Since its announcement, many internet comments (and tech bloggers, frankly) have lambasted the 2020mAh battery inside the DROID DNA as obviously being too small. A 5", 1080p display, quad-core processor, and LTE - with a 2020mAh battery? HTC must be nuts. Well, it turns out, they actually aren't nuts and actually do know how to make a phone that doesn't die after half a day off the charging cable teat. Surprising, I know. And despite what you may be hearing elsewhere (I won't name names), my experience with the DNA's longevity has been quite positive. I got a lot of requests for an in-depth look at battery life on the DNA when I posted my initial impressions, so here's what I came up with.


The Method

So, how do I "test" the battery life of a phone I'm reviewing? It's a combination of many factors, really. Multiple days of experience, different work flows, how long I'm away from my desk, etc. It's hard to objectively just nail down battery life: the number. And tests that attempt to do so ignore a lot of things that affect real-world performance.

First, I disconnect myself from my everyday phone as much as possible. Granted, this is a Verizon phone, and I'm an AT&T customer, so that's a little harder. When I'm at my desk, or gone for less than a couple hours, I'm using the review phone 100% of the time. If I'm gone longer than that, my own phone comes with me, too, though I only use it to answer calls or texts that aren't through Google Voice (which are few). The review phone is my email, Twitter, and random-opening-of-Google-Maps-and-staring machine the entire duration of my review period.

The next question, of course, is how much use does "David's average day with his phone" actually constitute? And that's harder to answer. Let's go to the bullet list - how many accounts do I have synced, and how often am I doing stuff with them?

  • Amazon (w/ push shipping notifications)
  • Dropbox (with at least 5-10 small files uploaded per day, if not more)
  • Facebook (rarely used, but set to sync)
  • Google
    • 2 email accounts, for a combined 75-150 emails received every 24 hours
    • 2 calendars, probably not doing much
    • Google+
    • Chrome sync
    • Google Now sync
    • Google Talk running
  • Google Voice (20-50 message combined sent/received per day)
  • Twitter (checked obsessively)

Now, what about my power configuration?

  • Screen set to auto-brightness (because it actually works on HTC phones)
  • Wi-Fi off
  • Bluetooth off
  • GPS on (all location services enabled)
  • Mobile data on (at all times)
  • Sync on (at all times)

For this particular evaluation day, I also viewed about 15 minutes of YouTube (it suggested Whitest Kids U Know when I opened the app, how could I not?), ran Pandora for about an hour and a half, and let the phone sit overnight off the charger. Generally, I'm not playing games on my phone or watching tons of videos, so, if that's a big part of your typical smartphone day, I can't comment.

I'm doing a lot of email, checking Twitter, using Google Voice SMS, looking at Google Maps for no apparent reason, updating apps, taking screenshots, randomly running SpeedTest.net, and deciding where I should get dinner on Yelp. I hope that gives you a good idea of my "average day" with my phone. Now, to the numbers!

The Results

Granted, this is for one day. There's a reason my review of the DROID DNA isn't up already - I haven't had it long enough to form an opinion on every aspect of the phone. I have, however, had it off the charger since about 7:30AM yesterday, and it's 10:30AM today, and I still have 9% battery remaining. First, let's look at HTC's battery history chart.


That's 27 hours so far. As you can see, the phone has been awake for pretty big chunks of time, and I've been using it full-bore this morning. If you haven't used Better Battery Stats, get it (here) - this is an amazing app that I've become absolutely reliant on for judging battery life in my reviews. It lets me know if something is awry (eg, keeping the phone awake), what my use pattern looks like, and all sorts of neat other stuff. I really do love it. So, let's go to the results there.

Screenshot_2012-11-16-10-25-45 Screenshot_2012-11-16-10-26-52

The key stats you want to look at here are "Screen On" and "Awake." Right now, I'm pushing nearly 3.75 hours of screen on time, which is pretty damn impressive for a phone with a 5", 1080p display. In fact, it's actually quite good for any high-end phone. That's coupled with nearly 7 hours of awake time, which is also admirable. This is nowhere near what I'd call "bad." I'd actually call it above average - we're pretty squarely in Galaxy S III / One X territory here - if not slightly better. A big part of this is the S-LCD3 display panel, which is a lot more power-efficient than the S-LCD2 of the One X / X+. It also doesn't get as bright, and colors aren't quite as good - so there are tradeoffs to be had, for sure.

