In case you haven't heard (and how could you not?), Google has sold out of pretty much every new Nexus they've launched. If you head to the Play Store as of this writing, you cannot buy a Nexus 4 or Nexus 10. Even the 3G-connected Nexus 7 was unavailable for a while. As if that wasn't enough, customers started receiving emails saying their shiny new Nexus 4s were going to be delayed as much as three weeks.

So, what do we do now? Call up customer service and yell and complain? Vent on the internet and talk about how much Google screwed up this launch? Request someone's head on a platter? Chill out, wait for our products to arrive and be glad that they exist in the first place?

Can we do all of the above, actually? I think that would be a nice medium. Minus the beheadings, of course.

Preface: You're Right To Be Pissed


This would make anyone upset.

Before I get off defending Google (and I will), let me start with this: you're right. You eagerly awaited the day that you could order your sparkly new Nexus 4. You haven't even held it in your hands, but you're taking it on faith and other people's reviews that Google has released a great product and you're willing to shell out $300+ for that belief. You feverishly hit refresh because the site wouldn't load, pausing only for a second to wonder if all this refreshing is why the site won't load, but eventually it paid off. You got in!

How does Google repay you? "Sorry. The guy who ordered hours after you gets his, but you have to wait." "Sorry, but you might have to wait up to three weeks before we ship yours to you." "Sorry, but we're out of stock of this item. Wait, maybe not. Well, yeah we are. What do you mean how can you be out of stock in an online store?"

You're right. This is consumer-unfriendly, it's problematic for the most avid Android fans, and ultimately, it cements Google's reputation as being bad at product launches. This is the third time this year that the company has launched a major Nexus and/or Nexuses (Nexiiii). The only time it went off without a hitch was when the Galaxy Nexus arrived in a GSM variant and that was nearly six months after the initial Verizon launch when demand had already died down.

So, yes. Google screwed up. In fact, the company has screwed up repeatedly this year. However, don't give up hope yet. For a few reasons.

Defense #1: Yes, Google Really Is New At This


What is this? Is this even a site?

It's easy to think that Google should have had all of its ducks in a row for a long time now and we should totally expect better from a multi-billion dollar, international corporation. In a way, that is true. People expect this to be easy, and it's not like Google's scraping to make ends meet. This is feasible! However, keep in mind that Google has only been doing this for less than a year, really.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on there, flatfoot. Google's been selling devices since the G1!"

Flatfoot? Why in the world... Anyway. Yes, technically, Google sold unlocked G1s. To developers. In small amounts. This hardly counts as a consumer-facing, global commercial entity. In fact, a better argument would be that it's been selling devices since the Nexus One in 2010, but even that's not entirely fair. The Nexus One was an overly ambitious project that fell flat on its face. Virtually the entire process has been scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up. That became manifest with the Play Store, and the devices category that was only launched in April of this year.

No matter how you slice it, what Google is trying to do by selling you unlocked devices without touching carriers at a low price is something it only started doing very recently. And it's being compared to companies that have decades of experience. We shouldn't lower our expectations because of this, but when something goes wrong, it should certainly be kept in mind before declaring that Google should "give up on the Nexus line entirely" or similar hyperbole.

Defense #2: The Entire Experience Has Gotten Much Better Very Quickly


Much better.

Ultimately, very little of that original Nexus One program remains in place beyond the Nexus brand. The high price tag, the carrier partnerships, the lack of a centralized storefront - all of it has been replaced or improved. Remember when you didn't even have a phone number to call? That was awful. Sending people to forums to get their questions answered was an unbelievable oversight. Yes, Google still hasn't gotten it down to a breeze yet, but when you consider how god awful the shopping experience has been up until now, we have reason to hope for the future.

The Play Store is an entire suite of products and services, none of which are capable of popping up overnight. The entire process started a little under a year and a half ago when the Android Market added books and movies to its repertoire. Since then, music has been added in November of 2011, devices in April 2012, and magazines at I/O in June 2012. It's been a flurry. On the backend we've seen overhauls to the Google Wallet system, customer service (again, that glorious phone support number), and, oh yeah, wider launches for all of these on an international level.

In short, it's getting better. Not worse. This is not a case of Google being on top and then screwing up royally. This is a case of Google starting on the bottom and working its way up. There are more options available to more people and fewer headaches for those consumers than ever before. So, when you say that this launch was a disaster and that things need to be fixed, you can at least take some comfort in the knowledge that your complaints are not falling on deaf ears, if Mountain View's track record is any indication.

Defense #3: Given Past Sales, Inventory Problems Were Entirely Unpredictable

Of course, ultimately, what we're really arguing about here isn't whether Google can do anything right. We're specifically talking about this launch. Even more specifically, we're talking about the Play Store's inventory system. Did anyone have problems getting answers from customer service? Did anyone receive broken devices? Was anyone's order canceled or never acknowledged? I mean that seriously, because those are real complaints if it happened. Really, though, it seems like the bulk of the problem here is that no one inside the Googleplex anticipated the demand for these devices.

And can you blame them?

Let's just take a brief look at the history of Google's launch devices, shall we? The Galaxy Nexus, even on Verizon, has not been a huge seller. The Nexus One before it was abysmal. Do I even need to mention the Xoom? As Android nerds, we love every single new stock experience device. However, when it comes to inventory, someone has to decide how many orders to place, and that's a numbers game that is very difficult to predict here.


This is a modern miracle, really.

For starters, people in the U.S. in particular just don't tend to buy phones off contract. Usually. Most people just wait for their next upgrade and, even then, the person that you can coax $300 out of is a rare one. It's not the subsidy either, since most plans will end up costing the same either way. It really is the dollar figure. When the Nexus One launched with a $500+ tag, we scoffed. The GSM Galaxy Nexus didn't fare very well either, since it was overshadowed by things like the One X or the rumored GSIII. So, if your job is determining how many Nexus 4s to order, the historical data you're looking at would indicate you should be cautiously optimistic at best.

The same thing goes for the Nexus 10. Sure, we all know it's a great device. But will customers take to it? Most 10" Android tablets lately have not sold very well. In fact, even before the Nexus 7, most attention was on smaller form factors. You don't want a repeat of the Xoom issue, do you? In fact, this hesitancy is likely the reason that Google hasn't launched carrier-connected versions of its tablets immediately. "Let's wait and see if people even want this before we release a more expensive version."

While Google has been selling devices on the Play Store for several months, and has been making Nexuses for a couple of years now, it's arguable that these three new ones are the first to potentially be real commercial successes. Someone inside the company may have made an error (or series of errors) in anticipating demand, but that's largely because they've never been in this position before.

