You thought the Nexus Chainsaw Massacre was bad? You don't know the half of it. Today, many users are receiving emails that the Nexus 4s they've ordered from the Play Store are backordered and won't ship out for another three weeks. For those counting, assuming the absolute worst and no additional delays, that will result in phones in brown boxes heading to your door by early December, so if you've got holiday plans for them, don't panic. If, however, you're given to fits of hysteria when you have to wait for things, well, go ahead and panic.


Our own Cameron and Ron have both had their orders delayed and confirm their cards have already been charged. If you already gave Google your money, it looks like they'll be holding on to that, so no worries about a surprise $300+ charge next month. Of course, if yours is delayed as well, you can track the status of your order at the link in the email Google will probably be sending to you soon, if it hasn't already.

Thanks Mike, Tim, and Anthony!

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://twitter.com/tone_def tone def

    I received the dreaded e-mail, and am weeping softly in my cubicle. Not really, but total bummer!

    • gdfgsdfdsfadf

      feel ya... this sucks

    • Tim Peyton

      It's not coming as fast as you'd like, but at least you got it, bro. I'm still waiting for my chance to snag one.

  • http://twitter.com/Erroneus Erroneus

    Welcome to our world. Everybody outside of the Google play countries, had their delivery from retailers pushed back to start of December. Once again LG proves how big bunch of amateurs they are

    • blix247

      Plenty of blame to spread around. In Google Play countries, Google likely did the demand analysis. So its their fault.

  • http://twitter.com/SportsAndTV Brian Pearcy


    I don't know how they can have a sell out like they did if they are going to back order the phone for people.

    Guess it will be while till be see the N4 back in the playstore.

  • Hilman_ca

    Got my email regarding the delay today, disappointed but such is life, I still love ya El Goog :). Guess the ol' GNex will need to suffice until then, hopefully it gets some 4.2 loving soon :)

    • Tim Peyton

      Pfft. Your GNex isn't old. My long-forgotten bastard child that is the LG G2X is old, but mostly because of lack of updates.

      • jordanjay29

        Ha! I'll see your LG G2X and raise you the HTC Vision (G2).

        • Jacob Pope

          I see your HTC Vision and raise you the HTC Desire.

          • jordanjay29

            Well played, sir.

          • Jacob Pope

            I'm expecting someone to come along with the G1 and trump me.

          • jordanjay29

            I have one, but I haven't used it in two years, so you still win.

            I highly doubt someone is still using the G1. I actually had someone adamant that they were still rocking the G1, and when I pressed them to show me their phone, they brought out the OG Galaxy S. *smh*

          • Ross

            how about a Cappy for the win?

  • arben

    This is unfuckingbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.

  • http://profiles.google.com/drewprice Drew Price

    Frustrating to say the least... I got the email. I saw an "Update from Google" and was all excited to see my shipped status and tracking number was met with the worst thing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001261702441 Timothy Bennett

      This. Was about to happy dance, ended up smashing keyboard in rage.

      • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

        Wait, how did you type that then?!?!?

        • Guest

          I have several spares. I'm a very angry person. xD

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001261702441 Timothy Bennett

          With my mind. Because we live in the Martix.

          • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E


          • Cherokee4Life

            I for one took the Blue Pill.....

        • Finfid

          MIND QUAD!

    • QwietStorm

      I knew exactly what was happening as soon as I saw "an update." I can't believe how sloppily this whole thing was handled, and I don't want to hear anything about how Google is new to the hardware scene. When a new company or business starts up, you don't have your receptionist handle the electrical engineering, you have an electrical engineer handle it. The same goes for a multi-billion corporation. You hire and/or put people in place who know what they are doing. I completely understand that what happened Tuesday was the equivalent of a DDoS attack, yet at the same time I am surprised that Google of all companies was not prepared to handle the load. To make matters worse, it appears that now many of us who perservered and finally got an order to complete, were led to believe all was well, only to find out today that they didn't even have enough stock to match the amount of orders that were ACCEPTED. This is a giant screw up from top to bottom. I can't even order a bumper. How do you not produce enough chunks of rubber lol. Yes its just a phone, yes its not a serious life threatening situation. I am just very annoyed at the lackluster preparation of it all. I really would have enjoyed using the Photo Sphere when I go away to see my family for Thanksgiving but oh well.