I had Wi-Fi on for an hour, yes, and that was basically for the hour before I left the house yesterday morning. After that, it was off for good. Aside from a short trip into the valley yesterday, I was also in 4G LTE coverage the entire time. LTE gets a bad rap for battery consumption, but that's simply not correct - what makes LTE drink down battery isn't being connected, it's switching between CDMA and LTE. That will absolutely nuke your battery. LTE is actually more efficient than CDMA when you're actively using it - lower latency, quicker speeds, less time with a connection open.

As a final note on my results, you may have noticed in the HTC battery history chart that there's a long dead period overnight. That's actually HTC's intelligent sleep behavior, which automatically turns off sync from 11PM to 7AM (alarms, calls, SMS still work fine), something I really do like about Sense. Either way, even without the sleep behavior, the DNA receives my preliminary "battery life seal of approval." This phone has exceed my expectations, for sure.

What have we learned here? Milliamp hours will never tell the whole story. It's a flawed metric. The DROID DNA seems to have perfectly adequate battery life for moderate users, and even a little more than some other high-end phones may provide. Heavy users, well, there's not a phone on the market that isn't a RAZR MAXX (battery capacity is important - not an end-all) that will please everyone. I just wanted to clear the air of some of the more misguided notions that this phone has "horrible" battery life, when it pretty clearly does not.

If you have any other questions about the DNA, or its battery life, feel free to ask in the comments. I'll do my best to answer.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • http://twitter.com/KickingLettuce Kicking Lettuce

    cough cough .. the verge .. cough cough

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Now, now. :)

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    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dominick-White/642535026 Dominick White

      yep, out of every review i have checked out about this phone, they are the only one that gave the battery a bad review

    • Tyler Humphreys

      So why was the battery life so much worse for the verge reviewer? He said that "In daily use, it frequently tapped out long before the day was over." Did he just use it more heavily? Like more than twice as much? And it only lasted 4.5 hours in their battery benchmark, while the Razer Maxx HD got 12 hours with a battery 50% larger.

      And even if the battery life is good enough, is it still not worse than most other competing phones?

  • chey023

    Thanks for the screen time on stat.

  • satoru mastershima

    Not as bad?... ITS STILL VERY BAD WTF?!?!?!

    • asianrage

      What's your metric?

    • hot_spare

      It's not bad. It's pathetic. 4 hrs? WTF is that?
      HTC won't survive. It's no surprise that they are doing so bad financially if you ignore such basic issues.

      • Sonny Causey

        What do you mean 4 hours? The 4 Hours was just for screen on time which I believe is average. If you think about how long (in increments) the screen is actually on......I think 4 hours is plenty. I mean if you want a portable device for gaming then buy a PSP....duh. the total time was over 27 hrs.

      • jroc74

        4 hours screen on time with a total time of 27 hours battery life is bad? I dont think you know how to interpret battery stats, charts, figures.

      • elppakcuf

        people get 5 hours screen on time on iphone 5, so what?

    • hot_spare

      This is the exact reason why you should never read a Nexus review on AndroidPolice/AndroidCentral, a 920 review on WPCentral or a iPhone review on macrumors. These are not review sites, they are simply fanboy sites. It is frustrating enough that sites still use Quadrant, Antutu for benchmarking and using SunSpider as a CPU test. You can ignore Verge/Engadget/Slashgear/PA and all other similar sites. Unfortunately not many sites like AT/Ars Technica/Tomshardware that you can go for proper in-depth review irrespective of the brand.

    • Pakshu

      Very bad????? Dude, what are you on?? This is excellent battery life for your information. Now, go and play with your cheap Shamsung in the corner and be jealous all that you want! :P

      • satoru mastershima

        wtf? i dont even own a samsung, i have a motorola atrix with a 1920mah battery and a 4 inch screen , one of the best combos ever and i get 5 hours of screen on time...

        • jroc74

          Ok for one the screen is a full inch smaller. And its less resolution.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

    And FYI, the phone died at 11:03AM with 4h8m screen on time.

    • http://www.twitter.com/Genjinaro Genjinaro

      That's pretty damn awesome. I've been content with getting 8 Hours out of my EVO LTE but this would be preferable.

    • crankyd00d

      Umm 4 hours screen on time is very impressive when you add the 24+ hours away from charger. Damn I hope the international version comes with bigger storage

    • asianrage

      Thanks for the update.

