. But that's a bit offtopic.

    The screen flicker started happening right after I updated to 4.2.2. Battery life however is incredible... Oh and Google Now doesn't show any cards - even weather - from time to.time, even though on my phone it shows it. If I hit refresh on my N7 Now page it doesn't change anything... So far the update has been a disappointment. I also noticed stuttering and lags specially when streaming videos

  • jay67

    Bluetooth broken on xxxxx "except the nexus 4". really ? Amazing statement considering the widely reported BT issues for nexus 4.

  • don malik

    My nexus 4 is on vibrate, I press power button and put it back to ring then start a call and as soon as I dial I see the phone is back to vibrate! Only stays on ring if I don't make a call immediately after switching from vibrate to ring!!!

  • Aaron

    Just got my N7 16gb back from Asus (repaired a broken screen, thanks 3yo daughter). Now it will randomly click stuff, move around, zoom in/out, like it has a mind of it's own. I have to turn it off and back on to stop it. it will do this a few times a day. I emailed asus but no reply yet, any ideas?

  • Marianne

    On my Nexus 7, Force Stop seems to do nothing at all almost all of the time, particularly with game apps. The button grays out, so it has accepted the command, but the app is still using battery. Some apps are still using battery even after I force stop and power down. I don't like the fact that some apps can't be turned off at all (like Google Earth, for which there is no force stop option).

  • jeremy abney

    My Nexus 10 freezes up at night while charging, I use the dream clock feature. I'm thinking about returning it and getting the new Asus transformer pad.

  • johnq

    My WiFi keeps dropping on my DNA same with the gs3 before this really annoying. No other problems though except for the occasional no service message where I should have service.

  • FNP

    You can add Asus transformer pad to the list of broken bluetooth devices.

  • Lynn

    Wifi issues with the new jelly bean. Slow to connect. Shows connectivity but no connection.

    • Lynn

      It's a Telus htc 1x btw

  • http://www.facebook.com/arjun.dhawan.3 Arjun Dhawan

    My data services (2g) switches off when the display is off, and comes back on only when is the display is switched back on. Due to this, I do not get my whats app messages at the correct time.

  • JerryKeyz

    SInce version 4.2.2 my GN is finally running stable again. Also bluetooth is working, it flawlessly connects to my car system and I can make calls again! So this is VERY good!

  • http://www.facebook.com/liesbeth.dolman Liesbeth Dolman

    I've not been able to get any e-mail connection with dataconnection since the update, it only works on WiFi since then!

  • Oscar

    Nexus 4 has major Bluetooth issues as well. Even turning it on is broken...

  • BobyD

    I updated my ASUS TF300 and now I can't use it while charging! I haven't noticed any other problems, performance, etc is fine. Anyone else had this problem?!?

  • Ian

    In android 4.2.2 the option for hitting the "+" disappears once your call is connected. it disappears off the "0".

  • kidqwerty

    When using speaker on phone call...once the screen blacks out, can't bring back the screen by moving phone. In fact... Can't bring screen back using buttons volume or power... Pressing power button ends call and brings screen back... But useless if one wants to continue the call by ending use of speaker phone

  • Alex R

    I have a Galaxy Nexus, and I STILL have these problems with auto-brightness, bluetooth (unusable, worked perfectly in 4.2.1, though), ridiculous battery drain (got to charge it twice a day), lock-screen is unreliable and the camera app freezes for 1-3 secs every time i flip it. Also, I can't send/receive MMS's after the 4.2.2 update.

    Did all these prolems got solved for you guys with the 4.2.2 update?

  • synner

    My volume sucks. For some reason the volume has been turned down from before. I turn on the eq and it goes even lower.

  • momrly8

    HTC Eco 4 LteUncle everal Gaps Kindle And Picpaint My Onscreen Menus Don't Show On Kindle I Can't Change BrIghtness Or Make Book Marks Or Go To Bookmarks.
    I Talked To Kindle For A Long Time They Couldn't Figure It Out Still Waiting To Hear Back When They do.

    The Pic Paint I Can't Save Or Send There Is No Popup Menu.

  • Bill

    Nexus 10 BBCiPLayer not working after upgrade

  • Mladen Vuckovic

    I am experiencing over all laggyness after upgrading from 4.1.1 to 4.2.1, the smoothness of the 4.1.1 update appears to have gone.