      • Angry@Google

        Angry@Google John Mullett • 13 minutes ago −
        I agree, 6 Google reps promised me a ship date before November 15th. I called yesterday and asked a rep if I would get such an email, "you're good, everything is processing so the label will be generated within 16 hours". 5 minutes later I get the dreaded email so of course I call back to speak with clueless reps. The phone greeting says "your device will ship to you within the timeframe originally quoted to you when you placed the order". Nos from a legal standpoint this is false advertisement. Google should not have sold more than they had in stock. Imagine a coworker taking 100 dollars to buy groceries to bring in a few days, instead they hold your money and tell you the will deliver in a month. I gave this example to a Google manager who was not listening giving me "uh huh, I understand" but did not reply to my question so I called him out on it. Supposedly he is emailing lthe shipping dept and trying to get me some free bumpers. I don't care about free shipping when it comes to a phone I need, I would have paid 30 dollars for overnight for such an impressive device.

        Oh, and I urge everyone to call Google Every day and scold them about the negative PR and maybe they will do overnight or *wishful thinking* same day delivery. Most devices in the US are shipping from Grapevine, TX I did confirm this with several reps. I was told that I can't pick up my device in person even though I'm 3 hours away.

        • Angry@Google

          I'm ready to visit the LG factory with some bamboo shoots and work them like they have never worked before!

          • Chronus719

            All while screaming, "YOU RACKA DISCIPRINE! YOU WORK FAST NOW!!!"

  • blix247

    Yeah, got the same email. Disappointed, but I guess thats the way it goes. It seems like a lot of people are getting these notifications. I wonder how many more phones they sold than they actually have?

  • Tim Peyton

    Okay, so when is the next batch coming? Not that I actually think anyone has that information yet. I want a N4, but I still need to put down an order for it.

  • techgeeky

    They just ruined their chance of having their phone sold

    Now, lots of people are going to cancel their orders

    Google deserve that

    • http://profiles.google.com/drewprice Drew Price

      I highly doubt people will be canceling their orders unless they can get them from another source. There is such a high demand for these still people are better off keeping their order and CL/Ebaying the phones. In the Bay Area people are offering upwards of $500 for a 16gb.

      • asdfasdfdas

        Yeah, unfortunately nothing is going to change at Google because few people are going to cancel the order anyway...

  • edude03

    Google should actually give up on the Nexus line now, they've yet to successfully launch a product ever. I'm well aware that I sound like an entitled asshole whinning over having to wait but seriously, why should anyone buy products from a company who clearly can't deliever?

    I've been trying to go to google IO since the first, couldn't get tickets due to the site crashing.
    I tried to get a N1, they wouldn't ship it to canada
    Tried to get a Galaxy Nexus, eventually got it but had to pay an inflated price due to not selling it to canadians,
    wanted to buy a Q where the fuck is the Q?
    Preordered a N7, didn't get it until a week after it was already available in stores (and I paid more due to shipping)

    After all that shit, I try and get a N4, and history repeats its self. Whereas I don't know one person who pre ordered an iPad mini or iPhone 5 or iPad 4 who doesn't have it already.

    Is this how google rewards the faithful android users?

    • http://www.facebook.com/mizatt Matt Alexander

      They make good products. If you can't wait a couple of weeks to get the product you want, then yeah, stop buying them, but you definitely sound like a whiner

  • itlnstln

    I got this e-mail. I understand, but I'm kinda pissed. You'd think a company like Google would have a more solid inventory/e-comm system in 2012 to avoid this sort of thing. No pre-orders, thus setting yourself up to get slammed on a product release date shouldn't have happened, either.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

      Google's only been selling hardware itself for two years, and really only had any level of success with it for five months. Frankly, the fact that they're doing this well at all should be commendable.