      • Cherokee4Life

        I don't understand, The V*rg* gave the battery life 4 out of 10...... How could a battery be this good and get a 4/10....?

        :) hehe silly Verge

  • NemaCystX

    Glad to see more reviews regarding the battery, i don't think i'll consider reviews seriously when they come from the Verge ever again, I gave them a second chance after the Engadget "perfect score anything Apple" crap, but they seem to be bias. instead of using different people for reviews, it should be one person so you can see the bias vs truth, along with other editors chiming in on what they thought.

    Keep em coming AP

    any word on a car dock for the DNA yet? would be nice to find a car dock that has wireless charging

  • Dima Aryeh

    That's not good, that's pretty great for such a device. Thanks for this!

  • maqs

    How well do applications make use of the high resolution? I'm not sure about android games, but do they run at a fixed resolution? If not, can the phone handle gaming at 1080p?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Games, I don't know. Apps, it's a mixed bag. More on that in the full review, though.

  • FrillArtist

    This David Ruddock guy makes me laugh. How can you make claims on battery life when you haven't even used it over a long period of time? You've barely used it for a week and you are already making a claim that the battery life is long. Most phones stock last okay but when you factor in app installations, lots of processes that start to run in the background after owning the phone for a long period of time etc, you have a phone that isn't what your initial impressions were.

    • ScottColbert

      Did you even bother to read the article? He states that fact several times.

      • jroc74

        Probably not, he might have just read the title, looked at the pics and made his comment. lol

    • leoingle

      idiot born everyday i see

    • http://twitter.com/NKD11 Nitin Kumar

      Hahahaha. You will not be called a fool if you actually read the article and saw picture f'in evidence that is provided to you. Remind me of a kid in class who will never take notes and then ask a question that was clearly present when the notes were given. Seriously there should be a limit to ignorance and once you pass that limit it should be a felony.

  • hot_spare

    3.75 hours of screen on time...

    Since when less than 4 hrs of screen-on time is good/decent? And this tells you exactly why HTC is going down the drain last 2 years.

    Any decent smartphone should absolutely have minimum of 5 hours of screen-on time. 6-7 hours is what a true flagship should have.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      3.75 hours... over 27 hours of device powered on time. You can make any phone have a low screen-on time if you keep it powered on long enough. It's not a simple one factor test.

      • hot_spare

        If this is the case, how do you explain this?

        Only WiFi usage.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

          Wi-Fi greatly extends battery life, and I assume you're using a Note II, which has a 3100mAh battery, 50% larger than the DNA's. You're welcome to make your comparison, but I don't really see the point - you're comparing completely different devices and use case situations.

          • Flaime DeFeo


          • QwietStorm


          • hot_spare

            You see no point in comparing battery life? The whole point of this article was to say that battery life in the HTC phone is good. How do you "define" good/decent/bad battery life if you don't compare against other smartphones? If you are really serious, you should perform a standard test against other flagship phones. Many people certain standard tests (Anadtech/GSMArena etc.,) When you compare battery life, you should also check the surface temperature as both of these tend to be directly proportional.
            BTW, If you are saying that I shouldn't compare it against other phones, then what is the point of any battery life test? Even a kid will tell me that battery life is dependent on a lot of factors and your mileage will vary. If I go by this logic, there is not point in having a battery life discussion in any review.

          • http://twitter.com/iamdannyc Daniel Cirincione

            he means wifi increases battery life over cell data

          • matt123

            Oh I see, you're butthurt that a phone better than the Note 2 is coming out and you're trying to downplay one of its weakest features. That's cute.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=551560076 Dan DeMarco

            "Wi-Fi doesn't increase battery life. I am sure that if I use my phone without Wi-Fi turned on, I will definitely get more battery life. Similarly, not using cellular data gives you more battery life."

            You must be new to smartphones if you don't think having an active wi-fi connection increases the length of your phones battery life.

          • jroc74

            Yea....you have to be new to smartphones. Wifi uses less battery than cellular data. Think about this for a minute....you out n about vs in the house next to your wifi router. You wont always be in a great reception area outside...but in your home....you will.

            If out n about and you have access to wifi....it should be in closer proximity vs. a cell tower. Any time you have access to wifi...it will be good to great reception. Cell towers.....not so much.

            Then lets compare LTE vs wifi...LTE is a battery hog. Its no comparison vs wifi.