    Case in point:
    - The Task Switcher button is noticeably slower and doesn't display all running apps almost immediately like it used to.
    - Pressing the home button to get back to the Home Screen is much slower, sometimes it takes seconds for my home screen icons to be displayed after pressing the home button.

  • NursultanTulyakbay

    Other issue 1: "Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped." Just started a few days ago. I haven't installed or removed any apps in several months. This message pops up all the time. I have hit the "Report" button, of course I can type any details in the report form without a keyboard. I have tried clearing the cache of the android keyboard, force stopping, rebooting. I would try a factory reset except I can't do one without entering my PIN (no keyboard).

    Other issue 2: Google play store app opens for about a second, then quits. No errors, just quits.

  • runcoach 100

    My Nexus 7 was perfectly stable over a three month period. It now has 'fits' when I am in a range of apps. This seems to be because the home, return and open apps buttons keep randomly and quickly auto operating and 'pressing themselves' even though I haven't touched them. I can be in any app including facebook, chrome, maps etc. and suddnly it 'fits' and becomes unusable. Sometimes screen becomes frozen / unresponsive as well.
    Software? Hardware? I don't know but extremely annoying in a tablet that up to now, I have been delighted with! Has anyone else had these symptoms

  • City

    AT&T galaxyNote II.

    I have issues with bluetooth! I have a Blueant Q2, a Motorola Slivr and a SAMSUNG HM 3300.

    Before this update, all devices were truly hands free. After the update, none of the devices can get through the lockscreen.

    Bluetooth sounds bad to people I talk to. My voice fades in and out.
    Battery SUCKS now where before the update the battery was extremely good.

    I really hope they fix these issues soon.

  • Lynne

    When my phone is connected to my Honda CRX hands free phone system, it spontaneously connects and disconnects on a rotating basis as I drive down the road. This does not happen with the other two phones connected to my Honda.

  • MummaT

    Was just about to do my 4.2 update and stumbled across this page. Luckily I've turned off my Auto Updates and I will now hold off updating my handset until a much later date when hopefully some of the bugs will have been ironed out. Many thanks for the heads up

  • disappointed

    I must say Google is the worst company I have had to deal with in my life as far as ordering and customer service goes. They just try to give me the runaround saying its my Bluetooth speaker that has the issue not the nexus 10. I have had an easier time getting a $1200 subwoofer that had to be freighted replaced. There is something wrong with this company. I truly regret purchasing this nexus 10

  • Andy

    Galaxy Nexus with random rebooting, lock screen freezing, half my photos not displaying in gallery, videos not playable - html5, mp4 through all 4 major browsers (and of course no flash now), tethering problems not evident before the update, and just to put the icing on the cake the usb charging port is starting to play up now and not charging sometimes and then alternatively sometimes saying it's charging when it's not (I have a temp fix in place now before it's to be repaired next week)

    Was so in love with this phone and now it's a brick :(

  • Betty

    Google removed my preferred music playing app with their update, and I can't find one I like as well. I have a Droid Razor by Motorola--- I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to just scream and moan because of updates that have messed with my apps and cost me time when I had no desire to make changes!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.geiken Ronald Geiken

    I have Android 4.2.2 on my Nexus 10 as of May 4, 2013, and the mouse works pretty good with Bluetooth, but the Keyboard is really obnoxious to use. I can't believe a $500 10" Tablet has so many problems using the Bluetooth Keyboard. I have seen something that it can take 100 msec to get the Tablet to respond to the Keyboard, and that cause some serious problems when trying to use some of the Browsers. I have it paired, and occasionally, I get a notice that the Bluetooth keyboard is disconnected, and when I check on that, sure enough it is and I hadn't requested that. Also in order to surpress the on screen keyboard, you need to have something called External Keyboard Helper pro, and that is a paid application. I guess that app was created to try to alleviate some of the deficiencies of Nexus 10. I was hoping that some of the newer releases would fix that problem, but so far non of them have. I had heard that Android 4.3 was supposed to fix some of the bluetooth problems. Unfortunately BLE which is the low energy bluetooth standard would speed up delay from 100 msec to about 3 or 4msec which would help BT operation tremendously. I don't think that there are any other Nexus tablets that have this problem. My Nexus 7 seemed to work fine with the BT that is supplied with Android 4.2.2. Other than the BT Keyboard problem, my Nexus 10 is a great performer and use it frequently with a 27 inch monitor and that is a great combination.