Oh, and more than anything, this indicates that demand for Nexuses is increasing. That's a fantastic thing for you and me. We really need manufacturers to keep producing these things if we want to continue to have awesome, high-quality, stock Android devices. However, those companies tend to be influenced mostly by sales. If customer numbers go up, the amount of effort and investment in the Nexus program goes up. It sucks that the inventory system got banged up all to hell this time around, but if you think of those as growing pains, it's a little easier to stomach.

Moral Of The Story: Be Upset, But Don't Panic

Like I said at the beginning, it's okay to be upset. You want your Nexus 4/10 and you don't want to wait. It stings even more that you're being rewarded for your devotion to the platform with headaches and inconveniences. And what the hell was with a lack of pre-orders (maybe they were hesitant about pre-orders after the botched Nexus 7 launch)? In your totally-justified rage, though, just keep in mind: it's going to get better. A lot better. This isn't the end, it's the beginning.

Ever since Duarte took over the look and feel of the Android experience, and Larry Page began the streamlining initiative within Google, the transformations have been astounding. The expectations for the company have changed. We no longer expect that the first run of products are going to be beta. Remember when Google Now came out? How no one said "It's a really rough product and doesn't work well, but it has a lot of potential and people might like it in a year or two?" Yeah. That's the new Google. What you're feeling right now are leftovers and a stretching company.

Of course, I can say this because I don't have an order waiting in the wings. I'm sure that once I put down my credit card for the Nexus 10, if I get a "please wait three weeks for delivery" email, I'll be rabble-rabble-ing right there with you guys. So, save me a spot?

Eric Ravenscraft
Eric is a snarky technophile with a taste for the unusual. When he's not obsessing about Android, you can usually find him obsessing about movies, psychology, or the perfect energy drink. Eric weaves his own special blend of snark, satire, and comedy into all his articles.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1312291338 Tim Miller

    Good writeup. I'm one of the ones waiting up to 3 weeks for my Nexus 4, but I'm not crying myself to sleep over it (much). With Thanksgiving around the corner, 3 weeks is going to seem pretty darn quick anyway. Days off of work are always quick. It's a curse.

  • sailerboy

    Yes, but when will we see the Nexus 4 in stock again, for those who were plagued by errors and couldn't order the Nexus 4 at all, even though we stayed up all night, and started ordering as soon as they came out at 8:30?

    • http://halljake.com Jake Hall

      If people who ordered them aren't having them shipped for 3 weeks, I think 3 weeks+ is a good estimate...

  • http://halljake.com Jake Hall

    Voice of reason.

    Checked the Play store at, what must have been, right before they released the devices and then again right after the initial sell out, and then F5 spammed throughout the day and I didn't get one. I'm disappointed to be sure but it's hard to be mad, for all of the reasons listed here...

  • http://twitter.com/zachvossdesign zach voss

    I want to know just how many were ordered. thousands? millions?

    • Matti

      That's the main question, isn't it? It all depends how much demand exceeded how much supply.

      If it's at least a 2 or 3 million units (sold), then yes, it was a "goof".
      If it's just a couple hundred thousand units, then it's a massive screw-up on Google's part.

      • Nevi_me

        Doubt it'd be in the millions. It wouldn't be much in LG's interest to have so many devices in the Play Store at almost no profit to LG. Remember that they want to make some profit too.
        Also, so far only Apple manages millions on first day (because they have good empirical data on sales expectations, and because of the iSheepies)

    • JG

      Yeah, I always wonder exactly how many are available too...

      An Apple fanboy told me the iPhone was great, using the fact that the new iPhone 5 sold out in under 5min of going live (or whatever the elapsed time was)... I told him it really didn't mean much that the device sold out online... There's no way of knowing how many Apple had slotted for online sales... 10 billion phones selling in 5min, yeah, major impressive.... 2 phones, not so much... And if your claim to fame is that you sold out in record time, it'd make sense to limit the number of phones.... The iPhone 5S even better than the iPhone 5 because it sold out in 2min (because we only had 2 for online sales & someone bought one for him & his mum)...

  • northstar17

    There is no good way to lauch a product like this. Blackberry Playbook over supplied and look where that got it. Great tablet, sold at massive discount.
    I think they should have taken pre-orders to help them predict required supply perhaps? Not sure that would have helped much though.

    • Mapplegate

      I was annoyed by Google's lack of pre-order options initially, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt, figuring they'd planned a rock solid backend, and had opted for over stocking in order to make an amazing impression.

      After this terribly botched launch though, I really would like an answer on why they didn't offer pre-orders. I can't think of any justifiable reason.

      • http://halljake.com Jake Hall

        I think it's because people really bitched about the pre-order system they set up with the Nexus 7.

        Now they're tried it both ways and (presumably) learned some important lessons from both. No matter which option they choose next time, hopefully they won't make the same mistakes.

        • Gordon Brown

          I was caught up in the nexus 7 preorder shambles. I didn't mind the delay I understood there was high demand. What got me angry was when they started sending out newly placed orders immediately after they were placed when the existing preorders had not been fulfilled and seemed to go into limbo.

          The only things they needed to fix about the preorder system is to ensure orders went out in the correct order and that there was better communication of what the expected delivery was. I would quite happily order the Nexus 4 even if they specified a 4-5 week expected delivery at point of ordering.

          • http://halljake.com Jake Hall

            I had the same problem and I agree completely. I'd prefer to see a preorder system with clear ship estimates expressed ahead of time.

            It wouldn't be my preference, but I'd be fine with them going with the Nexus 4 order model again too, provided they fix the issues they obviously had.

    • http://papped.webatu.com papped

      The PB was a complete unknown with virtually no customer awareness and a new OS. Most people didn't know Blackberry (RIM) made tablets, so....

      Also the pricing vs "expected pricing" of the PB and this is totally different. The issue isn't even necessarily the supply, it's all the other issues that arose as a result...

  • ThirdWorldSucks

    Before any disappointed comments show up, I just want to tell you how lucky you are to be able to buy these products first hand with the original price from Google. Because here in the third world, we have to wait months before it even start selling and with the price around $550! So stop winning like a baby and be thankful for God sake.

    • sssgadget

      That is why it's called a FirstWorldProblem!

      • Paulus Net

        Just to add that even in Japan only the Nexus 7 is available. Another 3rd world problem?

      • Fagot

        Where the fuk this FirstWorldProblem bullshits appeared? If i were to a third world country my problems would be how to find food, but thats not the case. I live in a firstworldcountry and my problems will be that of a kind. Fuck this FirstWorldProblem Faggots

    • http://twitter.com/hyperprosexic Christian Bermejo

      Totally agree with this.