          • hot_spare

            There is a huge difference between:

            1] Wi-Fi greatly extends battery life..


            2] Wifi uses less battery than cellular data..

          • jroc74

            How is that a huge difference? Thats basically saying the same thing.


          • jroc74


            Ppl need to compare battery sizes, screen sizes too. Vs a phone with a similar size battery...the DNA is actually good.

        • leoingle

          wtf is there to explain??? oh, you have a different phone, being used in a diff way for different reasons and came up with different stats. You're welcome for the explanation.

        • Alex Chang

          I am no quite sure your brightness of the phone
          you may fixed 10% bright through the day
          You can make any data as your want
          and I also found there is no running app on your screen
          You can be very happy of your phone
          but we are talking about the "normal" usage

        • jtv

          This is the way phones should go forward. No compromise. >3 days usage with >12 hours screen-on time. With big memory capable of expansion. Why settle for a phone that will make you afraid to even turn on the screen and use it because of the battery? What's the use of that 1080p screen when you can't even use it for hours? You can't even put 1080p videos and HD games because of that tiny memory too. Utterly useless. We have the technology now, why hold back? HTC is BS. For all we know, they already have DROID DNA+/XE prototypes, with 3,100mAh battery and SD card slot to be released after 3 months. This brand makes Android look bad. Make it die!

    • Daniel Richardson

      What smartphone other than the droid RAZR Maxx (either one HD or old non-HD) gets 5 hrs screen on time.... I have had every high end Verizon phone and none of them come close to that mark.. even my RAZR HD gets around 4 hours screen on time on my normal use and it has a bigger battery..

      • hot_spare

        No idea about verizon. Don't know and don't care about US carriers.

        • whnothere

          then why are you here judging dna?

    • jroc74

      Forgot to mention.....you will never see a smartphone with 6-7 screen on time unless it has a monstrous battery in it or its not really a smartphone but a regular cell phone.

      Same for 5 hours screen on time. You need a huge battery for that, or mostly wifi use. Either or.

  • nIk

    I don't think it's good enough. HTC have to focus more on the battery.

    • QwietStorm

      Compared to what?

  • jonathon johnston

    Thanks for helping alieve my greatest fear about this phone! I can live with the 16gb of storage because I have my tablet with me at all times for games and additional media, so there is a very high chance I will be picking this up next week. I still want to see the full review though, but kudos for getting this information out here early!

  • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

    i have to say, this is better than i expected. i'd still like to see better (i also think the razr maxx should be like the standard now) but nonetheless. thanks for posting this.

  • http://twitter.com/worseisyet2come Jason

    I'm confused, article essentially says "better than average" and "better than expected by others", but then says roughly on par with GS3 and One-X... If there are two popular phones I hear battery complaints about most, it's those two. So in other words, no worse than the other let-downs in battery life?

    • leoingle

      i have to strongly disagree. I have had every latest and greatest phone Verizon has had since the Thunderbolt and the S3 battery blows away all the others i had. (no, i didnt have the razr maxx)

      • http://twitter.com/worseisyet2come Jason

        Thanks for the input. I'll have to look into this more I guess. Picking a phone right now is a tough choice...

  • http://twitter.com/mwhdev Andy Taylor

    Just preordered!

    • Alex


  • azhrv

    That means DNA battery is comparable to Nexus 4 which also got 3-4 hours screen time. It's pretty decent. But for Note 2 users who are already spoiled by 7+ hours screen time, that sucks.

  • sdny8

    This is definitely the most tempting phone to come to Verizon in a year. With root already a go, I'd really like one but I'm not sure it would be worth it for the storage. 32 or even 24 would be a world of difference better.

  • Chris Webster

    I'm still debating on whether to wait a month to get the Nexus 4 or get this unlocked and use it on AT&T. Very informative article though

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Using this unlocked on AT&T is pretty meh. Nexus 4 for sure.

      • Chris Webster

        Doesn't it still run on HSPA+?

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

          Not really. You'll max out below AT&T's highest HSPA+ speeds, the DNA isn't set up to make use of the proper extras to push beyond HSPA 7 as far as I know.

          • Chris Webster

            Good thing to know. With that info I'll probably try to pick up a Nexus and save some money. Thanks a ton!

  • strikeir13

    You mention you were on LTE almost entirely, but it would also be helpful to know the quality of that connection. I believe a weaker connection will force the phone to work harder to maintain it (correct me if I'm wrong), so just a rough estimate of your signal strength would be nice, please.

