• Darius_bd

    Waking Mars is simply amazing! Very nice game, long, enjoyable story and light blooded.

    • Aditya Gulia

      True that... Judicious Horticulture is the key! ;)

  • Sootie

    Beat hazard is super awesome!

  • nicereddy

    I've heard the My Little Pony game is atrocious, and from bronies nonetheless. I watch the show but I'm not sure I trust Game Loft to bring a quality experience.

  • longhairbilly

    Draw a Stickman: Epic is great.

  • PhilNelwyn

    Some good discoveries there, thanks AP.

  • TouchMyBox

    Poking fun at bronies is one thing, but trying to belittle the talented people who work hard on the show is stooping kinda low.

    • http://kittyanarchy.net/ Ashley Davis

      I absolutely agree. Anyone who makes unfair judgements like that just prove that they never bothered to even watch a few seconds of the show and yet they are still willing to make horrible comments.

  • UtopiaNH

    Did anyone notice/review "In a Permanent Save State" which was released on android in the last week or so? Also, what about "Superbrothers: Swords & Sworcery EP" released with the humble bundle?

    • Michele Gargiulo

      Sworcery is awesome! I don't have time to play all these games... :(

  • A_Brony

    That pony game is NOT worth it, for the record. To complete it you need to pay 260$+ OR wait around 15 years. Pretty insane, right?

    • A_Brony

      (also, the game was quite frankly bad anyway and a lot of things were geared towards children only)

  • Guest

    What I've found out. Mobile gaming is SERIOUSLY and I mean SERIOUSLY overrated. These games are awful. Delver is one of the first games which has piqued my interest as a concept though. Might download that. It may deserve the attention.

  • amos

    i love this games and this blog


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