    • http://papped.webatu.com papped

      Normally you can't even buy carrier unbranded devices in the US... The google store is an exception. US is the land of carrier locked devices, exclusives, and only buying on contract.

      • Rodrigo

        What does it have to do? The thing is: you CAN buy on Google Play for US$299.00 something that would cost around US$600.00 in Brazil, for example.

        • http://www.linuxdistroreview.com/ Bo

          You CAN, but only this device. Pretty much all other devices are incredibly hard to get off contract. I live in the US currently (studying), and I always buy phones when I go back home to Europe.

      • edude03

        Every iPhone I've bought has been carrier unlocked from Apple, what's google's problem?

        • http://papped.webatu.com papped

          You do understand that Google does not manufacture or handle distribution or sales for a majority of Android devices, right?....

    • whyUnoLoveIndia

      you in india as well buddy?

      • ReasonableBloke

        Pretty much every LG retailer in Southeast Asia set the same price, also a few countries up in Europe.

    • ThirdWorldDude


      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

        You're my favorite.

    • WesternLivingFTW

      The funny thing about that statement is that the reason you are excluded is because Google believes you're insignificant.

    • Blakrat

      But remember, for half of us (im in australia) we were in your position only 12 months ago, as the article says, they are getting better at this month by month, my Gnex i had to buy on eBay 12 months ago, and as such i have a dodgy phone that doesnt get updates at the right times, on the other hand no less then 3 months ago i bought the Mrs a N7 for her birthday, it gets every Update on time.

      Times are a changing and its only looking up, it may not be your turn yet.... but it will come (still waiting myself for the n10 32gb to come back on the market here :( )

  • Kenny O

    "It stings even more that you're being rewarded for your devotion to the platform with headaches and inconveniences." --->>this +100

  • http://twitter.com/sirkirby Chris Kirby

    I actually managed to get my order in right away, approx 8:37, but still no idea when i'll get mine. No delay email, which is probably a good sign. So yes, I love the demand! Especially since demand has not been that high for Nexus, as you said. They really did hit the sweet spot price wise though, so its hard to believe they didn't anticipate a high demand for a $300 unlocked super phone. Anyway, i hope i'll be joining the owners club soon...for now i still have my verizon gnexus to keep me company.

    • Jeremy Klein

      I'm in the same situation (no delay email or shipment confirmation), but I called google and they said that the shipment notification email system was having issues, but that if you didn't get the delay e-mail, you should get the phone by Monday or Tuesday!

  • http://profiles.google.com/sathya.vpramod Sathya Pramod

    This post is a whole page of nothing! This is not about Nexus, it is beyond that! It is about competing with Amazon in selling everything online and even after 3 years (since first Nexus launch) Google can't get its $hit together, then they have a problem deep down!

    • PhineasJW

      Someone gets it.

  • donttrollmepeople

    i dont think they took into account how fast the trend is moving over to smarttalk. i have myself and at least four others that dont keep up with tech at all waiting to buy this phone. dreading the fact that they are going to have to pay another $160 att/verizon bill.

    hopefully they will get enough of them produced when they open orders back up for the supply to last a few days.

    another thing to take into account. after apples initial release. they always have a two to three week wait before expected delivery on the next wave of online orders. they keep the stores stocked but not the online orders. i feel like the saem thing is happening here.

  • BlakeDC

    This entire article is goofy. Sure they're new at it, but give me a break for just one simple fact that it doesn't take too many geniuses to figure out that for every item we have in stock, we can only sell one item.
    When you slap your store out there and just let people run rampant and then guestimate when it's actually "out of stock" and then label it as such and you've clearly already passed your entire stock sales...then you're to blame and your system is to blame.
    20 phones = 20 sells total. How do you allow your system to go beyond that by such a degree?
    THEN! How do you not follow order numbers, in order, to do your shipments? Were they just picking order numbers out of a hat?
    Am I angry? Yes. Did Google screw up? Yes. Should we give them a pass? No.

    • Justin W

      No company is flawless, and no server or website doesn't have issues. Servers can only handle so much traffic at a time, and I bet Google didn't plan on this much. There honestly is only so much they can do to prepare fit these, and I'm betting they did all they could.

      • BlakeDC

        Lack of planning is still their fault.

  • Andrew

    I understand that with thousands of people trying to frantically refresh and buy something every 2 seconds is going to cause some issues (I was one of those refreshing with everyone else). I placed an order at 9:33AM, within the minute the Nexus 4 became available, and all I've gotten as of 3:30PM on Friday is a receipt. My order on Google Wallet says pending, while the ~$390 debit the card I placed the order with has disappeared from my banking statemen. On the Play Store it says it's going to be shipped yesterday. I've received no shipping info, no backorder email, and any time I call the support number, I'm told that I'll get more information tomorrow, including when I called yesterday.

    I understand that this is a big thing for Google to try, but the lack of communication is aggravating..People who ordered 2 hours after I did are getting their stuff today, and I don't even know if mine has been sent out yet!

    • Justin W

      Holy hell I just read what I was about to write... don't worry, though - I just received my tracking info today to find out that my order shipped yesterday and was out for delivery today. It might take a while, but you'll get your shipping confirmation. When I spoke with the play store rep, he said if I didn't receive a back order email by the day it was scheduled to ship, them it wasn't on back order, there were just processing delays.

  • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

    I warned people on launch day this would happen, it was painfully obvious that when a device you add to your cart can just disappear, that something is very wrong, I warned people that hitting refresh a gazillion times a second in order to get a page that said " add to cart" very likely meant that the chances were that they were buying stock that didn't actually physically exist. It was obvious to everyone under the sun that the server was struggling to stay online, why anyone would believe that a server coping with that sort of load would also have up to date stock accounting records is beyond me, the people who are screaming about having to wait really only have themselves to blame and should count themselves lucky, Google could quite easily have just cancelled the orders that they didn't have matching stock for.

    • Justin W

      In defense of the many people that did this, I did the same thing at 930 central and got one. It will be here in Monday, so it wasn't completely inaccurate. I'll admit, it probably didn't help with everyone trying to load the page at once but it still worked for some of us.

    • Steve Williamson

      totally. I would much prefer being one of people with 3 week wait than no older at all :(

    • Devin Cofer

      You know, I disagree.

      We already knew they might have a tiny amount of stock (Europe and Australia sold out ludicrously fast). But people thought maybe Google just had a ton more stock in the US and it'd be fine. A bunch of people ordered too many phones as a result of server glitches and were canceling orders, so the common thought was that we were buying just-canceled phones. And most of us had confidence in the ability of GOOGLE to keep their server afloat.