    Otherwise, while not as technical as some other sites, your description of your own use case definitely seems adequate to me for gauging this phone's battery life. Thanks for a solid write-up!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      2 bars. Let me check right now for you. I'm hovering between -93 to -100dBm, which is 2 to 3 bars.

      • strikeir13

        Thanks. That's around what I'm getting right now, and while it's no comparison, my LTE Gnex (std. batt.) on 4.2 is at 25% after 8 hours. Over 24 hours on LTE in similar conditions is pretty remarkable for the battery size ;)

        Edit: Of course, I'm sure the vastly improved screen and CPU help a lot too. I'm ready for a non-AMOLED screen, just wish it had on-screen buttons!

        • Simon Belmont

          It also helps that the Snapdragon S4 Pro has a built-in LTE modem. First generation LTE phones had separate modems.

          That really cut into the battery life. Just a thought.

          • seeingwhite

            Its still two separate chips in the s4pro package, but they are much more efficient and improved in design.

          • Simon Belmont

            Yeah, my wording was awful. I should have just mentioned the efficiency.

            By built-in, I just meant it was better designed for better energy savings. Not PHYSICALLY in the same chip. That's what I get for posting when I'm tired as heck. Thanks for correcting me.

    • jroc74

      Thanks for asking this question. This is a huge battery drain that most ppl dont even realize. For 2 bars of service, between -93 and -100....the DNA did a good job, much better than I expected.

  • sillmacka

    Thanks for this great update on the battery time. I'm also a moderate user so this looks good enough for me. Allthough i'm waiting for the DLX since I'm from Sweden.
    Looking forward to the full review.

  • Alex

    Thanks for the battery stats. I'm a heavy user and know there is know way I want to be stuck to a charger. Unlimited data needs unlimited battery. So I have to go removable. I was going to see this phone keep on pace with the butterfly j's battery. 2500mah battery would of kept most people very happy. 2020 is just not good enough (imo). I bet there will be plenty of unhappy DNA owners.

    • porkoff

      "would have", not "would of"

      • alex

        Thanks but really necessary.

  • Bretton Key

    I noticed you didn't toss in any gaming time or really using media.

    The phone definitely displays great battery life, but I know that the true test is when you add more applications to device. Furthermore, I would like to see this test again with like an 30 - 60 mins of Dead Trigger playing or downloading a bunch of apps, Netflix, playing Google music so on and so forth.

    This is great review, really it makes me curious about the update Sense platform. Hopefully, people like Samsung can borrow the means of perfecting battery usage with mid grade batteries

    • Scott

      1 hr of dead trigger eats as much as 4-5 hrs of normal use in my experience.

  • http://twitter.com/NKD11 Nitin Kumar

    I had the droid razr maxx for a bit and I barely hit 5-6 hours of screen on time. I was actually disappointed that with such a big battery I couldn't get 7-8 hours of screen on time. That was majority of the time on wifi.

  • Tim Harper

    "randomly running SpeedTest.net" ha at last10-15 Times a day

    • LionStone

      And doing that is something that is battery intensive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/davidtb Dt Bell

    I like HTC stuff..

  • http://www.facebook.com/davidtb Dt Bell

    oh, Thanks for the article..

  • Droid Burgundy

    is this battery removable? That is all that really matters.

  • morecaffeine

    Does anyone know if the DNA supports threaded group sms/mms messaging?
    This is a deal breaker for me as I hate seeing 800 duplicate messages (ok so maybe not really that many, but you get the pic) in one string and want all replies fed back to the same conversation. 3rd party apps for this are horrible so it must be something working outta the box.

  • Monji

    Talk about the Note II 10h screen on time (:

  • Ferdy

    How hot does the phone get on 4g? I'm coming from the thunderbolt (had it since launch, still with it... TSF launcher has made it have a new life that is for sure)

  • Dan

    3.5h screen on time. Lol. This phone is like a race car with no wheels....

    • jroc74

      Please list any phone not named Maxx or that has a 3000 battery thats gets more on screen time.

      And make sure its not mostly using wifi.

      On screen time does not equal total battery life. Its just the screen on time. When listening to music, using the phone, is the screen always on?

      • jtv

        My HTC OneX lasts 5hrs screen-on time on continuous browsing using 3G and at 0% brightness. My SIII on the other hand gives me 9hrs screen-on time by the same usage. Though with my SIII I did not continuously browse, I just can't do it 8 straight hours.

