• Chris Webster

    I use it on my Nexus 7 just as a guest profile so people won't have to log out of my stuff to use their's. And I'll probably do the same when I get a new phone

    • Tony

      Exactly, guest profiles for when someone wants to see your phone and you don't want them wandering about photos and such in case you forgot to hide some private ones, etc!

    • Jay T

      I already use it heaps on my Nexus 7. I have an account for myself, my younger brother, and my Mum.

  • Teddy Reardon

    i'll use it once i get a tablet that has it.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Voted yes but no... because i just don't have anyone to use my tablet with, however i do have a guest account, in case i want to show my nexus 7 to someone to try it out.

  • adi19956

    I voted no, but I can see myself using it in the future as we move towards sharing tablets with family members as opposed to desktops

  • Gav456

    a problem with the OS to do with user accounts. There's no way to share files/media between users, like a public area. Also, I'd want a way (for at the least "user0" aka "tablet owner") to view/delete other user's content. What good is this 'family tablet sharing' idea if parents can't monitor their kids usage? I want user0 to have administrative privileges. What if kids fill my memory with crap that I can't delete without removing the user? Google needs to rethink this. We don't have to download apps twice (just to activate on different user's accounts) so there's obviously some form of common area, we just can't access it and use it to share media - suxx

    • http://www.ronakg.com/ Ronak Gandhi

      Agree with you completely. But you have to give them credit for a good start. This is exactly how I had imagined multi-user support. Works great on our N7.

      • Gav456

        Yeah, don't get me wrong, it's an excellent start. But, for me at least this poses a serious problem...
        I let my young son watch movies and play games on mine, so a separate user account is a god send. Just a shame I can't use my login to download/install them, then give him access, but instead have to log in as him and do it...

        I want to be able to disable Wi-Fi on other accounts at will, and lock down whichever features I decide are unsuitable.

        I have no doubt that my opinion will be shared by many, and that Google will hear the voices of the many and resolve these issues.

        • ZzBallykingzZ

          This is very similar to how the guest accounts work on Sony tablets. You setup the apps for the guest to use. You can limit their permissions, etc. I like it for this reason but I don't like it because the apps are shared among the accounts. So if I am at a point in a game and another user plays the game they are playing where I left off. I would rather they have their own game. This is what the 4.2 upgrade brings. I'm hoping someone with bring a balance of the two. Maybe Sony and for my tablet! :)

    • http://visionaforethought.wordpress.com/ Oflife

      This is an area where Apple excel, being they target their devices at family members, hence the glitzy interface. iOS is yet to support multi-user logins, but it does have very powerful controls for parental units.

    • gspida

      I voted for both because I have a phablet for a phone. I agree with Gav456 in that essentially multi users at this point, has made what could have been a safe way for kids to use devices into a way for kids to hide stuff from you with a password on your own device! I agree its at least a start.

    • aku

      Agree with you on all points.

  • http://iamandroid.co/profile/rocktoonz Rocktoonz

    I'd be curious to see if, when this comes to phones, if there'd be a way for different users to have different phone numbers (carrier, not VOIP). In that case, I could see it being useful on phones, especially if it will switch profiles (or have that option) when another profile's number rings.

    • Nicholas Loomans

      Maybe if you have a dual SIM phone.

  • wewewi

    Multi User is simply not supported on phone versions of android. Nokia patented.

    Besides, it seems to break root apps pretty bad.. thanks, but no, thanks.

    • mechapathy

      It only breaks some root apps because they foolishly hard-code the path. It'll change.

  • armshouse

    I use it but am not really happy with it yet. I've noticed the whole system begins to lag when set up. More annoyingly however is how the multitasking works. If you leave a game in one user and log in to the other, the music still playlogged in as the other user (although it's not with all apps/games).

    • Peterson Silva

      Maybe these apps still have to adapt to multiuser or something :)

  • http://twitter.com/nastybutler77 Jameson Ahern

    I don't share my phone or nexus 7 with anyone. So I have no use for this. My wife has her iPad and has no interest in my tablet, and vice versa. My friends can look, but not touch. That goes for my Nexus 7 as well.

    • Laurence

      I see what you did there...

    • fox

      yeah, perfect said there...Look but do not touch

  • Nicholas Loomans

    I said no, because I don't let other people use my stuff except the PS3, and even then grudingly.

    • cy_n_ic

      This is my android. Their are many like it but this one is mine.

      • Martim Cortez de Lobão

        Ouch. Right in the grammar...

  • neodoru

    I would have used it on the phone as the "playground" in wp8.

  • Mārtiņš Belte

    I can't help but to dislike the new look of the clock.