  • http://www.facebook.com/athensy Athens Yan

    After upgrade to Android 4.2.1 for my ASUS Transformer TF300TG, tethering & portable hotspot function is broken. It seems that this function is working, i.e. WiFi hotspot can be connected by another devices. However, connected devices cannot go to internet.

  • greg

    Yes I know its not version 4.2 but it may also happen in that version maybe? I updated to 4.1.2 and if I use USB mass storage after I turn it off then the favourite apps widget removes the apps I had moved to SD card and they don't come back.

  • Jasmin Ibrišimbegović

    "Unfortunately, gallery has stopped!"
    this makes me crazy. since I flashed my stock ROM with customROM
    I can't get rid of this error.
    What it means is taht camera is not working at all....

  • frustratedandroidlover

    I really love 4.2 on my skyrocket, but it will not connect to any bluetooth at all. I really hope they make a fix for this asap, having to use wires again isnt why got this phone. Might just..... get an iphone. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUNN

  • Vibhav

    My nexus 7 is misbehaving. Apps open randomly evn if I dont touch the icons. If I m on the homescreen, the widgets start opening by themselves. For exaple, the play book and clock. I have also been experiencing laggy response. Please Help me. IS it jellybean 4.2 issue or there is some problem with the hardware?

  • Nexus 7 fan

    I encountered an issue with the nexus 7 on 4.2 when i added a new gmail account (for my dad). After doing that the Owner name that is displayed is my dad's name. Now when i try to change it, the Users option stops working (displays error message) and then goes back to home screen. I have already reported this as far back as January this year but no news yet

  • rgeiken

    I have a Nexus 10 and except for the BT keyboard everything works OK. The BT on the Nexus 10 is very erratic. The mouse works OK, but the keyboard activity is like watching Abbott and Costello or the Three Stooges. I have JB 4.2.2 installed, and it still has problems like it has since the day I got it. BT seems to work fine on the Samsung Tablets. I guess they have never gotten around to finding a solution. On my Nexus 10, it keeps turning my BT keyboard off even though i have set that as the default. With just that fault, it keeps anybody from recommending that over an i Pad or a Samsung Android Tablet. As of June 7, 2013, DO NOT BUY a Nexus Tablet under any conditions if you want to use an external keyboard!!!!

  • tawster

    Here's a new bug for you, not just reboots, but WiFi resets many times a day for... who knows why. ???

    Reboots and more reboots on the Nexus 10. My wife (who is the primary user/owner of said device) is vexed to say the least.

    No issues with bluetooth: We use a Poetic KeyBook bluetooth keyboard and haven't experienced any bluetooth issues.

  • Tammi Nowlin

    I am having issues with my samsung galaxay tab 10.1 running out of storage due to the fact that it isn't able to access the storage card or usb. Google Play doesn't want to open. Shutdowns. Lockups. Bluetooth is not just broken.....shattered. Please fix Google.

  • fabu

    so one day my phobe didnt switch on and bow when i press the on buttin my camera flash flickers i have no idea whats going on

  • huntly2

    Downloading picture folder from win 7 computer when viewed on tablet are duplicated. One folder is ok and the other one has all the pictures with an equal number of blank spaces. Same thing happens with a direct to tablet card download or loading card with a card reader.

  • Jon

    I've owned my Nexus 7 for over 7 months and Google has yet to fix these stupid bugs! Bluetooth is STILL BROKEN! I can't pair any gamepads to my device! Seriously. I'm never buying an Android tablet ever again. 7 months and they refuse to fix something as important as bluetooth? How can I use my tablet as a gaming device?

    I know some of you will laugh if I write that I'm just gonna switch to iPad, but what can I say? NO IPAD USER HAS TO SUFFER LIKE THIS!!!!!! NONE!!! NOT A SINGLE PERSON!!!!