        • jroc74

          Ok....using 3G only....I dont think thats normal use for most ppl at this time. Neither is 0% brightness.

          Does the One X do 4G, LTE? Not really sure. This article, most battery life tests are about normal use scenarios. Him being mainly on 4G , the results are nice for that. Some ppl might be on road trips and watch videos, clips non stop. Some writers, reviews do non stop video use. Some times ppl browse the web non stop. .

          I can put some of my phones in Airplane mode and make it last for days...while still playing games on it. The point is....if we each took our phones and tried to duplicate exactly what this writer did.....you would see the DNA didnt do bad at all. Again, exclude any phone named Maxx or that has a giant battery in it. Someone mentioned LTE reception. Reception plays a huge part in battery life, and most ppl dont realize that. My Droid X1 could last 29 hours at ex gf's house with some type of usage. At work, 8 hours or less...with no use. Since we all dont live, work in good to great reception areas....comparing battery life results is really a toss up.

          • jtv

            When I surf through WiFi and don't use mobile data my signal is always set to 3G/GSM. You don't need faster data connections to receive calls and texts do you? The fact is, when major sites tested the battery with LTE browsing, it barely made 4hrs. I thought for once that "worrying about battery life that your phone might die mid-day" days are gone. Technology should be going forward. INCLUDING BATTERY. And oh, storage capacity too.

          • narao

            I know this thread is really old and that no one will really read this, but I just needed to get this off of my chest.

            you keep saying that technology should be moving forward which includes the battery. Here is the hard truth for you. If you look at a some periodic chart of elements or just in the back of a general chemistry book you'll see that there are physical limits on the amount of electrical energy that different elements will produce when they react with each other. They have been tested and retested. That's why they are in the back of a chemistry book. they only way to get more energy is either through efficiency or using something other than a battery (*nuclear fuel cell?*). That is a physical limit that cannot be overcome.

            so what choices does that leave us? well if we want technology to keep on improving, we need to make our technology more efficient. if you were to swap out certain components of this phone for older ones, like the screen, then you would see this things battery die exponentially faster.

            so i guess the long story is NO. Don't expect batteries to get a ton better, or at least increase at a rate anywhere close to how fast we can improve the efficiency of silicone.

            I could say a lot more, but i think ill wrap up with this. this phone has more cores, higher clock speed, and higher resolution than my laptop. My laptop has a 7500 mAh battery that will last about 4 hrs if im lucky. what makes all of the difference is that my laptop is 3 years older then this phone. Battery technology hit a wall about 12 years ago and has pretty much been wrapping the same thing up in different clothes every now and then which makes you feel like it's going somewhere. think of it this way, our technological gizmos are still catching up with batteries (just like cars and MPG). until then, we should be happy with anything this capable.

  • jtv

    Where the hell is the screen shot for Screen-on time? Those other sites used video playback, it gave roughly 4 freaking hours. My OneX with smaller 1,800mAh battery but 720p manages 6hours video playback on me. My S3 on the other hand gives me 11hours. Both at 50% brightness with wifi, gps, bluetooth off . Divide those by two and that's my continuous browsing time for both at 50% brightness. HTC's battery reallly is BS. Don't say otherwise unless you have the screenshot for the screen-on time, along the other stats to let us see same percentages. When the screen's on it's the time you are actually using it is it not? I didn't buy a phone to keep it in my pocket, afraid to turn the screen on. Thought that's what's HTC is making me do with the OneX. LOL. I'm done covering my eyes from the reality of it. I hope you do too. It's about time we brush this in the face of HTC. They might consider giving consumers the battery we've been all screaming about. Who knows? Maybe because of it, HTC will give us the international version of this phone with 3,100mAh battery.

    • jroc74

      Screen on screen shot is right under History.

      How many other phones are pushing a 1080 screen? How can we even do a true apples to apples comparison until other phones have quad core and 1080p screens....or just similar specs across the board? I'm not even a fan of HTC phones...but I think the hate for this battery test, results is mis guided.