      It's the responsibility of the company to predict the response (have an employee check r/android, r/nexus4, and XDA?), have devices ready, and be prepared to cut off at the right time.

      We're pissed more that this is a complete clusterfuck. If Google published a statement, apologized, and told everyone how many devices were going out, how many were coming in when, some sort of rough prediction, I would understand that.

      Instead there's been no official Google response, a bunch of people are stuck in limbo or got backordered despite ordering before the store semi-closed, some people got shipments even though they also got backordered, Customer Service Reps are telling some people they have orders shipping the next day despite their backorders....

      Mostly, it's because these are the people that tend to be pretty decently big fans of Google. We like their products, we like their approach to selling them, and we want to like the Nexus 4. We hate feeling like we're brandishing fistfuls of money at Google and they didn't even bother to plan, because our experience is worth jack to them.

      To wrap up, I'm not saying it _does_ mean jack to them. They just need to start communicating. We will understand if tentative dates change! We just want to know that the processing department isn't an orangutan with a hangover.

      • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

        Just so you know I'm one of the people who tried desperately to get hold of one, I didn't even go to sleep, I was checking every hour from midnight GMT, but I realised the second time that I managed to get a device into my cart only to have it randomly disappear again, that the server was probably lying about how much stock it had available. But please don't think I'm saying Google didn't Screw it up or that they handled it the best they could, because clearly lots of lessons need to be learnt from this "event" my biggest worry is what happens when stock becomes available again, without a pre order system we are going to have at least another 3 of these " events" before supply starts to equal demand

      • Jonathan

        This basically encapsulates how I feel right now. ಠ_ಠ

    • MaseW

      Maybe you have a point...you start to see erratic behavior on a website, chances are something is wrong. But what about the other side?

      I just happened to go to the product page, right when it went live (about 11:30amEST). I very calmly selected a 16GB unit, hit "add to cart", proceeded to checkout, completed the checkout, received a confirmation for my order. The time on my order receipt was 11:33amEST. I didn't have to refresh once, there was literally no delays at all when I was entering and completed my order.

      I have not heard a damn thing from Google since I received that confirmation email. My account still says the estimated shipping date is Nov 15th (it's the 16th). Wallet still says that my order is pending. Reading various place around the internet, it turns out that just about everyone that was able to smoothly complete their order, within the first five minute of the site going live, are all sitting around in the same situation.

      People that did get orders through when the site was going to hell in a handbasket, have already received either devices or shipping confirmation emails.

      It earliest people? Nothing.

      So Nostradamus of the Nexus 4 launch, how do you explain that? How do you explain the ridiculous situation that the first people to order, when there was most definitely devices in stock, are the more likely than any other person placing an order, to have gotten screwed?

      Go ahead, I'm listening...

      • ancostel

        I had the same experience as you... Mine was at 11.35... I'm typing this from my nexus 4 that came in today at 1.15pm... just saying

        • Paladin27

          Must be nice. I ordered my Nexus 10 at 11:34 and I don't even have a tracking number yet. :(

  • Daniel Pogue

    Good article, I was with everyone mashing f5 at 11:30, and I didn't get an order through the whole process, got stuck and your request with be processed momentarily for about 1.5 hours. I'm definitely going to try again when they come back.

  • Kirk

    Says the guy with a Nexus 4 in his hand...

    • FrillArtist

      Thank you.

  • Kenny O

    Dear Google,

  • http://twitter.com/cortez_ cortez.i

    a reasonable perspective: yes. however, given the very poor, inconsistent communication from GOOG (and its logistical partner), i have little faith believing a similar scenario will not happen again, e.g., "GOOG: sorry, but due to higher second batch demand you need to wait another 3 weeks". fyi, my CC was charged/processed (not pending), i got the Backorder email, and Wallet shows Pending with, Estimated Ship Date of Nov 16 (was Nov 15 originally) but still not shipped. i simply expected a better experience and outcome. ok, on with life.... :)

  • adi19956

    All very true, the demand thing especially, no one expected it.

    I do still think though that Google should have prioritised the people who signed up to be notified. I never sign up to be notified of anything, but this I did. People who signed up were the biggest fans, the ones who wanted it most, the ones who not only buy Nexii for the price, but because they're Nexii.

    These people should have got their email an hour before and maybe even the ability to buy early. This may also have alleviated some server problems, but we didn't expect them.

  • metal Mickey

    "Really, though, it seems like the bulk of the problem here is that no one inside the Googleplex anticipated the demand for these devices.

    And can you blame them?"

    Actually there it's a massive difference this time around, they have priced it about 50% lower than most people expected. there are still older lower spec phones selling for more second hand. For this reason along they should have known it would sell. They're not just selling to purest Android nerds anymore even the average Jo who knows nothing of the nexus history knows its a bloody bargain! Plus there's been a dammed sight more Media interest in this one

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1470850958 Peter ‘Firefox’ Fox

    I don't think anyone would blame Google if they just made things a bit more transparent, they're not Apple they don't have to look the part to get the sales, just be honest and make good products at low prices. All the reasons listed here are true and valid it points... but an apology to the fans and follows would have been good.

    Plus for the inventory thing... why the hell did they let people buy up to what was it, like 8 devices at a time? 2 should of been the max, instead half of them have ended up on ebay... meaning the people who genuinely wanted the Nexus 4 because it's a good product missed out over those who just buy the 'in' things so they can put it in their pocket and make the occasion text with it because that's how they like to waste there money.

    The whole inventory problems sticks of being a really bad scarcity PR run, where it can drum up that it sold out in 5 minutes to try and get the same coverage as iPhone releases have.

  • palf91

    I just want to be able to back order. Put me on a list, please.