  • rgeiken

    This is June 25th 2013, and the Bluetooth Problem is still around. For all the supposed fixes they have been applying to the Android problems, this one has been around for a long long time. i Pad 4 has BT 4, and the question is why is Android still skirting along with BT 3. BT 3 may be OK for a system that is powered by a 115 Volt Plug, but for portable use, BT 4 is the only viable option. I still have my BT Keyboard turned off by the system less than a minute after I have turned it on. Other that BT 4, my Nexus 10 works pretty good. Wonder why Apple isn't using the BT 3 problems against Android and maybe forcing them into action sooner than they want to address this. HELLO GOOGLE ARE YOU LISTENING?

  • lostisland

    Something I've noticed, and am not sure how long it's been that way - after power up, if no wi-fi network is available, the date and time are not set. I find it highly irritating that after power up in a remote location I can't use the 'smart phone' as a clock.

  • MrMoonshadow

    Christmas 2012---new model Wintec Filemate CLEAR---fantastic---then the upgrades hit...I have disabled all but two auto updates and that helps; clearing caches helps a lot; not syncing too much helps, orig. G-keyboard works but not the updated one---hangs and refuses to display. Had not figured out backing up my data, when I got a screen that said "encryption failed---must do a reset"----Google was looking out for my back and reset it all by itself---wiping out all settings, all data (except music, movies and pictures, ThxGod....Then the reset Android had a really cool Gallery app---until Android updated---now it's gone and the updated gallery refuses to function, has no thumbnails.... Google was fine as a search engine----now on my desktop I'm forever waiting for either GoogleAnalytics or GoogleAds---I fear Google is in way way way over it's head----lousy performance in the stuff they are selling; I do not have a smart phone----I would have chosen Android; now IF I get one, it will clearly be an Apple product that works....very very very disappointed in all things Google----I hope they got "paid well" for "selling out" to the NSA!!!! Seriously, Google, time to get back to the creativity that made you a big boy!!!!

  • richard foster

    I am getting the brightness issue but am only on android 4.1.2 and it only happens when I use fx guru is this a problem with the app or is it an android bug that can be solved .... using Huawei ascend p2

  • Micko Magallanes

    I think the major problem of android user is how to unlock the phone if you have too many attempts in entering the patterns and passkey of your phone, I realize that and that is very hard problem, the only way you need is to reset your phone

  • odawg

    Wifi wont work

  • Div

    I just got the Galaxy Exhilarate, and it sucks up data like a sponge. On my old Samsung, I used about 400 MB at most a month, this new phone sucked up over 100 MB in less than an hour. I really dislike Google + and Google play. They are constantly on, sucking the life out of my battery(and data plan). At first the 4g didn't even work, only my wireless network. If I had known this would happen, I would have never called to complain about it. I just want to throw it out the window.

  • NT

    on my HTC One X, 4.2.2 official update is like a disaster, ;
    - Wifi performance is really bad (%50 performance loss refer to 4.1.1)
    - Icon grouping is reset and everytime I need to reorder the icons
    - Battery performance is bad (%50 performance loss)

    So, I'm waiting for next fix from HTC or I will send the phone to the warranty to replace it

  • Uday Krishna

    1. The vibration during loack screen entry could not be turned off. There is setting at all
    2. Brightness is too low even at the highest level and change for no reason in Auto
    3. Had issues in earlier update (4.2.2 Apr/Jun come with device) like when pressed a contact shows only blank. Have to go back, close and re open the contact to display. problem remian in recent August update
    4. Very low responsiveness in both updates. I never seen such a painstaking slowness on a phone with 1.5GM RAM and 1.4GHZ processor
    5. Some how google unable to manage the software development or ignorant of issues in a hurry to compete with IOS or Windows
    6. Colours of OS is too clumsy and unclear. IOS and WIN8 improveing day by day and google is making it worse.
    7. The black background has to be redefined for eye friendlyness

  • Sanjeev Gheewala

    New to android. Overall great but two big issues. One is copy paste and the other is that chrome does not recognise phone numbers when browsing whereas on safari if there is a telephone number found using the most popular search engine, yes you got it, it is clickable. Very silly to have to copy and paste telephone numbers or is there a workaround?