    • S_Deemer

      Then change it. HD Widgets has several widgets that work nicely with the new lock screen.

      • carbonated_turtle

        That was the first thing I did after the update. I honestly thought something went wrong when I was downloading the update, because I was certain that nobody in their right mind at Google would've let this through before releasing it. I'm really struggling to figure out why the hours are in bold, or how this is helpful in any way.

  • Andrew Townsend

    I was really hoping this feature would enable me to create an account that'd let me share all the games I've bought with my friends/family.. but since purchased apps aren't shared between profiles, its pretty much useless to me. The only way to enable people to play games I've purchased is to hand them the tablet under my account after freezing apps like gmail, evernote, gallery using titanium backup and hoping they wont figure out how to unfreeze. Most reviews I've read on app protector apps say that people circumvent them using recent apps/other techniques so, titanium backup is the best solution I can think of for now. It's a bitch to freeze/unfreeze though >_<

    • PhilNelwyn

      I've heard of another way: add your e-mail address as a secondary e-mail account to the user account of the person you want to share your paid apps with; download your apps; delete your e-mail account.
      I can't tell you if it works.

      • tinky

        it does. I do it on my wifes phone and son's n7. I've bought some games when they were on sale with him in mind, so although they are on my acc they are for him really. Sign in as secondary acc, install, remove acc.

  • mpinter

    I'd love to use it on my family's Acer Iconia A500 if anyone writes a 4.2 ROM. Just don't have the money for a Nexus 10 right now.

  • http://www.geekmi.com Rob Neil Hendrix

    My son has a Nook Color that is rooted and has C07 on it. It is starting to go but he loves the apps I purchased under his own account. I don't want him accessing anything of mine as it is both my personal and work stuff that I don't want to have issues with. So this feature is looking as a god send for me to have a second tablet purchased just for him. I can set this up and let him use it when he does which is the times I'm not.

  • http://www.androidheadlines.com/ Alexander Maxham

    I would only use it for guest profiles, I don't like having other people using my Tablet or phone.

  • Ian Flanagan

    On my n7 I have a public profile and a profile for my mom

  • Kent Dodds

    Here's why I say no. After seeing it up on my Nexus 7, I discovered that my droid was dying for memory! Just sitting there and it was taking 90% of the available memory. Maybe when they can make it not be such a memory hog, but for now it's not with it...

  • http://twitter.com/aliaboalsaud Ali Aboalsaud

    I think it's a great feature for parents who share tablets with their kids, family members sharing the same device, and so on but in my case, it's of no use since I don't share and won't be sharing any device with anyone than I don't need it and won't be using it.. However, it could be good to set an account for "guests" if people ask for your device frequently as well and you have work/personal things you don't want "nosy" people to see.. In the end, it's a great feature to have but I voted "no" because it's not for me at the moment.

  • GraveUypo


  • michael interbartolo

    good idea and I guess I can see if you want to use it for a guest profile, but given the price of the Nexus7 it was more reasonable to just get the kids their own instead of having to worry about them sharing.

  • http://www.androidradar.de/ Leif

    I use it to differentiate between private usage and work. This makes it also much easier to use two profiles for single apps like a private and a work pocket account and such things. This is one of the reasons why I wish that we would get it on a phone as well but they've done a pretty good start on tablets.

  • Bruce Gavin Ward

    i answered no simply because no one else uses my Nexus (7). however i do see a problem in some people using it as a censuring 'app', especially for children who are already seriously discriminated against.
    my main concern however lies around other apps; my Kobo books are no longer available to me on the Nexus, and while i haven't had a chance to check everything, i suspect others are not yet up to operating properly on 4.2.
    [cart before the horse'ism'?]

    • QwietStorm

      What do you mean children who are discriminated against?

      • GraveUypo

        "i'm a kid but i think i should be able to do whatever i want regardless of my parents opinion" is what he meant.

  • mechapathy

    I voted tablet only, because it's not a phone feature. At least not currently...

  • John O’Connor

    Mid 2014?! Devices being released will probably be shipping with LemonDrop or Mocha by then

  • Sootie

    I havent set it up on my n7 yet but it looks good, the only other person in my house likely to use it though doesnt have a google account because she uses one of those silly fruit things and has no reason for an account

  • mldi

    Had it on my N7 until it became barely usable it was so slow. 4.2 feels rushed.

    • carbonated_turtle

      Couldn't agree more. I've seen no improvements, and everything seems slower and less stable. Sometimes it'll take almost 10 seconds for the screen to turn on when I push the power button, and this is when the device is already on. There's nothing redeeming about this update, and I really wish Google made it easy to revert to a previous version.