  • thadunno

    I'm all for defending Google but I don't see how there is any way anyone can actually seriously defend this launch. Firstly, they should have seen how much interest was generated by the number of "Notify Me" enquiries they had and should have seen the problems that were going to come. I signed up for a notification as soon as I heard about the Nexus 4, yet I have still yet to receive an email to notify me that it's on sale. Secondly, the whole "it's in your basket, no it's not, yes it is, oh gone again" is literally the most frustrating experience when trying to buy something online. I was trying literally from the minute it went on sale, had to battle getting it to stay in my cart then got totally screwed over by Google Wallet.... By the time it had sorted itself out, guess what... It was back to coming soon. Thirdly, the fact it said coming soon rather than sold out made me give Google a call. Yes, I can imagine I wasn't the only one hounding them about the Nexus line, but I didn't want to rant or shout or get angry, all I wanted to know was had it actually sold out, or did they realise they had some server issues and put it on hold. Mr. "On The End Of The Phone Google" told me that they were no where near selling the UK stock they had, they just had problems with the site and were trying to get it sorted before letting them go back on sale. He told me to keep refreshing for several hours and I was sure to see them go back on sale. Obviously, I got trolled cause I totally did that... ALL. DAMN. DAY. This whole thing to me just seems like a really clever way to sensationalise the launch of a new phone. The clear lack of stock to cover the demand and the rather oddly news friendly time of release just makes me think this isn't all a simple mistake. Oh, and the fact that every mobile phone shop that sells the Nexus 4 seem to have plenty of stock. Could that be LG relying on peoples desperation to get one ASAP to help recoup the cost of the sales on Google Play? I really do love Google, but I just can't help shake the feeling that there is much more to this whole story than "whoops, we sold out, we didn't order enough". Just my opinion.

    • fadfasd

      And defend it with such a lack of style and writing ability, too. This article stinks. Seeing it's impossible for him to have been paid for a well-written one, I at least hope he was paid for the propaganda value.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

        I am. My pay rate is $10 per convert to the brotherhood. Every time one of my disciples praises the glorious leader, I get an extra ten cents. I'm also kept as a consultant for a number of media organizations where I advise on subliminal messaging. For a nominal fee, I instruct broadcasters on how to play to the fears of their audience in order to keep them in line and to focus the pain of their oppressed state on a political straw man, thus ensuring their continued dominance and loyalty from the very people they're oppressing.

        Glenn Beck single handedly made me a millionaire before he went rogue.

        • yippiedad

          Priceless response! And yes; I DO have flat feet...

        • FrillArtist

          Typical AP writer.

    • http://papped.webatu.com papped

      Why defend it in the first place? Why do people even want to defend botched launches, especially when it's not the first one?

      People didn't seem to defend Asus when they botch their 2nd tablet launch back to back...

  • ufish2

    so you got to wait 3 weeks,how long if u pre order from a major carrier? Didnt you also get it 200 bucks cheaper then T mobile,dont you understand how everyone wanted one...so STFU and go play with yourself till it gets there....geeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  • chokkan

    I had a very similar experience when I ordered a Playstation Vita on Amazon Japan. Amazon. When orders went live, the site couldn't cope. The same issue with the product being in my basket, and then not. Judging by Twitter that night, lots of people had the exact same experience. All this for a system that isn't even that popular.

  • mikkej2k

    Are there any sales figures for the N4? Is there any clue what the demand is? How about how many will be available in the coming weeks?

  • jonathan3579

    I'm sitting on my hands waiting for the Nexus 4 to come back in stock... Don't ask me how I'm typing this though.

    • jordanjay29

      Pen in your teeth?

      • jonathan3579

        For the sake of where this conversation could go, I'll say yes. Haha

  • caleb

    my order got canceled so yeah im pissed. woke up early Hawaii time to refresh the page I didnt believe the 9am pst announcement. 830 pst the site went live for me ordered it in a few seconds. Came to android police to let everyone know order now. Then got an email that my order had been canceled. Went back and tried for hours to order again and couldnt. Called and emailed support only to be told to wait till more come. They claim they will email me before they are available but the first notify me email never came. I dont expect this one to come either

  • Christopher Ching

    Google could've solved this whole inventory problem by just calling Nate Silver. He would've predicted the exact number of customers, the server load at any given time, the total and net profit per day for the operation, the number of devices needed to fill the first round of initial demand then calculated the number of follow-on batches needed to cover the holiday season, as well as the device's rating on CNET. While drunk.

    • Roy

      I disagree, this is a case for Chuck Norris

  • Joaquín Tuduri

    Geez... at the end of the day.. it's just a phone. So, Relax.

    • FrillArtist

      We are here to discuss phones. If you want to discuss the meaning of life, pending war in Gaza, the economy etc, there are other sites out there that can cater to that need.

  • DEVIOUS Blackwood

    Guys you're lucky really to have the ability to buy a phone like the Nexus 4 for just 350$ so i don't think 3 weeks is bad thing .. Where i live there no even paid apps in the Play Store so i guess Google have an excuse here which is a phone of this price at this specs ofc it's gonna be drained up in mins .. Let's talk about Apple for example with all the money and the glory they have and No unlocked iPhone 5 worldwide still .. so i don't think think it's that bad if you can wait 2 or 3 weeks

  • dcm

    One thing: They had the mails beforehand so they could have figured...

  • http://www.facebook.com/Elsegundo Oscar El Karañja

    Get my 10 on Monday, it's on the UPS truck. :-)

    • FrillArtist

      Lucky bastard.

  • http://profiles.google.com/ferhanmm Ferhan Moton

    I disagree, google had a "notify me" box weeks before launch, that should have helped them determine what demand would be.

    • FrillArtist

      Just because someone signs up for a notify doesn't 100% mean they are going to buy but people that usually pre-order 90 to 99% of the time are going to buy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Seth-Cheffetz/1323475034 Seth Cheffetz

    Wait, so when Apple sells out at the launch of a product, its seen as a positive thing because Apple is just so super shiny awesome. But when google sells out, its because they suck?

    • manlisten

      Well it's more so the fact that the Play Store was brought to its knees about 5 minutes after the phone went on sale. A lot of folks missed out because they couldn't get the website to work.

      Also, Apple at least lets you pre-order. But ats Eric said, Google is pretty new at this so I'll give them a break.

    • FrillArtist

      You obviously haven't been following the situation and don't understand why people are angry.

  • xed

    I ordered mine as my flight was landing using my cell phone chrome browser and got the order confirmed.

  • Michael RB

    let's be honest: There has been no official message from google. Many people(including myself) have not received any email at all (xda is calling these people "in limbo") When I called, the csr literally told me that he did not know and it might ship soon. It has been another day and they still do not know.

    They simply need tell people what is going on. My galaxy nexus was recently stolen and I had to give back my loaner. How long should I "Please be Patient?" 4 days,1 week,2 weeks? What happens if those in limbo get an email in 3 weeks and tell them to wait another 3 weeks? Can we be angry then?

  • Nanook122

    Google Nexus4 launch was a colossal screw-up in Canada. I spent hours F5'ing the order page and it NEVER said anything but COMING SOON and then many hours later SOLD OUT. Never received a confirmation email (did ANYone?). I expect a LOT more from a company with Google's resources. Pathetic FAIL.