  • Baz

    Google Play no longer has option to update over wifi only (4.3.11)

  • amen

    model C2104, Sony Xperia L.
    1. auto brightness control fails to do the job well.
    2. after every restart i lose the icons of those apps that are in the internal storage. i will have to manually add them to windowpanes again and again.
    3. WiFi connectivity issues often; though not always.
    4. some sound features are almost inaudible now, like the lock sound.

  • karan

    while entering text the enter key is unresponsive....
    one is not able to go to next line with enter....
    i've been experiencing this problem on my xperia l........

  • suraj thakur

    My micromax canvas hd screen flickers 3-4 tumes or sometimes more when i power it....it runs on 4.2 ...dis happens randomly when i jst on it by power key.....but once it starts it never repeats again....wats d mattr?....

  • apoorv

    In my new xperia l the sound from the loudspeakers becomes almost inaudible . The music can be heard when i keep my ear near the earphone jack . But everything is back to normal when i restart the phone .. I am facing this problem after androii update . ......

  • apoorv

    Please help

  • Akshat Porwal

    wifi connectivity bug

  • Christina Chornomud

    Charging is slow IMO. Just charged it for over an hour (original charger, battery and USB cord) and I have less than 50% left. This happens often.

  • Anna K.

    Brand new tablet, after 3 days of use, it turned to a brick. First 2 days it did random reboots, battery swas emptying fast, the charging times were long and the screen auto set brightness. Android 4.1 on CrystalAudioTab-72 IPS, 7', 8gb.

  • Nexass10

    My nexus 10 has been starting doing a screen flicker and the reboots are annoying. After paying $500 for something I would assume it'd last longer.

  • Willie Chambers

    I have a htc one sv and since the 4.2 update the sound max volume has seemed to decrease, now the Htc one sv had beat audio installed and I also use a pair of beat solo headphones and for some reason since the 4.2 update my htc one sv doesnt music as loud as it did before the udate! The sound volume seems to change when I go from sleep/blank screen mode into my phone and visa versa!

  • Howard Rosenberg

    Video player skips after update

  • Rhonda

    Google Voice Search Keeps Popping Up every 10 seconds.

    Not Cool, Google, Not Cool.

    Surface, Anyone. Maybe Microsoft got this right after 30 years?

  • Ben

    I bought the Alcatel one touch fierce which runs the 4.2.2 is. The Bluetooth fiction will stay paired with a device for half an hour and then it will disconnect itself. I'll then go turn it off and try turning it back on (the Bluetooth) and it looks like its about to turn on but doesn't forcing me to reboot constantly. Other than that, no known issues. For a budget android, it seems to run the os fairly well.

  • Poppy 4

    Net work error, signal is excellent. Have a WiFi range extender. Doesn't matter whether it's on Att router or netgear extender.

  • freek00000

    samsung galaxy mega, Android 4.2.9 screen flickling with horizontal shaking line from up to about 1/4 of the screen.

  • davparker

    I have a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 10. Both began experiencing random lockups and reboots after upgrading to 4.4. The update to 4.4.2 hasn't helped. I finally factory reset my Nexus 7 and it seems to have cleared this up, but the tablet is sluggish with the 4.4.2 OS. The problem is much worse on the Nexus 10. I almost hate using it anymore as it will lockup at least once requiring me to hold the power button down up to 20 seconds to force a reboot. On the Nexus 10 it miserly locks up shortly after opening the cover to wake it up, but it does also occur randomly after using it for some time. I haven't reset it yet because I see from various forums that this is a known and widespread issue that Google has yet to solve. I'm adding my voice to the thousands of other Nexu 10 owners who are suffering much frustration in waiting for this problem to be solved.

  • rob lud

    having what time with google play movies... can hear the movie but can't see it. Have an android 4.1.2. No clue what to do. already pretty limited technically and now wasted money with these movies. sucks. If anyone has an idea please don't hesitate. or a store in las Vegas. rj_ludlam@yahoo.com

    Thank you,

  • josh

    The galaxy mega s voice pops up out of no where drive mode activates and deactivates charging problems

  • Steveo287

    I installed the Vodafone Mobile Device Management app from Google Play. After encrypting the phone, the phone rebooted and an image of an android appeared and nothing else happened. Even if I remove the battery or restart it in safe mode and enter the passcode, the same image of the android appears. The phone no longer functions, I cannot access any apps, make calls etc. Any ideas on how I can fix it?