      • jtv

        Just face it. Technology should be going forward. That includes battery. They already used a 2100mAh on their OneX+, and that's even less power hungry, save the processor. Why put 2020 in this one? So after 3 months they can release one with 3000mAh battery? And oh, almost forgot, with bigger memory than this one as well. HTC is just BS.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Davidmiao1996 David Miao

          Just saying, if i was in charge of HTC i would do the same thing. It means more money.
          Ever wonder why iPhones lack all the features that other phones already have? because they know people will buy it no matter what so they can afford to skimp out on things and still make a huge profit.

  • jroc74

    All I can say is to the ppl complaining, just use your current phone exactly like in this test....I can almost guarantee that you will look at this article differently in the end.

    Make sure you are in an area with 2 bars of service too. Even better, do it in a place with worse service...and tell us how it turned out.

  • Don

    My problem is that, 1. I'm addicted to having a fully charged battery in my pocket so if my phone dies i can swap them out. And 2. These phones are so powerful that you can't use them on a charger with a low battery because they still go dead while charging. Has anyone else experienced the "your phone is using more power than its receiving ' message?
    Something like that anyway.

    • Amrish

      yup, on my desire s.....

  • Chris

    Really awesome... I was contemplating searching for another phone since so many people thought battery life would be terrible. Great that it's not bad!(And I'm used to awful batteries, I'm lucky if I get two hours out of my EVO 4G on 3G...)

  • Cameron Braziel

    Verizon has a 14 day trial period. Try it out. HTC is really good with standby times of their phones. BTW, it has a smaller battery, so if you charged it in the car, it should take a lot less time to charge, correct? Efficiency is what I think they were aiming for.

  • xweb

    Well, this is a very nuanced and useful review, thanks! It's hard to know what real "usage" is, and my main concern that I still see with your review is that some use cases will not feasible. Like, if I have a two-hour flight, and I actively use the phone in the airport for an hour, and then on the plane for a couple hours, then am I totally out of battery when I get to my destination? Or, if not totally out, having to worry about it for the rest of the day.

  • jeffrey evans

    This is supposed to be a flagship phone, think how awesome it could have been with even a slightly bigger battery. For a phone that is being considered by many to bring HTC back, they should have put a bigger battery in it.

  • MohJ

    He gets 1day runtime and 3.5 hours screen on time and thinks that is good and "above average". Hilarous. My note 2 can go over 1day with 8+ hours screen on time.

    • jroc74

      Battery in the Note 2: 3100

      Battery in the DNA: 2020

      Hilarious. Indeed.

      • Patrick

        Why do you keep saying this? The point of the article was to say the phone gets decent battery life, not to say it gets decent battery life for the shitty battery in it. People are saying they want a big battery. That's the complaint. So you saying it's not a comparison is false. People are choosing between the DNA and the Note II, if battery life is a major factor in their decision then they are going to mention that the DNA doesn't hold up when compared to it. It's ridiculous to say they shouldn't be compared because they have a different battery, that's the point, that HTC didn't put a big battery in it.

  • rob

    HTC Garbage thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/thrutheblack Brendan Rissen

    finally an average user. it seems to me that most reviews on phones are from super nerds who only care about the elite specs and whether you can use a phone as a desktop, which it is clearly not designed for. this has further convinced me to pick this phone up when it comes out for the public in a few.

  • dwightja

    David since you have an HTC one X would you give that up for a nexus 4?

  • albertoparkk

    I use my phone alot for texting facebook etc. I even use the juice defender app and my battery dies within the day and I don't use that much social networkingapps. Is it because I charge my phone while its on or something? I don't get it :(

  • Josee

    David, that was a great article. I have been reading about
    the Droid DNA and the main complaint is its battery life. Reading your review
    on the battery, I feel that for me it will be OK, for my phone usage style. My
    other concern is the 16GB fix storage. Will it be enough? I take lots of pictures and keep my text messages. Other than that, I do not do much to consume memory space. What is your opinion on this?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=769820542 RL YD

    No disrespect to the author but this is complete b.s. I conducted a real life test to see and incredibly, the phone lost an amazing 39% of batter power in less than 4 hours. That is horrible. Hence why I took it back.

  • aquarianblues

    I've had this phone a little over a month, I'm NOT a gamer, don't watch youtube or videos hardly ever on this phone, but it won't even recognize the original charger, and WON'T charge! I'm pissed...feel ripped off. If I could buy a back up battery, I would...after charging it all night on the org. charger, it's only at 12%, I realized it wouldn't charge from an ext cord, so I did it directly from the wall...the phone is great, but because of the battery, i feel like I got a piece of shit phone. >:(