  • Tyler

    They had them on display at the play store, they should have just had them up for pre-order which would have allowed them to see how many people were going to want them. Can't wait to order my 32gb Nexus 10.

  • avgjoemomma

    Here's hoping all you mad cheapskates decide to give someone else your money. That'll show em!

    • FrillArtist


      • avgjoemomma

        Aww, I ruined your Saturday night. Have fun hitting F5, I'm hitting the clubs.

        • FrillArtist

          Yeah. Yet here you are on an Android website. Lol.

          • avgjoemomma

            I just woke up and lol, you're still at it? Get your mom to bring some pancakes down to the basement and step away from the computer. Life is going to be okay, son.

  • http://itpixie.com/ IT Pixie

    Look, I totally understand that not having our "shiny new toys" on day(s) we were promised is a total FirstWorldProblem. And even being low on stock during initial launch is understandable. But what really bugs me is the conflicting information or just lack of it all together.

    My order shows up in Play Store all messed up -- it's showing I ordered 2 bumpers and no phone, even though I'm ordering a phone and a bumper. The order date is shown as Nov 14, even though I placed my order, without glitches, on Nov 13 at 8:40am PST. Other than the order receipt, I have not received any communication from Google, not even those "product available now" emails.

    Google might be new at this selling physical products thing, but it's not like they can't hire someone, some company, who knows what the heck they are doing. That's what marketing, PR and retail consultants are for. And really, with the resource that Google has, they can't even write have decent CRM/orders and inventory management software? I mean, again, it's not like they can't just buy one even they can't write one themselves...

    I mean if they can't even get people's order data right, organize and display it correctly, how the heck am I supposed to believe they are doing all the web analytics, adwords, adsense, etc correctly? After all, Google is a data company, and the number of people who ordered Nexus products is a rather small data set.

    There's really no excuse for Google being this sloppy.

    • hailop

      You have to understand that that's the way how big money is made. By not being perfect and let the customer pay the price. Do you have an idea how much it costs to implement a system that really works well? And first of all you have to find the people who will do this work. You have to have really good people to cope with the demands that occur on this level. But in a world of "fake it until you make it" that's the quality you get

      • http://itpixie.com/ IT Pixie

        That's really the lamest excuse ever to justify a company doing a shitty job. I used to work for a large etailer, I helped write the software they used to manage orders and inventory. It's really not that hard. If Google has trouble getting qualified people who can do a good job, that means our society is filled with idiots and/or lazy turds. All I'm saying is Google is a world-class company now, and it should act like one. If Google keeps acting like some ghetto 3rd rated company, I'll treat it like one. Fake it till you make it can only get you so far before I take my money somewhere else.

        • hailop

          You are not really good at understanding sarcasm, are you? Nothing I wrote was meant as an excuse. And world-class? Really? Look at the play store. It's missing most basic functionality: For quite some time now. I would have been ashamed publishing something like this. But that's how it goes. Someone does something, and that's it. To improve it would cost money, which they don't want to spend.
          And as long as people keep throwing money at them they are good enough

          • http://itpixie.com/ IT Pixie

            You might simply be being sarcastic, but there are people with that train of thought for real, like all the other mediocre, 3rd rated companies out there.

            And in regards to the Play Store, that's why I said Google needed to step up and get their sh*t together. Or I'll never buy a physical product from it ever again. I have no problem taking my business somewhere else.

            By the way, I understand sarcasm alright. I have also met too many idiots who would have used that exact same "excuse" for their mistakes/failures, I mistook you as one of them. My apologies.

  • PhineasJW

    To the kids at Google:

    The experience is the product.

    The user experience ... AND ... the customer experience.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasonconort Jason Conort

    Please people be calm, the Sun will still come up and set. The phone will be back in stock, and you will be able to buy it. Its a great phone, with a great price, that had a bad launch. That is all. We give so much more importance to the bad things that happen in our lives, but quickly forget the good.

  • Michael Lane

    There are some of us in an even worse situation. They didn't make it clear on the site that you cannot use a Play Store balance to pay for a device, so I have $350 sitting in my Play Store account that they won't let me buy a device with or allow me to refund. I posted my full account on Google Plus earlier today. https://plus.google.com/u/0/100540859572380824631/posts/3hrVDdBhA5L

  • gheymann

    Let me share my Nexus 4 launch day experience. I've been a huge Android advocate, and an Android user since the
    G1 on T-Mobile. I purchased the original HTC Nexus One as well as my current
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus (among a host of other Android smartphones and tablets) . When the LG Nexus 4 was announced I knew this
    would be my next phone and anxiously awaited its launch this past Tuesday.

    I started mashing the refresh key on my chrome browser a little before
    midnight Monday in anticipation of a possible early morning Tuesday AM
    launch. I got up every two hours early Tuesday morning to check if the
    phone was available to purchase from the Google Play store.

    About 6:30 am it was time to leave for work, but was still excited the
    phone would be available for purchase at 9am PST according to several
    Android Blogs. So I got permission from my supervisor to order from my
    work computer, at about 15 min before the posted time I went to the play
    store, only to find out that the Nexus was already on sale, I quickly
    pressed purchase and had a 16gb Nexus 4 in my account and went to
    complete my purchase. I tried to finalize my purchase only to be greeted
    with a number of errors stating that my order could not be completed at
    that time and to please try again. This went for about 20-30 minutes but
    seemed to go on forever. When the page finally updated I was
    unceremoniously dumped back to the Nexus 4 page. When I went to check my
    Google Wallet page, I saw the purchase did not go through. So for the
    next two hours I tried to get through to a Google Play representative
    without any luck.

    When I finally got someone on the phone they said they couldn't do
    anything to help me. What a horrible experience, worse yet there was no
    way to que for the next batch of phones, so there is no guarantee to be able to get one when the stock is refreshed in the coming weeks.

    This needs to be fixed immediately, folks should be able to place a back-order against future inventory so that at least we can be in line when the phones are restocked. With the current system it will be another free-for-all when the play store is restocked.

    Looking forward to purchasing one ASAP, hopefully sooner than later. Congratulations to those who were able to complete your orders and are awaiting delivery. I hope someone from Google visits these boards and shares the comments with someone at Google that can fix the problems.

  • dobbsy

    This article is ridiculous. Google F'd up not because they're new at this, but because they F'd up.

    How much of what you rationalize away would have been solved simply: pre-orders.

    By accepting pre-orders Google could have easily known the qty of units required. They could have gauged the demand and manufactured accordingly.