      I'm not saying I wouldn't hate it if my order was delayed three weeks, nor do I think Google's doing everything perfectly. But let's just keep in mind, this is a relatively new trick for them. The sheer volume of hate I'm seeing online is more unbelievable to me than any shipping delays.

      (This is not to pick on you, personally. This is actually one of the less vitriol-filled comments I've read and is more or less constructive and level-headed. Something I quite appreciate.)

      • itlnstln

        Yeah, I work for a large retailer, so I can sympathize with them to an extent - stuff happens. It just seems a little odd they didn't have a pre-order system set up to mitigate potential (and in this case, real) system backlogs/issues. Based on my recollection, this is the first time a Nexus has come out that has been truly top-of-class, so I would think there would be an indication this might be a better seller than prior Nexii. People would have been less upset with an error on a pre-order vs. thinking they actually bought an item and handing over cash.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

          For what it's worth, I think they're getting better. The Nexus 7 had a pre-order system and I was part of that. Except that my pre-order arrived a few days after Liam just went and picked one up from the store. In fact, it wasn't entirely clear who was going to have what available when. It was kind of a mess.

          This time, it was more clear. No preorders, just a single launch date, and devices will start shipping then. It sounds like the biggest thing they failed to consider is how many people would want to buy the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. Which, really, can you blame them? Previous attempts to sell an unlocked phone online that you can't hold in your hands have been extremely unfruitful. Even Galaxy Nexus sales weren't that great. Sure, a product manager could acknowledge that a $300 phone newly-released phone will experience a surge in demand over the last phone which was several months old when it arrived and priced higher, but how much more? 100,000 units? A million? If you overshoot, you end up with a ton of stock, and if you undershoot...well...this happens.

          It sounds like Google was more conservative in their estimates of just how much people would buy an unlocked phone off contract without getting their hands on it and....can you blame them? I mean, really. Could you say you'd do anything different in their position after the Nexus One and Galaxy Nexus? It's definitely a clusterfuck and needs to be fixed, but it's not the end of the world. And it's actually a really good sign for the long term, both for those of us who like the idea of cheap unlocked phones catching on in the mainstream, and who want the Nexus platform to succeed.

          • http://twitter.com/belogical2 Be Logical

            Wouldn't pre-orders fix all these issues though? They would know demand and be able to set a realistic timeline for folks.

          • Sean Lumly

            I had the same thought: pre-orders seem to be the best option to accurately gauge demand. It would also be wise to allow some more time before the holiday season to deal with this sort of thing. In three weeks, we will be a mere 3 weeks away from the Christmas holiday, when demand will spike and then sharply drop off.

            I'm a patient person and will get the Nexus 4/10 anyway, but I know many who were going to purchase the Nexus 4/10 will be making different shopping choices this holiday which will hurt the proliferation of the Nexus series, which will likely have an affect on android development.

            If I can think of this (and I'm not even remotely close to sales) then I'm sure an experienced professional could also come up with a suitable strategy. Of course I am probably also missing more than a few things...

          • Guest

            What Google also needed to do was to limit the amount that people can order. There are scalpers out there and they should have fully known that. For a high-end phone at rock bottom prices, there are bound to be scalpers because they know the amount of interest this was going to generate.

            I would have capped it to 2 per address. Sure, if the scalpers are professionals, they may have multiple address but it would have stemmed it enough so that more people had the opportunity to order.

            I think I share the same sentiment as others, their servers couldn't handle the load. Much of what I do depends on Google's services up and running. It was amazing to see Google not allocating enough resources to get the orders in. I tried to process my order about 11:40 and couldn't even get my order through because Google Wallet kept crashing. Google arguably have the best data centres around the world. It just amazes me that Google couldn't do the load distribution well enough.

          • deltatux

            What Google also needed to do was to limit the amount that people can order. There are scalpers out there and they should have fully known that. For a high-end phone at rock bottom prices, there are bound to be scalpers because they know the amount of interest this was going to generate.

