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Facebook updated its Android app to version 1.9.12, adding a couple new features, like the ability to share news stories from your timeline and create photo albums directly from the mobile app. Photo tagging is improved, too, whatever that actually entails. The look of the Like / Comment / Share tabs below posts was also revamped, and it should be a little easier to tap on the respective action now.

Screenshot_2012-11-15-13-54-30 Screenshot_2012-11-15-13-56-35 Screenshot_2012-11-15-13-57-24

Other than that, this is a very minor update (that crashed after about thirty seconds on my phone, yay!), as Facebook lurches ever-closer to its anticipated native Android app that is expected some time in the next few months. We hope.

David Ruddock
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  • http://samsung-updates.com/ Krzysztof Bryk

    true story, give the freakin ntive app nao

  • http://slworrell.com Sherree W.

    The "share" ability seems a bit limited. Only certain posts have that ability. Not a very good update, as far as I'm concerned.

    • Evan

      Is it possible that this is because of privacy settings, much like how Twitter won't allow you to retweet stuff from people who have private accounts.

    • Guest


  • JC

    Is it possible in the newer versions to view by "Most Recent" instead of what Facebook considers "Top Stories?" I haven't upgraded since the last version that did...

    • karel

      Tap on the 3 lines in the left upper corner. and next to the words "News Feed" is some sort of gear.. tap on that and you can change it.

      • JC

        Awesome...Thanks so much! Didn't even think to look there.

    • Jay Perkinson

      Yes you can choose to show the most recent, just as you could on the previous version.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    The app runs a LOT smoother now. And this is on an old Galaxy S (running Jelly Bean). Although it still takes a while to boot.

  • MrWicket

    looks like they still haven't learned to code based on the big ugly menu button..

    • http://dooid.com/danielnadeau Daniel Nadeau

      No... that's HTC

      • Christopher Heuer

        No, that's Facebook not following the Android design guidelines.

        • mgamerz

          that's facebook not setting the target API to android 4.0 or higher.

    • Flaime DeFeo

      Meanwhile their screen shots in Google Play show no menu button

  • MakingAPost

    Just as an FYI, this program is basically a wrapper around the mobile website. You basically get no benefit using it over a book marked page. In fact you get better performance and less battery drain by using the web version over the app. And one last thing: The share button was added to that page over the past two weeks, so its obvious that you get the newer features there first.

    • popcicle

      You are correct except to view a full picture on the mobile site you have to download it first. Also why can you STILL not save pictures on the app? If i find a picture i want to save i have to exit the app, open chrome, and scroll through my news feed to find it.

  • mesmorino

    They should have bought friendcaster a long time ago. Work out some sort of "Official Third Party App" deal or something.

  • woj_tek

    does it still suck with this uber stupid 'you could also know' inserts?

  • http://twitter.com/Blerpa Angelo Allegra

    Doesn't work on Galaxy Tab 2.0 7" wi-fi. Nothing has changed (yes, I deleted the cache and even deleted the app saves). LAME, as always Android Tablets get the shaft.
    Works ok on my Galaxy S2.

  • Michael Benesch

    At least they are trying to make it actually decent for android.