  • S_Deemer

    I have been waiting for multi-user on my Nexus 7 since it arrived last summer. This is perhaps the biggest improvement since auto rotation of the home screen. Very clean, intuitive implementation.

  • QwietStorm

    I have no use for it, so no.

  • amplwp

    I use the multi user on my nexus 7. I have an account and my 6 year old has one. His side is more bare bones containing a few games and you tube that's really accessible for him. He loves it, he feels important. Lol

  • Davy Jones

    I just saw this feature on my friends N7 and it looked like it took up RAM always running as a service. I don't know if this is common behavior, but if it is that might be a reason to skip this.

  • Tyler

    When i get my Nexus 10, i'll set up a guest profile for friends and password protect my profile.

  • kanylbullen

    For my Nexus 7 I already set it up, the reason I am also going to use it for my phone when it's available is for one reason only: Theft! If my phone gets stolen I want the thief to use the phone so I can track it. If it's locked he can't use it without wiping it first, so if there is a guest user without password the phone will be usable without my private information being visible.

  • V3dran

    I can't live without it... My Nexus7 was factory default until 4.2 come out, I didn't want it to set up so that my girlfriend has instant access to all my forums/webmail etc...

  • Marios Iakovidis

    I use it on my nexus7 just for a guest account.
    Its just a "safe and clean" browser for them to do what ever they want.

    • gspida

      Until one of your guests leaves something atrocious and the next guest thinks your a creep now :

  • Andrew

    Nope, I have no use for it. Generally speaking nobody ever touches my stuff, but even if they do, they're free to use it as they wish; my pr0n is hidden from prying eyes.

  • DeadSOL

    Who voted for "yes on my phone"? :-/

    • Dave Weinstein

      me! I want to be able to put my phone in "Guest" mode before anyone else handles it (for ANY reason).

  • @sirsteven

    I'm finding it unusable as the implementation stands right now. As i'd like to share pretty much all my apps on the Nexus 7 with my wife, what i'm really after is a more Mac-like approach where the emphasis is on a separate space and all apps are shared. ideally, there'd be a simple checklist of apps that i'd allow various users to access.

    i know that a new user can install apps - and that Android 4.2 will mimic the installation process of apps that are already in the system, so there'll be no duplicates - but it would take hours to do this weird fake-install process for a separate user. seems like too much hassle. kinda disappointed with it.

  • fox

    Get real folks !! whom the fuck needs multi user access on a MOBILE DEVICE???? the purpose of being mobile is to have only ONE ACCESS - YOU the user whom have bought the device, is not a Desktop on which multiple users have access and do not want to see your private files (porn and shit). Really, nobody will use this feature on a mobile phone, is useless, why the hell do you want to share YOUR PHONE, YOUR FKING PHONE!! why do you wanna share it with someone else, are you a retard ore what? what is the point of having a mobile phone if you share your access data. Really, go back to the drawing board and invent something that is worth spending my money and time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Elrando.the.Wonderhorse Matthew Gardner

    I've set up a guest account on my Nexus 10 for when I have small gatherings. At some point YouTube usually comes out given that everybody has a smartphone and a PC is playing the music, so it'll be nice to hand the tablet around without worrying about my personal stuff being on display.

  • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

    I voted both. I'd never likely share my phone, but I often - especially with the Nexus 4 now that it's still rare in the wild - have people asking to see it. I'd love to have a guest account to switch to so they can look at it without me being concerned they can read my emails, etc. If I can't have true multiuser on the phone, I'd at least like a Guest account.

    On the tablet, I share with my kids already, but it irks me that the apps are per-user. I want the apps to always be the ones owned by user0, and others would use them on that device. I get the concept of "everyone can load their apps off the cloud," but in practice, the main users of this option - families and couples - will end up annoyed at the fact that apps are not shared. I hope this is changed in the near future, as it's a major annoyance now when actually trying to, well, have multiple users share the tablet.

  • carbonated_turtle

    I think my favourite thing about 4.2 is the instability they added. It's either that or the ugly lockscreen camera, that inexplicably has the hour in bold, for those of us who are always getting confused with that long string of numbers, and need some way to differentiate between hours and minutes. I've always said "if it ain't broke, break it".

    So anyone know how to revert to 4.1?

  • Jesper_SB

    Voted "yes on my tablet" if I can get my hands on a nexus10. So far devices is still not available in in Play store in my country. Come on Google..

  • MeCampbell30

    I'm the only one that uses my device.

  • http://www.facebook.com/smartguy0101 Anthony James

    If I had a way of selecting my apps I currently have installed that could be accessed by other users I'd be all for it. Also the admin user should be able to regulate at least percentages of storage usage or maybe even see other users sd card data.