            I would have capped it to 2 per address. Sure, if the scalpers are professionals, they may have multiple address but it would have stemmed it enough so that more people had the opportunity to order.

            I think I share the same sentiment as others, their servers couldn't handle the load. Much of what I do depends on Google's services up and running. It was amazing to see Google not allocating enough resources to get the orders in. I tried to process my order about 11:40 and couldn't even get my order through because Google Wallet kept crashing. Google arguably have the best data centres around the world. It just amazes me that Google couldn't do the load distribution well enough.

      • TOMMMMMM

        I think people have a right to be pissed, I mean look at how the Nexus 7 launched 6 months ago with people being able to get them in store before Google could even ship it to them. You would think they would have learned by now. Then they decide NOT to do pre-orders which would have helped the whole clusterfuck that was yesterday. I'm not giving them the benefit of the doubt here, they need to fix their issues and not piss off their loyal customers, which typically are of the Nexus buying bunch.

      • Thomas

        Had it simply been stock issues i might've been a bit more understanding, but it's obvious that orders haven't gone out on a first come, first serve basis.

        There are users on XDA, and personally a friend of mine, that got through the order process after mere minutes and got this e-maile (mind you that is with the huge amount of lag going on), while others who ordered later in the day (as units popped in every so often due to cancellations/failed transactions) have already received their phones or the shipping confirmation.

        Off-topic: The "charge" in the post is simply an authorization hold to make sure the funds are available when they do charge the money.

        • johnmiroki

          They do this all the time. When I purchased the Galaxy Nexus right before they were temporarily banned and taken off shelf, people who ordered after the ban was lifted received their Gnex days before I did. In fact, I called in and their representative suggested I cancel my old order and place a new one so that it could work.

          Their system is way sub bar, period.

          • Chronus719

            That's ridiculous. This is a customer service nightmare, and I can only hope that they learn from this for next time.

      • coversnails

        Some of the vitriol is clearly over the top, but I don't see any reason to 'commend' a multi billion dollar company who have had 2 years of experience. If they were a start up they'd have been wiped off the business map by now.

  • cy_n_ic

    I never even got the email that,they were available in the first place. Id like to see it added to aosp before i commit to purchase though. Would be so sad for everyone to buy it and never have support like expected

    • QwietStorm

      Would you really expect an unlocked Nexus phone to not be added to AOSP? Serious question, not rhetorical.

      • cy_n_ic

        Not so much a matter of if it will. Just when. Could be months and months away.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1547790701 Alec Winograd

    This is literally the worst news I've heard all day. Who knows when new orders will open...

  • Woody

    At least you all have secured a #Nexus4 in the future. I haven't manage to order one yet and I am not expecting to see it listed on @GooglePlay for at least 3 week! I am going to wait for my contract to finish and keep my options open. Well if you can't buy the phone you look at what you can buy Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE?

  • Daniel Pogue

    This is just awful, not only was I not able to order one like many many people all mashing f5, now it looks like we will be waiting at least a month before even being able to order one.

  • http://twitter.com/OpenIntro Eric Vaughan

    I just spoke with Google support. After the first rep tried to explain to me that backordered means that UPS is trying to catch up on all of the orders, a supervisor explained that everyone is getting this email and that it DOES NOT mean it is going to take 3 weeks. They are just covering their bases because some orders might be delayed.

    Regardless, from the launch to this, this has been a pretty poor job on Google's part.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001261702441 Timothy Bennett

      I hope you are right!

    • johnmiroki

      spreading the word!

    • Finfid

      That sounds reasonable. Not a good explanation but plausible. Not surprising that they would throw a blanket over the whole mess and hope for the best once the dust settles.

    • Matthew Fry

      LOL. Yes... UPS has such difficulty shipping large quantities of items.

    • suzu

      Most of those who got their phones shipped didn't get a BO email. Plus, I can't trust those rep anymore. They have 435183 different answers for your one question.