    Hell, they didn't even send out the email notifications that people had signed up for. What possible excuse could there have been for that? It's mind-boggling how stupid this is. Note that I do not think sending out the emails would have made the process smoother, but not sending them is so.... wrong!, from a customer service pov that I don't know where to begin. What was the thought process involved there? Collect addresses and then ignore them why? Why collect them if not to contact them? Why not send them if you have the addresses? It's utterly absurd.

    This article is absolutely fanboi rationalization nonsense. You live in a fantasy world if you don't see how royally Google F'd this up.

    They're new at selling devices, sure. But the internet isn't. Is Google incapable of learning from the examples set by every other company on the planet?!

    Totally bizarre.

  • Johnathan Rodriguez

    I'll have to disagree a bit with the whole 'demand' thing. Google set out to make a beautiful, top of the line phone. They even gave it an absolutely amazing price. Like countless reviews have said, no other Nexus phone has ever felt like this one. You don't just make a premium phone like this, and then expect to be fine with judging demand for previous phones.

    Google made a device that they HOPED would sell great, and they got it. They were not careful for what they wished for.

  • GraveUypo

    this is the kind of stuff you only go through if you're an early adopter. had you waited a couple of weeks you wouldn't have to go through this shit. and don't get me wrong, i'm by no means defending google on this one, i'm just saying it's obvious this was gonna happen, and that it happens on varying degrees to every big launch there is on any kind of product.

  • Raghavendra Sarva

    I received Nexus 4 today... :)

  • yippiedad

    Please think before you rage! What you are teaching Google is that they should never again lower the prices to a level where demand exceed availability. Ask yourself: "Do I REALLY want a smooth ordering process so badly that I'm willing to pay what other companies would have charged for the phone (at least $599)?" Didn't think so! But if you do - thanks for ruining the party!!!

  • http://www.afzaln.com/ CuriousCursor

    So if I haven't received this backorder email but if I also haven't received a shipping email, is that better or worse?

  • Mircho Mirchev

    "Poor little Google...." - Eric, your defence of indefensible incompetence of a huge corporation is pathetic. You sound a if the total screw up was committed by a small private enterprise, a corner store across the street. It was not. Google did not live up to its size, its ability and its ambitions to be a leader in internet and communication services in every product launch they did. If I have infuriated so many of my firm's clients, as Google did to their customers, I would not have been given a second chance. Google already had a few of those chances and the result is the terrible failure on the last on November 13, 2012. It is easy to defend huge corporation (for real or perceived benefits, personal or to one's employer/partner) but it takes guts to criticize a Kahoona, which does not find it appropriate to even apologising, explain etc. I am sorry, but I disapprove of your lame attempt to create sympathy to Google, rather to be objective.

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo


  • DeadSOL

    Eric, that's a well-written article. I completely agree with you!

    Also, isn't everyone glad that they'll get a $300+ quad-core. 8MP camera phone with 2GB RAM and the latest Android version 4.2? I mean, who really ever expected that even a year ago?

    • Nevi_me

      Even if it means that they wait 3-4 weeks. I'd be very happy none-the-less

  • Jay

    The 3 arguments in favour of Google are EXCUSES!
    It was expected that AP wouldn't criticise Google heavily though.
    Companies measure progress quarterly and make the right changes swiftly. One year is a substantial amount of time, specially in the tech industry.
    The argument of "things are getting better" is just stupid. A company with such a global brand and money up the wazoo should not be so stupid taking so long at getting it right.
    Unexpected demand? By their own FAILED email sign up, they should have at least have realized that demand was going to be high. They themselves talked this phone up to finally be what they themselves thought Android was needing... so why not realize that users will not see that statement as absolute proof that this is THE device to finally get right away.
    In the end... what failed them is:
    Hello... Bi G isn't new to server stuff.
    Yeah... they aren't new to that either.
    They've had Google Checkout around for some time.. despite the fact the Google Wallet isn't at the level that they would like it to be.
    That is ridiculous. To launch a device, but not the charging dock that they are so proud about at the same time (even the bumper not available with device)... that is just ridiculous.
    Google, we are thankful for Android and the Nexus...and the future you have installed for Android fans. BUT!... you bitches need to get your game up.
    AP, you report well, your articles are fantastic... but you suck the d**k of Google too much.

    • GraveUypo

      that last sentence is so true

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperElvisfreshlyATT Freshly_Snipes

    Thanks for sharing your views. However, If I pay almost $500 for a product I simply ask for clarity and transparency from the party I am paying for a product. Simply put.

  • Will Tisdale

    Lol, another AP article sucking up to Google.

    Guys, have you ever heard of the word objective? I don't think so.

    Quit making excuses for them and admit they are crap at selling stuff. It's not like they can't afford to employ someone who actually knows how to launch a popular product, is it?

    • FrillArtist

      I'm an Android fan and all but these guys at AP have their heads so far up Google's a$$ that they can't even see daylight anymore.

      • Will Tisdale

        Yup, they can't be objective regarding anything to do with Google or CM. AP are simply Google and CM shills these days.

  • http://diablogging.blogspot.com Loque

    Sorry, bad review. Google knows everything about us, EVERYTHING. Their main job is collecting data and manage ads on a worldwide scale, every day, every hour, every damned second. Now please don't try to convince us that "predicting" a huge demand was that hard. And even if it was, they failed miserably on every aspect. There are no excuses.

  • hailop

    I don't mind there is a limited number of devices. They are sold to the guinea pigs :) No, seriously. I read about first impressions and decided to go for something else. For some time I considered buying a Nexus 7 but there are these screen problems. Glad, all these people test and review it for me. Now, let's have a look how the Nexus 10 will perform quality-wise. Already read about not so good battery life, slow charging.

  • Tatsuya

    The worst problem is carriers subsidizing phones.

    There is great competitiveness between mobile manufacturers, but not really on prices for phones sold without contract.

    I feel sorry when I see sites such as yours talking about subsidized prices for a new mobile model. I'd like every website to try to educate about this and doing the maths for their readers:
    mobile subsidized price + ((2 years cost - 2 years cost without phone) /24 months) vs unlocked mobile + monthly cost * 24

    But perhaps you don't have any greatly reduced mobile monthly plan without phone cost in the US?

    • Tatsuya

      Mistyped that, this should be:

      mobile subsidized price + (2 years plan cost - 2 years no phone plan cost) vs unlocked mobile + monthly cost * 24

  • http://twitter.com/aaron465 Aaron Trout

    The problem of how much stock they should have kept pre-launch could easily have been avoided by allowing pre-orders. Based on the amount of pre-orders they could easily have also estimated the number of additional stock needed shortly after launch.

    To say I am ticked off at not even being able to order after being on the site hours in advance then getting kicked out of the order process multiple times is an understatement - heck ordering Glastonbury festival tickets was easier than this!

