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When I first got my Nexus 7, I ran it naked. Not because I had no other choice, but because I wasn't interested in any of the cases that were available at the time. Then, at the Big Android BBQ, I happened to see the new Active cases from Seidio ($35-45, SeidioOnline). I really liked the Active case for the Galaxy Nexus back when I reviewed it, and Seidio's offering for the Nexus 7 looks equally as protective and comes with a nifty cover/stand. Needless to say, I was intrigued.

After having used the case for the last few weeks, I have to say that I like it. Now, let's talk about why.

wm_IMG_2182 wm_IMG_2180

First off, it's pretty. Like the other Seidio cases I've used, this one has a nice matte finish. My review case is red, though you can also get it in blue, black, and white - all of which I'm sure look fantastic (judging from my previous experience with the GN cases).

Just like the others in the Active series, this case has a soft silicone layer on the bottom, covered by Seidio's arachnid hard-shell skeleton. Not going to lie - the outer shell is a bit of a pain to put on the first few times. After that it loosens up a bit and isn't so bad. Of course, if you plan on keeping your device in the case all the time, that's a moot point. I usually remove my N7 from the case when I'm at home, so I thought this worth a mention.

The biggest downfall of this two-layer system is undoubtedly the bottom silicone layer. Why, you ask? Because everything sticks to it. Seriously. I forgot to bring a cloth with me when I went to take pictures of the case, and... well, you can see for yourself. Just look at any of the images where you can see the silicone - there's crap all over it! It's a minor annoyance, no doubt - but an annoyance nonetheless.


wm_IMG_2196 wm_IMG_2201

As you can imagine, the Active case does adds a bit of bulk to the N7, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. The "lip" on the outside gives a nice spot to grip the tablet while reading and such, and the back has a soft satin-like feel to it that is very easy on the hands. The case does add a bit of weight to the N7, so if its sleek form factor and hyper-portability are things that draw you to the tablet, this case may not be the one for you. Personally, I think it looks great.

Around the bottom of the case you'll find the appropriate openings for the microUSB port, headphone jack, and speaker, all of which are cut out with extreme precision. However, this brings me to another negative aspect of this case: with so many cutouts condensed to one area, the silicone is quite flimsy here. When using the device in portrait mode it isn't that noticeable, but it's very evident as soon as you flip around int o landscape mode. While trying to do normal activities in landscape orientation, my thumb continuously pulled the silicon away from the device where all the ports are - something that simply doesn't happen on the other end of the device. It's only slightly troubling and I don't see it as a deal breaker by any means, but it's a flaw in the case's design. With that said, though, I'm not entirely convinced that it's all that avoidable, given the cluster of things on the bottom of the N7.


Now that we've taken a look at what the case itself has to offer, let's look at what makes it unique: the multipurpose cover. This is, hands down, my favorite thing about the Active case. Not only does it provide protection for the device's screen, but it doubles as a kickstand. That's just neat. And I love it.

I really appreciate the fact that it's not part of the case, and is purely optional. For example, when I'm walking around the house with my N7, I leave the cover/stand in the bedroom (the N7 is my alarm clock, and the stand makes that easy). When I leave the house and don't feel like taking my backpack, I just slap the cover on it and away I go. I can toss it in the floorboard of my van and don't have to worry about it getting broken. I dig that.

I also like the fact that the cover can be used on either the front of the device (for protection), or on the back (during use) - makes it easy to keep up with while out and about.

wm_IMG_2188 wm_IMG_2189 wm_IMG_2190

wm_IMG_2192 wm_IMG_2194

Since the cover also doubles as a stand, it has some grippy silicone along the bottom. From what I can tell it's the same silicone that the softshell case is made from, so it's equally as sticky. In this case, though, I think that's a good thing, as it keeps the base in place while you use the device.

You can buy the Seidio Active case for the Nexus 7 right here.

When it comes to cases (or anything else, really), there's no such thing as perfect. I'm definitely not going to say that Seidio's Active case for the Nexus 7 breaks that mold, but I will say this: if you want solid protection for your N7 that doesn't really get in the way, this is the case to have. It's probably one of the best solutions I've seen that blurs the lines between protection and usefulness, and it does it all while still looking good. If you're not a big fan of the classic "folio" style case - definitely give the Active a shot. Or...

Win one from us


You knew it was coming (mostly because it says "giveaway" right in the headline), and here's your chance. Seidio has offered up 10 of these badboys for us to give away - your choice of color. You win, you pick.

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  • Sherman J. Buster

    I like the look of the case. I also like how it doubles as a stand, which would be perfect for me for when I use it to read my books while I work on school.

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    looks like a great way to protect it, since my old screen cracked from a stress fracture

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  • TylerChappell

    I love the unbeatable build quality and durability of Seidio cases, I have been using one on my Thunderbolt for the past year and a half, and after having such a good experience with it, I made sure that my dad got the extended case for his Galaxy Nexus with the metal kickstand. I don't think twice about recommending Seidio cases to other people because its such a no-brainer if you want a quality case!

  • armshouse

    Looks solid! Like the kickstand, perfect for a movie!

  • Lori

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    Thanks for the review

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=6706714 Ofir Fatal

    I like the kickstand, which is extremely useful, as well as the durability of the case. I'm currently using a poetic case which is decent but now that I am traveling more I certainly see the need for more protection. I wish good luck to everyone in the drawing!

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  • Thomas

    I have been using Seidio products ever since I picked up the OG Droid a number of years ago... I've been happy with the build quality, design, and durability. I can't tell you how many times they have saved my phones (also purchased cases for my Thunderbolt and my Razr Maxx) from drops on both hard and soft(er) surfaces. The one thing that made me hesitant about my Nexus 7 purchase was the lack of durable cases and the fact that Seidio only ever made one tablet case... Now that they have this it is definitely on my wishlist!

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    It seems to be almost like an Otterbox, but it just looks much better to my eyes, AND it is cheaper than the Otterbox. The tablet stand is pretty nice, too. It looks like a solid, all-around case.

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    I like the fact that it a multipurpose case. That is something that will suit my needs to a T.

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    What I like most is that it looks like it can hold up under the abuse that my fiance will most likely dish out. Since I would be giving it to her, that is an important thing :)

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  • Johnny Johnson

    I have a Seido Case on my Galaxy Skyrocket and LOVE IT! My only issue is due to my fidgeting, the kickstand now is a bit loose however I've probably clicked it out 3000 times. I'll probably be picking one of these up for my Nexus 7 in the coming weeks!

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    I have a Ballistix case on my Nexus S, A GumDrop on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Seidio on my Galaxy Nexus. Like the Seido above, all the cases I listed reflect the same "function over form" design and quite frankly, that's what I love about them. I can throw my phone against the way and it will bounce back unscathed. Not that I do that, It's just nice to know I could I wanted to. Personally I like the Military Spec look of these cases. Sure, it's not "slim and sexy" like iDevices, but that's the point. This is Andriod, it's just works when you need it too. Looking forward to "armoring-up" my Nexus 7 :D

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  • Robert Robbins

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