      • Kevin

        That was exactly what happened to me. A sixth grade student could be a rep at Google.Different calls different answers for the same question.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001261702441 Timothy Bennett

    Well, they made it right for the Nexus q people. Wonder what they will do for us. Every Tmobile in California, Nevada, Washington, and Kansas are sold out. Most didn't even carry it. This has got to be one of the worst product launches in the history of Android. I stayed up 27 hours to be the first to order. Then they threw the switch early but I caught it. Now this... I just... kills my thunder man!

  • Joe

    I'm cancelling mine, they (google) dropped the ball on this one and I'm going to stick with my GNex. They can shove it.

    • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

      I'm curious why you'd cancel, if this just means you would have to wait a little while longer.

      • adsfasdf

        Because nobody knows how much longer? because we were lied to when they let us buy something they don't even have in stock? FU Google

      • johnmiroki

        I think he meant he'd stick with his Galaxy Nexus. Actually, Gnex still works pretty well with Android 4.2

        • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

          Yeah, I mean that's a fair point, but the GNex isn't getting any newer, and the N4 will still be the top Nexus in 3 weeks. To each his own, I just couldn't really figure out the reasoning unless you go with a different phone.

  • http://twitter.com/glenroebuck Glen Roebuck

    cancelled my order getting a windows 8 phone - FU GOOGLE

    • adfasdf

      FUCK YEAH Google get some

    • jordanjay29

      Thanks. Hopefully that means I'll get my Nexus earlier.

      • asdfasd

        FU too

  • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh Tripathy

    Look at all the girls getting their knicks in a bunch over a couple weeks delay in getting a phone! Relax and remember, you have a life that will still be normal for the 3 weeks or however long the delay is! Jeez...

    They didn't expect the huge demand and understocked - is that so hard to understand?

  • grellanl

    I tried my damnedest, I put in like ten orders (one got as far as the checkout page before bombing out) but I failed to get an order in (the UK site fell over, it was a complete shambles).

    I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the device, but I'm definitely... "surprised" that they have made such a mess again after the shambles of the N7 launch. Demand can be tough to predict, and nobody wants to pay for a large stock in the channel... but if they even took preorders a month back, it could surely have helped them estimate demand. Can't they headhunt some good logistics people?

  • http://twitter.com/cortez_ cortez.i

    simply disappointing....*sigh*, but keeping it all in perspective. i'll wait a week before deciding to cancel. i'm more interested to read the "Google spin" in response to this/my very poor buying experience. bus driver has started the bus; someone is going to get wrapped around the axle vs. being "thrown under the bus".

  • PhineasJW

    Let's be honest and objective here:

    This has been a complete cluster#(*! from the word GO.

    Google should either be:
    1. Publicly apologizing
    2. Executing the top 5 people involved
    3. Hiring Amazon to handle their future web orders

    Nothing about this has been world-class and they've pissed off a lot of current and potential customers.

    I hope they've learned something from this.

  • Justin Seals

    Hey Guys, I just spoke to a google Rep who ran around to get me an answer. She said that this is a standard email that is being sent due to extended processing times. They are prioritizing stock and smaller orders (1 or 2 devices) still may ship tonight/tomorrow. She said they are not completely out of stock and have not stopped processing but the delay may very well only hit a small number of orders with bulk orders being the big part of that.

  • JG

    If anyone does decide to cancel their 16GB order due to the delay.... Please get in touch with me first.... Just tell Google to send it here instead.... I won't mind waiting....

  • quappz

    All you people cancelling your orders send the phone to me! I'd be happy if I atleast got this email, but alas I missed out on ordering and I don't have a f*king phone atm! Lost my S3 two weeks ago. F*k off upgraders and enthusiasts I'm in neeeeeed!



    Google is still adapting to having so many server hits for a hot device. Prior to this experience Google only had one other device that slammed them and that was the Nexus 7. People are mad and disgruntled because of the current performance ... that doesn't go unnoticed.

    Logistically they screwed the pooch on this launch but Google will learn from this. Future releases probably will see pre-orders and more resources allocated to the Google play store for the launch of their next device.

