Do you have a hankering for a big phone? Before you answer, know that I'm talking about a massive mobile phone with a stylus here. Well, there's a big phone deal going on if you're willing to hitch your wagon to AT&T for two years. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is on sale for just $249.99.


The Note II is selling for $300 or more on other carriers, and AT&T itself is still asking $300 from the unwashed masses. But you know better, right? Just head over to Amazon, and you can get the black or white version of the device and save fifty bucks. The deal appears to be valid for new customers and upgrades.

The Note II rocks a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD screen, a quad-core Exynos ARM chip, 16GB of internal storage, and that sweet stylus. The phone already has Android 4.1 on board, which is better than a lot of devices currently on sale.

[Samsung Galaxy Note II: Black, White]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Zaatour36

    aaah! I was just looking for it yesterday at AW and couldn't find it!

    man, i'm so tempted to get one, instead of paying the full price for the international one

    I want one soooo bad :'(

    • Flazer

      Click on AT&T phones under contract, then it is on the 2nd page of them. Just ordered mine 2 days ago, and called tonight when I read this to get the price match.

  • gspida

    They could have my money if they would only sell at least the 32gb version. I have a 16gb Note now and won't suffer through this storage issue again.( I cache a lot of music with grooveshark 7gb as of now) The 64gb version would be my top choice but that seems so unlikely :(