  • Nick

    my nexus reboots several times in a row, almost constantly, every night, starting around 2-3 am! very irritating! plus, many times my phone won't even wake from sleep with the side button. ill either have to hold it or remove the battery. lastly, when i plug the phone in at night, 80% of the time it still says the battery is absolutely dead in the morning and immediatwly dies when i unplug it. syart it back up and it's at 100% charge..

  • Pan Wilson

    I seem to have lost GPS since 4.2.1. I get "No GPS device available" from weather and mapping apps. The option for GPS is available and checked in settings.
    This could be coincidental failure but it was working find before.
    Asus tf300t

  • Bloblo Escobar

    WiFi on my HTC one SV is basically unusable. It connects, then disconnects. then the same thing. Over and over and over...plus the battery has suffered.

  • rgeiken

    It is May 17, 2014, and my Nexus 10 still has the problem of Bluetooth Keyboard being disconnected from my tablet. The Nexus 10 recognizes the BT Keyboard, and shows it in the Settings input window, but after about a minute or two it just removes the listing and returns to the on screen keyboard. Nexus 10 with 4.4.2 is doing this without any request from me. The Tablet should leave the BT on for the keyboard all the time and I should have to request that it be turned off. Sometimes after 4 or 5 minutes of keyboard activity, I will try to enter some new characters, and it will not do it for a short period of time. The BT Keyboard that I am using works fine with a Windows Computer. This seems to be a Nexus 10 problem and it is even present in Android 4.4.2 that has BT 4.0. They seem to be out to lunch on this problem. Hello GOOGLE!!! Pay attention to these kind of problems.

  • Muhammad Attique

    My Sony experia L have severe problem on 4.2 as sometimes, external speaker stops working and all sounds including ringtone are played via internal speaker.... This will probably harm internal speaker... To resolve issue for time being, I have to call any number, turn on speaker, then turn it off and end the call....

  • BeRRa

    I own an HTC one SV and when I upgraded to 4.2.2 I noticed my notepad witch had many important notes was gone with no trace at all and just recently in my camera app when I tried to edit a photo wether to resize or just add a little light too it it doesn't let me It just shuts down and gives me an error.. If anyone has a fix to these issues please let me know thanks.

  • jj

    Having sudden wifi problem on micromax hd, never happened before, wifi icon shows grey cannot connect to internet, on 3g hotspot works fine?? Wifi works on other phone and laptop. Restarted , setting defaulted, reused password, broswer cookies cleaned?????? Any help.

  • Jared Frechette

    my device shuts of completly when i access the accual screen were i can see what % the batery is at ie. () (95%)
    then the device will not power up.....gray batery with no green energy flow. perm.
    then after hard resset no power but a grey battery with green enegy flow show 0% charge

  • 1bluebugg

    I'm a little late with phone issues on this comment page, and I don't have a nexus. I do however have a galaxy note 3, and it is giving me a couple random reboots, "unfortunately, gallery has stopped", and my SD card is unmounting and remounting itself on a regular. This started about 2 days ago, and is becoming pretty tedious. Looked for a ".hide" file, ran an SD maid, got an "app.zip" from the app store, ran a few virus scans, all came out clean, and none could find a ".hide" file....phone is not rooted, developer options are unlocked, and my version is 4.3. Can anyone help?

  • aftertheflesh

    After encrypting my Ax's 4g tablet mobile data doesn't work. Options are all greyed out, including Sim card management. Wtf? I bought this formobile data. Its a T-Mobile tablet for gods sake. Why would you shutdown mobile data after encryption or at least mention that its not going to work during the encryption setup. Encryption is irreversable unless I wipe the tablet. This sucks.

  • Scoppics

    Facebook constantly crashes when I go to view someone else's page!

  • Guest

    Device: Note 8 (official update)
    bugs 1: After updated from version 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 -> USB connector headset cannot use.
    Tested on other device which run version 4.3, work as smooth as my phone before update.

    bugs 2: not able to charge when phone battery level below 15% by using charger below 2A.

  • Gary Ronan

    My Nexus7 throw's up number's instead of letter's while I type. Not all the time but randomly.
    I also get system not responding notifications no matter what browser I use. Chrome,Firefox or Maxthon. They all do it.