  • Petr Plachý

    Fantastic sign? That's ridiculous...and launch isn't butchered only in Play countries, it's terrible everywhere...

  • MarkG

    Didn't get mine (despite 30 minues of messing around), but I am not that annoyed, it's certainly low on the scale of things to get annoyed about. Will try again next time.

    What Google need to do now (and what surprises me, is that they havn't done it this way).

    Process the "notify me when in stock" orders, in the order they were received. The next batch of 50k units, you send out unique purchase links to those 50k users, telling them there is a Nexus4 reserved for them, and they have 48 hours to complete their purchase before losing it and it goes back into the pot. Each day the unsold units get offered to the next lot on the waiting list. Rinse and repeat as orders and stock arrives.

  • edude03

    Hey thanks for the editorial it was a good read.

    That said, I think 1 and 3 are sort of cop out arguments. While it's true that we should be grateful that such an amazing device even exists,

    1) Google being new at something isn't a good excuse because anyone who has looked for a job straight out of school knows a lot of places ask that you have experience in your field for entry level positions, exactly so that you can't say you're new at it. Google is becoming the king of acqui-hiring and I think if they were moer serious about the play store they would have acqui-hired a company with experience in online sales.

    3) Google not expecting so much demand is likely not the reason that people's orders got pushed back because the process was a mess from the start. First of all, there was only rumours of when the device was actually going on sale and when we found out it was 12pm, it started at 11. If they did preorders the day it was announced it would have solved this issue all together.

    Secondly, most online stores tell you how much stock they have. I'm sure google/LG knows how many phones physically exist so it shouldn't be too hard to stop sales once that number of devices have been sold. It's one thing to say we only made 10,000 devices and sell out quickly, but it's another to sell 30,000 (I'm making these numbers up) then turn around and tell those buyers they don't actually have the device yet to sell them.

    Thirdly, like most people are saying, having server issue is something google should have resolved by now because it's not the first time it's happened. I've sat credit card in hand for every google i/o ticket sale and despite being on as soon as the sale started, I've yet to get tickets. Why? Because the site has always crashed or had issue.

    I think ultimately, we should all just calm down and wait, but I think the problem really is that other online companies have raised our expectations very high while google has been unable to meet these expectations. For the next launch I think they really should let another company like Amazon run the sale.

  • Jav11 .

    if Google your new at this,..then maybe you cant have a carrier ..

  • k1l

    seems like the author got sponsored by google :X

    sry but how can you state that the demand was unpredictble?

    the relase of a device more powerfull than the samsung s3 and for a really cheap budget. mixed with android-upgrade-guarantee and a goog looking hardware. We all know the "wow, a billion S3 just sold in XX days" news. honestly, who thought that would be a slow selling one?

    Even the german Goolge PR guy teased the last days with news about the exact starting time for the sale over google+.

    They knew about the upcoming demand. That is the truth.

    Google Wallet seems like a crappy piece of code and that is the real issue on that sale fiasko. But what google did afterwards isnt fair to their customers at all.

    The only statement was: Man, we are surpised by the demand. But cant tell any news.

    Thats it!

    even 4 WorkingDays after that there is no new announcement, no information for the customers who got their money blocked on their Creditcard. User telling about recieving devices without delivery confirmation. others want to change the adress because they gave an available adress for the guaranted next day delivery but google refusing to change the adresses. etc, etc, etc.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Trisjen.Harris Trisjen Harris

    Good post, This is a good way of looking at it!

  • Magneira

    What I get from all of this is 2 things, first we should find great that we can buy an awesome device like the nexus 4 for less than 400 bucks and unlocked, second is awesome that these devices sold out in such a short time, this means that a lot of people wants the nexus devices, maybe this will help with carriers don't forcing those customs skins and maybe give more space in advertising in the next nexus devices

  • itznfb

    This debacle could have EASILY been avoided. Pre-order. F U Google. We were screaming about this for weeks prior to launch and you decided not to run with a pre-order anyway and this is what happens. So F U Google.

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

    "Did anyone have problems getting answers from customer service? Did anyone receive broken devices? Was anyone's order canceled or never acknowledged? I mean that seriously, because those are real complaints if it happened."

    Actually, yeah... I got my order in pretty fast and I can see it exists in Google Wallet and on the Play Store orders list with an estimated ship date that has come and gone, but I haven't seen any email or confirmations. I've written to support and they haven't responded. I'm going to call customer support in a bit to see if I can push for a real answer. So, I think there are a few of those problems surfacing.

  • Freak4Dell

    "Wah, wah...I have to wait 3 weeks to get a super awesome phone at a super ridiculously cheap price. Why can't I have it now? I want it now. NOW, NOW, NOW!"

    Sure, Google could have done things better, but guess what? It doesn't really do any harm to anyone's life that they had some bumps in the road. They'll do it better next time. If it's an absolute necessity that you must get this phone right now, pay the premium that T-Mobile is charging and get it from one of their stores.

  • FrillArtist

    I love Android but this author is simply shilling for Google.

  • Chris Daggett

    All your points are valid, and I am not mad or upset that my device hasn't come. What I am frustrated with, and absolutely livid about, is the complete and utter lack of communication. I have not heard a SINGLE thing from Google since placing my order at 11:35 EST 11/13. it still shows 11/15 EST shipping. This is unacceptable. I'd at least like to know what my status IS!.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

      For what it's worth, I'm in the same spot but I think I can give you some good news. I've got exactly the same status. Yesterday I called up the customer service line for the Play Store and talked with a rep that cleared it up about as well as he could. The reason you haven't got an email about is because they haven't officially shipped the device yet, it's sitting in a UPS distribution hub and is basically waiting to get a shipping label. According to him, if you didn't get an email about being back-ordered, then you should be getting one from the first round of shipments. He apologized and said that they had far more orders than expected and that they weren't prepared to ship their entire stock right away. He explained that mine was clearly not shipped yet because the authorization on my credit card was still in a Pending state rather than switching to Charged (I know all of the legal stuff behind that, it's called the 'Mail Order Rule' if you want to look it up, but it's not really important to this discussion). He said the odds are really good that I would get mine either on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. He made it clear that almost all of the orders are getting upgraded to overnight shipping or early delivery (for those that remained as 2-day shipping). Hopefully the estimate is right, I'd like to get the phone before Thanksgiving screws up the delivery schedule.

      Obviously, I'm just telling you what they told me. We've all seen the evidence that not everybody at Google has been told the same things. However, it appears that most of that stuff is likely to be true. Hope it helps...