    If your one of those twits who is all up in arms and canceling your Nexus 4 order, due to the logistical snafu. Do the Android Community a favor and buy an iPhone. Will be one less idiot to deal with.

    • http://twitter.com/Vizualize a.d.AM

      Yeah??? Well fuck you too!

      • WITTERU

        Enjoy your iPhone.

  • Scott

    Mission clusterfuck: accomplished.

  • captylor

    You guys need to calm down and look at things in perspective. Samsung already declared that they didn't sell a lot of the Galaxy Nexus. Naturally it makes sense for Google and LG to be conservative about the estimated demand.

    So I am not surprised that we're seeing supply issues now. At least you guys get to order your Nexus 4. Me and my fellow countrymen? We're still looking for ways to order the phone.

    Damn you Google. Damn you... :D

  • Matthew Fry

    My N10 is in the mail!

    edit: Wow. And it's already at my local distribution center. I'll get it tomorrow!!! I'm just a little excited.

  • Trolol

    Got my 8gb nexus 4 coming in the mail tomorrow!

  • PhineasJW

    I'm not saying this is the end of the world, or even a big issue in the grand scheme of things ... HOWEVER, either you *are* a world class company from top-to-bottom or you are not.

    After the events on Tuesday it's clear that Google is NOT.

    In fact, Google is capable of some of the most amateurish execution ever witnessed.

    To recap:

    - No pre-orders
    - No definitive time when the orders would begin (would it be Midnight EST? Midnight PST? 9AM PST? ... nope, 8:30AM PST or thereabouts)
    - No email to ANYONE who signed up to be "notified"
    - Google website *completely* unable to handle the traffic
    - Out of stock within minutes
    - 2-day shipping that didn't start until Thursday, translating to 6-day shipping AND guaranteeing everyone will need to wait *through* the weekend
    - 2-day wait and THEN notifying people that they miscalculated the actual orders and don't have the stock to ship

    Google basically screwed up *every* aspect of the launch. Every last one.

    If Larry Page ever cared about being excellent, he should be mortally ashamed of everything that transpired.

    I have a co-worker, an iPhone user, who was excited to switch to Android, and lived through this entire MESS. He calls Google a bunch of 4th graders, failing at something Sears was able to pull off in the 1930s.

    This is NOT how you win hearts & minds and expand your business.

    And, I say this as a proud former G1 owner.

  • Kevin

    I am a google fan and first time buying Android system phone directly from Google. Got the worst email and wasted my time for over 6+ hours for ordering. Unacceptable experience for a huge company like Google. Google should do something to compensate those buyers whom paid for N4 and being on backorder. What a shame for a company size like Google.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperElvisfreshlyATT Freshly_Snipes

    F*ck Google...Well...Until my Nexus 4 16GB shows up in the brown UPS truck..Then I'll love them again... Took my damn money under false pretenses. Bastards. lol (This is sarcastic..not serious)

  • Stevedo

    This is massive First world problem.
    Three weeks, pfft.

  • Chronus719

    Has anyone notice the date on their Play Store history changed? Mine went from the 13th to the 17th, but still lists the shipping estimate as the 15th. No other changes have been made, as far as I can tell. I would have thought that the shipping estimate would have changed to "within 3 weeks", but not for the date to change at all. Hmmm

  • http://www.facebook.com/247arjun Arjun Go

    For everyone who logged into the Play Store and see the Date as today (17-Nov) instead of what it said before (13-Nov), this is good news. I just got off the phone with Google support (30 minute wait time, but then again, I called from Gmail so its free) and the CSR said that the servers which took the orders were overwhelmed (really?!) and has now caught up (whatever that means) so if the order shows today's date, it means the order has been processed and is in the "Chargable" state (There are 4 states - Pending, Chargable, Charged [after being charged], Shipped). It should ship on Monday (I should get a tracking number on Monday) and arrive by Wednesday. As this defeats their SLA of 3-5 day delivery, these orders will have shipping fees waived.
    So for anyone who decides to call the helpline and ask about their order, make sure to ask them if your order is in the "chargable" state as well.